Sweet Deception, Chapter Five

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Author’s Note: If you comment on my stories and you have friended me in the past and I have not friended you back…let me know. I will most likely friend you back.

Chapter List

“Hyung, there isn’t as much goop in it now.”

SungGyu was sitting up in the recliner in his room as the maknae sat on the floor beside him playing with the other end of the drain that was attached to SungGyu’s stomach. He answered, “Nope. They told me they will probably take it out tomorrow.”

“That’s great news,” DongWoo, who was lying down on SungGyu’s bed, told the other two men.

SungGyu, who was playing on his phone, grunted in agreement.

“I hope Hoya comes before they take it out,” SungJong stated. “Or better yet, I hope he is here when they pull it out.”

SungGyu looked away from his game to smile up at the maknae. “Are you hoping he will faint?”

SungJong grinned. “He looks like he wants to hurl every time he sees it.”

“I wonder if they will let me have it after they take it out,” SungGyu pondered aloud.

DongWoo grimaced at the thought. “Probably not.”

“But it would be so cool if they did!” SungJong exclaimed, knowing exactly what their leader was thinking.

“We could wrap it up and give it to him,” the leader informed the maknae, loving the thought of surprising the lead dancer.

“He’d totally pass out,” SungJong added with a big smile.

“It would be awesome,” SungGyu agreed.

“When do you have to walk next?” DongWoo asked, ignoring the evil plotting of the other two members.

“I can go anytime,” SungGyu answered. “WooHyun is supposed to be bringing me food though.”

DongWoo looked up from the bed and asked, “Where did SungYeol go?”

“He didn’t say,” SungJong replied to DongWoo. He then focused back on SungGyu and said encouragingly, “Hyung, we can take a quick walk before WooHyun gets back.”

SungGyu agreed, “I guess so, they say I will be less sore the more I walk.”

“Are you sore?” SungJong asked. “You seemed to be doing so good yesterday.”

“That was because of Dolores,” SungGyu said longingly. “They took her away from me.”

SungJong and DongWoo both smiled, knowing exactly what their leader was referring to.

SungGyu sighed and elaborated, “They said I abused her, so they took her away.”

“Abused her?” DongWoo questioned.

“They told me to hit the button when I hurt,” SungGyu said in his defense.

SungJong let out a chuckle and asked, “How many times did you hit it?

SungGyu shrugged and answered, “Oh, I think they said five hundred times or something like that.”

“You hit your button for morphine five hundred times!” DongWoo exclaimed. “How are you still alive?”

“They have safety lock-outs on it,” SungGyu explained. “But the nurse got all huffy with me and…”

“And what?” SungJong prompted.

“She very rudely informed me morphine could constipate a person…and then she winked at me and told me she had never given an idol an enema,” an annoyed SungGyu informed them. “And then I told her I wasn’t going to be the first one…my rectum is for exit purposes only.”

DongWoo rolled around on SungGyu’s bed laughing and SungJong just grinned.


“Are you a delivery boy now?” SungYeol asked.

WooHyun, who was on his way back to SungGyu’s room, stopped and stared at the tallest member who was leaning against the door. “Are you waiting on me?”

“That isn’t an answer to my question.”

“The answer to your questions is no. I was at the office and I stopped and got him his favorite seafood on my way here. He asked me to; he ordered it, I picked it up.”

“How does that happen?”

“I am pretty sure he just picked up his phone and called me.”

“No, that’s not what I am asking. How do you go from hating him to waiting on him hand and foot? Sleeping at his bedside…how does that happen?” SungYeol asked the other man curiously.

WooHyun looked down the hallway cautiously to make sure nobody was eavesdropping. “I think we have had this talk before…I never hated him.”

SungYeol looked down at the other man and asked, “Then why all the smoldering rage?”

“Okay, we apparently need to talk, but let me deliver this first,” WooHyun told SungYeol as he entered the room.

SungYeol did not follow the other man inside the room, but waited outside for WooHyun to return.

WooHyun quickly did and motioned for SungYeol to follow him down the hallway. “I admit that I was angry, but his almost dying cured me of it,” WooHyun whispered under his breath. “I am sorry I ever dragged you into any of this.”

“Me too,” SungYeol told him as they continued to walk down the hallway. “The others were smart not to side with you.”

“They were,” WooHyun agreed as he opened the door to a private waiting room. “It isn’t smart to side with me when I am angry or fighting with SungGyu—this has always been true.”

SungYeol nodded his head, entering the room. “Yeah, because you two always make up.”

WooHyun sat down in a chair. “We do—he’s my best friend, I might get pissed with him, but he’ll always be important to me.”

“I thought this time was different,” SungYeol admitted, sitting down beside WooHyun. “You just seemed so angry.”

“I was wrong to be angry with him...this time. In the past he did shit and I did shit and our fights were warranted, but not this time.”

“It’s funny how the fights that were warranted never lasted.”

WooHyun scowled slightly as SungYeol’s hand came down and rested on his knee. “This one lasted too long, but now it is over, so things can return to normal.”

“What if I don’t want…things to go back to the way they were?”

“You want me to fight with SungGyu?”

“I want you to pay attention to me,” SungYeol stated, sliding his hand up WooHyun’s thigh. “I don’t want you to focus only on him…because you feel guilty. I want some of your attention, too. Is that so wrong?”

WooHyun got up and sat down in the chair across from SungYeol, putting distance between them. “I thought I made it very clear to you…that I am not interested in you.”

SungYeol swallowed nervously and confessed, “You don’t have to be interested in me…I think the two of us could have something nice, not to mention convenient.”

“No, we couldn’t. SungGyu was right about that. We could never have anything nice.”

“Bullshit,” SungYeol hissed, leaning forward. “You are a man, I am a man, and we both are attracted to men—I don’t want a declaration of love.”

WooHyun pushed farther back in his chair and stated firmly, “That’s good, because I will never feel that way for you.”

“I am okay with that.”

“I’m not.”

SungYeol sat up straight. “Are you saying you only fuck men you love?

“No,” WooHyun answered quickly. “I have never…never been with anybody I loved. I have only been with men I didn’t love.”

“Then what is the problem?” SungYeol asked, raising his hands up in the air at a loss.

WooHyun gave SungYeol a sad smile. “I don’t want that anymore…I need to love and I need to be loved. I can’t keep pretending I’m somebody I’m not. I tried the casual thing, but that’s not me. I just don’t work that way. I am a romantic sap at heart, and I just have to accept that.”

SungYeol studied the other man. “Are you in love?”

“Nope,” WooHyun answered, lying with ease.

SungYeol was unable to hide his disappointment.

“Would it make it easier for you if I admitted to being in love with somebody?”

SungYeol narrowed his eyes and suspiciously asked, “It depends…are you in love?”

“No,” WooHyun said, continuing to lie. “But someday…someday I will be and it won’t be with you—you are my brother, not a potential lover.”

“Eww,” SungYeol said, cringing. “Don’t say that. We aren’t brothers.”

“Yes, we are.”


“No, exceptions…I don’t do incest.”

SungYeol shivered. “Don’t think of it like that…do you really think of us as brothers?”

“Yes,” WooHyun replied. “We have shared so much, gone through so much together…we are all brothers; face it. With me…I am pretty sure that when I fall in love, it will not be something that gradually happens, but instead I will instantly know it. I know it hurts you, but I don’t feel that way about you.”

SungYeol stood up, clearly upset by WooHyun’s words. “When you put it that way…I guess I understand, but—”

“No buts,” WooHyun declared, interrupting. “This is how it is.”

SungYeol nodded his head and looked down at the other man who was still sitting. “Plus, SungGyu and you will be as close as thieves again…you won’t have any need for me.”

“He’s my best friend, but all of you are important to me,” WooHyun told the other man with a sad smile. “I really missed him…even with all his incessant whining.”

SungYeol smiled. “You love it though; you just love all of it...” SungYeol paused. “Your smile is always brightest for him. I’ve never felt the warmth of that smile…that smile that only belongs to him.”

WooHyun looked down at the floor, avoiding the other man’s gaze. “He’s my best friend.”

SungYeol nodded his head, but his sharp mind was starting to put the pieces of a complicated puzzle together.

“Plus, he is so exasperating. I can’t help but be amused,” WooHyun stated, getting up from the chair. “You should see the list of things he has had me do. Never ever offer to be his personal servant…I am warning you.”

SungYeol smiled, the puzzle forgotten. “Excuse me, do I look stupid?”

“No,” WooHyun answered, opening the door. “You should do me a favor and offer to be his servant for a day.”

“Hell no!”


“So, I have been thinking,” SungGyu stated from the back of the SUV. He had finally been released from the hospital with strict orders to take it easy. His mother had begged him to return home with her, but he had refused.

WooHyun, who was sitting beside him asked, “What about?”

“I was thinking I should have a larger bed.”

“What do you mean, ‘larger bed’?” WooHyun asked, casting the leader a knowing glance.

SungGyu tilted his head to the side and stated, “I think I should either get yours or SungYeol’s room…I would hate to roll off my small, very small bed and hurt myself. I still have staples. I am not completely healed.”

Hoya, who was sitting on the other side of the leader, let out a laugh. “I don’t see anything wrong with that. You should take SungYeol’s room, it is the nicest.”

“True,” WooHyun agreed. “He has windows.”

“Or Hoya and DongWoo could give you their room,” SungYeol snapped from the passenger’s seat up front. “I know DongWoo won’t mind.”

Hoya glared at the back of SungYeol’s head. “But your room is best…the leader should have the best.”

SungGyu beamed. “I should.”

WooHyun, whose eyes were still glued to the leader, just shook his head, amused.

“Hey,” SungYeol protested from the front. “WooHyun is his personal servant, so he should get his room.”

“WooHyun’s room doesn’t have windows. I like windows,” SungGyu quickly pointed out.

“Well, I am not giving up my room!” SungYeol protested.

“It’s a shame it is no longer SungJong’s room,” Hoya said with a voice that did not hide his conniving intentions. “I know he would gladly give up his room for his leader that almost died. He’s always been such a good dongsaeng…unlike some people.”

The SUV was suddenly quiet as the tension rose. Memories of the recent past stirred in all their memories, reminding them of things best forgotten. SungGyu quickly put an end to it. “I will stay in WooHyun’s room; he is my servant after all. He can sleep on the floor and wait on me.”

WooHyun groaned.


“Go cook me something nice.”

“No,” the maknae told the leader. They were both sitting on the sofa in the living room of their dorm.

SungGyu folded his arms across his chest, pouting. “I should have stayed in the hospital.”

“You should have,” WooHyun agreed from where he was sitting in the recliner beside the sofa, looking at his new phone. He never got far from SungGyu, knowing the other man should still be in the hospital. “You are the one that insisted on going home. They wanted to keep you at least two more days.”

“I couldn’t stay there…the memories of the time I spent with Dolores were too painful,” SungGyu teased, causing WooHyun to turn and smile at him. He continued, “My one true love.”

“You sound like a drug addict,” SungJong criticized.

“Who is a drug addict?” MyungSoo asked, walking into the living room.

“Not me,” SungGyu quickly declared. “Those pain pills they sent me home with hold none of the lustrous appeal of my Dolores.”

WooHyun didn’t bother to hide his grin as he looked back down at his phone and told the older man, “You think you’re so funny.”

“I am hilarious,” SungGyu told WooHyun, before turning to SungJong. “And I am starving, go feed me.”

“No, I don’t want to mess up Mom’s kitchen.”

“How can Mom be away?” SungGyu whined. “Here I am, my second day back and everybody leaves me.”

“You still have us,” MyungSoo said as he slipped into the space between SungJong and SungGyu on the sofa.

“Everybody should be here waiting on him,” WooHyun muttered, not looking up from his phone. “How dare they have appointments and schedules?”

“Exactly!” SungGyu eagerly agreed. “I am so glad you understand my woes.”

WooHyun grunted, wondering if maybe the pain pills did hold some of the luster of Dolores.

“Want me to cook something for you, Hyung?” MyungSoo asked.

SungGyu sighed and patted MyungSoo’s cheek and told him fondly, “You are as kind as you’re handsome.”

SungJong stuck his tongue out pretending to gag.

MyungSoo got up quickly from the sofa, causing SungGyu to reach for his tender stomach.

“MyungSoo, be careful,” WooHyun quickly snapped. “He might be as nagging as usual, but he is still sore. You have to be careful with him.”

“Don’t be mean to him,” SungGyu quickly commanded.

“Trade me places and sit in the chair, then he can jump on and off of the sofa as he pleases,” WooHyun told the leader, not backing down.

“I am sick of chairs,” SungGyu complained.

MyungSoo, who had taken WooHyun’s words to heart, told the leader, “I’m sorry.”

The leader looked up and smiled craftily at MyungSoo. “Don’t be sorry. I am fine. I am just glad somebody loves me.”

SungJong gently scooted over to the leader and wrapped his arm around him. “I love you, too.”

“You won’t even cook for me. Your father is a chef!” SungGyu complained.

“He is currently a professor of cooking,” SungJong said, quickly correcting the leader.

“That’s even better, and yet you won’t cook for me! I am starving,” SungGyu whined.

“I am going to cook for you, Hyung,” MyungSoo reminded the leader.

WooHyun put his phone down. “MyungSoo, your cooking tastes like shit.”

MyungSoo nodded his head. “Yeah, but it is the thought that counts.”

“I don’t cook well either,” SungJong protested. “Just because my dad can cook doesn’t mean I can!”

WooHyun sat up straight and glued his accusing eyes on SungGyu. “SungGyu knows you can’t cook worth a shit either.”

“Stop looking at me,” SungGyu whined, avoiding WooHyun’s gaze.

WooHyun didn’t stop.

“I didn’t ask you to cook!” SungGyu exclaimed to WooHyun, who continued to look at him accusingly.

“He didn’t!” MyungSoo quickly confirmed. “He wouldn’t dare.”

SungJong kept his arm around the injured leader and stated, “None of us would ever ask you to cook. We understand why you won’t anymore.”

“Just because I am gay doesn’t mean I am the cook of this group,” WooHyun firmly reminded them, ignoring their denials. “I am as masculine as the rest of you, and a lot more masculine than you three.”

“We didn’t say you weren’t!” MyungSoo blurted out. “We…it’s just, you used to cook, and you cooked better than everybody else. We just got used to you cooking. We haven’t asked you to cook since—”

“Until you went psychotic on our asses,” SungGyu said, interrupting MyungSoo’s explanation, deciding he wasn’t in the mood to be intimated or have his youngest bullied.

WooHyun stood up, offended. “Psychotic? You think I went psychotic.”

“Yes,” SungGyu verified. “You are the one that used to like to cook. You are the one that always took the lead with cooking. How did we know that suddenly you were going to take offense with it? It had absolutely nothing to do with your being gay. You decided to be sensitive about the topic, with no basis to support your new sensitivity. You tried to make everybody feel like they were being homophobic asses for asking you to cook…which was crazy!’

WooHyun walked over to SungGyu and looked down at him. “Is that how you really feel?”

SungGyu looked up the other man defiantly and proclaimed, “Yes, it is. I should have told you so back then…but you…you weren’t acting like yourself back then. Now you seem like your old self, so I won’t bother holding back. Don’t you feel the love?”

WooHyun fought to keep his face completely straight as he told the leader, “No.”

SungGyu reached out his hand and took WooHyun’s. “Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

WooHyun squeezed the older man’s hand. “You must really be desperate for me to cook.”

“I’m starving.”

“You just ate.”

SungGyu smiled up at him. “Be a good servant and go cook me something nice.”

“I am making you broth!” WooHyun declared, letting go of the leader’s hand and heading for the kitchen.

“Broth!” SungGyu yelled. “Not broth, anything but broth!”


“You should go to bed,” the manager the boys referred to as mom told SungGyu, who was dozing on the sofa.

SungGyu opened blurry, sleep crusted eyes. “I thought they would be back by now.”

“Go to bed,” the manager told him. They were the only two people in the dorm. “It’s late.”

“The song for the commercial won’t be any good without me,” SungGyu grumbled, getting up from the sofa. He had tried his best to wait up for the members, who were off laying down tracks for the Pepsi commercial.

“Is that so?”

“Well, it won’t be as good,” SungGyu amended as he headed toward WooHyun’s bedroom that he had taken over.

The manager watched fondly as SungGyu stumbled in the direction of the bedroom. “I will stay here till they get back.”

“You don’t have to,” SungGyu stopped and told him. “I am feeling much better. I should be able to start my activities back up anytime.”

“Says the young man who is stapled together,” the manager told him. “Go to sleep, I will wait here until the others return. WooHyun would have my hide if I left you alone.”

“True,” SungGyu conceded. He wasn’t sure if it was WooHyun’s guilty conscience or what but the other main vocal was being very overprotective.

“I will nap on the sofa if I get tired.”

“Okay,” SungGyu agreed, walking away. He opened the door to WooHyun’s bedroom and shut it behind him.

WooHyun’s bedroom, like SungYeol’s, had a full sized bed in it. It was the reward of being lucky enough to get your own room. In Infinite almost everything was determined by the game of rock, paper, and scissors. SungGyu thought it would be nice if sometimes age would be a determining factor of such things…and of course the oldest should always get first pick. SungGyu smiled imagining such a world.

“Ah, to have my own room,” SungGyu said with a sigh as he rested on WooHyun’s full sized bed. He immediately frowned, remembering how hurt he had felt when WooHyun had chosen a private room. For some strange reason he had just figured that if he or WooHyun had won first or second place they would have picked the room the DongWoo and Hoya shared. He had always shared a room with WooHyun and he had simply gotten used to it. When WooHyun had won second pick and chose a single room…he had been hurt and he had to remind himself how crazy it was to feel hurt. Of course, any man would want his own room.

SungGyu had never been rich as a child; in fact he had been the opposite. His father was a wanderer and was always away supposedly searching for work. When his family did have money his parents gambled it away as fast as they made it. Most of his childhood was spent living with family or friends of his mother, who had taken pity on them. SungGyu had never had his own room growing up. He had always been a guest in other children’s rooms. But with WooHyun it had felt like their room…not a room shared, but a room belonging to them both.

Of all the friends SungGyu had ever had, none were as dear to him as WooHyun. The friendship he had with the other main vocal had been the most important friendship of his life, and when WooHyun had turned on him…SungGyu had been thrown completely off balance. He had always been quick to recover, but having the one person he trusted most in the world acting like he hated him had devastated him.

SungGyu would not admit even to himself that having WooHyun back was worth the surgery…worth the pain; because what did it say about him that he was so needy for the other man’s friendship that he would welcome so much pain and misery just to have it back?

SungGyu knew he was not an easy person to like. He was not always politically correct and he knew he could be overly harsh, but WooHyun understood him—in ways that nobody else had ever bothered to try to understand him in the past. And most importantly, WooHyun made others understand him. When SungGyu pushed the others too hard, WooHyun would step in and make the others understand just why SungGyu pushed so hard.

He opened his eyes, unable to sleep. His thoughts were racing. He knew he would have to eventually go back to the room he shared with MyungSoo and SungJong…but he didn’t want to. He loved the two youngest members dearly, but they weren’t WooHyun. He was their leader, but he was WooHyun’s friend and he saw him as his equal.

“Aww,” SungGyu said with a sigh as he reached across the bed and picked up WooHyun’s iPod. A love for music was one of the many things WooHyun and he shared in common. SungGyu was very curious about the music WooHyun had been listening to during the months of their falling out.

SungGyu browsed through the playlist on WooHyun’s iPod and came to a sudden stop as he reached the top 25 played songs. They were all his. The top songs were from his solo album and the others were all mp3s cut from his performances, private recordings from the studio, his solos from radio performances, and all the songs he sang while he was on Immortal Song.

He didn’t even have recordings of some of the songs…he had not even known there were recordings. He stared at the iPod, shocked by what he had found. It was as if he had gotten a hold of one of his fan girls’ iPods.

“Gawd, why aren’t you asleep? You should be asleep. Do you not want to get better?”

The sudden voice of WooHyun had SungGyu turning quickly to find the other man standing beside the bed looking down at him disapprovingly. SungGyu had not heard him come in, and he was still too surprised by his discovery to say anything.

“The commercial dragged on forever. I am so tired. Of course you aren’t tired, you just lay around the dorm all day getting waited on,” WooHyun complained as he eyed his pallet by the bed. “Can you please go to bed?”

SungGyu mastered his shock and held up WooHyun’s iPod and demanded, “What the hell is this?”

WooHyun scrunched up his nose. “I believe it is what is commonly referred to as an iPod.”

“I know that,” a flustered SungGyu spat. “I mean what is up with your top 25 most played songs?”

“What do you mean?” WooHyun asked earnestly.

“What do you mean—what do I mean?” SungGyu asked, sitting up, while eyeing the other man suspiciously.

“Hyung, I am too tired to play these games with you. What are you talking about?”

SungGyu opened his mouth and closed it.

“Did you forget how to talk?” WooHyun asked, reaching down and snatching the iPod away from the older man.


WooHyun let out a laugh and asked, “Did you do this? Your ego, I swear it just gets bigger and bigger everyday.”

“What?” SungGyu yelped.

“You set all your songs as my favorites; someday your head will not fit through doors.”

An offended SungGyu immediately shouted, “I did not!”

“Shhh…you will wake up the entire building,” WooHyun warned, but he was still laughing. “Hyung, you have too much time on your hands.”

“I didn’t do this!”

WooHyun sat down on his pallet on the floor. “Really, who else would do it?”

“Didn’t you do it?”

“Me?” WooHyun said with a snort. “I haven’t touched this since your appendix busted…and I wasn’t exactly fond of you before then. I didn’t even want to hear you talk, much less sing.”

SungGyu tilted his head, WooHyun was making sense. “But if not you…who then?

WooHyun got under the covers of his pallet. “You.”

“I did not…maybe the others did it?”

“Why would they do it?”

A baffled SungGyu suggested, “Maybe they thought if I saw it…I would try to make peace with you?”

“Hmmm…” WooHyun replied, sounding just as mystified.

“The others would do something, sneaky like this. They kept asking me to talk to you. I bet they thought this would bridge the gap between us.”

“It does sound like something they would do. They knew your ego would eat this up,” WooHyun agreed. “But really, I don’t know why anyone would believe those were my song choices.”

SungGyu raised one eyebrow and asked, “Why not?

“I have way better taste in music.”

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Woohyun must be a distant relative to Pinocchio. I swear that boy can tell a lie without batting an eye. Haha. His nose is gonna grow soon and start spouting.

And poor Sunggyu, his love Deloris was taken away. Guess he will have to find another love. This one human, maybe? Haha
WooHyun has skills when it comes to telling fibs.

SungGyu misses the only woman...err pain pump he ever loved. She will be missed. It's for the best though--WooHyun's jealously would have reared it's ugly head.

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*sighs* i know im silly but i feel like SungGyu should be much more suspecious about that iPod... I love how your story goes on. I lovd ha part with Gyus feelings about Woohyun and his own past.
And the part in the private waiting room in t hospital, desperate SongYeol is desperate ;)

But sometimes i think you have a medical kink with all those nasty details (in Damaged too) lol just kidding :)
SungGyu is just so easily fooled by WooHyun...he knew the truth, but he let WooHyun convince him it wasn't true.

Yes, I wanted to show SungGyu's not so rosy past to help explain his attachment to WooHyun.

Yeah, SungYeol is pretty desperate here.

Girl, I am a nurse. I can change a colostomy bag and eat a sandwich at the same time. Nothing bothers me.

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Thanks for the update was stalking your page for the past several days waiting for an update. Woohyun is so cute he did listen to all of sungyu songs repeatedly awwwww so cute! But for sunggyu to really believe that someone else did it when only sungyeol was talking to woohyun seems kind of...idk gullible and just oblivious on his part not that i blame him. I really dont want to like sungyeol but at the same time i feel really bad for him. He is desperate for any type of attention from woohyun but the latter feels nothing for him. It seems like he is catching on about woohyun's feelings. Sunggyu is funny with his Dolores reminds me when i needed pain meds for my a really bad neck spasm and didnt want to wean myself off it have class in less than five hours but had no choice but to read this thanks again for an amazing story
This is stalking I approve of!

It was totally gullible. He's a fool for WooHyun.

SungYeol is desperate and I think it is only natural to pity him.

I am glad you like SungGyu and Dolores....it might be the real pairing int his fic. lol

Thanks for reading!

Woohyun little piece of rotten shit! was it so hard to say in your greasy way "hyung i missed you so hard i needed to listen to your voice" bla bla bla
ahh angst will ruin my health LOL
I need fluff in my life. . I hope that after all this rage and jokes and something they will be all full of pink unicorns ahaha xD
It will be very difficult. . yeol will get mad, gyu will be mad, namu will be stupid. . ahhh XD

Don't let the angst ruin your health! It's just beginning. lol

These last two chapters were the fluff. lol Kidding...there will be some more funny...sometimes.

'namu will be stupid' Yep, he will be stupid and something else. lol

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I have bad mood this morning. But, reading about Sunggyu and his Dolores made me laugh^^
Woogyu is roommate again, yaay... Finally we knew what Sunggyu is thinking.. He does very fond of Woohyun
I don't know that Woohyun is a good cook..
Woohyun is very good at lying, I wonder if Sunggyu will ask all of his members whether they manipulate Woohyun's ipod or not
I hope Sunggyu is less oblivious with all the sign from Woohyun...

Waiting for the next chapter..
I am glad DolGyu made you laugh! :)

Yep, I finally let you guys see inside SungGyu's weird mind.

WooHyun used to cook all the time...and then he just stopped.

Hmmm...we will see if he asks the other members. Or if he will just sulk because WooHyun insulted him at the end. WooHyun knows his SungGyu very well...knows exactly what buttons to push.

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eeeh Woohyun is such a smooth liar XD

I kinda feel sorry for SungYeol, he's more delusional than I am! LOL

Thank you for another great update <3
Yes, smooth liar! I want people to see that he is skilled at lying. The other members aren't totally stupid...not totally.

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that was funny and witty and perfect ^^
but the last part would hurt woohyun...eh~
thank you for updating