TFAN Edit Completed, Journal Unlocked For Now.

The edit to TFAN is completed now. All chapter links can be found here.

All the people who stole from me…plagiarizing is too nice of word, I think…well it has been dealt with for now. Also the other people who posted my stories on other sites have taken down my stories now.

It may be whimsical of me, but the only place I want my stories are on this journal. I do not want them posted anywhere else. Please respect my wishes.

I have never been a fan of locked journals so mine is unlocked again. I hope it can stay unlocked, but that’s really depends on the behavior of others in the future.

it's my second time reading it
great story:)
thank you and hope you have time to write other great stories:)
It's here! finally here! *kisses my computer*
i love you!

yes! everyone, TFAN should stay on this journal and this journal only! only aquariuslover has the rights to ownership of this wonderful awesome magnificent storyyyyy! XDDD

Yipie!!!! I'm so happy that you update the last part of tfan.... Thank you so much chinggu... Go off for reading the last chapter :)
Hi aquariuslover, i'm back after read all the story. I want to give my gratitute for an amaxing story you have. I love both tfan n damaged. Loved the end of the story of tfan, even though i was a little bit curious with how their first night (i know... Perverted me >,<). just wondering will kyuhyun uses all the supply he had (the glove things is still get me crack).

Oh i have some questions regards to both stories, i hope you didn't mind about it. So first, in damaged heechul said that the new bunnies are supported by their family but in tfan you didn't mention about ryeowook's family.. Just wondering is ryeowook's family is supported as cho's? And also you succeed to give me the idea of heechul past with hangeng, but it's so blur n i didn't find any support information from damaged story. Just curious question. Is in this story heechul n hangeng had the same story as yunjae? N you wrote about involvement of woman? I don't know... I'm kind of lost there.. :( maybe if you didn't find it annoying n aldo you have more spare time to answer my question, it will be honour to me :)

Your fanfic is amazing that somehow influence me to be yunjae's fan :D

Ah once again, i wrote from mobile cellphone so please forgive me if i make some gramatical error or some wrong spelling...

Cheers... I willmbe waiting for your new fanfic


Thank you ^o^ am really amazed by your decision to unlock your journal...I'm not sure I could have.. =D TFAN!!!!!! *giggles*
Thank you for letting us read this wonderful story... I have just finished reading all of it with tears in my eyes...

This is such a great story.. Everyone should have the opportunity to read it..

I LOVE YunHo in this and I cried when I read how he wanted Jae to hate him and grow stronger through the hate... Ohhh so sad

Even though I usually only read YunJae fanfics I have to say thank you so much for allowing me to read TFAN... I really, really LOVE this
Sorry I should have said I only read YunJae, YooSu, TVXQ5 fanfics... But as i said I really LOVED TFAN
Thank you for all of your hard work... I enjoyed reading all of them.. plus a lot more of your other work... I love Kyuwook more now than I ever have before... I am sorry for all of the problems that you have been going through... I will be checking to see when you have a new one out... thanks again!! <3<3
I am at a loss for words.. just..

/hugs you tight/

you are awesome ^________^v ♥♥♥
thank youuu! Thumbs up for the hard work and great stories you provide us! :D
ohh I'm kind of sad because now we have the end of TFAN and at the same time glad because now I know what happened with them hehehe..., seriously you made me a KyuWook shipper hahaha... and that's kind of hard, to make me a shipper of any pairing because there are too many and none of them seem real or maybe I compare them with YunJae and obviously none pairing can stand to their level of truthfulness. But anyway, I loved TFAN from beginning to end and I will be waiting for more Kyuwook in the future. You are such a great writer.
Aww..plagiarism is just so illegal. I wish people these days would stop being so lazy and ask first before going on ahead and posting them. But happy that your journal will be unlocked for now~ I will be waiting for your next updates~
thank you so much for unlocking, i am happy you settled that issue :] i didnt think youd do this and im so glad, i just finished it and i loved everything about it :]