Damaged Poll...because I am bored.

I normally write when I'm bored but I have Shy Boy by Secret stuck in my head, and I'm afraid of what I might write.

Poll #1724486 Damaged

Who is your favorite Damaged character?

Yunho's catheter
If you have another that isn't listed please share.:)
D: I thought this was an update /cries.

Anyways, I have to say Heechul. :P He is just so evil and smart and I love to read when he makes Jae jealous. Lol. JiJi would be nice since he (it's a he, right?) gets to see some live YJ action Dx

Oops! Don't cry. I think it's only been like two days. Although I could update tomorrow, but I need to start slowing them down soon.

Jiji is a male....I think. He is a boy in Damaged.

I love Changmin, just like how Yunho love him. He is so adorable. The best part I love about Changmin is the moment he hit Jae during the award.. That's they chapter that I love the most. Way to go Changmin

Actually Motty put it as an option on Twitter when I asked this question...so then I thought of you! So I just had to add it!

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mine is Jae. i just love his crazy/obsessed character in the story. and his dedication towards yunho.
changmin. The ChanGod! The Changdermort! The maknaeChangmin! The gorgeous tall Min! The SnarKingChang! What else is his nicknames???

I wont even try to list the reason why i choose him. He Is Just That Fantastic. loL!!!

Yunho's catheter is the funniest thing that I've ever read, and it makes for some interesting conversations between YunJae ;D

Don't write with Shy Boy in your head, ugh... hate that song...
LOL, Yunhos cathether ahaha. I chose Changmin, specifically because I enjoy his character and I find it the most realistic. Although as a fic, I know that the characters are just made up and dont reflect the real people themselves, because its their names I have a tendency to relate it back to the real yunjae =p
i thought this was an update too~LOL! but then, i read my emails so... that thought was immediately stopped...

i'd have to say changmin is my fave 'Damaged' character~ although the story focuses more on yunho and jaejoong's once broken and still mending (i think it's still on the mend, because there are things that cannot be the same now with that accident that's happened) i think the other three, (1)yoochun being the emotional greaseball sap that he is, is having a difficult time in dealing with all the shit that's happening around him. i think he's caught himself in the middle of an emotional turmoil and badly needs his yunho-hyung's help... (2)junsu being yunho's brother in more ways than one is slowly on the mend... being that yunho has finally forgiven him after their long talk and reconciliation and spilling of most embarrassing (on junsu's part) experiences in their lives... he may look naive (really, he does...) but he's really not and he cares for everyone around him, especially yunho... and (3)changmin, the maknae, the one everyone almost always wants to exclude because they think he's too young and he doesn't deserve to know of such terrible things when in fact he's the one who knew the most and understands the most and is hurting the most out of all five of them. he may be the maknae of the five but he's mature and wiser than all five of them combined. i just think that he's the most vulnerable of them because he loves both yunho and jaejoong so much (junsu & yoochun as well) and what had happened to them was a big blow to him, mentally and emotionally. changmin looked up to both yunho and jaejoong, more so for jaejoong because in changmin's eyes, jaejoong is perfect (no matter how jaejoong feels he's not... the self-centered vain bastard~). jaejoong's decision to leave had left changmin broken and with what yunho had done in order to save his life, it had left him even more so... it's all he could do to be able to not keep breaking down... so yeah~

whoa. long comment... sorry~^^ you suddenly asked and then these things flooded my mind and took over my fingers and i was typing away~^^

but this is just what i think so... ^^b

hope you update soon~
yunho's catheter always cracked me out!! LMAO!!
so,, i choose it,, *crazy fangirl*
Yunho's catheter? LMAO. XD
It's JAE for me all the way!!!<333
His martyr love needs to be appreciated.
i voted of course...
it's a secret who..lol
ok it's jae..i'm rooting for him always..<3
hahaha..yunho's catheter..i forgot to mention it..i like heechul and changmin's character too..
Yunho's catheter?? ROFLMAO!

It's a tie between Yunho and Jae. Jae for his unwavering love & dedication towards Yunho and his willingness to admit mistake and change. and Yunho for his never-ending love towards Jae and his courage & strength to live on, wake up, get better and became a living miracle.

May I suggest a Yunho & Jaejoong option????*get bricked*

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I have to say that I really like Heechul and Changmin !! And dear, I have one request about YH-other girls relationships. You mentioned Sugar in the last chapter. Does it mean Yunho was in relationship with Soojin - ex Sugar's member ? And I really desperate Yunjae having long and deep discussion about Yunho's ex-es. JaeSu case already settled, JJ-fuckbuddies already explained and settled. But I don't think Yunho ever talk about his ex gfs with JJ. And I guess JJ still has jealousy of all Yunho ex gfs. Please write this hun, thank you !!

I have to edit because I did write Sugar didn't I? lol

Yunho would talk about his girlfriends but Jae's head would explode. Although in a later chapter they will discuss a fling Yunho had.
Me too, I thought it was an update! But this poll made me LOL for around 5 minutes, and also made me rest for a couple of minutes, because I have too much work to do.
Anyway, thanks for all the chapters released so far, waiting for the new one (please?=)
Jaejoong! His dedication to Yunho may come off as crazy obsessive but with the past they had together you can understand how he feels and it's just pure love
This is too hard for me ><. But since we have to pick, I say Jae because his character is so real and raw. His love for Yunho is both crazy and beautiful. So, yea Jae is my fav because he makes me feel so much reading this story ^^. Yunho does too, and everyone else but especially Jae.
Def. Jae <33 He's the most insane/hot/sexy/psycho/weirdo/crybaby/yunho-cock!whore...lost my train of though~ Then Changmin, cuz he's love <3 simple and easy and Yunho's catheter cuz it brought funny moments in between the raging sadness and emoness of the previous chapters :D
haha. i'm sorry. i had to vote for yunho's catheter. lol. it's really cute of you to include it on the poll. lol.
OMFG!!! Don't you scare me like that!!! LOL!! I literally freaked the fuck out when I saw my "aquaiuslover has updated their journal" email!! LMAO!! I was chatting with rainycakes on the phone, and she was in the middle of telling me a story about touching some guys' abs that perv! Hehehe!, when I squealed into the phone, "AQUARIUS UPDATED!!!" LMAO!!! When I calmed down enough to inform here that it was a poll, she scolded me for scaring her like that!! Hehehehe!!!

Oh, and honey, I'm sure her and I don't even need to participate in this poll for you to know who our favorite character is JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE JAE!!!!!!! :)))

I was gonna go for Yunho's catheter since it has served it's purpose well but Yunho is a good boy now so putting a catheter on him just because might be too cruel. And then there's Jiji who has been a great pet doing what he does best. hehe but I thought about it and I'm gonna go for one of the central characters who grew the most and showed many of his annoying and amusing sides, Jaejoong. I know it's gonna be a landslide and I usually go for the underdog but you can't stop what the heart is feeling. ^^
i'm jae biased...always am, and always will be! haha :)
I'm torn between Jae and Yunho.
Jae is such an entertaining character while Yunho is an inspiring one. I love your Jae and admire your Yunho.
Therefore, I chose Yunho's catheter.
I like all of the characters, but I feel that Jaejoong and Yunho are portrayed very realistically and with so much emotion. They are very real to me when I read this story. Heechul and Changmin are in line right after them.