Damaged and TFAN friend locked for now.

The parts of Expectations that are posted to HUG will remain unlocked for now. Future adventures will probably be locked if I am unable to resolve some issues.

If I continue to find my stories reposted on other journals I will then have to ask the mods of HUG to delete my links there, and I will make everything friends locked.
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This is getting ridiculos, people posting others's stories as their own. I am sorry that it happened with you. I hope it would get resolved quickly
I feel bad that you have to turn to such measures
but its your stories so yeah ^^ i will still support your writing ^^ which i love
So mad at the people who have forced you do this. I LOVE TFAN so much. Its seriously one of my favourite stories ever and now i cant read it because of immature people. :(

I don't blame you for what you're doing...i just hope its resolved soon.
I feel so bad for you that people are stealing your work and claiming it as their own. It is something that is just so ridiculous. I truly hope that it gets resolved positively for you.

I also wanted to apologize because I got so busy and was unable to help you edit as I said I would, so I am sorry about that.
I have always wondered what makes someone steel something (story) that doesn’t belong to them, is it greed or plain old stupidity. It is never right and not something that can be forgiven.

I hate that it has happened to you. You are one of the best authors in this fandom, you stay true to the characters and work with a plot that captures you and makes you wanting more. I am sorry that you have to lock your journal to avoid this from happening in the future.
I just want you to know that there are those who look forward to every new chapter you post and even go back and reread the old ones, because to us you bring something to look forward to.
Hi,new one here, love your stories and sorry about other people posting your stories as their own. Thank you
Gosh I cant imagine how angry you must be~ and you have every right to be! >:O Its dissapointing that people will do this to you. I hope everythin gets resolved soon. And if i see someone posting anything that belongs to you, I'll give them a big slap and a nasty comment! ;) A promise from a big supporter of yours! lol~
I was very tempted to post the links to the two LJs in question. They are probably sick freaks that enjoy attention though.
I think it's a good decision. I would be pissed off too if someone would do something like this to me...
:O Do u need me to go after them with my chainsaw :O...I was just re-reading damage when I saw this post I haven't even gotten around to TFAN yet >=O .

Never quite understood why someone would feel the need to steal someone else's work...if u like comment on it if u want to translate it ask for permission and give credit to the writer....I just seriously don't get it...anyway hun do what u have to do to protect your work!
Sigh, some people just won't listen, will they? -_- I too feel sorry for you having to go through all these. Just do what you have to do to those ungrateful ppl and we'll always be here to back u up. Your stories are too good I hate to see them be treated this way, especially now that it's hard to find something this good to read around here. :(
I don't understand how people can just take someone else's story and post it as theirs like its totally fine. It makes no sense and its so immature and plain out rude to the real author of the story. I hope they finally learn some common sense and take down the stories. You have to do what you have to do, they only made they're situation worse. Hopefully they take it down soon.

Also will people who are just friends with you be able to read the stories still once they're put on private?
I was very sleepy/angry when I made this post......and I was using my phone. I should have written friends locked instead of private.

My friends will still have access to my stories. I will add new friends if I am not suspicious of them.

There was some issues on detox as well where people were either plagiarizing or reposting other people's work. Hope it stops soon.
its always sad to hear that there is somebody who love to take others works and admitted it as theirs. i personally agree with your decision. its your right to protect your idea. :)
ugh I dno't understand what's wrong with these people..... going and copy&pasting your stories on their journals..... don't they know that they could alway RECOMMEND to others to come here and read your stories instead of copying..... -.- and the fact that they still continue diong it even though you have told them to not... is ridiculous.... I hope that you will be able to solve this issue and that they will stop doing that. This is the only place anyone is ever gonna find your stories and read them and so do am I. I totally love Expectations and you! So i hope this matter will turn out the way best for u. Aquariuslover fighting~!! \(^__^)/
Wow.. I can't believe people have gone so far that you have to lock everything. Oh wait, yes I can, because people are insanely selfish like that. God, all I can say is stay resilient to those bastards! OoO
This is ridiculous! Gosh i am really hating on who ever these people are...v v

I respect your decision and i hope that you remember me as your loyal admirer! = ) = P

Peace & love!
I would be pissed too, that is just disrespectful and people on the internet are just screwed in the head sometimes ><.
Another victim of irresponsible reader... I feel bad for you and understand if you are mad now...
OMFG Give me the names of these people and where they're posting your stuff so I can leave them extremely rude comments! Because if I am deprived of Expectations because of them, it will be warranted! GDI!! D<

Did that one chick take down that chapter of Expectations under the title of TFAN? So silly and stupid all at the same time. *shakes head sadly* Sorry if I sound rude, but I don't feel sorry for people who do that kind of thing without permission, and therefore am not nice about it. Especially when it begins to affect me as well! Cuz I'm innately selfish, obviously. lol

No seriously though, are you planning to make everything private from here on out? :(
I don't know...Sunday is like the worse day to mess with me. I am tired and usually grumpy.

I should never have written private I meant friend locked. I think I will think it over. I really don't like friend locked journals(that have stories)......but I see why people do it now.

And no she did not take it down, and yesterday I woke up to emails alerting me to somebody else doing the same. This person also left me very nasty PMs..........so it was the straw that made me snap.

I will probably update Expectations today...and since the first three parts are on HUG I will not make it private or friend locked.

I am so tempted to post their names and their LJs.........so tempted.
OMG~! That is horrible!
Those people are so cruel... You worked so hard on Your story... to do something like steel all Your hard work is really bad...
I am sorry to hear it *rubs Your back comfortingly*
I understand the F-lock... I probably would do the same thing... I hope in the future Your hard work will be appreciated not steeled... *huggles*
sorry that ppl r stealing ur amazing work... am reading damaged n not evn once i hv failed to think that u r am abosolutely amazing writter...kuduos to u...:)
but i couldnt read the last two chapters...:( :(
i hv loved it so much...i had the most amazing time reading it....
It's really unethical how some poeple are posting works of writers without their permission. It's worse that they took claim of the writing as theirs T_T

It's sad that writers have to turn to such measures to ensure that their writings are protected.

We'll support your decision, Aquarius ah.
it's sad that this kind of things happen all the time. Almost all of the good authors will either be harrased or plagiarized. But do what you have to. We will always support you.