Sweet Deception, Chapter Four

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Four
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None at this time, SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

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Chapter List

“Everything going okay?” MyungSoo asked as he walked into the studio, immediately noticing the dejected looking maknae who was sitting alone. MyungSoo had spent the day with SungGyu until the leader’s mother had showed up to relieve him.

SungJong replied, “They are drilling us like crazy; it’s like I’m a trainee all over again.”

“Dancing or just vocals?”

SungJong looked down at his feet. “Just vocals.”

“None of us can replace WooHyun.”

“I know.”

“His voice…he was born with that voice, it can’t be taught!”

“I know.”

MyungSoo sat down beside SungJong on the small couch. “I hate this.”

“Me too.”

“Why did it all have to go so bad?”

“I don’t now,” SungJong answered. “It’s like the others—even DongWoo—have accepted that WooHyun won’t be back. How can they just accept that WooHyun won’t come back? It’s WooHyun we are talking about…he might have acted badly for the past few months, but it is still him.”

“Did the CEO say something?” MyungSoo questioned, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. “Did he make it official?”

“No, but it is coming. You have to know it is coming. I think they are just waiting until SungGyu Hyung is strong enough to handle the news.”

“He won’t like it.”

SungJong brought his hands together and wrung them. “Are you sure?”

“He won’t,” MyungSoo answered firmly. “He kept asking about him today. He knew I was hiding something. He will not like it at all.”

“Not even after—”

“No,” MyungSoo stated firmly, interrupting SungJong. “No matter what happened between them…he won’t want this. He never wanted WooHyun out of the group…he just wanted to ignore it.”

“And ignore his health, too.”

“We can’t blame WooHyun Hyung for that. WooHyun didn’t make SungGyu’s appendix burst.”

SungJong nodded his head in agreement. “Will they listen to SungGyu?”

“I think SungGyu will make them listen, but will WooHyun want to come back? I tried to call him today but he didn’t answer.”

A shocked SungJong stated, “You tried to call him?”

“Yeah, I wanted to let him know…that even after everything, SungGyu is still worried about him. I think he needs to know that. I think that would mean something to him.”

SungJong opened his mouth and then shut it without saying a word.


Getting up to SungGyu’s room had been a challenge. Between the increased security, the fans, nosey nurses, and not to mention the sasaeng psychos that always followed him, WooHyun had thought he would never make it.

But now that he was here, outside SungGyu’s room…he couldn’t find the courage to open the door. His mind was extremely cruel as it played scenarios in his head of what could happen…the members could be in the room and they could demand he leave…SungGyu could be alone but he could demand he leave…the CEO could be in the room and he could fire WooHyun and then have security haul him away.

WooHyun was about turn around and leave when the familiar voice of SungGyu’s older sister asked, “WooHyun, what are you doing here?”

He quickly turned to face her. He could only imagine what she had been told. “I…I…I was…was…going...”

“Going to check on him? That’s great,” she told him with a sigh of relief. SungGyu’s sister was five years older than her brother. WooHyun knew they were not as close as most siblings, not nearly as close as he was to his brother. “I couldn’t find a sitter for tonight. You really are a godsend. I don’t know why everybody thinks somebody should be with him all the time…he’d probably be happy to be left alone.”

WooHyun let out a small yelp of surprise as she took him by the arm and dragged him inside SungGyu’s room with her.

They were barely in the room before SungGyu’s sister starting fussing at her brother, “I can not believe you kicked your own mother out of your room!”

SungGyu, who had been sitting up in bed, ignored his sister as he gaped open-mouthed at WooHyun. He was stunned by the other man’s appearance.

“Did you hear me? She was crying, saying you told her she couldn’t come back. Did you really tell her that?”

SungGyu closed his mouth and forced his attention away from WooHyun and verified for his sister, “I sure did. She wanted me to sue the company! My company! She is insane! And if you are here to defend her, you can leave also.”

“Settle down,” his sister soothed, realizing how harsh she was being. “I’m sorry for fussing at you. She is just worried about you.”

“No, she wants more money. It’s always about money with her. Well, too bad,” SungGyu snapped. “She isn’t suing my company and she can get another job if she wants more money to gamble away.”

His sister walked across the room and kissed him on the cheek. “It isn’t all about money, but I know why you would think that.”

“It’s 85% about money.”

“More like 55%,” his sister admitted. “She does love you…she is just too much to handle at times.”

“I won’t see her again unless she stops her delusions about me suing my company.”

“I will talk to her.


“I have to go, I couldn’t find a sitter. I worked all day and the baby fussed all night. I am so glad WooHyun is here. I will leave you in his more than capable hands.”

SungGyu looked back at WooHyun and uneasily agreed, “Okaayy…”

“I will try and come see you tomorrow,” she told her brother and then turned to WooHyun, reached up and gently touched his right eye. “Who did you piss off?”

“Everybody,” WooHyun answered.

“Feel free to piss him off if he doesn’t get up and walk,” SungGyu’s sister told WooHyun as she opened the door to leave.

“I walked!” SungGyu declared defensively.

She turned around and smiled at her brother. “That’s wonderful! Remember what the doctors said! Nothing will help your recovery more than walking.”

“That and taking a shit,” he told his sister bluntly.

“SungGyu!” she exclaimed.

“What? That is the first question every doctor and nurse asks me. I think when I finally do they will declare it a national holiday.”

“You are so gross!” she complained and quickly left the room.

Once his sister was gone SungGyu’s smile faded and he looked uneasily at WooHyun, who was still in the room.

WooHyun swallowed, not knowing what to say.

SungGyu broke the silence by asking, “Did I hit you?”


“Apparently we had a big fight before I tried to die…did I hit you?”

WooHyun furrowed his brow and took an involuntary step towards the bed. Was it possible that SungGyu didn’t remember his confession or the kiss? “What is the last thing you remember?”

SungGyu grimaced. “The performance…kinda…but not really, and that is probably a good thing. Hoya said I looked like a drunken duck, flapping broken wings—I think all copies of it should be erased.”

The younger man was confused by what he was feeling, not knowing if he was relieved by SungGyu’s memory lapse or if he regretted it.

“So did I hit you?”

“Would it make you happy if you hit me?”

“Yes,” SungGyu said with vigor, remembering all the trouble WooHyun had given him. Losing WooHyun’s friendship had been a huge strain on him. “It would.”

WooHyun couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, then you hit me.”

SungGyu leaned back against his pillows. “You deserved it.”

“I did.”

“Too bad I can’t remember hitting you,” SungGyu said wistfully. “It would have been a glorious memory.”

“I was terrified.”

SungGyu frowned and looked pointedly at WooHyun. “Now you are lying.”

“I thought I would make it sound even better for you.”

“Thanks,” SungGyu told him, but the older man was still troubled. “I am glad you came…I didn’t think you would.”

WooHyun sat down in the chair beside SungGyu’s bed, and admitted, “I was about to turn tail and run but your sister grabbed me outside your room and dragged me in.”

“I’m glad she grabbed you…I don’t want to fight with you anymore. I never wanted to fight with you…it makes me tired.”

“I know.”

“I’m glad I don’t remember our last fight—last fight…that would be wonderful if it really was our last fight.”

“I don’t want to fight with you anymore, either.”

SungGyu smiled. “I am glad I badgered the other members.”


“I badgered them about you, till they made you come.”

WooHyun gave him a sad smile. “They didn’t have to badger me…I wanted to come see you, I just didn’t know if you wanted to see me.”

“I did.”

“Good, that makes me happy.”

SungGyu looked down at his arm and started fiddling with the tape that held his IV in place. “Then why do you seem so sad?”

“Because in our fight…a lot of things got said—that I needed to say to you, but at the same time I regretted saying them. So I am relieved you don’t remember them, but I’m a little sad, too.”

“SungYeol told me why you hated me and—”

WooHyun quickly stood up, interrupting him, “I don’t hate you. I never said I hated you—that is other people putting words in my mouth. I was angry, but I never hated you.”


“I could never hate you,” WooHyun insisted.


“I could never hate any of the members,” WooHyun quickly added. “I know I acted like a jerk, but I never hated you. I never did. It pisses me off when people assign feelings to me that I never felt. I never hated you.”

“I believe you,” SungGyu said, hoping to soothe the other man.

“Good,” WooHyun replied. “But…what did SungYeol tell you?”

“He said you were upset that I got the solo album.”

“Yes,” WooHyun lied. “I was jealous. I am not proud of myself…I felt I had been robbed of something that would have been wonderful. My bitterness was eating me alive.”

“It’s okay…”

WooHyun dropped to his knees and leaned against the bed, trying his best to hold his overpowering emotions under control. “There is something I have to tell you.”

SungGyu, who was surprised by the other man dropping to his knees, quickly joked, “I won’t marry you.”

“What…what,” a startled WooHyun sputtered.

“You are on your knees,” SungGyu explained. “I was teasing.”

WooHyun couldn’t keep from laughing in relief.

“So you aren’t proposing?”

WooHyun eyed SungGyu seriously and asked, “If I was would you say yes?”

Now SungGyu laughed. “No, I am still holding out hope for Hyuna.”

“Brandy will be mad,” WooHyun replied, trying his best to mask his heartache.

“I never made her any promises.”

“No declarations of love?”

“No. I don’t fall in love.”

WooHyun just shook his head.

“Get up,” SungGyu told him.

“I need to apologize.”

“Get up,” an embarrassed SungGyu ordered. “You don’t have to apologize to me. We are fine.”

“Just like that…without even an apology?”

SungGyu reached a hand out and ruffled WooHyun’s hair. “I almost died. I can be forgiving if I want.”

“Really? I figured I would have to beg and plead…offer to be your personal servant for a year,” WooHyun told the other man, feeling lighter than he had in months. “This doesn’t seem like you.”

“It’s the morphine…it makes everything better,” SungGyu told WooHyun, pointing to the pain pump on the other side of the bed. “Although, a personal servant is a tempting offer…hmm, I think I will have to consider it, now.”

WooHyun couldn’t say anything; his emotions were threatening to overwhelm him. He just smiled; smiled because he had missed the other man so much. This was the secret SungGyu; the one that was completely unguarded. The one other people rarely ever saw.

“There it is.”


“Your smile.”

WooHyun tried to reign in the brightness of his smile, but failed. “I don’t think it is the morphine.”

“It is,” SungGyu protested.

“No, I think you are just a big softie in your old age,” WooHyun teased. “Hoya said it would only take me ten minutes to earn you forgiveness.”

“Hoya,” SungGyu grumbled at the mention of the lead dancer’s name. “He has no sympathy for me at all. I am surprised he didn’t scrub in on my surgery so he could criticize my intestines.”

WooHyun continued to smile. “He’s your good friend…he knows what gets you riled…what gets you…to be you again.”

“He’s an ingrate…that’s why you are my favorite friend,” SungGyu said, trying to sound casual, but WooHyun could feel the other man’s uncertainty.

“That’s right, and if I ever see him again…I am going to tell him,” WooHyun assured the older man. “I always win the best dongsaeng game.”

SungGyu frowned. “If you ever see him again—are you not staying in the dorm?”

“That morphine can’t be that good, if you caught that,” WooHyun said, trying to deflect the sickly man’s attention.

“Are you?”

“No,” WooHyun said, shaking his head.

SungGyu looked very unpleased. “Who decided that?”

“I am not popular for a reason,” WooHyun reminded SungGyu. “I acted dreadfully for a long time.”

“Bullshit!” SungGyu shouted, suddenly extremely irritated. “Our fight was stupid, but it was between us…they had no right to kick you out of our dorm. You never did anything to the other members!”

“That’s not true; it was affecting the whole group and the fans were even aware of it,” WooHyun said in defense of the company.

SungGyu sat up in bed, wincing in pain, and declared, “Infinite is the seven of us…the seven! We can fight, but the fact that Infinite is the seven us never changes.”

WooHyun stood up. “Calm down, I am just staying with my brother for awhile.”

“I will not calm down,” SungGyu snapped. “When they start separating us…that threatens the group; I will not have Infinite crumble to nothing…not after all we have achieved, and not after all we sacrificed to get to this level of success.”

“You just had surgery, please calm down,” WooHyun said, reaching out and squeezing the other man’s arm.

“The other members—I knew something was up, but not one of the little traitors would say a word to me,” SungGyu fumed.

“Hey,” WooHyun said, trying to sound firm. “Infinite is still the seven of us. If Hoya had been in a fight with SungJong and suddenly SungJong was rushed to the hospital…you would see the logic in separating him from the rest of the group for awhile.”

SungGyu looked up at WooHyun and reminded him, “I am not SungJong and you are not Hoya. I can handle myself.”

“Says the man who almost died.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.’

“You used to whine if you had a runny nose…you were dying and you didn’t say anything—I know this is my fault.”

SungGyu looked away from WooHyun, not saying a word in his defense. He hated it, but he knew WooHyun spoke the truth. Having WooHyun so angry with him had drained him, both emotionally and physically.

“I distracted you with my personal garbage…’til you almost died. I understand why they are angry at me, I deserve it.”

“But…but…that is all resolved now,” SungGyu stated, holding his stomach.

“They don’t know that.”

“They will know,” SungGyu insisted, his pallor increasing.

“Hyung, they will know. Everything is going to be fine,” WooHyun said, trying to calm the other man. “Settle back against your pillows and rest. Enjoy your morphine.”

SungGyu looked up at WooHyun. “Why do I feel…like you are still lying to me…like I’ve forgotten something important?”

WooHyun shook his head and then gently pushed SungGyu back down in the bed against the pillows. “I promise I don’t hate you.”

“I believe that,” SungGyu replied, allowing himself to be lowered. “I just don’t believe…that you believe everything will be fine.”

“It will be,” WooHyun lied.

“I…I don’t want you going back to your brother’s apartment.”

“I can’t go back to the dorm.”

SungGyu reached out and clasped WooHyun’s hand. “Then you will stay here with me.”

WooHyun’s heart sped up and he did his best to tease, “So you do want me to be your personal servant? I knew I couldn’t get off so easily.”

The older man let out a small laugh that caused him to wince in pain, causing him to grab for the button that controlled his morphine allowance. “Don’t make me laugh.”

WooHyun looked down at their clasped hands and asked, “Should I make you sad?”

“No,” SungGyu answered with a sigh as the morphine started working. “No….don’t make me sad anymore…promise…to never make me sad…again.”

WooHyun swallowed guiltily as he watched the older man slip off to sleep, sparing him from having to tell another lie. He knew that was one promise he wouldn’t be able to keep.


“I don’t understand why he won’t answer our calls,” SungJong complained as he, Hoya, and MyungSoo headed toward SungGyu’s hospital room early the next morning.

“He found out about WooHyun,” Hoya told the maknae, knowing exactly what was up with their leader. “That’s why.”

“So now neither one of them will answer our calls,” MyungSoo groaned.

Hoya frowned. “You tried to call WooHyun?”

“Yeah,” MyungSoo admitted. “I was worried about him.”

“And he didn’t answer?” Hoya asked, surprised.

“Nope,” MyungSoo told the lead dancer.

“He probably doesn’t want to talk to us,” SungJong answered. “I’d be pissed if I were him.”

“What right does he have to be pissed with us?” Hoya questioned in an irritated tone. “He brought this all on himself.”

“True,” MyungSoo conceded as they headed down the hallway toward the leader’s room. “But still he is a member of the group and he got kicked out of his home.”

“Because he was acting like a fucktard,” Hoya reminded them. “None of this would have happened if he had just acted like a decent human being.”

SungJong ran his hand along the side of the walls as they neared SungGyu’s room. “I think something is really bothering him. I think it has been bothering him for a long time.”

“Maybe we should have tried harder to find out why he was acting so hostile,” MyungSoo suggested.

“We tried,” Hoya insisted. “I can’t count how many times we tried. DongWoo alone tried at least a hundred times.”

MyungSoo nodded his head. “I know, but…but it had something to do with the leader.”

“Well, duh,” Hoya mouthed back at the visual of the group. “That was pretty obvious.”

“I think…the minute WooHyun chose to have a room to himself we should have known something was wrong—that wasn’t like him,” SungJong told the other boys. “Before that moment he had always wanted to be with SungGyu.”

“Yeah,” Hoya agreed. “I was really surprised when he didn’t pick the room DongWoo and I got.”

“Yeah, he should have picked it and chose SungGyu as his roommate,” MyungSoo added.

“Whatever happened between the two of them happened back before we moved,” SungJong pointed out.

“Yeah, I agree, but SungGyu has no clue what it was that happened…I personally think it was all WooHyun’s ego,” Hoya stated. “WooHyun couldn’t handle it that he wasn’t one of the top three in the group. He probably felt like he wasn’t getting enough attention, so he took it out on his best friend.”

SungJong frowned.

Hoya continued, “He used to always want to beat SungGyu at everything—it was like he was competing with him all the time when we were trainees.”

“Yeah, I remember,” MyungSoo confirmed. “Like when he wanted to be the leader.”

“Exactly,” Hoya concurred. “I think this is all about an out of control ego.”

SungJong gave his former roommate a sharp look. “You’d know.”

“Hey,” Hoya responded defensively. “I might have had my issues, but when I was put in my place I stayed there.”

“One thing I know for certain,” MyungSoo said when they reached the door to SungGyu’s room, “is that the leader is not going to be happy.”

“No,” SungJong confirmed as he pushed the door open. “He won’t be.’

The boys entered the hospital room and found it empty.


“I never knew taking a shit could make doctors so happy,” WooHyun stated as he slowly walked down the hospital hallway beside SungGyu.

SungGyu, who was carefully and slowly ambulating down the hall while pushing his IV pole, explained “Apparently it is some sign that my intestines are working again.”

“That’s good.”

“Yep,” SungGyu confirmed. “I still feel like a bloated cow though.”

WooHyun looked at SungGyu’s distended stomach. “You only look six months pregnant now.”

SungGyu brightened. “It’s a big improvement from looking like I was nine months pregnant with twins.”


“And the best part of all is that I can have ice cream now. I hate broth. If I never eat broth again it will be too soon.”

WooHyun, who was sticking very close to the other man in case he stumbled, teased, “Funny how your innards start working once I show up. You must have really missed me.”

SungGyu took his eyes off the hall in front of him and glanced at his friend who had stayed with him all night. “I did.”

“I was joking with you,” WooHyun replied, unable to hide his blush at the other man’s earnest response.

“Why are you blushing?”

WooHyun cursed his honest cheeks and tried to sound convincing, “I am embarrassed for fighting with you.”

“You should be.”

“I am.”

SungGyu stopped and pointed to WooHyun’s right eye. “I got my revenge.”

“You did.”

SungGyu studied his friend and asked, “I didn’t really hit you…did I?”

“Do you remember what happened?”

SungGyu shook his head. “No, but if I had tried to hit you…you would have blocked me and hit me instead.”

“No,” WooHyun told him. “I’d never hit you.”

“Like hell you wouldn’t,” SungGyu bluntly retorted. “You acted like you would love nothing more than to punch me for months.”

“No,” WooHyun maintained as he took the other man by the arm, coaxing him to continue walking. “I would never hit you, but the nurses might if you don’t keep moving.”

SungGyu, who didn’t believe the other man, did start walking again. “Why not? It sure isn’t because you a dutiful dongsaeng.”

“I am not a hitter,” WooHyun claimed.

“I have seen you fight many times and win.”

“Not you.”

SungGyu pondered over WooHyun’s words and realized it was true. WooHyun had never swung at him and they had had many heated arguments. “Why not?”

“I am a dutiful dongsaeng.”


“I just…I am never all mad at you—even when you piss me off, I also feel other things.”

“Oh,” SungGyu exclaimed in understanding. “Like friendship?”

“Nah,” WooHyun responded, shaking his head. “Usually amusement…you’re pretty funny, especially when you are angry.”

SungGyu, who wanted to act offended, just laughed and complained, “Don’t make me laugh…it hurts.”

WooHyun, who was also laughing, stilled when he eyed the other three members walking toward them.

SungGyu looked down the hall to see what had caused the other man to freeze and immediately starting nagging, “So, you three traitorous traitors decided to crawl in out of the gutter. Where are the other two?”

“Hyung,” SungJong replied, quickly walking up to the two men. “We were worried about you…you weren’t in your room.”

“You gave us a good scare,” MyungSoo agreed, while Hoya stayed quiet letting the two youngest take the lead, knowing the younger ones had a special way with the leader.

“I wasn’t in my room. My room is at the dorm…this hospital room is not my home. The dorm is our home. Do you know who else wasn’t in their room?” SungGyu demanded, not looking pleased.

“I tried to call him,” MyungSoo quickly retorted. “I called him and he would never answer his phone.”

SungGyu looked away from the three newly arrived members to look at the one that had been at his side since the night before, waiting on him hand and foot. “Is that true?”

“I killed my phone,” WooHyun told him.

“What do you mean you killed it?” SungGyu questioned. “You are supposed to keep your phone with you at all times.”

WooHyun shrugged. “I was really frustrated…nobody would tell me how you were doing, so I stomped it in a fit of rage.”

“You were so concerned for him…that you broke your phone?” Hoya asked, not bothering to hide his disbelief.

WooHyun’s eyes narrowed and he replied, “Yes.”

“Of course he was worried for me,” SungGyu explained. “Everybody is worried about me. I am one of a kind. If I died, can you imagine the huge loss the world would suffer?”

“Hyung,” SungJong exclaimed, trying not to laugh.

MyungSoo reached out and wrapped his hand around SungGyu’s IV pole. “You are one of a kind.”

“I am,” SungGyu agreed. “I am wonderful. I am the very definition of manly. I was walking around with a rotten appendix and I didn’t even complain.”

“No more than usual,” Hoya smart-mouthed back to the leader, unable to keep from ribbing him.

MyungSoo reached out and gently patted SungGyu’s back. “Don’t listen to him, you are very tough.”

SungGyu, who was glaring at Hoya, nodded his head. “I am.”

“Hyung, you are going to make them move WooHyun back to the dorm, right?” SungJong asked, while smiling gently at the WooHyun.

“Of course, I am,” SungGyu confirmed. “I didn’t pass on being a rock star to be the leader of measly six member group. It’s seven or nothing.”

“Plus, I have offered to be his personal servant for a year,” WooHyun teased.

“I was going to be gracious and decline your offer,” SungGyu reminded WooHyun.

Hoya shook his head. “That sure doesn’t sound like you, Gramps.”

WooHyun pointed to the pain pump hanging on the IV pole. “He’s a little high.”

“So ungrateful,” SungGyu complained to the other main vocal, only to add, “Now go get me some Natuur Pop ice cream and hurry up, already!”

SungJong laughed, wrapped an arm around the leader and declared, “Hyung, I am so happy you are back to yourself.”

“I can’t be chit chatting with you people, I have to walk,” SungGyu nagged, refusing to fall for SungJong’s charms. “I have to get better so I can get out of here. I can only imagine what trouble you kids are getting into without me there supervising you.”

“We will walk with you,” MyungSoo told SungGyu as he and SungJong started walking down the hall with the fussy leader.

WooHyun and Hoya lingered behind. Hoya couldn’t hide his smile or his relief once the leader turned to walk away.

“You know, it didn’t take me ten minutes,” WooHyun stated, giving Hoya a sharp look.

Hoya turned his gaze away from the recovering leader to look at WooHyun. “What?”

“You said it would take less than me ten minutes to earn his forgiveness, you were right. I didn’t even have to ask for it.”

Hoya studied the other man he had been so leery of for so long. “Are you just…pretending?”


“To not hate him?” Hoya asked, fearfully.

“No, I am not pretending,” WooHyun snapped. “God, I am so sick of people thinking I hated him…I didn’t.”

“You sure as hell did a good imitation of it,” Hoya told him, not intimidated by the other man.

WooHyun sighed. “I was an ass…I won’t lie; but now I am going to make up for it.”


“I guess I better get going. He is demanding ice cream.”

Hoya grinned and offered, “You’ll want me to go with you. You were busy acting like you hated him back when we were enjoying the rewards of being the face of Natuur Pop; you probably don’t know what he likes.”

“He says Green Tea is his favorite flavor, but it’s really Cherry Sprinkles,” WooHyun informed Hoya. “But you are more than welcome to join me.”


“Go to bed.”

“Just one more level.”

WooHyun, who was lying on a pallet on the floor of SungGyu’s hospital room, got up and loomed over SungGyu’s bed trying to look intimidating. “It is time for you to go to bed.”

“Just one more level.”

“Hyung, you have the rest of your life to play Angry Birds.”

SungGyu looked up at the younger member and asked, “How did I not know about this game before?”

“Because when other people play games…you sleep.”

“I am not sleepy, now.”

“The nurse is going to get you…you need rest, so you can go home.”

SungGyu shrugged as he continued to play on his phone. “I don’t mind the hospital so much. I get waited on and I have my special friend.”

WooHyun raised his eyebrows. “Your special friend?”

SungGyu flicked his hand to the side, and explained, “Dolores, my morphine pump.”

The younger man let out a laugh and grinned. “You named your pain pump?”

“Yes,” SungGyu answered, not looking up from his game. “It is my new best friend.”

“I thought I was your best friend?”

“You are my old best friend, plus now you are in the role of my personal servant.”

WooHyun shook his head, still grinning. “I don’t know how I ever sur—”

The sound of SungGyu’s phone going off interrupted WooHyun. SungGyu frowned and didn’t answer the phone.

“Who is it?” WooHyun asked, reaching out and taking the phone away from the other man.

“Hey, my game!” SungGyu protested. “You are the worst servant, ever!”

“Why is she calling you?” WooHyun demanded, looking at the caller ID. “She is a trainee.”


“Are you seeing her?” WooHyun asked, unable to hide his displeasure.

“No,” SungGyu immediately answered. “She likes me, though. She’s cute and she has such a sweet voice.”

WooHyun frowned, not believing the other man. “So you are only attracted to her nice vocals?”

“I admire talent.”

“What about Brandy? She isn’t known for her stellar voice.”

“No, but her skin is so pale and all her curves are natural,” SungGyu informed the other main vocal. “So even if I don’t admire her voice…I admire her other attributes.”

WooHyun abruptly answered the phone, “He’s not interested and if you keep calling him I will have to inform the CEO of your continued harassment.”

SungGyu mouth dropped open.

WooHyun hung up the phone, and informed the leader, “She is a trainee, and she might never debut. She is hoping to use you to further her career, you can’t trust her.”

“Hey,” SungGyu protested. “She might like me for real…I’m very lovable.”

“She doesn’t know you well enough to love you…you are not that lovable.”

SungGyu placed a hand over his heart and whined, “Such cruelty!”

WooHyun walked over to the wall and flipped off the light switch. “Admit it, you are an acquired taste.”

“Give me my phone back,” SungGyu demanded. “I want to play my game!”

“No,” WooHyun snapped unable to hide his irritation as he got back down on his pallet. “Go to bed.”

“You are the worst servant, ever!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, now go to bed,” WooHyun grumbled.

“I am not sleepy.”

“Go to bed.”

“I feel wired.”

“You are high.”

“I am not.”

“If you don’t go to sleep, I will record you when you start talking in your sleep tonight.”

“I don’t talk in my sleep,” SungGyu spat. “You know I don’t.”

“You do, now.”

“I do not.”

“I will record it.”


“I will and then I will let everybody listen to you beg for fufuzee.”

SungGyu cringed. “I don’t even know what a fufuzee is!”

“Sure you don’t.”

“I don’t.”

“You seem to want it pretty badly at night.”

“It’s the morphine!”

“Are you blaming poor Dolores?”


“Go to bed.”

“I am not sleepy.”

“I am going to record you.”


WooHyun grinned in the dark. “Hoya will get to listen to the recording first.”

There was a moment of silence before SungGyu barked, “I am trying to sleep, so shut up already!”
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You are welcome!

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this is blue sky cool breeze chapter
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Re: this is blue sky cool breeze chapter
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Hello New Reader and New Commenter!

I am glad you like the story! I hope you continue to enjoy the upcoming chapters!
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D'awww. This chapter ♥
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It is a breather...I won't have many filler filled chapters, but I will have pauses between the angst. MyungSoo is a big softy.

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I am glad you are liking this story!

Nope, it isn't part of the bed series. I wanted to try something different with them. Reverse their roles.

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I am sorry I haven't updated!

I am so glad you like this story.:) It makes me so happy you are reading it. You should totally watch some Infinite videos.:)

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