It's just for Fragile Essence, but it is kinda exciting.

Thanks for joining!

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for about a nano sec, I thought you were not posting it at all xD
I'm so relieved ^^

Joined XD thanks for writing such an amazing story, glad it have his own community XD
I joined! I only read that you were no longer going to post Fragile Essence, and I freaked out! Hahaha! Glad you have an LJ community! :D
Oh! Ok! :)
Anyways this gave me a scare for awhile. I misread it as you will no longer posting/writing? Lols.
okay i'll joined. thank u for telling this :) at first iam scared that u will not continue this story hehe
I just read the first part and was going to freak out, till I read the whole sentence. Joing the comm asap.
Noted. I joined the committee already. I haven't actually start on this story tbh >.<;; Not on LJ much lately tbh.
i thought you will stop updates permanently.. sobs.. scared me out to death.. lol

i will join now ^^ thank you!
O_O i was shocked at the title of the message at first~ but at least it's not really bad news~^^

already joined! :)
You scared me too xD thought you were dropping the story. Thanks god you're not :)
Already in my friend list!!!!
Oo gosh i read it wrongly, i thought u not going to update fragile essence at all. Fuhhh, thanks.. i already join the community. Cant wait for the update ;)
I was scared there for a while but I joined.. I need to know what happens next.. cannot wait for the next chapter..
by the way love your last userpic.. love the ocean when the sun is setting or rising.. I really miss it right now..
gosh, for a moment i thought you wont update the story again..
fiuh.. joined already =)