Sweet Deception, Chapter Nine

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Nine
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Author's Note: Warning this is angst.

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

“What are you doing?”

WooHyun looked up from his packing to find that the maknae had entered his bedroom. “What does it look like?”

SungJong sat down on the other man’s bed and answered, “It looks like you are packing up your stuff.”

“I am.”

“You are not packing for our three days off,” SungJong stated while eying the boxes suspiciously. The boys had been told they would get three days off after the wedding to do with as they pleased.

“No,” WooHyun answered. “I’m taking some stuff over to my brother’s. This little room gets crowded.”

“Oh,” SungJong replied, nodding his head in understanding.

“Did you have something you wanted to talk to me about?” WooHyun asked as he continued to pack stuff away in boxes. The thoughtful maknae very rarely did anything without a reason.

“I just wanted to tell you I think the acoustic version of Beautiful is really nice.”

WooHyun looked away from his packing to gaze up at the attractive young man. “Thanks, it came out really nice. I know we had to practice a lot, but it was worth it.”

“It was. We should do more songs like it.”

“I agree. I am really glad she requested an acoustic version for the wedding.”

“Me too.”

WooHyun returned to his packing. “If we sound half as nice as we did in practice today, then we will not disappoint tomorrow.”

“We rarely do.”

“You sound cocky like Hoya.”

“It’s not being cocky, if it’s true,” SungJong replied. “When the seven of us are together we rarely disappoint.”

The older man stiffened. “Just the seven of us?”

SungJong frowned. “Of course, the seven of us.”

“Hoya, DongWoo, and SungGyu might disagree with you,” WooHyun pointed out. “MyungSoo does pretty great on his own, too. We are all pretty amazing in our own right.”

“No, we are only amazing as seven,” SungJong insisted.

WooHyun turned around until he was facing SungJong. “So you think we suck as individuals?”

SungJong shook his head. “We are good in our own right, but as seven there is something great about us.”

“You are starting to sound as sappy as me.”

“It’s the truth,” SungJong insisted. “There are some people that should be together…they are just better as a group.”

“Like TVXQ and JYJ?” WooHyun offered.

SungJong quickly agreed, “Exactly; they are great as two separate groups, but there was just something extraordinary about them when they were five.”

“Why are we talking about this?” WooHyun asked, suddenly feeling very unsettled by the conversation. Of the other six members, SungJong was the hardest to figure out. The maknae was a complicated kid and WooHyun did not underestimate his powers of observation.

SungJong let out a laugh. “I don’t even remember.”

“So are you still mooning over Brandy?” WooHyun quickly asked, wanting to change the subject.

“I wasn’t mooning,” SungJong insisted. “I was…”

“…crushing,” WooHyun suggested.

“I think so,” SungJong admitted. “I might still be a little…a little bit.”

WooHyun turned back around to continue packing. “SungGyu won’t like it.”

SungJong shrugged. “He just likes to gripe. If he wasn’t grumbling about me liking Brandy it would be something else.”


“It’s good to see you and SungGyu back as friends.”

“Yeah, it’s been great,” WooHyun agreed. SungGyu had been true to his word and he had fallen back into their friendship with ease. WooHyun was very careful to keep firm control of his romantic feelings, just like he had for most of their friendship.

SungJong flopped back until he was lying down on WooHyun’s bed and confessed, “I hate it when you two fight. It’s worse than when my parents fight.”

WooHyun got up from the floor and sat down on the bed, studying the maknae. “You know DongWoo and SungGyu are the designated parents of the group. I’m not your Infinite momma, DongWoo is. I’d make a horrible mother.”

SungJong let out a laugh. “DongWoo is not the momma.”

“So you think SungGyu is the momma?”

“Yeah, he nags just like my mom,” SungJong said with a chuckle. “Leader is the mom and DongWoo is the playful dad—who can be totally wise when the need arises.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense,” WooHyun agreed, leaning back on his elbows. “You are a lot smarter than you look.”

“Don’t let this pretty face fool you.”

“You know us…the members are strong in our own right; group or no group.”

“Why do you want to discredit the power of the group of us so much,” SungJong asked, sitting up.

“I don’t.”

“It’s what you are doing.”

WooHyun avoided the clever eyes of the younger man. “I don’t want you to feel like you aren’t worth anything in your own right.”

“Me?” SungJong asked, startled.

“With SungYeol getting the drama…I don’t want you to feel insecure.”

SungJong let out a laugh. “I am not insecure.”

WooHyun held both of his hands up in defeat. “I told you I sucked at being a mom.”

“You sure do,” SungJong agreed, gently punching the other man on the shoulder.


“They will never grow up,” SungGyu’s favorite hair dresser told him as she worked miracles on his hair.

With a fondness that was tinged with melancholy he followed her gaze to DongWoo and WooHyun who were playing like children. He watched as they danced crazily together and then started playing patty-cake for some strange reason known only to them. They were like wonderful, playful children, and although he loved them both he could rarely be childlike with them. They had a special friendship that was pure and beautiful, but SungGyu knew it would soon change. For how long he could not determine, because he could not predict DongWoo’s reaction to WooHyun’s leaving.

DongWoo was the most loving person he had ever known, but deep down there was something hard about DongWoo. Of all the members, DongWoo’s anger was the fiercest. DongWoo punched Hoya for his arrogance, and SungGyu knew—even though he was never told—it was DongWoo who punched WooHyun. DongWoo was not one to hold grudges, but a member had never left Infinite until now.

SungGyu honestly didn’t know how DongWoo would handle WooHyun’s leaving. SungGyu had decided to be completely honest with his members, about everything. WooHyun had said the choice was his, and he had decided against dishonesty in this final parting. After the wedding was over and before their three day break started, SungGyu had decided to tell the members the real reason why WooHyun was leaving. If WooHyun was embarrassed then he would just have to deal with it. SungGyu would not have lies between him and the other members, not now.

“They are coming for you,” the hairdresser warned.

SungGyu smiled at the approaching members. “The black suits won, I see.”

DongWoo pouted. “I am convinced the stylist likes MyungSoo best.”

WooHyun wrapped an arm around DongWoo. “You do look fabulous in white.”

“MyungSoo will be pleased,” SungGyu told the two men, who were already dressed for the wedding.

“You like them too,” WooHyun reminded him. “I know the black suits are your favorites.”

“They are,” SungGyu concurred. “Ever since Hoya’s dad pointed out that they remind him of the Beatles, I can’t help but like them, too.”

WooHyun ran his hand down the skinny tie. “They aren’t bad.”

“I need to talk to you alone,” SungGyu told him suddenly. He realized he should probably prepare the other man for the complete truth telling that would be occurring after the wedding.

“I can’t come?” DongWoo asked, still pouting.

“No,” SungGyu answered.

DongWoo cast an uneasy gaze between them, asking, “You two aren’t fighting again?”

WooHyun shook his head. “No.”

A still curious DongWoo questioned, “Are you two doing something together during the break?”

“I wish,” WooHyun answered honestly. “But I will be busy with my brother at his restaurant.”

DongWoo turned his focus to SungGyu. “And you?”

SungGyu knows that after tonight he won’t feel like going on holiday or even taking a break. He can’t say that though, not yet. He wants to give DongWoo just a little more time before he breaks the awful news to him. “It’s a secret.’

DongWoo grinned. “You can tell me.”

“Maybe later,” SungGyu told him with a wink. He then took WooHyun by the hand and led him away.

WooHyun followed SungGyu without a word, trying his best to fight down the hope he felt surging up inside of him. SungGyu led them to an empty bathroom and WooHyun was unable to hide his hopeful smile.

SungGyu frowned after noticing WooHyun’s smile. “I am not taking you up on your offer.”

“I…I…I know,” WooHyun stuttered as his hope faded away.

SungGyu knew the other man was lying, but let the falsehood pass between them. “I can’t lie to the members.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tonight when we tell them you are leaving…I want them to know everything. I want them to know the whole truth about your leaving.”

WooHyun turned around to face the wall. He was shocked by the other man’s words. “Really.”

“Yes, I won’t play the bad guy in this. I want them to know about your feelings and about your offer—all of it.”

“The offer,” WooHyun gasped, turning back around. “That too?”

SungGyu nodded his head. “They have to know it all, so they will understand why I didn’t find a way to make you stay.”

“But…that was between you and me…it didn’t—doesn’t involve them.”

“You said they could know. You basically said you wanted them to know the truth.”

“I know…but I didn’t think you would actually tell them.”

“Should I be relieved that you don’t know me as well as you think you do?”

“No…I just feel like this is payback.”

“I am not doing this to punish you. I just—”

WooHyun interrupted him to ask, “Are you sure you are not? They won’t understand…they will think I’m strange.”

SungGyu wanted to yell that WooHyun was strange, but he resisted the impulse. “I don’t understand it either, honestly. I just know I don’t want to keep anything from my members. They must know everything and they will. You will be gone after today, and I need them to understand.”

“I just…” WooHyun paused to wipe his damp face. “I know I am leaving. I know that soon you guys will be promoting without me…I know this. I chose this, but I don’t want them to hate me.”

“You are putting all of Infinite at risk…what did you expect? Did you hope to escape out of this unscathed? Did you want to put the blame on me?”


“Then you own your decisions, WooHyun,” SungGyu said, chastising him. “I have begged you to find another way, but you won’t, so this is just one of the small prices…there will be more, so many more. This is just the start.”

“I know…but I can’t.”

“I will beg you one more time to please reconsider.”

“I can’t!”

SungGyu inhaled a deep breath and slowly exhaled it. “I am not going to fight with you…this might be the last time we ever sing together. I want to enjoy it. I want the members to enjoy it. I want you to enjoy it.”

WooHyun wiped his eyes, cursing his inability to keep from crying, but the reality of the situation was hitting him hard. “I just…I just wish…” he paused unable to say what he really wanted to say.

“You just wish I could love you, like you love me,” SungGyu finished for him.

“But you don’t have to love me like…like I love you. Just one night, you can be drunk or high—I don’t care. Just one night, and I will never bring it up again and I won’t leave the group,” WooHyun offered one last time.

“I can’t do that, and if you loved me half as much as you say you do, you wouldn’t ask me to.”

“I do love you! More than anything,” WooHyun vowed.

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. I swear on my life, on my parents’ lives,” WooHyun promised. “I love you so much it drives me crazy.”

“It is unfair of you…” SungGyu paused, trying to get his anger under control. “It’s unfair of you to make me such an offer and the members will know how unfair you have been.”

“I don’t mean to be unfair…I just love you.”

“This isn’t love…I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to know what it is. I have forgiven you for things I would never have tolerated from anybody else. So, I am sorry too…I am sorry the love I have for you isn’t enough.”

WooHyun wanted to take it all back. He wanted to see the relief on SungGyu’s face, when he realized he wasn’t leaving. He wanted to embrace the other man. He wanted to be the other man’s best and dearest friend forever, and it could all happen if he just…took it all back, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. So instead all he did was wipe the tears from his face and told the one he couldn’t stop being in love with…the one he couldn’t stop wanting, “I’m sorry, too.”


“How much money do they make off of us?”

MyungSoo shook his head disapprovingly at Hoya and responded, “Don’t sound so bitter, you are living your dream life.”

“Yeah,” Hoya agreed as he looked around the huge dining room inside of the mansion the wedding reception was taking place in. “I still wish I had digs like this.”

“Our dorm is the bomb,” DongWoo, who was sitting next to Hoya, told the lead dancer as he made kissy faces at him. “Where else would you get such an awesome roomie?”

“Our dorm is nice,” SungJong agreed. They were all sitting together at a lavishly decorated table, waiting to perform.

WooHyun, who was sitting across from SungJong, added, “I know it’s much nicer than my brother’s apartment. Some people are just ungrateful.”

“I am not ungrateful,” Hoya protested. “But someday it would be nice if all of us could live in a mansion like this.”

“All together?” DongWoo asked, liking the idea.

MyungSoo nodded his head. “I’d like that!”

SungYeol frowned. “What about privacy? I plan on having sex before I die.”

“You are not a virgin…” Hoya paused and looked at SungYeol doubtfully. “Are you?”

“No, but I don’t want to have sex with you all eavesdropping,” SungYeol told him.

“Like we would,” SungJong spat, looking disgusted. “That’s just gross.”

DongWoo let out a laugh. “We would only eavesdrop if we were really curious.”

SungJong looked at the rapper, shaking his head. “No, we wouldn’t.”

“I might,” DongWoo said with a grin and a wink.

“This house is big enough, we would be allowed plenty of privacy,” MyungSoo pointed out.

“Yeah,” Hoya agreed. “We could each have our own wing.”

“I vote in favor of us all living together in a mansion some day,” SungJong told them, and then took a sip of his champagne.

“Me too,” MyungSoo agreed, holding out his glass along with Hoya. WooHyun smiled at his members and did the same.

“Let’s all toast to the future Infinite Mansion,” DongWoo told them, holding out his glass.

SungYeol shook his head but held out his glass along with the others.

“Hyung, are you going to live with us?” MyungSoo asked the man sitting beside him, who seemed to be lost in his own world.

SungGyu snapped out of his daze to see the other six members holding up their glasses. “I thought I already lived with you?”

“We are going to buy an Infinite mansion someday and we are all going to live together,” SungJong explained.

SungGyu’s eyes went to WooHyun, who was acting carefree, like their last confrontation had never taken place. “All of us?”

“All of us,” Hoya repeated.

“Hey,” DongWoo said full of excitement as an idea occurred to him. “Not a mansion, but a palace! The Infinite Palace!”

The other members all nodded their heads in agreement.

MyungSoo nudged SungGyu with his shoulder. “So what do you say?”

The older man held up his glass and announced, “Only if I get to be king of the palace.”

A loud chorus of denials along with laughter immediately followed the leader’s announcement, but before SungGyu could respond to his members the manager tapped him on the shoulder, notifying him it was time for them to perform.

The members quickly got up from the table and headed for the stage that had been set up for them. The stage was covered in flowers, and at the front of the stage were seven white chairs, one for each of the members. Behind them sat the musicians, who would be playing their instruments while they sang.

SungGyu took his seat in the middle. He didn’t know why the bride had chosen an acoustic version of Beautiful, but he was grateful. He was disappointed with WooHyun, and he might always be, but he felt it was only right that his friend should end his time with Infinite by singing his own song.

The moment the song started, SungGyu felt his chest tighten and he found it hard to breathe. When WooHyun began to sing in his smooth, unfaltering voice SungGyu knew he was in trouble. The reality of their situation hit him like a ton of bricks. WooHyun would soon be gone; gone from their world, gone from his world.

The other members were singing, but their voices didn’t touch him…they had never really touched him. Secretly in his most selfish heart, he had only ever longed to hear his and WooHyun’s voices. He almost missed his part when he realized he might never sing with WooHyun again. He might never hear WooHyun sing again.

What was Infinite without WooHyun? WooHyun and he were the main vocals; SungGyu knew his voice turned some people off in the beginning, but WooHyun’s voice had won them over.

He wanted to stop singing and shout at WooHyun for being an idiot, but he also never wanted to stop singing. He wanted to sing with WooHyun forever and when his part ended he kept on singing. Because he couldn’t stop; this couldn’t be the end. Why would anyone give up their dream? Especially when their dream was to sing; nothing was more important than singing. He had once thought his dream was to be a rock star, but he quickly realized it was only to sing. SungGyu would do anything as long as he could sing.

The other five members stopped singing along after realizing SungGyu was singing all their parts, only WooHyun sang along with the leader and their harmony was beautiful. The members smiled, not offended but moved by the two friends that they hoped had finally found their way back to each other. The crowd at the reception smiled, appreciating the beautiful voices blending together so perfectly. The bride hugged her new husband, not expecting the special gift.

SungGyu sang with all his heart and soul, laying it bare for all to see and WooHyun matched him, like he always did. SungGyu knew this could not be their last song. He knew he would do anything as long as it wasn’t their last song.


After the performance was over WooHyun had been whisked away by SungGyu to a room in the mansion where the staff was storing dishes and glassware.

SungGyu shut the door, but stayed facing it, not looking at WooHyun. “I am going to give you one more chance to change your mind.”

WooHyun, whose emotions were at an all time high, struggled to keep from crying. “I can’t.”

“This is your last chance not to take a wrecking ball to your life and your dream,” SungGyu pleaded as he leaned his head against the door.

“I’m sorry, I know this seems insane to you, but I just can’t,” WooHyun answered, holding firm. He winced when he saw SungGyu’s shoulders tense. “I know that someday I will probably regret this moment, but I think if I give in…I will regret it more.”

WooHyun’s words spurred SungGyu to anger. The older man swung around to face the other main vocal. “You have always claimed to love Infinite so much.”

“I do!”

“No, you don’t,” SungGyu threw back at him. “When one member leaves…then you put the whole group at risk. It’s a cascade affect! Don’t you see that it isn’t just your dream you are sacrificing but all of ours!”

WooHyun stumbled backwards until he bumped up against a table, causing the dishes on the table to rattle. “You are strong enough to keep the dream alive, to keep them together.”

“I want to hate you so badly!” SungGyu hissed. “I want to hate you for putting this all on me!”

“I’m not doing that.”

“Yes, you are! You gave me an impossible choice and now if the group falls apart later…it will be my fault, not yours. It will be my fault because I wasn’t strong enough to agree to your terms!”

WooHyun paled. “No, that isn’t what I meant…the members are responsible for themselves, you—”

“Bullshit! I am responsible for everyone!”

“No,” WooHyun denied. “We are all grown men…I must own the choices I make. When I walk away tonight—that is on me. It is due to my weakness. It isn’t yours….the other members will understand.”

“What about the world? Can I tell the world?” SungGyu yelled. “Can I confess on television why we are suddenly a six member group? I think it would bring in great ratings!”

“Don’t,” WooHyun pleaded, closing his eyes.

“No, I won’t—I don’t want your filth associated with the group. Once you are gone good riddance,” SungGyu replied, trying to sound cruel.

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do.”

“No, the offer I made you—you hate it. You loathe it, because you think it compromises you as a man, but you don’t want me to leave. If you have to say these things to make it easier for us to say goodbye then I understand,” WooHyun told the older man, struggling against the urge to give in.

“Nothing can make this easier!” SungGyu exclaimed, while quickly wiping the tears from his face. “Nothing makes your leaving easier. I have tried to hate you. I am angry at you, but the thought of you leaving…it outweighs everything else. It’s killing me and it will kill them. Please…please…just don’t leave. It’s insane.”

“I know you have never loved anybody like I love you, so I don’t expect you to understand my feelings or why I can’t give in.”

A look of disdain appeared on SungGyu’s face. “If this is love, then I never want to know love. I never want to be so desperate and crazy that I try to blackmail somebody into having sex with me. Your love makes me sick.”

WooHyun closed his eyes and said genuinely, “I don’t know how other people love. Maybe I am crazy, because my love for you does make me desperate.”


WooHyun ignored the other man and continued, “It made lying as easy as breathing. But I promise it started off pure. When we were trainees just being near you made me happy. I basked in your presence for years…you could make me so stupidly happy. Other people would get so annoyed with you and I just couldn’t stop laughing—”

“Stop,” SungGyu gasped, interrupting.

“No, I have to make you understand. It wasn’t always like this…this is what happened after years. For years I was filled with a passion…a desire that could never be quenched. And slowly that desire turned into a raging fire that started consuming me from the inside. I knew if I confided in you…you would never be receptive to my feelings. I just held it all inside, but passion has to eventually release itself, so it did in the form of anger. I know I was a horrible to you, but I didn’t trust myself to be alone with you anymore. I knew if I remained close to you I would betray myself.”

SungGyu looked at the floor. “You did.”

“I did,” WooHyun confirmed. “You were so sick…and I just couldn’t stay away from you. I knew you didn’t understand why I was so angry and I knew it hurt you. I know how much I mean to you…I just couldn’t keep hurting you.”

“But your leaving…your leaving hurts me,” SungGyu told the other man, looking up to meet his gaze.

“This deal I offered you…it wasn’t fair, but I want you to remember that I was already going to leave before you remembered what happened between us,” WooHyun reminded him. “I was going to leave and fill yours and the other member’s heads with lies about how I didn’t want this life anymore. I didn’t know you remembered.”

SungGyu blinked, he had forgotten the CEO had told him WooHyun was leaving, before he had actually confronted WooHyun about his feelings…but did it matter? He had known, and WooHyun could read him like a book.

“I knew I couldn’t stay,” WooHyun continued. “I am sorry I ever offered you the deal.”

“Are you taking it back?” SungGyu asked.

“I have to leave,” WooHyun explained. “How I was before, I can’t be like that anymore. That’s not me.”

“That isn’t what I asked. I asked if you’re taking back your offer.”

WooHyun stared back at the other man. “What does it matter? You are never going to accept it. Will it make you feel better if I withdraw it?”

“Yes, it will make me feel better. I won’t feel like such a tool; like your leaving is my fault.”

There was a short moment of silence when WooHyun said nothing. He just stared at SungGyu, studying him intently.

“Stay, don’t leave,” SungGyu pleaded one last time.

WooHyun just shook his head.

The older man inhaled a deep breath, covered his mouth with hands that were trembling and whispered, “Then I will do it.”

WooHyun took one step closer, not believing his ears. “What did you say?”

SungGyu let his hands drop from his face, squared his shoulders, and stated in a clear voice, “One night with you, but I am going to be completely wasted. I will take every pain pill I have left and I am going to be drunk, too. I don’t want to remember any of it.”

“Oh, God,” WooHyun whimpered, his knees suddenly wobbly. “You mean it?”

SungGyu pointed his trembling hand at him. “Listen to me; if I die from an overdose—you can’t call for an ambulance. Just let me die, and hide my body somewhere.”

WooHyun, who felt like his legs wouldn’t hold him, sputtered, “What?”

“Nobody can ever know. I would rather be dead than for anybody to ever know. I don’t want to remember any of it…and you can never ever mention it.”

“I won’t.”

SungGyu wiped the sweat that was suddenly pooling on his forehead off. “It should happen tomorrow, so I will have two days to…to reclaim some of my sanity. Plus…if I think about it too much I will leave the country and never come back.”

“My brother’s place,” WooHyun stated, his mind already going to work on making the arrangements.

“Also, after this…we won’t be friends. I don’t want to be friends with you after this. We will never ever share a room again, not even in a hotel.”


“No, you can’t negotiate with me. These are my terms. I know you think I will forgive you anything but you are wrong. I won’t forgive you this. I probably won’t ever be able to look at you again without wanting to puke. I will be lucky if I can even look at myself in the mirror after we are done.”

WooHyun, whose excitement was so great, didn’t even react to SungGyu’s words. “So tomorrow at eight?”

“Eight? No, later than that,” SungGyu gasped. “Midnight.”

“No, eight.”



“I am not going to be at you brother’s at eight! It won’t even be dark!” SungGyu shouted. “It doesn’t get dark ‘til nine!”

“Okay, nine,” WooHyun conceded. “It isn’t like I am going to jump you the minute you arrive. You have to get drunk.”

SungGyu cringed. “Plus…I am taking all of my pain pills!”

WooHyun shook his head. “The deal did not include you dying. If you overdose I am calling an ambulance.”

“I said you don’t get to negotiate!”

“You are not allowed to commit suicide.”

SungGyu yelled, “I am not trying to commit suicide…I just don’t want to remember any of it. I want to be like a corpse…but not an actual corpse.”

“You are not allowed to be unconscious and drooling from drugs and alcohol.”

“What the hell! You said I could be drunk!”

WooHyun inhaled a deep breath and slowly let it out. “You can be drunk, but if you stop breathing I am doing CPR and calling an ambulance. And if I told you I wasn’t going to, I’d be lying.”

“You lie all the time, why can’t you lie now?” SungGyu demanded. “You are getting what you want, so be happy and just shut the fuck up! You better not call an ambulance.”

The younger man clenched his fists in frustration and tried to explain calmly, “You do remember I love you—a whole lot, so letting you die is out of the question!”

SungGyu glared.

“I know you like to think of me as some sexual freak—”

“Because you are one!” SungGyu snapped, interrupting the younger man. “Only a sexual freak would ask this of me. No decent human being would even think of such a thing.”

“But the deal is off if it includes your life being in danger,” WooHyun continued as if SungGyu had said nothing.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t,” WooHyun responded, remaining calm. “You are a control freak. You don’t want to be so wasted you don’t know what is going on…think about what I could do.”

SungGyu grabbed a glass off a nearby table and threw it at the wall, barely missing WooHyun’s head. “I don’t want to know what you are doing! That’s the whole point!”

WooHyun looked at the shattered glass on the floor and struggled to remain cool. “I can only imagine what you think I might do to you, but I assure I will be perfectly gentle.”

“Shut up,” SungGyu commanded, throwing his hands up to cover his ears.

WooHyun sighed and calmly walked up to SungGyu, carefully reached up and pulled the other man’s hands down. “Shhh…unless you want everybody to know what we are talking about.”

SungGyu swallowed, nervously. “I just…I can’t think about it…it freaks me out. It’s unnatural. It’s wrong.”

“I know it is for you, but soon it will be over and you never need to think about it again. I will go on with the group and I will never bring it up again. I will even call you Hyung afterwards. I will let you be angry with me for as long as you want.”

The older man exhaled, hating that the other man was touching him, but his trembling was decreasing. “I am going to be a total tyrant…I know I will be, the members will hate me.”

WooHyun shook his head. “You have been a tyrant before, and they didn’t hate you. I won’t let them hate you. I will fix everything like I always have.”

SungGyu pulled his hands away from the other man. “It will never be the same between us again after tomorrow.”

“I know.”

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The moment the song started, SungGyu felt his chest tighten and he found it hard to breathe. When WooHyun began to sing in his smooth, unfaltering voice SungGyu knew he was in trouble. The reality of their situation hit him like a ton of bricks. WooHyun would soon be gone; gone from their world, gone from his world.

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“No,” WooHyun denied. “We are all grown men…I must own the choices I make. When I walk away tonight—that is on me. It is due to my weakness. It isn’t yours….the other members will understand.”

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