Author's Note

Do I look up Damaged on Twitter?…..hell, yes. All the time! I type in Damaged Yunjae, Damaged Jae, Damaged Yunho, Damaged sucks, Damaged boring, Damaged writing, and I look up AquariusLover to the Twitter search engine. If you have written your own story I recommend it…….but only if you have a strong stomach.

I want to clarify some things.

First…..Jae had nothing to do with Yunho getting shot. Yunho wasn’t even the one being shot at. I need to snip that train of thought in the butt.

Second….I’m not some psycho Homin Stan who is planning on making this a Homin story...eww. Everybody has their own ship, but Homin is one I will never sail. It would be incestuous to me, and not in that hot taboo way (that I would deny enjoying).

Third…..I am not psychic…psycho maybe, but not psychic. I am not even Asian…I live in the middle of the freaking United States, and have *NO* connection to them.

Four….it is AU to me. It is a future AU…none of the characters is as I really see them. I embellish a lot for dramatic purposes. You might have noticed I have a thing for angst.

Fifth…I have always said Yunho is my favorite in DBSK…but Jae is a close second, and I’ve always been more fascinated with Jae if that makes any sense.

Sixth….I haven’t always been a good fan. I had my own moment of angst when it came to DBSK.

Seventh…..I’m totally a comment whore.

Eighth……I will continue to respect my six page rule. Seven is greedy even for me. lol

Ninth….if you Google Damaged and Yunjae you get a page full of Damaged links. If you don’t believe me do it yourself. (Edit: I just realized how weird this sounds. lol There has been a rumor going around for over a week that DMGD is so Yunho bias that you can't Google it using Yunjae.)

Tenth….I took Chapter 43 down momentarily yesterday…because due to my great horror I accidentally posted a part that was never supposed to be included. When I got back home I immediately edited it out and made the entry public again.

Eleventh….Since others are giving out my Twitter name without my permission let me just tell you all. It’s KyuSingsBest and feel free to follow...prepare to be bored.

Also…I know my story isn’t for everybody. I know some find it boring, and it does drag in places…I do love my filler. And I know others find it too traumatic. I know my Jae is a handful, and like I said I embellish…but I swear if I gave you the reason why I wrote this story, you would know the ending (so I can’t tell). My writing can suck donkey balls…my hatred of all things grammar and my horrendous punctuation failings are enough to give an English teacher a heart attack. I probably need like three more betas….know any English teachers with good strong hearts? I really do need another beta who will read KyuWook….I am rambling so I am going to stop.
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Lol.i am usually extremely late i n commenting for the actual i am atleat happy to comment on this(knowing you ARE a comment whore.
All i want to say is I LOVE damaged.And i am always looking forwards to updates ^^
Hello there!!!!

I'm one of your many silent readers.
I'm sorry i didn't comment on all the previous chapters.
I've to say that i enjoyed each and every update tremendously.
You're really good with words and i found my fondness for the characters grow.

Thank You and All the best for your works in the future!

p/s:i'm ur new addition of twitter followers.
u know this story so famous among us on twitter XDD i follow u babe

all talking about this story and T___T i read half way and cant hold anymore to continue reading this. but i will continue when my heart ready ^o^

cant stand see jae jae like that TT____TT
Are you kidding meeee?
Who said your fics is boring? *preparing a knife*
It's really good you know!
I'm waiting for the update even before I realized it.

And the sixth point, why it is so me .____.
Just know that I always support them even with the momentarily angst XDD

Ps: Maybe I should go re-read chapter 43. Good luck with your writings bebe! <3
It like totally bores me in spots. I always write it like it's a book not like it's chapters I have to update. So...lots of filler. lol

speaking of heart attacks almost had one i thought you just updated! hahaha

i shall add you on twitter like big stalker i am.

i love your jae. i love your fic in all honesty i stop reading yunjae awhile ago since some of my fav/old authors have left or in haitus. this fic is the only fic that i read now so it means so much too me. been pimping it on twitter too haha
I should have just updated!

It's really strange giving out my Twitter, because it's always been closed and mostly KW buddies and old friends. I just thought if other people were going to do it...then I should beat them at it.

I love nice stalkers! Thanks for all your support!
hhm my guess on why jae is insane in ur fic is he's the damaged one?
you've got so many fans its not even funny, but u totally deserve it cuz ur such a talented writer & im kinda jealous LOL
Since you gave your twitter I took the liberty to add you, I'm DC_True =) (don't add me back, I'm boring)

"comment whore", haha, I love this one! You sure get a lot of comments and your fanfic is THE story, everytime I ask "what is your TOP 5 yunjae fanfic" I always get "Damaged" somewhere.

When the story will end, I hope you will publish it on (or somewhere else), all your fans will be be delighted to have your story in their library! (I finished reading wedspawn's works, I didn't know until now she published it)

Thank you for posting ~
I won't add you back if you don't want me too.

I am a total comment whore. When I look at other people's stories it isn't to read's to look and see how many comments they get. It's a horrible failing of mine. I think admitting I have a problem is the first step to healing!

I might add you back someday though! So we can discuss this lulu thing!
well...looks like u are kind of heat up now......
after reading what u put up there(i think maybe u are angry with some people's comment)...

cool bb,i know some people like to put shit in others work,(no offend here),but i really think that they are making a fist of it.....its ur fic n ur work,whos there to say anything about it(i mean,what right did they have???)

n why is it called a fanfic???because,it create by ur own imagination...i really dont understand why people cant just take it or leave it(sighing).....

sorry to spilt it all out like that,but i really love ur story(those storyline that u have n those character u put in yunjae)
its awesome!!!!n u know what....i like thinking n reading ur story again n again whenever i heard rumours of homin n jyj...ur fics warm by heart again after reading it.....

finally,i m not trying to offend people here,i think those who read ur fics need to give u ur priority(afterall its ur fic not theirs),so bb....keep writing cause i'll be stalking u all the way.....

PS:who say u need a beta...ur english is excellent to me n i definitely agreed with u(i dont sail on homin ship too,hahaha),love u,fighting!!!!
No, I love people's comments!

I just discovered that somebody(Not exactly a friend of mine) had discovered my Twitter name and was giving it I decided to beat them to it.

You are right it is my story, but I think because I made them realistic feeling...people have a hard time with it. I can understand that. So if I ever write another Yunjae story...I am totally making Jae an alien and saving myself some grief. lol

Girl, I never met a comma I liked.
Wow people are really taking this story to heart! For me personally I just look at it as work of fiction which it is and I enjoy it. To any one who has problem with this story they go sit somewhere in a corner because this story ROCKS! I abso-fricken-lutely LOVE it!
i'm so sorry that this nonsense has you so stressed out!! Please calm down, i'm sure that i speak for many when i say that i absolutely love this has been in no way boring and i anticipate updates anxiously!!

You're reason for writing this story are your own, i'm just thankful that you choose to share it with everyone that is as addicted to it as i am!!!

I love you Very, Very much!!!!!
Homin stan for realz? Haha yea I don't understand how someone thought that up, and yea thats ewwwww *gross* ><

I love all of the characters in Damaged and please just keep writing this amazing fic! ^^
Oh, this one bitch like wrote a 900 page essay on it.......did I say bitch? I am so mean!

Awe, it has to end. It ends either on Chapter 49 or 50. I can't decide if I am going to break 48 up into two chapters or not.

Thanks for your support!
Woaaah hun! lolllll

I guess a lot of this stuff has been bugging you for a while for you to suddenly address this (and so epically, I might add). =P

Ahhh... There's a downside to writing such a popular story, I guess. You open yourself up to more criticisms and comments than normal with such a wide audience. And some parts to your characters are slightly controversial so that gets people talking and debating more than usual too. Actually, not it's not that their personalities are controversial, but you know what I mean. XD I personally think it's really fantastic that so many people talk about Damaged a lot and analyse it and feel strong emotions towards it (be they good or bad LOL). So even though it would probably be hard seeing certain gossip or comments that make you go OMG, remember it's just a sign of success. But from the sounds of things your heart is strong enough already so go you. ^_~

Err... I see a part you cut out of 43 now and I didn't realise you hadn't meant for it to be in there so I apologise for the "teasing" I wrote in my comment this morning since some of it is irrelevant now, but for the record, I thought it was really good was more than fine in. But you're the writer! =P

As for the bashing you give to your grammar/punctuation, tsk tsk, it's not that bad lol. Okay, so maybe sometimes commas are missing and the like but you know what I've noticed that is pretty great? You have seriously improved so much throughout this fic. At the beginning there were a few times when I noticed things here and there, but these days it's getting rarer. I only say this because it came to mind recently and I was so proud HAHA! (That isn't supposed to sound patronizing in the slightest. I hate grammar/punctuation too. T___T)

Anyways, good luck with the Damaged stalking. I admire your guts and hope there are far more positive comments than negative. ^__^

I might check you out on twitter if that's fine with you~ just because I love the way your mind works on a lot of things and twitter is my equivalent to Jae's obsession with smexy time. XDD

You could say it’s bothering me (too much), but it’s my own darn fault. I could be happily oblivious, but no I have to be curious. It really isn’t fair to bitch and moan about stuff I found out by snooping. I decided just to put it all out there and be done with it. I haven’t really ever been a fan of the passive aggressive…although strangely I have been showing signs of it. Normally, I have no problem confronting people.

I know you are right and I should be flattered that so many people discuss it both positively and negatively…and I am. I was really shocked that it didn’t start getting more hate till recently to be honest. When I first posted it I was very fearful because of the plot. I don’t mind people not liking it. I mean some people are amazing…I can not imagine reading 43 chapters of something I hated. I barely read more than a paragraph of a story I dislike. It’s when they lie about it that I get mad. When they start acting like they know me and put stuff out there as if it is fact….that makes me see red. I am going to stop with this train of thought before I start naming people. lol

You have permission to always tease me. I always love all your comments! That part was totally vulgar though and it was written to annoy my friend. She ended up getting me in the end though when she sent me back a revised version right before I updated, and I posted it without remembering to remove the damn plug part!

I assure you I have not improved in the slightest! My friend…the one I like to annoy just started looking over the grammar/punctuation about half way through. I really need to learn a new language…one without commas.

You are most welcome to follow me on Twitter! I will follow you back…because I tend to have good instincts about people, and they all scream of your awesomeness.
lol giiiirrrl!!I wrote a long-a**ed comment for chapter 43 & then u HAD to decide to edit it then =.=
Hehe : ) Im an english teacher dear, and I must say yours are far FAR from the worst of grammar lapses Ive seen around here and those little glitches are well compensated by the substance you put in this art. No biggie : ) Everything is GOOD from where I see it. Content wise, technicalities, structure and stylistics- you got it all down !

loving EVERYTHING about this : )

I'd be more than willing to BETA if you still need one ; )
You are already my most favorite English teacher ever!

You would know better than me if I still need one. lol I know Kinmotsu who has last check on DMGD goes gray correcting it. She won't touch KyuWook or my other pairings though.

You are so going to regret making me this offer. lol
You have fillers? I haven't noticed.

When you took down chap 43 yesterday I almost had a minor heart attack. Gosh, I thought you had taken it down permenantly! And then I saw the cut, and it's back, so ALL is great now! =D

I'll try not to stalk you on twitter. I don't even know how to use twitter...

Don't listen to does mean people. You are awesome. So awesome no other author can satisfy my need for yunjae.

P.S. Don't turn Jae into an alien! ToT

And could a fan beta your KyuWook? (=^.^=)
Oh, I do have fillers. I think 46 is my last filler chapter though. TFAN had a lot of filler.

A fan totally could beta KyuWook. I really need somebody to look over TFAN when I'm done revising it. You should PM me...although I might not get back to you for awhile. I have to go out!
OMG-You are KyuSingsBest-Oh I think I have watched your videos on YT and read your comments on SYC? Anyway I love your writing-To me this story is nothing like what I have ever read b4-Its gripping, tugs at my heart, Yunjae love is to die for-You cant always make everyone happy with your story but I can say that to me this is the best ever period!!
Yep, that's me.

Yes, last year I had an obsessions with bad videos instead of bad stories! lol

Thanks so much for your support! I really appreciate it!
I dont think your story is boring nor dragging.
To be honest, I check your site several times a day just to see if you've updated *though i know it would probably take you a couple of days before you post a new one, but still :D* And i love the fact that your story can be both chaptered and stand alone at the same time. I mean you can go read one chapter, and you wont feel lost or wont feel the need to continue or go back to the previous one. I seldom find that unique character in a fic :)

And can I just say, you turned me into a Kyuwook fan because of this (which i totally dont mind :D). And thanks for finally revealing why Changmin doesnt drink anymore in your story. One answered question for me :D

And oh, i will be following you on twitter, i hope you dont mind :D
I am so glad you feel that way about the story. Thank you. I promise I didn't make that rant to get such nice compliments...but I am totally going to update tonight because you are all so freaking nice.

I turned you into a KyuWook fan! I take such great pride in that! Kyuhyun has always been my bias in Super Junior so I have been watching him carefully for years......and that boy loves his Wook----> Okay he loves to torment him most of the time, but hey that's still love.

I do not mind at all.:)
Well, I've said it all in the other comm. ^.~

Will continue to follow this fic till the end!!

PS: Your writing nor grammar sucks Jiji balls!! It's really not bad. Maybe very slight mistake here and there only ^^
Ha! You did get the first rant didn't you. I should delete one of them.

I love you for always commenting and always clarifying....DamagedJae! I love that.
bb, what's wrong?
ur post is so sudden?
is there anyone that makes u mad or something?
LOL~ i was like huh? huh? why? <\i>
anyway, u r one of the best author out there and not all people can think of this kind of plot!
bb u rock!
lol idk wth i'm writing r8 now so i better stop here~
What happen ??! : O

Just be ur self & calm down ,, only the leafed trees got attacked ,, hehe , cheer up : )
Only the leafed trees get the bugs right? lol

I am calm now. I just needed to clarify some my own crazy way.