TFAN Sneak Peek, Part 13

“What are you making?”  Donghae asked as he sneaked up behind Sungmin peering over his shoulder as the later arranged chicken wings on a pan. 



“Elephant ears.”  Sungmin told him sarcastically.


“Min,” Donghae persisted.


“Barbeque chicken wings if you must know.”  Sungmin said as he slid the food into the oven.


“Is there enough for me?”


“It isn’t my responsibility to keep you fed.”  Sungmin told him as he turned around removing his mittens and putting them in the drawer where they belonged.


“Please, I’m starving.  Ryeowook has been really weird since he got back from his trip.  Shindong asked him what was for dinner last night and the look he gave him took ten years off Shindong’s life.”


“Really?” Sungmin questioned as he leaned back against the counter top.  He was beginning to look very interested.


“He went off on all of us….even Leeteuk and Heechul about what a mess the dorm was.   I thought he and Heechul were going to have a cat fight but at the last minute Ryeowook apologized and went to his room.”  Donghae gossiped to Sungmin who was lapping it up like kitten does milk.


“Kyuhyun has been all weird too...well more so then normal.  He just lies in bed looking up at the ceiling, no games or anything.”  Sungmin said as he set the timer on the stove.


“Not even StarCraft?”


“Nope, he just stares up at the ceiling.”  Sungmin told a very surprised Donghae.


“Kyuhyun and Ryeowook didn’t talk to each other at practice even once today.  I don’t remember ever seeing them together since they got back from that trip.”  Donghae pointed out as he opened the refrigerator and peered inside.


“They have been weird ever since that stupid fight, but I thought it was a good sign that they went to see Ryeowook’s grandmother together.” 


“They must have had another fight.”  Donghae said as he closed the refrigerator with a frown after finding nothing he could snatch to eat.


“Well there’s only one way to find out.”  Sungmin said taking Donghae’s arm and leading him toward the room he shared with Kyuhyun.


They found Kyuhyun lying on his bed just as Sungmin had described.  He was fully clothed and just staring wide eyed up at the ceiling.  Sungmin and Donghae both went in and took a seat on the bed beside him.


“How are you doing?”  Donghae asked concerned as he patted him on the leg.


“I’m fine.”  Kyuhyun said looking toward his two friends giving them a gentle smile.


“Did you fight with Ryeowook again?”  Sungmin demanded as he whacked Kyuhyun hard on the stomach


Kyuhyun bolted up in bed, “No!”


“Then what is wrong with you?”  Sungmin demanded again.

“Nothing.”  Kyuhyun answered falling back to the bed glaring at Sungmin.


“Nothing is always something with you.”  Sungmin reminded him.


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