Run! More poll questions!

Feel free to bypass this post if you hate polls.   I understand your pain~!!!

First off! satsuki_angel  Thank you bunches and bunches!!!!!!!!!  You are always so thoughtful!  Thank you for all the vgifts over the years!

Also if someone wants to make a poll of their are welcome to at here.

Poll #1936196 More Poll Crack!

1. Which type of story do you prefer?

I like them both.

2. Do you read WIP?


3. In a story…what I LOVE best is(please just answer once)

I like a good story…with characterization and a good plot.

4. What genre is your favorite?

science fiction

5. How important is smut to you?

It isn't.
The most important thing! Give me smut!
It’s nice when it fits into an actual story/enhances it.

6. Which of these is your favorite KyuWook short story?

Kim Ryeowook’s Very Merry Christmas
Cho KyuHyun’s Very Merry Christmas
When First We Met

7. Which of these is your favorite YunJae short story?

Pink Leotards, Moobs, and the Extra Gonad

8. Which is your favorite WooGyu short story?

Bed head
Top or Bottom
The Wrong bed

“I think all little boys should get the chance to grow up…to grow up and live their dreams.”

Mrs. Jung in Fragile Essence
Yunho in TFAN
Aunt Bessie in Fragile Essence
Admiral Cho in Expectations

10. “He will make it up here. I know he will and so do you. He won’t wait in shame in the parking lot like Junsu. He will carry his shame right up here and he will make it up here to this floor. He won’t ever make it through that crowd of mourners though. They won’t let him pass, unless he has help.”

Mrs. Jung in Damaged
Heechul in Damaged
Mrs. Shim in Damaged
Changmin in Damaged

11. "That it is, but if it were a happy story we would have already lost interest in it. It’s the possibility of happiness to come that keeps us glued to our seats.”

Maggie in Damaged
Ryeowook in Expectations
Gertrude in Fragile Essence
SungYeol in Bed of Roses

12. “If this is love, then I never want to know love. I never want to be so desperate and crazy that I try to blackmail somebody into having sex with me. Your love makes me sick.”

Yunho in Damaged
Heechul in Damaged
Junsu in Expecations
SungGyu in Sweet Deception
I would be tempted too >:) but I like these polls,they always make me go back and read the stories again
Me too :( i hope its because those are from fics i didnt read. I didnt read any Kyuwook. Or from Ecpectation, i know i skipped some parts there *ashamed*
And i totally lied here cuz smut is the most important part in a fic but only if the fiction is awesome and with a good plot etc. I rarely read pwp cuz thats just boring but at the end if there was no good smut im totally disappointed. But dont listen to me, im an old perv.
I think a lot of people are lying. lol Or maybe not...considering they are my LJ friends!!!

I always shake my head at people who read Expectations but skip parts...cause I try so hard to tie everything together. Least you are not like people who skip parts then ask me a million favorite ever, "Who is Sulli?"
Ok i didnt skip that many parts! Its just... I was hoping for some Yoosu and wanted get there realy fast but i know already its totally useless. Im planing on rereading FE but maybe after...
These polls are good...make me look back and think of who said what. As long as there aren't gazillion characters like in GoT, I can pretty much remember majority of quotes. I hope so, lol!

Is it bad to say that I am missing Prince of Joong so much! I went back and read Expectations again the past week. I like solving puzzles and Expectations is like that for give us these tiny pieces and sometimes I wonder how they are going to fit into this big picture but I know they will eventually. I don't want the adventures to end. :p
I just like making them. lol I won't lie. I was half asleep and still I made this. lol

I know I need to write Expectations next to FE has been so loud in my head lately. I haven't written anything this week--been gone.

I think of Expectations as a puzzle, I think of a future plot and start feeding clues in the earlier chapters.
Its so hard to remember..... I know I probably missed probably one or two questions.....really love these polls having me remember quotes from stories that I should probably reread during my free time. I really loved the Silhouette Yunjae short story, but the Friction AU was hilarious and probably my favorite yunjae short story.
Oops! I knew I forgot to add something! Friction it is. I need to check my master list I am doubting I ever put Friction on it. Friction was one of those stories I never promoted. I don't even remember if I used my yunjae tag.

Yeah it isn't listed on the short story list, I think I was able to find it when I searched through your recent entries, but Friction is tagged as yunjae.
i'm so bad at this HAHAHA but still i try to get better, i know i keep saying this over and over again but to me Damaged is the one fic i believe to be real LOL after all these years i see the resemblance of reality in it, i'm sorry i'm such a stalker.
Oh, but Damaged is so far from being real. It's crazy though.

It's like SD, TFAN, and BOR made while using real facts---while throwing in some facts of my own. lol

i know and i like to think that i'm old enough to be aware of that LOL but i can't help it, Yunho the passive aggressive seems so real to the crazy me.
That one was rather new....and really obvious.

I am kinda surprised anybody is getting it wrong............I totally missed the parts in DMGD, TFAN, and Expectations where characters were getting blackmailed to have sex. Although, Yoochun in Expectations might consider it. lol
well i read most of your works (may be bcoz i'm not so much of a fan of kyuwook) but nevertheless i'm still fail at the quotes. i'm just bad at memorization *sighs*
the only one I'm not sure about is #9 the rest are not really hard and I totally support your obsession with polls btw :D
now I know it's Kyuhyun's mother in Expectations, I havn't reached that part yet at the time lol
OTL how does everyone remember these quotes *scratches head* I blame my memory and the fact that the last I read some of these was like a year ago...
I wanna read damaged again but I've already read it like 4 times and YOU KEEP MAKING ME CRY OVER IT EVEN THOUGH I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS
There is my old ninja friend! got one right. lol I love looking at the poll results. It's fun to look at them.

and then there was that one from damaged and I'm like uhhh it's either yunho's mom or min's mom and I couldn't remember which and T_T I'M NOT GOOD AT REMEMBERING I'M SORRY YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FICS, DON'T YOU?
i've been away for some time, missed your birthday, have to quickly catch up with new chaps, but make it in time for poooolllssss! yeah! awesome timing is awesome

but..i always careless and press submit before reviewing the answer again.... always get some answers wrong

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These polls..sometimes, when it's about personal preferences, giving just one answer is haaaarrrrd ;)

I think u should release a book of quotes from ur stories and then we will read.and give exams for the best reader...
ah~ how I wish yunjae was a subject..all the yunjae fic writers as teachers and we the readers will be the students.. wow, my perfect fantasy school it will be!!!!

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I'm such a bad fan of your work :(
I didn't have the chance to congratulate you for your bday :(
I have an excuse though... I was traveling.. but I had the chance to look you had updated a Sweet deception story! Thank you very much for your hard work!

Anyway! I hope you had an amazing bday... mine was also in September and that's why I traveled (to Miami). Being from the same month makes me a bigger fan lol

Take care :)

PD. I tried to send it by private mail, but it says I can't, so I post it here. Hope u dont mind :)
I stopped allowing PMs a long time was not a good thing. lol

Don't worry. Thank you!
Love the poll, I only read your yunjae wip but I do really love it. I'm not sure my answer for no.9 or 12 are correct tho. Miss FE so much :D
They were wrong, but that is okay.

I just read Red Dragon on the plane and I wouldn't want to take a test on it.
Oops, sorry, I missed that post, I am rarely on LJ nowdays.
Thank you for all your works, I just like to make presents)
I am really bad in quotes, shame on me T.T

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