Sneak Peek, TFAN 15

Ryeowook couldn’t help but think he was in some sort of special hell as he passed Kyuhyun’s father the salt with a big, huge, fake grin on his face that tried to hide his nerves.



“Thanks,” Mr. Cho said as he took the salt from Ryeowook.


“Kyuhyun eat…that’s one of your favorite dishes.  We picked this restaurant for you so eat up.”  Mrs. Cho told her son who had yet to touch his plate.  Much to Kyuhyun’s horror after practice had ended earlier in the day Ryeowook had informed him of his parent’s plans.  Kyuhyun’s parents had planned to make both Kyuhyun and Ryeowook go to a special church service with them, and then take them out to eat.


“So Ryeowook how did you like the services?”  Kyuhyun’s great aunt who was visiting the family asked from across the table from him.


“It was very….lovely.”  Ryeowook told the older lady who was watching him closely.


“You don’t go to church much do you?”  She asked him as she reached up and adjusted her glasses.


“No, Ma’am.”  Ryeowook told her honestly.


“You should.” She told him with a severe look.


“I know.”  Ryeowook told her as he shook his head in eager agreement.

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