Sweet Deception, Chapter Seven

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Six
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise\

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

A couple days later SungGyu sat in the CEO’s office, preparing for a scolding. The boys had come off as arrogant in an interview, when in reality they were just being stupid. He had reined them in but he knew some of their comments would have to be edited out…he prayed they were edited out. They were just too comfortable with each other and once they started talking they forgot about the other people in the room. They rejoiced in teasing each other, saying outrageous things, and unfortunately some Korean netizens didn’t find it funny. It was the same way with the variety shows.

The trouble with variety shows was that his members would get carried away with their fun. They would gang up to pick at and tease him until he was flustered and defensive, leaving him with very little control over them. Only when his members were nervous did he have perfect control over them. He feared he was getting soft. He also knew he was not innocent. He knew he had inserted his foot in his mouth more than once. His mother was always harping that his mouth would be his ruin.

It was becoming a problem, a big problem. It was a problem he blamed WooHyun for, because he had decided to mentally blame WooHyun for everything wrong in the world. He wouldn’t show it or act on it…but secretly it was all WooHyun’s fault as far as SungGyu was concerned. He had failed at being angry at WooHyun and he refused to feel sorry for him, so in the end he had decided to blame the other man for anything and everything.

SungGyu was ready for the CEO to let him have it regarding his loose control of the members during the interview, but when the CEO entered the room he didn’t appear upset with him.

“There is something I need to tell you,” the CEO bluntly told him as he took his seat behind the desk across from SungGyu.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I need for this to stay between us, I haven’t told all the managers yet and I don’t want the members finding out until after you perform at Mr. Lee’s daughter’s wedding.”

“Huh,” a confused SungGyu muttered.

“Mr. Lee is one of Woollim’s biggest investors. His daughter is getting married in a couple weeks and she had requested that Infinite sing at her wedding.”

SungGyu could not hide his disbelief. “We aren’t exactly wedding singers…what do they want us to sing?”

“You have ballads,” the CEO quickly reminded him. “I know she has requested Beautiful specifically.”


“That isn’t why I brought you here…there is something else. It is in regards to WooHyun.”


“Yes, I wanted to wait till you were physically stronger before I sprang the news on you. I know it will be very upsetting for you and I don’t want it to compromise your recovery.”

SungGyu snorted, unable to control himself. So the CEO was finally going to let him in on WooHyun’s feelings. Well, SungGyu was going to let him know he wasn’t oblivious as everyone thought. “I already know.”

“You do?”

“He told me.”

The CEO leaned back in his chair, unable to hide his surprise. “I am surprised. He was very adamant that you of all people not find out. How are you handling the news?”

“I don’t know what you and he expected from me. It isn’t like I am crying or raging over the news. Did you expect me to start a fight with him over it?”

“I just…expected more of a response from you, honestly.”

SungGyu was starting to get annoyed. “Why does everybody think I would react badly? I am a modern man, who has been in the entertainment industry for years now. I am not one of those people who think I can dictate how another person feels. To each their own; it’s not like I can change his mind.”

“I tried to change his mind,” the CEO admitted, shaking his head. “I found it quite unbelievable.”

“Unbelievable…” SungGyu repeated, folding his arms in front of his chest, suddenly feeling offended. “It’s not so unbelievable.”

“Perhaps not to you, but I was totally unprepared. I never expected it. I was under the misconception that everything had been dealt with,” the CEO told him. “Did he give you any reasons?”

“Reasons…no, he didn’t give me any reasons.”

“There has to be a reason,” the CEO stated, looking displeased. “We must find the reason, perhaps then we can change his mind.”

“Why must we change his mind? Also why do you find it so unbelievable? Does he have to give you a list of reasons? Am I that horrible?”

“Aah,” the CEO said with a sigh. “So it is because of you. I thought you two had worked out your differences. He insisted he was on good terms with you, but I suspected it had something to do with the way he had been acting prior to your illness.”

SungGyu opened his mouth and then shut it, slowly realizing he was mistaken about the topic of the conversation.

The CEO continued, “He’s so adamant about leaving the group, and I have tried and tried to talk him out of it, but he won’t budge. He insists he has to leave for the sake of the group. I just feel like I am missing something crucial. I don’t want to involve the lawyers, but still I wish we could change his mind.”

SungGyu said nothing, he couldn’t…he felt like he couldn’t breathe.


Once SungGyu had remembered how to breathe, he had been quickly spirited away while the CEO left to attend an important meeting with an American producer for an upcoming video.

He felt dazed, like he was disconnected from his body. He reached up to feel if he had a fever, due to the odd feeling that had overcome him. He wasn’t feverish. WooHyun was going to leave Infinite and his mind couldn’t grasp hold of such a concept.

Before he knew it he was in their black SUV being driven back to the dorm by Manager Hyoan. He rode in the front while Nell’s new album played on repeat. He tried to focus on the music he loved and not the news that had just rocked his world. Soon the music soothed him enough to think.

He quickly assessed the situation in the vehicle. Hoya was quiet, probably sleeping, while WooHyun and DongWoo were in the back laughing and playing like they always did. The two of them were like children, always so playful with each other. SungGyu wondered how playful DongWoo would be if he knew WooHyun was about to abandon them. He stared at their reflections through the rearview mirror and watched them. He watched as WooHyun put on a perfect show. By watching him, you’d never know he was leaving…leaving his dream behind. Leaving behind the life he had fought so hard for.

With that uncanny instinct of his WooHyun looked up and met SungGyu’s gaze in the mirror. SungGyu quickly looked away, knowing if he met the other man’s gaze his anger, frustration and disappointment would show. SungGyu wished he had gotten in the other vehicle that carried MyungSoo, SungYeol, and SungJong…he had a strong desire to be very far from the man who had proved to be so different from the friend he had imagined him to be.

It was late afternoon and it had just rained. Water splattered as they drove through the wet streets. SungGyu watched the passing scenery trying to figure out what he should do. Surely there was something he could do. During the entire time WooHyun had been angry at him…he had ignored it. He had been cowardly, never confronting the man. What had he been so afraid of? Did he fear this day somewhere deep in his subconscious? Did he think ignoring it could make it go away? He had not reacted to WooHyun’s anger and now this day was the reward for his inaction. SungGyu gritted his teeth together, knowing that the days of inaction had passed and if he had any hopes of salvaging Infinite it was time to act.

As they approached the Han River he ordered, “Pull over.”

“What?” a startled Manager Hyoan asked.

“I need to talk to WooHyun.”

“Can’t you talk to him now?”

“No, I can not…I need to talk to him alone. Drop us off at the river and drive off. I will call you when we are done talking and you can come pick us up.”


“Shut up!” SungGyu hissed, interrupting WooHyun. “Please, just drop us off; if you need to get the boss’s permission do it after you drop us off. I have to talk to him and I have to talk to him now.”

“It isn’t safe,” the manager protested.

“It’s safe, just please do it,” SungGyu pleaded. “It’s important…very important.”

Hyoan glanced quickly at SungGyu and something in the younger man’s demeanor had him pulling off the main road. Hyoan followed SungGyu’s instructions and drove them down a rocky side road toward the river. “I swear if anybody shows up…you better call immediately.”

“I will.”

“Do you want to talk to us, too?” Hoya, who was now wide awake, asked.

“No,” SungGyu answered. “Only WooHyun and I need to talk.”

Hyoan stopped the vehicle at the river’s edge, and SungGyu immediately opened the door and got out. He wasn’t going to allow himself time to think, time to chicken out. He was weak when it came to WooHyun and easily manipulated. He let him get away with things he’d never allow anyone else to get away with. He was going to confront the other man and he wasn’t going to hold anything back. It was time to be honest, completely honest, even if it was brutal.

SungGyu watched as WooHyun got out of the vehicle. They both stared at each other in silence as the SUV drove away.

WooHyun broke the silence. “He told you.”

“I know a lot of things,” SungGyu stated, letting his bitterness show. “I know you think I’m some clueless idiot, but I’m not. I do know some things.”

The younger main winced as if he had been hit. “I don’t think you’re clueless.”

“Don’t lie to me, not now.”

“He told you I was leaving…I begged him not to.”

A painful ache filled SungGyu and his chest felt heavy. Didn’t he and WooHyun share the same dream? SungGyu could never imagine giving his up. “How can you just give up your dream?”

“So you don’t have to give up yours; so DongWoo doesn’t have to give up his; so MyungSoo doesn’t have to give up his; so none of you have to give up your dreams.”

“What are you saying?” SungGyu asked. “I don’t understand…why would you being in the group cost us our dreams?”

WooHyun turned his back on him, walked to the water’s edge, and gazed out over the river. “I just…if I stay…it will be like before, but much worse. I can’t do that anymore.”

“You are leaving Infinite because you are afraid you will start acting like an asshole again?”

“I know I will,” WooHyun replied, still facing the river.

“Then just don’t.”

“I won’t be able to stop myself,” WooHyun told him as he reached down and picked up a small stone. WooHyun then threw it out over the river, skipping it across the top of the water.

SungGyu sneered and resisted the urge to push the other man in the river along with the stone he had just thrown. “Then don’t. Just don’t act like an asshole. You are a grown man! You are the one controlling how you act!”

“You don’t understand,” WooHyun told him. “You just don’t understand. I have tried for a long time…you don’t know how I have tried.”

“What causes you to act that way?” SungGyu asked, giving the other man a chance to be honest with him. He watched as WooHyun stiffened, still facing away from him.

“I just…I don’t know why…it’s just how I am.”


WooHyun tensed more. “I am jealous…I get jealous when other members get opportunities and I don’t…especially when that member is you. Someone like me…can’t be in a cohesive group…I am too selfish.”

“Liar; you are such a liar.”

“I just can’t be in the group anymore,” WooHyun insisted again, his voice rising as he refused to be truthful.

SungGyu’d had all he could take. He stormed over to WooHyun and jerked him around until they were facing each other. “Liar, just admit it! You are in love with me!”

The look of utter shock on WooHyun’s face was a special reward for SungGyu, but one he could only savor for an instant. “Do you think you are the first person that has ever suffered from unrequited love?”

WooHyun’s jaw dropped.

“You’re not! You are not the first and you won’t be the last. Get over yourself already!”

“You knew…you knew…,” WooHyun stuttered, humiliation showing on his face. “How long have you known?”

SungGyu wanted to lie. He wanted to say for years, but the look of hurt and humiliation on the face of the man who was still his dearest friend, stopped him. “Not long…a couple days. My memory returned.”

WooHyun went down on his knees as if the burden of his secret being discovered was too much for him to carry. “This…this can’t be.”

“But it is.”

“The day of your doctor’s appointment…I knew something was wrong with you…something was wrong…you seemed so off…I just…you weren’t—”

“I wasn’t an open book…I wasn’t being completely obvious; I wasn’t a password you could easily decipher in seconds,” SungGyu spat. “I realize you must consider me the stupidest person that ever lived.”

WooHyun grabbed on to SungGyu’s legs and clutched them tightly. “No, no don’t think like that. You aren’t stupid…you are wonderful…the most wonderful person in the whole world.”

“I’m not!”

“Yes, you are.”


“To me you are.”

“You are insane,” SungGyu declared. “You have handled me so easily all these years…pretending to be my friend. How many times did you laugh behind my back?”

WooHyun shot up to his feet. “Never!”

“Yeah, right!”

“I didn’t! I just…watched you, I paid attention to you. I had easy access to you. I didn’t mean to handle you; I just wanted to protect you. I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me…I wanted to remain your friend.”

The older man shook his head exasperated. “I would have rather known the truth! Don’t you understand? I would not have hated you.”

“It would have been different; our friendship would have been different. It would have been strange for you.”

SungGyu reached out and grabbed the other man by the arms. “No, it would not have been…or it would not have been that much different. I can still be your friend.”

WooHyun, who looked as if he was going to start crying at any moment, shook his head. “Look how angry you are…it’s already different.”

“I am angry because you lied to me for years! I am angry because you acted like an ass for months, instead of telling me the truth. You don’t have to leave.”

“I can’t stay. I know you won’t hold it against me for long, but I just can’t stay,” WooHyun tried to explain. SungGyu could feel the other man trembling underneath his grip. “I just can’t keep doing this,” WooHyun cried.

“Why not?” SungGyu demanded, hating the feeling of loss that was already overwhelming him. The horrible feeling that he wouldn’t be able to change WooHyun’s mind was growing.

“I thought I could. I really did. I thought I could be a person that could love you from afar. I thought I could watch you with other people and not want to kill them, kill myself, but I am not that person. There is passion in me that’s been smoldering for years and it’s driving me crazy.”

SungGyu let go of him, not knowing what to say. How was one supposed to react when someone confided such a thing to them? He tried not to sneer when he repeated, “Smoldering for years.”

“Yes,” WooHyun exclaimed. “I am so jealous…all the time. When jealously turns to anger it is the ugliest and most awful anger of all. That day before you went to the hospital…I didn’t know if I was going to kiss you or knock you through the wall—that is how unpredictable my feelings are.”

SungGyu looked down at the rocks that covered the water’s edge. “You can…get a grip on them.”

“No, I can’t…I have tried.”

“This is insane!”

“I am insane!”

“No, you’re not. Maybe you just…maybe you need a boyfriend,” SungGyu helplessly suggested.

“Why, that is a great idea,” WooHyun replied with scathing sarcasm, holding his arms out. “Why didn’t I ever think of that…oh, wait I did.”

SungGyu kept his eyes on the rocky ground. “I am not one to be self-denigrating, but come on…you can do a lot better.”

WooHyun reached out and touched SungGyu’s chin, tilting it up until they were eye to eye. “No one else even comes close.”

SungGyu took a step back unable to bear the weight of the other man’s sincerity. “WooHyun, I’m not gay.”

“I know,” WooHyun told him sadly. “That is why I can’t stay.”

“You could.”

“I can’t.”

SungGyu stomped his feet, resisting the urge to kick some sense into the other man. “That’s bullshit.”

“It isn’t.”

“It is!”

“Don’t get upset,” WooHyun soothed. “I am not leaving today. I wanted to make everything right with the members—with you, before I left. I don’t want them to blame you.”

“Even though it’s my fault.”

“It’s not your fault. You can’t help being straight anymore than I can help how I am.”

“I don’t buy that.”

“Excuse me? Can you be gay?” WooHyun asked knowingly.

“No,” SungGyu answered, but quickly went on to explain. “Life sucks and you don’t always get what you want. Just don’t leave the group—you will regret it if you do.”

“I already regret it,” WooHyun told him. “But if I stayed and made you all hate me…if I hurt Infinite, I would regret it more.”

“Have you lost your mind?” SungGyu demanded. “Your leaving Infinite will hurt the group!”

WooHyun reached out and took SungGyu’s hand. He suddenly felt brave now that his secret was out. “I am going to tell the fans I’m going to focus on school.”

“Nobody ever buys that excuse,” the older man spat. “Do you think our fans are stupid?”

“No, I think they are wonderful, but I will keep in contact with you guys; I will make it very clear that I still love the group,” WooHyun explained. “I would never hurt Infinite.”

“Don’t leave,” SungGyu begged, hating the desperation he heard in his own voice.

WooHyun smiled at him. “You really are amazing. Nobody knows that more than I do. Any other straight guy, well except maybe for DongWoo, would be so angry with me right now.”

“Don’t try to flatter me in order to distract me! I know your tricks now.”

“It isn’t a trick,” WooHyun insisted. “I love your ego; it never ceases to amaze me. I love everything about you, even the vain, childish things. I just love everything.”

SungGyu groaned, not wanting to hear any of it. He just wanted to wake up from the nightmare he was currently living. How could WooHyun be there sprouting off his undying love to him?

“Holding your hand, I love it so much,” WooHyun told him, tightening his grip. “I wish I could hold it more.”

“You hold my hand all the time,” SungGyu reminded him, suddenly very conscious of the hand holding his, but resisting the urge to pull away.

“No, you hold mine usually.”

SungGyu frowned. “That’s a lie. You are touchy with everybody.”

“I am with the others, but not with you. You usually initiate it with us,” WooHyun pointed out. “I am not complaining.”

“I don’t believe you,” SungGyu responded with a scowl, not believing he initiated the skinship. “You are trying to manipulate me. I am not going to let you distract me from the fact that you are leaving the group.”

“I wasn’t doing that.”

“Yes, you were,” SungGyu insisted. “You can’t leave Infinite…you can’t.”

“I can and I am.”

He looked at the younger man and could see the conviction in his eyes. He wanted to curse WooHyun and his stubborn ways, but fought against it. “What would I have to do to get you to stay?” SungGyu asked, not really expecting an answer, but knowing it was a question he had to ask.

WooHyun’s eyes lit up when he answered, “One night.”

“What?” SungGyu asked in disbelief, surely he had heard wrong…misunderstood. He knew WooHyun couldn’t be implying—no, he had to mean something else.

“Give me one night,” WooHyun repeated firmly.

A stunned SungGyu implored, “One night of what?”

The younger man met his gaze and firmly stated, “Sex.”

SungGyu jerked his hand away quickly and took a step backwards. “Are you mad? Have you completely lost your mind?”

“You asked what you could do and I’m telling you.”

“You…you have…you have lost your mind,” SungGyu sputtered. “No! Hell no!”

“That is your answer and I accept it. Don’t get angry with me. You asked me what you could do and I told you,” WooHyun told SungGyu, fighting to remain calm in the face of the other man’s obvious disgust.

“Easy for you to say!” SungGyu shouted, spit flying from his mouth.

“I know it is disgusting to you, but—just forget I said anything.”

“I am not disgusted…” SungGyu paused, realizing he was lying because the thought did disgust him. “Okay, I am disgusted. You expect too much of me!”

“I don’t expect anything of you.”

“Then why did you say…say…”

“Because you asked what you could do; I never dreamed you would do it,” WooHyun explained.

SungGyu shook his head in dismay. “So—not that I am agreeing to it, because I am not; never ever, ever agreeing to it…but you are telling me if I have sex with you…you’d stay in the group.”

“No, that is not what I am saying.”


“I said one night. One night where you are mine to do with as I please. Just one round of sex is not going to be enough to satisfy me. I have years of sexual frustration pent up inside of me…I have wanted you for too long. I need one night to do with you as I please, but I wouldn’t hurt you. I’d be gentle. Then afterwards it would be as if it never happened, I’d never mention it again. I would continue on with Infinite,” WooHyun explained.

“You are nuts,” a stunned SungGyu declared, after covering his ears; wishing he could remove the memory of ever hearing such words.

“Maybe, but I know if I got one night with you…just one night, then I’d be satisfied.”

SungGyu turned and walked away, knowing his anger was reaching an all time high. How could WooHyun ever suggest such a depraved, sickening thing…it was insane! When he was a safe distance away from WooHyun he turned and faced the other man again. “You are crazy, we will be better off without you! Not only did you hide you were in love with me, you also hid the fact that you are a perverted psycho!”

“Don’t be cruel.”

“Hey, you are the one wanting to…have sex with me!”

“I won’t deny that; I love you and I want you.”

“I am not some highly coveted virgin princess here!”

“I don’t want some virgin princess! I want you.”

“Well, you can’t have me!”

WooHyun let out a bitter cry. “Do you think I don’t know that? I know! You asked me what you could do, I told you… Stop acting like I am demanding it of you! I can’t make you do anything!”

“Then why did you tell me?”

“I have toyed with the idea of leaving Infinite for months now…of course I would play around with scenarios in my head that would make staying bearable. It was just an idea…a dream…a way for me to stay.”

SungGyu pointed his finger at WooHyun and warned, “This is never going to be my fault. You don’t get to look back in a year from now…in ten years from now and think, ‘Oh, if he had just taken me up on my offer I could have lived my dream.’ You don’t get to do that…you can’t blame me!”

“I won’t,” WooHyun promised. “I won’t.”

“You make me so mad,” SungGyu cried, kicking at two large rocks that were at his feet. “If I could pick up these rocks and throw them at you I would!”

“Don’t, you are not supposed to lift anything heavy,” WooHyun reminded him.

“I know that!”

“I wish you didn’t know how much I love you…I wish I had never said anything to you.”

SungGyu rubbed his face. “I wish you hadn’t either…God, I wish the memory would have stayed hidden. I wish I could have convinced myself it was a hallucination.”

“I’m sorry.”

He let his hands drop. “Are you sorry that you are crazy?”

“Don’t,” WooHyun begged. “I’m not crazy…I am just a romantic fool. Don’t hate me. I don’t want my last days in the group to be like this.”

“They don’t have to be your last!” SungGyu screamed. “Don’t you see that?”

WooHyun shook his head. “Someday, you will fall in love. You will love this person so much… Love will make you do things…things you can’t even imagine doing now. You won’t be able to stop thinking about them…and when that day comes you will understand me better.”

“Like hell I will,” SungGyu scoffed. “I will never love anybody so much that I’d give up my dream or even risk it for them. I have self-control.”

“And I don’t? I have loved you since I was eighteen years old! Eighteen! I have shared a bedroom with you for years! I have been your best friend for years! If I hadn’t told you…you would still be oblivious! I am tired of having self-control! I am tired of living every moment of my life on guard! Always plotting ways to hide my secret! Don’t you see I am tired of lying? I can’t keep doing it.”

SungGyu winced, realizing the truth of the other man’s words. “I know I was clueless…but you don’t have to live on guard anymore…I know and I won’t hold it against you. I promise to ignore it.”

WooHyun’s mood instantly darkened and he barked, “I don’t want that from you! When you ignore me it drives me insane! Even when I was pulling away from you…I could not stand for you to ignore me. I would rather you hate me than for you to ignore me!”

The older man thought back on the months when WooHyun had given every appearance of hating him, and he grasped the truth of the other man’s words—and he also comprehended for the first time that he had always known this on some level. “I think I knew this…I think I have always known this…I just didn’t understand why.”

“I can’t go on living like this anymore,” WooHyun explained. “I hate being this person. When I thought you were going to die, the fear cancelled out everything else, but you are becoming stronger everyday…and I know I will start lashing out again.”

“You said you couldn’t stand it if I ignored you…well, once you leave Infinite I will totally ignore you. I will never talk to you again,” SungGyu threatened.

WooHyun sighed. “I can’t stay.”

“I hate you!”

“No, you don’t,” the younger man told him. “I hate myself, but you don’t hate me.”

“I should!”

“Maybe you should—but you don’t.”

SungGyu heaved a sigh and asked, “When is your…the boss said we will perform at Mr. Lee’s daughter’s wedding and then you will be gone.”

“I don’t want the others to know until then,” WooHyun explained. “We get a short break after the wedding…and I want time to make them understand.”

“Are you going to lie to them? Tell them you have suddenly given up on your dream because you want to study?” SungGyu asked bitterly. “None of them will believe you.”

“I am not sure what I will say.”

“They won’t believe anything but the truth.”

“I think they deserve the truth, but I won’t tell them the truth if you don’t want me to.”

SungGyu looked away from him. “Don’t sound like a martyr, because it isn’t working with me.”

“I know.”

“I wish I could hate you.”

“I know.”

SungGyu pulled out his phone from his pocket and called the manager. “Come get us.”

WooHyun took a step closer in an attempt to comfort the other man. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I really do love you.”

“You are right; I don’t want to hear it.”

“I know, but I do love you…and I have for a long time. I know you feel like my love is a burden, and that makes me sad.”

“I gave up my dream once…and found a new dream with you and the members, and now you are putting it at risk—because of your love for me. So forgive me if I am not flattered.”

“I hope that—”

“Just shut up!” SungGyu yelled, interrupting the other man. “I don’t hate you now, but I fear someday I will. So just shut up before that day comes faster than either one of us want it to.”
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Lord this chapter really had me going through it. I guess we finally see what the omnious deal that will save Infinite is. Of course Woohyun wants one night but that will never be enough lol. Oh my Sunggyu's meeting with the boss was too funny, and so true, cause sometimes Infinite get too comfortable with each other, and Sunggyu especially puts his foot in the mouth too much sometimes. I always worry that someone in Infinite esp. Sunggyu an Hoya might say something in an interview that will cause netizens to be angry, like Sunggyu's comment on the The genius show.

Woohyun and Sunggyu's conversation was so good I read through this chapter so quick, everything is just so sad. Everyone has been predicting Woohyun was leaving and now its so sad, when everything is in the open, how much it must hurt to be in love with someone for so long. Sunggyu has a right to be upset but he seems like he can't grasp how Woohyun can love him so unconditionally .

Can't wait for the next chapter . Take care.

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Yep, this is the ominous deal.

Thank you so much for mentioning the meeting with the CEO. I hoped I showed how insulted Gyu was. Girl, you and I share that fear. Infinite have no filter they did not go through the idol school of what not to say. lol I know Gyu was just trying to get a rise at of her on Genius---but God did it backfire.

SungGyu can't grasp it. He can not imagine being SO in love with somebody. He thinks WooHyun is nuts.

Thanks so much for commenting!
thanks for the update.. I feel for the both of them.. instead of making it worse on SungGyu he is willing to go because he will once again make it worse for everyone in the group.. how was SungGyu suppose to say yes to a one night of sex with him... need another update as soon as possible...
this chap is breathtaking. it hurts to see Woohyun will leave everything because he couldnt manage his feeling :( just hope that the other members wont push him sooo hard.
I love this chapter! WooGyu confrontation! They are so complicated! I don't know to whom I sympathize more. To Woohyun who is leaving the group because he couldn't handle his burning emotions for Gyu anymore or to Sunggyu who claims to be straight but does not want his best friend to leave the group, to leave him.

So is that the deal? Woohyun asking for a night, in return he will stay with Infinite? God I wish they sort this out soon! WooGyu makes me angry sometimes lol

Thanks for the update!

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That is the deal. One night of sex and WooHyun won't leave Infinite. Gyu isn't a big fan of this deal. He's like bye, "Don't let the door hit you on your way out."

Okay, he isn't exactly like that...but he isn't far from it.

Thanks so much for commenting!!!
/ugly sobbing. Noooo Woohyunnie don't leave!! T_T
Wow this chapter was amazing, I didn't know who to side with but I almost went with wishing Sunggyu had said yes to the 'one night' But that's just cause of my woogyu fangirl mind =_=
Both of them are breaking my heart...

Thanks for the update!
Ugly sobbing is my favorite kind!!!!

I love it when readers can't pick a side...when they can see both sides, so cool!

thanks for commenting!
well the truth is out and woohyunnie is always right - i can understand his reasoning to leave and for sunggyu's stubbornness to make him stay. but this is a major sacrifice for each of them to decide. idk who will i support coz basically none of them is at fault. i just wish that there'll be a way out of this others than leaving the group or jumping on a passionate gay one-night stand (if ever such terms exist). gahhhhhh~ this frustrates me!!!!
Can't wait for the next update. Holding on to the edge of my sit. Thank you also for this update.
Okay see, I cried then laughed, then cried again and my mom actually thinks I'm crazy right now. (and she actually smacked my head because of this :x)

Okay I feel bad for the both of them. They both have strong points in their respective arguments. Sunggyu just can't accept that Woohyun is giving up his dream for love, and Woohyun is just tired of pretending/lying to himself. But I think Sunggyu's selfish side shows more here, and I get it because it's his nature (I guess, my english is failing me right now) and I think it's explained more by this line:

“Someday, you will fall in love. You will love this person so much… Love will make you do things…things you can’t even imagine doing now. You won’t be able to stop thinking about them…and when that day comes you will understand me better.”

Sunggyu can't grasp Woohyun's state of mind yet because he doesn't....he hasn't fallen in love yet. He doesn't allow himself to fall in love because he doesn't want to deal with emotions. He just /can't/ deal with them. I can't blame Woohyun for his do-or-die attitude either because his emotional baggage is just too much of a burden for him, and I feel that if he stays, every wall that he has built to protect himself will come crashing down. ;_;

Love is so difficult. Ugh. ;~~; Thank you so much for this update ♥
Awe, your mommy smacked you. I am sorry.:(

Oh, it is okay to call SungGyu selfish. He's a lot of things in this story.

Gyu hasn't fallen in love and he has no desire to ever fall in love. He has dreams and goals and they are what is important to him. He can't understand how WooHyun can sacrifice his dreams over a silly one-sided love.

Thanks so much for commenting!

sorry to just comment now. Just got time to read and I missed three chapters. =='
Angry sunggyu is so cute, wanting to throw the rocks and threatens to ignore WooHyun. lol

The pairing in this story makes me as angry as sunggyu is right now. no woogyu. First time ever there's no otp in the pairing. What does that mean? It doesn't seem like it means something good. it's okay. don't tell. I will just keep waiting and reading your story. See how it goes.

Idk if SungGyu loves woohyun more than a friend but as a friend his love for WooHyun is so immense and it shows in his every action. no girl gets to control SungGyu like woohyun does.

poor woohyun, sunggyu is disgusted by the thought of them having sex but he handles it quite well. logically if our friend of the same gender wants to have sex with us, well we will act like sunggyu.

however, leader needs his spoon, needle and string.

I love how the story goes so far. Thanks for the update!
I see you have made some of your readers a woogyu fans! woah! good luck in spreading the woogyu love!
Wow, you can surprise me every time. I really didnt see that coming. I was prepared for some bullshitting from Woohyun for th rest of the fic or at least several chapters.
Its funny every time i see an update im excited like a little kid in the candy store.
I know this is a stupid question but the Woohyun here and in bed of roses are so different , is it just the story or did your impression of him change for real too, or it has nothing to do with rl?
I love surprising you!

My impression did kinda change....or should I say evolve? lol WooHyun was kinda a brat in BOR, also. He was totally gay but in denial. I think he is more mature here.........sneaky though. Gosh, he is sneaky. Not mature...but more mature. lol

Thanks so much for commenting!
WooHyun needs to stop lying to himself, there is no way one night will ever be enough or a solution to saving Infinite. SungGyu on the other hand needs to really take a deeper look at his feelings and the reason for his fears. Something tells me that it has nothing to do with Infinite becoming a six member group. I loved this chapter and can´t wait to find out where this little confession is going to take us next.
You are back!

You might be right about SungGyu needing to take a deeper look into his attachment to WooHyun. WooHyun just wants SungGyu so badly, he has convinced himself of the impossible.

Thanks so much for commenting!

That's it, it's official, Woohyun is really insane. He offered this one night deal with Sunggyu fully knowing Sunggyu will refuse. I maybe wrong, but that's his exit strategy because to Woohyun there's no way in hell that Sunggyu will agree to it. But what if he does take up on the offer? And no matter how good one conditions his mind that nothing will change... Sex does change things. Most especially in Woohyun and Sunggyu's case where they are emotionally entangled. It's not Etch A Sketch. There will be major repercussions. Whether they are good or bad, I don't know but if there is one thing I am most certainly sure of, I am very excited everytime you update.

This is sooo good! Thank you!!! :)
SungGyu would agree that WooHyun is nuts.

I am very glad you are excited when I update! There is a lot of promises going around that seem a lot crazy. Sex does change things--and especially in this situation. Poor crazy, WooHyun.

Thanks for commenting!
this is so long. . .
Crap. I am literally a turmoil of emotions over this right now. Its impossible for either one to understand where the other is coming from, its impossible to understand another person completely ever, to grasp why they are the way they are, and this conversation between them points that out so clearly: that no two people will ever see completely eye to eye. No matter how many shared dreams and loves and experiences they have, no matter how close they are, they're always going to be two very different people. Argh, you have displayed this so well here, and it hurts to realize this but at the same time its what makes us human.

The fact that Sunggyu will never understand why Woohyun is so fed up with the lying, with the constantly BEING ON GUARD, it brought me to tears. The pain of faking so much, constantly denying letting your feelings be known, constantly keeping yourself in check from giving away too much, its like denying WHO YOU ARE. Woohyun probably feels so lost, because despite having a best friend in Sunggyu, despite having the good friends around him, despite having the love of the fans, he doesn't feel like anyone is really seeing HIM. Key is probably the only one to come closest, but even then, Woohyun holds back some things he's thinking with Key.

Sunggyu himself, I'm worried he will let the guilt get to him. I feel like Woohyun leaving will be hurtful for Woohyun yes, but he might actually feel some freedom for once. While Sunggyu, it will be the opposite, without Woohyun around, he will not have that support of a friend to be himself, because really, who likes him for all that he is? His parents are obviously not the support, he doesn't have a steady girlfriend, he feels like he has to be a leader among the other members. The friendship is so important to him relieving stress and just being himself, he's so desperate not to have that lost to him, that the idea of having that one night with Woohyun is weighing on him. I don't know about him going through with it but. . . the fact that he can't immediately seem to get it out of his mind, that must be so draining on him, to know there might be a way of keeping his friend by his side. But at what cost to their friendship?

Thank you for sharing this story with us. I love all your fics, you honestly introduced me to DBSK, and I'm so glad for it, but even more than the kpop fandom, your writing in itself I just enjoy so effortlessly. Thanks again for sharing.
Re: this is so long. . .
Thank you so much for this beautiful comment.:) It's so nice.

Really there isn't anything I can say because you made such wonderful points. Everything is true. They love each other so much(maybe in totally different ways) and they need each other but all the words and explanations in the world won't let them completely feel what the other is feeling. It's sadly depressing.

I am very touched that you love all my fics. It's not very often that I hear that I introduced someone to DBSK, but I like it.:) I love and put such a high value on my readers, who read all my stories. The ones who put bias aside and read anything I write. I am not like them. I have my favorite writers in different fandoms but I have never been able to read all their stories---you guys are just amazing.

Thank you so much!

I knew it was coming. I knew it and it went just like I expected...

I cannot even imagine Infinite without Woohyun, but I think I can understand why he decided that way. But it gets me a bit angry anyway. In the previous chapter I thought Sunggyu was being an asshole to get angry at Woohyun, but at the moment I think he has all the rights to be angry. He never experienced that kind of destructive love (neither have I) so he cannot understand Woohyun decision. To me it seems more like Woohyun is trying to run away...
And make them sing Beautiful at the wedding...isn't it a bit cruel? That's the song Woohyun wrote!

You're making us suffer, but I just cannot not love your fan fictions...so I think I should thank you (I guess)!^^

It went like you expected?

When I turn everybody into fish and make them live in a fishbowl in my bedroom it's your fault because I hate being predictable. lol

The bride is not cruel for requesting it(she has no idea he is leaving).......I am totally cruel for choosing it though. lol I love me some sappy moments.

You don't have to thank me, but thank you for commenting!

Can Sunggyu and I kick Woohyun just a little... I know is sad and character and plot development but... just a little kick on the chin... well I want to kick them both Or punch them to the river... or lock them in a closet.

And really does woohyun think that a night with sunggyu is going to help him... can key know this and tell him that he is the dumbest person in the world. Even thou I know he is going to ignore Key, cause lets face it Woohyun hears things but he's so greasy that they slide away of his brain ( I don't know if a make sense with that comparation but... yeah)

By the way I loved the chapter.
Thanks for the update =)
SungGyu would love to kick him, love to!

Oh, I assure you Key will give him hell. Key will get his chance very soon.

I am glad you loved it! Thank you for commenting!
you made me cry so much T_T the moment sunggyu knew woohyun was leaving the group, my tears wouldn't stop.

and though this chapter have made me really really really sad. i love the fact that woohyun got to explain everything to sunggyu.

so then... i think the question is... how does it progress from. i can't wait to find out!

i was so surprised that you updated this soon! i mean i am very thankful you did :)) but it's just that you replied to my comment that maybe the update won't be soon. well, you said "maybe". it's just a habit of mine to check your LJ when i get online. and boom :)) i get the shock of my life for the week :)) a happy surprise!

thank you so much. i can't wait for the next chapters!!!
Crying is good! Emotion is good! It means you are connected to the story! It means my evil angsty ways are working! Woo Hoo!

For some crazy reason I am stuck on updating on Saturdays! I hope I change this soon! lol

Thanks for commenting~!
i wish i can say my heart break for woohyun but i can't.

sunggyu breaks just as the same. and it's kinda funny that it is actually woohyun's sunggyu worried so damn much.

woohyun dreams.

sunggyu keeps repeating that and when it seem not working he used infinite card.

these two *sigh*

and oh! i love your current music
Re: ............................................
Oh, SungGyu could never imagine giving up his dreams, so it horrified him that WooHyun would give up his.

Oh, he used the Infinite card for sure.......sadly it was rejected.

I am glad you like my music.:) It's such a beautiful song.

Thanks for commenting!
I really love your writing style. I['m a real suck up for a good piece of plot. You have just earned yourself one loyal fan because I was constantly hooked on throughout the entire 7 chapters. Normally, when I read normal fanfics with bad plots, I would just skim through them. Fics rarely get my attention because most of them are not really well thought of plots, they are just mainly ideas which are thought of on the spot.

Although most of us read fics because they really want to see their idol have some sort of secret hidden intimacy that cannot be shown on TV. Your story really showcases how the fan service on stage is not necessarily what is going on behind closed doors.(HOWEVER I STILL BELIEVE WOOGYU IS REAL). Things like Sunggyu being angry at Woohyun and refusing to wake him up and them spiting each other are things which are realistic and is bound to happen in real life. Personally, I feel that reading this fanfic is something like us being cameras installed in Infinite's behind the scenes. It's realistic and doesn't make me facepalm saying ' HOW CAN THIS EVEN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.' .

I read a comment saying that 'Its impossible for either one to understand where the other is coming from, its impossible to understand another person completely ever, to grasp why they are the way they are' and I totally agree with that. In real life, we all have that one best friend where we would always hang out and we feel that there is nothing between the both of you. However, if you think carefully about it, it is impossible for you two to completely understand each other because there are bound to be certain things where the both of you just can't agree on. This is what makes you two BFFs because you complement well with each other. You're not really BFFs because you two are like complete copies of one another. This situation can be applied to the story when you see gyu and hyun having different opinions of what love can do to you. (well partly because gyu hasn't really experienced the type of love that makes him wanna go to the depths of the sea for.. but you get my idea..)

ANYWAYS. Overall.. It's a really well-written piece of work. I've made like a song based on the feelings I had while reading this. I can't wait to read the completed piece of work because I know that woohyun is going to be super lucky that gyu is not actually straight.. but his sexual orientation is ' woohyun ' . Cheers :)