TFAN, Part 14

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

The smell of food woke him. “There better be pancakes,” he grumbled as he dragged himself up to the side of the bed. To his shock, Sungmin was still sleeping in his bed on the other side of the room. Kyuhyun’s heart did a happy flip when he realized it had to be Ryeowook. He had noticed how Ryeowook’s eyes had lingered on his thin form yesterday.

Kyuhyun bounded out of the room, not taking time to even change out of his blue pajamas or brush his teeth. He hurried to the kitchen and suddenly come to a dead stop. “Mom!”

“Hey baby, how are you this morning?” She asked as she tossed an omelette with skill.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he walked up to her as she prepared breakfast.

She put down her cooking utensils and turned to her son with open arms. “Give me a hug.” She had not needed to ask, because the moment her arms opened, he was in them.

“Missed you,” he told her and was extra clingy. She ruffled his hair and hugged him back extra hard. “God, mom it has been so hard.”

“Aww, I wish I had a camera! Such a momma’s boy,” Yesung said, walking into the kitchen in a pair of orange pajamas.

Kyuhyun pulled away from his mother to glare at Yesung. “Takes one to know one.”

“That’s right. I am proud to be a Momma’s boy,” Yesung said, walking up to them, “Hello, Mrs. Cho.”

“Yesung, how are you doing?” She asked, giving Yesung a quick hug.

“Your son killed my turtle,” Yesung declared in a voice full of hurt.

“I didn’t kill him! He’s just lost,” Kyuhyun denied adamantly, giving his mother a horrified look.

“He is probably starving!”

“He is not, I read about it. Turtles can go without food for weeks!” Kyuhyun said, defending himself, and prayed to the turtle gods that Yesung’s turtle would be returned alive.

“You don’t know that! He might have a super-fast metabolism for all you know!” Yesung declared. Mrs. Cho just smiled at the two young men who resembled toddlers in their pajamas as they fussed with each other.

“He does not! He’s a turtle; he has a slow one!” Kyuhyun informed Yesung.

“Boys, hush!” Mrs. Cho ordered and they instantly quieted. “Yesung, I found Ddangkkoma this morning in the kitchen.”

“You did?” Yesung’s face lit up, and so did Kyuhyun’s.

“Yes, and he’s fine. I put him in a paper sack and gave him a tomato. Here I will show you,” Mrs. Cho said, taking Yesung’s hand and leading him to his turtle.

Kyuhyun took a big sigh of relief and followed them, and sure enough his mother, without even knowing the turtle had been lost, found him, and had already fed him. He really did have the best mom ever, he thought.

Yesung picked up the much missed turtle and kissed his shell. “Ddangkkoma, you can’t play with Kyuhyun anymore!”

“Aww, don’t make me cry,” Kyuhyun said sarcastically, but the relief he felt at the turtle being found alive could easily be seen on his face.

“You two, behave.” Mrs. Cho said as she headed back toward the stove to finish breakfast. Kyuhyun turned and followed his mother.

Kyuhyun inspected the stove closely and asked. “Mom…umm where’s the pancakes?”

“Honey, do you not remember why I am here?”

“Is it because you love me, and you’re sad that Sungmin makes me eat cold cereal?”

“No. Somebody has a doctor’s appointment today, and it isn’t me,” Mrs. Cho pointed out. “You haven’t eaten anything have you?”

“No, not since yesterday.” Kyuhyun answered. “I forgot all about that stupid doctor’s appointment. I don’t know why I have to go I feel perfectly fine.”

“We will let the doctor be the judge of that,” Mrs. Cho said as she went to set the table. Yesung who had put down his turtle grabbed the plates to help her.

“You know they will find something wrong…they always find something wrong. The group really needs me for the upcoming performances,” Kyuhyun said, taking a seat in the chair pouting, as Mrs. Cho headed back to the stove to finish.

“Oh, how did we ever manage without you?” Yesung said, rolling his eyes as he finished setting the table.

“Very poorly if you must know,” Kyuhyun shot back at him.

Yesung sat a glass down on the table extra hard and gave Kyuhyun a look of pure annoyance. “I have never had a bad singing day in my life. I think the surgeons must have nicked something in your ears, because apparently you aren’t hearing right.”

“Okay, maybe others more then you,” Kyuhyun admitted reluctantly.

Yesung smiled and sat down beside him. “I am so glad that you can admit to my greatness.”

“I didn’t admit to any such thing!” Kyuhyun told him as he reached for a piece of toast that had been placed in front him.

“Kyuhyun, don’t! You have to be fasting for your lab,” Mrs. Cho warned without even turning around to look at him.

“Eyes in the back of her head,” Kyuhyun muttered as he pulled his hand back, crossed his arms and just glared in general. “You know if I’m hungry, I should eat. I have lost too much weight already.”

“You are looking pretty frail,” Yesung happily agreed, grabbing the toast that Kyuhyun and been aiming for. He tore into the toast with glee, over exaggerating its taste, “Oh, my God, this is so good!”

“I really do ha - ” Kyuhyun never finished his sentence, because at that time, Sungmin rushed into the kitchen and hurried up to Mrs. Cho in his ever-famous pink sleeping attire, looking frantic.

“Mrs. Cho! I am so sorry!” Sungmin said as he bowed to her way too formally.

“Sungmin, what’s wrong with you?” Mrs. Cho asked, shocked by the formality.

“He’s crazy,” Yesung and Kyuhyun answered at the same time, causing them to turn and snarl at each other.

“It’s not my fault,” Sungmin insisted to Mrs. Cho.

“What isn’t your fault?”

“I have tried to fatten him up. He just won’t eat. I cook all the time. It’s Ryeowook’s fault!” Sungmin said frantically, accusing the absent member.

“Oh, he didn’t?” Yesung said pleasantly surprised.

“He totally did,” Kyuhyun muttered with his mouth falling open.

“The day Sungmin turned on Ryeowook. We must remember this day forever,” Yesung said, still shocked, and Kyuhyun nodded his head in agreement.

“This day will live on infamy!” Kyuhyun joked. Yesung laughed, forgetting all about their previous disagreements.

“I didn’t turn on him!” Sungmin said, turning around to glare at the two men at the table. “He stopped helping me. He moved out of here.” Sungmin narrowed in on Kyuhyun. “You are such a picky eater. I can’t be the only one responsible for feeding you!” Then Sungmin turned to Mrs. Cho. “Ryeowook makes him keep secrets that stress him out. It’s not my fault that Kyuhyun has lost 3.4kg since he got out of the hospital.”

“He makes you weigh?” Yesung asked, turning to Kyuhyun.

“Every freaking day. First thing in the morning, you know, because that’s the most accurate weight of the day,” Kyuhyun said, imitating Sungmin’s voice.

Sungmin had turned back to Mrs. Cho, who was watching him with wide eyes. “Ryeowook is too consumed with his love life to help me.”

“You have no idea,” Eunhyuk said sleepily as he walked into the kitchen. Kyuhyun watched as Eunhyuk greeted his mother. Kyuhyun’s certainty that Eunhyuk knew just kept building as the older man walked back to the table and took a seat across from Kyuhyun.

“Also they are fighting, even if they both deny it. You know how Kyuhyun gets when they fight!” Sungmin added as he followed Mrs. Cho to the table. She placed a platter full of delicious looking omelettes on the table.

“Are you fighting with Ryeowook again?” Mrs. Cho asked, examining her son closely now.

“No,” Kyuhyun denied.

“They don’t even talk to each other,” Yesung pointed out.

“Ryeowook avoids our dorm,” Sungmin added.

“Kyuhyun, why didn’t you tell your father or me? We talk to you every day,” Mrs. Cho asked, worried now.

“There isn’t anything to tell. I’m completely fine. We are not fighting,” Kyuhyun insisted.

“Ryeowook is too busy playing with little girls to take care of his maknae now,” Yesung smiled in delight when he saw the frown appear on Mrs. Cho’s face at the mention of little girls.

“She isn’t a little girl!” Sungmin defended Ryeowook out of habit.

“Why are you defending him? I thought you turned on him?” Yesung wanted to know.

“I’m not defending him, but you make it sound like he’s hooking up with a five year old!”

“It wasn’t Luna!” Kyuhyun finally just shouted before things got any worse.

“Who was it then?” Yesung asked, curiosity building.

“It isn’t any of our business, and you really shouldn’t tell,” Eunhyuk spoke up quickly.

“Speak for yourself, I want to know the reason I have been left to care for all you heathens by myself,” Sungmin told him as he took a seat next to Eunhyuk.

All eyes turned to Kyuhyun. “It was a girl he used to know that lived by his grandmother.”

“An old love?” Sungmin asked, his eyes getting that dreamy, romantic look that made Kyuhyun want to puke.

“I guess you could say that. She was really good-looking and smart, too! He ran off with her and left me with his Neanderthal cousin who thought he could sing. It was awful. If the doctor says there is anything wrong with my hearing today, it’s because of him,” Kyuhyun lied convincingly with just the right amount of truth.

“Well that’s definitely a relief,” Yesung said, taking a spatula and serving himself a big omelette from the platter.

“I guess so,” Eunhyuk said, staring hard at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun’s nerves got the best of him, and he sputtered. “They didn’t have sex.”

Eunhyuk’s eyes widened as he realized that Kyuhyun was talking directly to him. “That’s good…I guess.”

“Ouch!” Kyuhyun cried as Sungmin whacked him with the spatula he had picked up from the table.

“Do not talk about sex in front of your mother!” Sungmin told him, outraged on her behalf.


Kyuhyun stood in the doorway at the SM Dance Studio waiting for his parents to finish with the main Super Junior manager. Kyuhyun groaned with embarrassment as his parents went over his activity restrictions with his manager. He spent most of the morning getting chewed out by his doctor, and the other half of the morning fighting the urge to confess all to his mother.

His father had met them for an early lunch, and that’s when the true stress had started to build. Seeing his father, the man he respected more than any other person in the world, had been a rude reminder of why he could never be with Ryeowook. The imagined look of disappointment on his father’s face was the best deterrent of all.

Kyuhyun turned away, wincing, after his mother informed the manager, “If I need to go to the CEO to make sure these restrictions are followed, that’s perfectly fine with me.”

“No, no…we all want him back to hundred percent. There won’t be a problem following the restrictions.”

“You must control him. He will insist he is fine and push himself too quickly,” Kyuhyun’s father advised the manager.

Kyuhyun walked off; he couldn’t take it anymore. He was sure his parents were going to demand the manager’s signature in blood at any moment. He walked farther up the hallway and saw Leeteuk, who had left the dance studio that Super Junior were practicing in, to take a phone call. Leeteuk noticed Kyuhyun, waved him over, and put away his phone.

“Hyung,” Kyuhyun greeted the leader.

“How did everything go?”

“I still can’t fly. There is a list of what I can and cannot do when it comes to dancing. The doctor isn’t happy that I have lost even more weight. I have to continue on antibiotics and the dizzy pills for another week. He also put me on sleeping pills, because he says I’m not getting enough rest. I have to go back to the doctor in a week and be reevaluated then,” Kyuhyun explained to Leeteuk.

“No, China trip, then?” Leeteuk asked, with a hint of dread in his voice.

“Nope,” Kyuhyun answered, looking ashamed.

“How are we going to get you better? What do you suggest?”

“I am getting better - just not as fast as some would like.”

“Is there something else that is bothering you? Something I might be able to help you with?” Leeteuk asked, peering closely at Kyuhyun, causing the later to panic.

“No, nothing at all! I’m completely fine. There isn’t anything bothering me. Some people might have thought they overheard something, but they didn’t. I just tend to talk in my sleep,” Kyuhyun blurted out anxiously, as visions of Eunhyuk confessing all to Leeteuk played in his mind.

The suddenly increased look of worry that flashed on Leeteuk’s face let him know that if the older man had not known anything was wrong before, he did now. “I just meant I don’t understand why you are losing weight. I know Sungmin takes feeding you very seriously. Are you sure there isn’t something else bothering you?”

“Nothing,” Kyuhyun gulped. He was definitely in the danger zone now. Leeteuk had a way of prying secrets from people without them ever realizing it.

“Are you still fighting with Ryeowook? This has got to end if it’s affecting your health? Does he need to move back to your dorm?” Leeteuk asked, with eyes that seemed to be on to something.

The thought of Ryeowook back in the bottom dorm caused Kyuhyun’s face to brighten at the thought. All other decisions he had made about what was best for the group and his family dimmed at the thought of having Ryeowook near him again. “That would be great! I think that it would be…”

“Unnecessary,” Ryeowook answered from behind them.

Kyuhyun turned around to find Ryeowook standing behind him. Ryeowook looked extremely pale and nervous. “How long have you been standing there?” Kyuhyun asked, feeling embarrassed.

“I just walked out. I need to talk to you for a minute,” Ryeowook said, pulling Kyuhyun away from Leeteuk, much to Kyuhyun’s shock. When they were out of hearing distance Ryeowook hissed, “What exactly did you tell your mother?”

“Nothing,” Kyuhyun blurted out.

Ryeowook paled even more at Kyuhyun’s answer. “Like our nothing?”

“No. I didn’t say a word to her about our nothing,” Kyuhyun assured him.

“You are positive?”

“Yes, I am. Then dad showed up, and I realized that I can’t be gay,” Kyuhyun whispered.

Ryeowook’s only response was to raise his left eyebrow.

“It’s true. You were right, I was just confused. I’m not going to be confused anymore. I could never do that to my father.”

“So why were you just about to talk Leeteuk into shipping me back to the bottom dorm?” Ryeowook asked, watching him critically.

“Habit? Plus you cook better than Sungmin, and the doctor wanted me to gain weight.”

“I hope you’re telling the truth, because that would be great. I don’t have time to figure you out, though…because your parents just called for me. I have to go talk to them,” Ryeowook explained.

“Oh, Sungmin kinda put the blame on you for my ill health.”

“Sungmin did?” Ryeowook asked, hurt at the betrayal.

“Yeah, and you should know. My mom already thinks my health is directly related to how we are getting along,” Kyuhyun told him with a sad smile. “So, Sungmin only added to what she already believed.”

“It isn’t like she is wrong, or Sungmin, for that matter,” Ryeowook had to admit. “Okay, well then, I will go face them as long as you are positive you didn’t confess anything to your mother.”


“Okay, I will go deal with them. You have to convince Leeteuk that you don’t need me in the bottom dorm,” Ryeowook said, looking over his shoulder to the leader who was watching them carefully.

“But I do need you,” Kyuhyun bulked at Ryeowook’s instructions, reaching his hand up to touch the bare skin of Ryeowook’s inner wrist.

“You just said you weren’t going to be confused anymore. Think of your father,” Ryeowook told him, annoyed pulling his arm away.

“I needed you way before I was confused. You’re my best friend. It’s not natural for us not to live together. I hate it,” Kyuhyun informed him stubbornly.

“I can’t live with you. You are too clingy!”

“I hate when you say that! I am not clingy,” Kyuhyun insisted, frowning at the shorter man.

“Yes, you are. When it comes to me, all that restraint you show with everybody else goes out the window. I will move in with Siwon before I go back to the bottom dorm,” Ryeowook warned.

Kyuhyun actually growled at Ryeowook. “Okay, I will tell him it isn’t necessary. He probably won’t believe me, though.”

“You better convince him. If you promise not to be confused…then I will try to be around more,” Ryeowook told him, patting him on the arm for Leeteuk’s benefit, who was still watching them.

“I promise!” Kyuhyun agreed eagerly as Ryeowook turned and went to face Kyuhyun’s parents.

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