TFAN, Sneak Peek Part 18

Ryeowook awoke to the feel of familiar arms around him holding him tight against a warm body.  Ryeowook’s first thought was he knew for certain he had not been drinking and his second thought was how in the world was he ever going to find the strength to leave these arms he loved so much.


He opened his eyes without moving and saw that the morning sun was beating through the window of his room.  He remembered getting back late last night and crashing into his bed as a result of almost two days without any sleep.  Kyuhyun had not been in his bed at that time, so he must have snuck in later without waking Ryeowook.


He didn’t have to turn around to know that Kyuhyun was sleeping, the easy breathing against his neck made him acutely aware of that fact.  He knew that he should jump out of bed start shouting about rules, being violated, and how Kyuhyun had such audacity to come up here after saying what he did.  He didn’t though, because it felt too right, no matter how wrong it was.


He laid there for over an hour in those beloved arms he could not move from.  He listened to Kyuhyun’s sleepy breaths and died a little inside every time Kyuhyun nestled closer to him in his sleep.


He wanted Kyuhyun more than he had ever wanted anybody or anything in his life.  While laying there in the Kyuhyun’s arms and feeling Kyuhyun’s body so close to his the consequences didn’t seem so grave.  His mind and his body both betrayed his sense of right and wrong. Ryeowook turned in Kyuhyun’s arms coming face to face with the sleeping man.   Ryeowook knew how to wake Kyuhyun he also knew how not to wake him, so when he reached out and gently touched the other man’s cheek he knew exactly what the response would be.


Kyuhyun’s eyes flew open and found Ryeowook staring back at him as he gently caressed his face.  Neither said anything for a few moments just stared back at each other when Kyuhyun found his voice, “Hi.”

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