TFAN, Part 18

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Ryeowook awoke to the feel of familiar arms around him, holding him tight against a warm body. Ryeowook’s first thought was: he knew for certain he had not been drinking, and his second thought was: how in the world was he ever going to find the strength to leave these arms he loved so much.

He opened his eyes without moving and saw that the morning sun was beating through the window of his room. He remembered getting back late last night and crashing into his bed as a result of almost two days without any sleep. Kyuhyun had not been in his bed at that time, so he must have snuck in later without waking Ryeowook.

He didn’t have to turn around to know that Kyuhyun was sleeping, the easy breathing against his neck made him acutely aware of that fact. He knew that he should jump out of bed and start shouting about rules, being violated, and how Kyuhyun had such audacity to come up here after saying what he did. He didn’t, though, because it felt too right, no matter how wrong it was.

He laid there for over an hour in those beloved arms he could not move from. He listened to Kyuhyun’s sleepy breaths and died a little inside every time Kyuhyun nestled closer to him in his sleep.

He wanted Kyuhyun more than he had ever wanted anybody or anything in his life. While lying there in Kyuhyun’s arms and feeling Kyuhyun’s body so close to his, the consequences didn’t seem so grave. His mind and his body both betrayed his sense of right and wrong. Ryeowook turned in Kyuhyun’s arms, coming face to face with the sleeping man. Ryeowook knew how to wake Kyuhyun; he also knew how not to wake him, so when he reached out and gently touched the other man’s cheek, he knew exactly what the response would be.

Kyuhyun’s eyes flew open and found Ryeowook staring back at him as he gently caressed his face. Neither said anything for a few moments and just stared back at each other, when Kyuhyun found his voice, “Hi.”

Ryeowook smiled back at him, moving his hand to trace Kyuhyun’s lips with his fingers, “Hello.”

“I’m sorry,” Kyuhyun told him, with Ryeowook’s fingers still on his lips.

“I know,” Ryeowook answered him as Kyuhyun reached up and took his hand.

“I didn’t mean it. I just hate being left behind…separated from you,” he explained as he pulled Ryeowook’s hand back to his mouth and kissed it.

“I know,” Ryeowook told him, gasping a little at the kiss. He couldn’t take his eyes off that mouth he knew too well.

“I love your voice almost as much as I love - ”

Ryeowook eyes shifted away from Kyuhyun’s mouth to make eye contact. “Your own?” he suggested.

“I don’t know if I would go that far,” Kyuhyun said playfully, his eyes and mouth both smiling.

“What was I thinking?” Ryeowook gently laughed as he entwined his fingers with Kyuhyun’s.

“I love you so much,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook with a rush of honesty that made him blush, leaving him feeling naked. “This is so unfair.”

“Shhh - ” Ryeowook told him as he pushed forward and gently kissed Kyuhyun on the lips, ignoring all his own rules.

Kyuhyun, who had been using all his strength not to do exactly what Ryeowook had done, was now set free. The gentle kiss quickly turned passionate as Kyuhyun kissed him back like a starving man who had been given the food of life.

Kyuhyun pressed into Ryeowook, pushing him onto his back; he moved on top of him, kissing him slowly and deeply, delighting in the taste of him. He had missed these lips and this body that knew him so well. How had he stayed sane being away from them, he would never know. Ryeowook kissed him back with his own matching intensity. Kyuhyun pulled away from Ryeowook’s lips, moving slowly down his neck, finding those old scars, reminders of before. He gently nipped and sucked at them, wanting to reclaim them as his own.

“Don’t you dare,” Ryeowook somehow managed to get out, as he reached a hand into Kyuhyun’s hair, pulling him back up to his waiting lips. Kyuhyun let out a husky laugh as he returned to the lips that hungered for him. Kyuhyun laughter soon turned into an undignified cry when one of Ryeowook’s hands slipped inside his pajama pants and then pulled out quickly without touching him.

“Tease,” Kyuhyun mumbled into Ryeowook’s mouth as both the other man’s arms went around Kyuhyun’s neck pulling him down deeper into the kiss. With their bodies pressed together, their tongues danced and battled for dominance, each one wanting more and more.

Kyuhyun rolled over on his back, pulling Ryeowook on top of him, never breaking from the kissing. He then took Ryeowook’s hand in his and pulled it down toward to his hardened cock. Ryeowook quickly pulled his hand away and broke away from the kiss, causing Kyuhyun to moan out in protest. Ryeowook lifted himself up and smiled down at Kyuhyun, who looked ready to jump out of his skin. “I don’t think so.”

“Please,” Kyuhyun begged, arching his hips up, yearning for friction as he tried to rub his hardness against Ryeowook’s. Ryeowook’s hand slid back down Kyuhyun’s body, down to the waistband of Kyuhyun’s pajamas, and snapped them against the man’s skin, causing him to jump. “Touch me….please….don’t tease.” Ryeowook just smiled down at him and bent forward, sloppily kissing Kyuhyun on the mouth. “Touch me,” Kyuhyun ordered through the wet kiss in a voice that he didn’t even recognize as his own.

Ryeowook reached down and gently rubbed Kyuhyun’s hard cock through his clothing, causing Kyuhyun to wither beneath him. “Such a demanding boy; I suppose - ”

A voice in the hall caused Ryeowook to stop suddenly. He could hear the faint voice of Heechul talking….talking to his cat? “Did you lock the door?” Ryeowook hissed at Kyuhyun as his mind raced in fear.

Kyuhyun just stared up at him dazed, trying to concentrate. “I don’t think so. I thought you would wake up and send me packing.”

“If only,” Ryeowook said, flying off Kyuhyun as he heard the voice getting closer. He pushed Kyuhyun out of bed, and he dug himself under the covers, hiding. Kyuhyun hurriedly sat down in front of the keyboard.

The door swung open, and Heechul walked in carrying Heebum. Heechul looked around the room and saw the lump under the covers and a disheveled looking Kyuhyun sitting at the keyboard. Heechul just stared at Kyuhyun with his mouth dropping open. “What exactly have you been doing?”

Kyuhyun just stared at Heechul for a moment before his mind started working again; he knew he had to look a mess. He licked his lips, still tasting Ryeowook on them. “Hyung, I was exercising this morning. I am so out of shape since I got sick. It’s so hot outside already. I stole from your freezer - those popsicles were delicious. What flavor were they? They kinda tasted like a mixture of strawberry and watermelon,” Kyuhyun lied as he turned back to the keyboard, doing his best not to look directly at Heechul.

“Popsicles? Exercise? Do you think I was born yesterday?” Heechul asked, offended.

“No, Hyung you are much older than that, but you don’t look it,” Kyuhyun said as Heechul grabbed his chin with his free hand and pulled it around so they were looking eye to eye.

“I want the truth,” Heechul told him in a serious tone. “Ryeowook, I know you aren’t sleeping.”

“Those popsicles were delicious. I wonder where they got them,” Eunhyuk said, strolling into the room, licking his lips.

A very shocked Heechul let go of Kyuhyun’s face and turned to look at Eunhyuk. “We really do have popsicles?”

“Not now; I ate the last one. Sorry, Hyung,” Eunhyuk told him, not looking very sorry.

“They weren’t for you,” Ryeowook yelled from under his covers.

“Super Junior is about sharing,” Kyuhyun told him. “He won’t agree to make breakfast for us. He’s being difficult,” Kyuhyun told Eunhyuk and then added, “He’s holding a grudge, even though we are starving after our workout. Really, Ryeowook, I thought you were above such things.”

“I told you I should be the one to ask. He’s still pissed at you for what you said,” Eunhyuk told Kyuhyun as he moved over and sat on Ryeowook’s bed.

“I told him I was sorry,” Kyuhyun said, defending himself. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Please come and make us a good breakfast,” Eunhyuk told Ryeowook, patting the lump on the bed.

“Now, just wait one minute. If he’s going to be making anybody breakfast this morning, it’s going to be me.” Heechul said glaring at the both of them. “Go make Sungmin cook for you.”

Kyuhyun let out a big sneeze. “Are you kidding? Sungmin slept with his spatula, and he is just waiting to hit me with it,” Kyuhyun said fearfully, while wiping his nose with his sleeve.

“You deserve to get beat!” Ryeowook yelled from under the covers. “Saying Sungmin and I weren’t enough to deserve our own fan meet.”

“You said that?” Heechul asked, surprised at Kyuhyun’s rudeness, as he petted his cat.

“He was just being a brat because he didn’t get to go,” Eunhyuk pointed out. “You shouldn’t punish the rest of us for his bad behavior.”

“Go away,” Ryeowook ordered from under the covers.

“You heard him,” Heechul said as he let Heebum down.

“Okay, we are going,” Eunhyuk said getting up from the bed and grabbing Kyuhyun’s arm, pulling him out the room with him as quickly as he could.

As the other two hurried out of the room, Heechul watched as Heebum jumped up on the bed with Ryeowook and turned to look back at his master. “It looks like we are going to get breakfast today, Heebum; do you hear me, Ryeowook?”

“Yes, Hyung,” Ryeowook answered from beneath the covers, still not risking looking at the overly observant member.

“And I want a traditional Korean breakfast. I don’t want any of that western breakfast you make. I have a figure to maintain.”


“You are an idiot,” Eunhyuk mumbled under his breath, and swatted Kyuhyun on the arm for the tenth time today as they finished their rehearsal at Music Bank.

“I know,” Kyuhyun confirmed, pretending like the swat had hurt as he held his arm and sat down on the empty stage.

Eunhyuk then walked over and swatted Ryeowook, too, who had just walked up behind them. “You, too!”

“I know,” Ryeowook said, taking a seat next to Kyuhyun on the stage. “I can’t thank you enough for what you did this morning. If you hadn’t walked in when you did…he knew.”

“Heechul is nobody’s fool,” Eunhyuk told them with his hands on his hips.

“We know that,” Kyuhyun answered annoyed, refusing to be subservient.

“Should you two be sitting so close together?” Eunhyuk whispered harshly in a tone only they could hear. “I mean you two aren’t very good at controlling yourself…….and that might be the biggest understatement ever!”

“We’ll somehow manage,” Kyuhyun said sarcastically, looking up at Eunhyuk, which caused Ryeowook to elbow him. “Ouch.”

“He has a point. We are stupid. I can’t believe I am so stupid,” Ryeowook said, looking terribly guilty.

“I totally agree…..because we don’t know how to lock doors or go places where we can’t be disturbed,” Kyuhyun said, very much annoyed at their failure to finish what they started.

“That’s not what I meant!” Ryeowook whispered, totally flabbergasted at the younger man beside him.

“Go ahead and tell yourself that, but I don’t believe you. Maybe you can convince Eunhyuk, though, if you try really hard,” Kyuhyun said, rolling his eyes at the shocked man sitting next to him.

“I am convinced that you two are the most selfish members I have ever had the misfortune to meet,” Eunhyuk practically spit back at them as he paced in circles around them.

“Hyung, I am so sorry,” Ryeowook pleaded up to the man hovering above them.

“You told me you wanted my help, that you knew how wrong this was,” Eunhyuk said, stopping to look at the older of the maknaes.

“I do want your help, Hyung,” Ryeowook insisted, looking up at the man. “He broke rule three! Bad things happen when rule three gets broken,” Ryeowook said, turning to Kyuhyun to glare at him.

“I broke more than rule three, and so did you. If you ever want to break them again, just point the way, and I will be there,” Kyuhyun said evilly, smiling back at Ryeowook.

“Kyuhyun, I am serious!” Ryeowook informed Kyuhyun as the younger man just leered at him.

“I don’t believe you. You want me as much as I want you,” Kyuhyun told him bluntly, not bothering to hide his desire.

“You are so frustrating!” Ryeowook told him, turning away from him.

“Don’t even go there. I could write a book on being sexually frustrated. I feel like I am going to explode,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, none too quietly, causing the other man to jump up and go stand beside Eunhyuk.

“Why don’t you tell us your problems?” Shindong said, laughing as he walked up and took a seat next to Kyuhyun. He had overheard Kyuhyun’s last statement and found it extremely amusing.

“Yes, why don’t you tell him your problems? Why don’t you just take your microphone tonight and tell everybody your problems during the live performance?” Eunhyuk told him bitterly as Ryeowook paled beside him.

“That isn’t funny.” Kyuhyun told Eunhyuk, but his eyes were still on Ryeowook, who refused to look back at him.

“No, it isn’t, but at this rate, it’s exactly where you are headed.”

“I have never been in favor of broadcasting it,” Kyuhyun admitted after taking a deep breath, as the reality of the situation became more real with Shindong’s presence.

“You guys act like it’s a crime to want some?” Shindong said, patting Kyuhyun on the back. “People have no idea how hard it is being an idol. They think we have all these women, when in truth, we are forced to live like monks most of the time.”

“It’s the life we chose,” Ryeowook said from Eunhyuk’s side.

“Exactly, we can’t whine about it now,” Eunhyuk agreed.

“Weren’t you supposed to go out with some hot model that Zhou Mi knows?” Shindong asked Kyuhyun.

“Yeah,” Kyuhyun agreed, his eyes still glued to Ryeowook, who was looking anywhere but at him.

“Well, there’s your answer then,” Shindong said smiling.

“I suppose you are right. Don’t you agree, Ryeowook?” Kyuhyun asked, causing Ryeowook to turn and look at him.

“I…I suppose,” Ryeowook answered uncomfortably.

“Well, can we hurry and arrange this date?” Eunhyuk asked Kyuhyun as he laid a hand against Ryeowook’s back. “I wouldn’t want you to explode. I mean, what would become of the group if that happened?”

“It could get ugly. You know Eunhyuk’s had his eye on the vocal line?” Shindong joked.

“You aren’t telling me anything I don’t know,” Kyuhyun said, his eyes still on a very uneasy Ryeowook.

“If you can dance and sing, then I should be able to do both, too,” Eunhyuk said, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m getting scared; Kyuhyun, for the sake of Super Junior, make that call now,” Shindong said, joking with Eunhyuk, having no clue how close to home his words hit.

“I’ll do that,” Kyuhyun said, pulling out his phone.

“You can’t call her soon enough for me,” Eunhyuk told him, as Ryeowook jerked away from Eunhyuk’s hand that was meant to be comforting.

“I have to go and see if I can find Luna,” Ryeowook said, backing away from them without sparing Kyuhyun a look and hurried off.

Kyuhyun jumped up to go after him. “Kyuhyun!” Eunhyuk yelled but the other man was already gone chasing after Ryeowook.


“Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun yelled after him as the other weaved in and out of the crowded hallway. Kyuhyun ignored everybody who tried to stop him to wish him well or ask him how he was doing. When he finally caught up to the other man, he grabbed him by the arm.

“We can make a big scene here, or you can just follow me. Whichever one you want is fine with me,” Kyuhyun said though clenched teeth and a fake smile.

Ryeowook didn’t answer him, only smiled back with that same fake look, and followed Kyuhyun as he led him by the arm down another hallway. Kyuhyun took him to a deserted room that he had used to hide out in before.

Kyuhyun shut the door behind them, locking it. Kyuhyun then turned to Ryeowook, who suddenly looked like a deer caught in headlights as he broke free of Kyuhyun’s grasp. “Being jealous is stupid on both our parts. We both know there isn’t anyone else for us,” Kyuhyun spoke as if the whole idea was beyond ridiculous to him.

“I wasn’t jealous. I was relieved,” Ryeowook said, inching away from Kyuhyun, as he moved closer to him.

Kyuhyun stopped approaching Ryeowook and laughed. “What is this? Are we back to this, seriously? You do remember what happened this morning?”

“I remember, but it can never happen again,” Ryeowook told him as he crossed his arms.

“I swear, if you repeat one thing back to me about rules, I am going to go insane,” Kyuhyun said as he started walking toward Ryeowook again.

“What would it matter if I did? You obviously don’t care about anything or anybody but yourself,” Ryeowook told him as he backed away as Kyuhyun got closer. Unfortunately, he backed himself into a wall, and at that moment Kyuhyun was on him instantly.

Kyuhyun grabbed Ryeowook by the chin, forcing him to look up at him; then he bore down, kissing him fiercely, forcing his tongue into the other man’s mouth. Kyuhyun stopped after a few moments when he realized his passion wasn’t being returned. He backed up a step and looked down at the shorter man after taking in his earlier words. “You know that isn’t true. You know I love you.”

Ryeowook just shook his head, not looking at Kyuhyun, but his shoes instead, as he collected himself. “No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. This is…I mean….how can you doubt that?” Kyuhyun stuttered over the words, at a loss.

“You love that I love you. I don’t doubt that, but this isn’t about love. This is about getting one over on people. You are a hundred times worse now that Eunhyuk knows? Why is that? The things you said today in front him, it’s just so clear now,” Ryeowook said as he looked up at Kyuhyun, unflinching.

“No…No…I just won’t be shamed or made to feel guilty,” Kyuhyun tried to explain, truly confused by Ryeowook’s words. “You can’t possibly think this is some game to me?”

“Kyuhyun, you should feel ashamed. We are guilty. This is just some forbidden game to you!” Ryeowook told him, looking utterly disgusted.

“I don’t even know what to say to you! Where is this coming from? You are not a game to me! Just because I won’t cower and be made to feel like trash, doesn’t mean this isn’t real,” Kyuhyun told him painfully and truthfully.

“What happened to caring what your family thought - remember your dad? You couldn’t disappoint him, remember? What happened to those words? Were they just lies?”
Ryeowook demanded to know, crossing his arms across his chest again, now that Kyuhyun had given him breathing room.

“He doesn’t have to know. Nobody has to know. I want you. I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life…it can be our secret,” Kyuhyun said, defending himself.

“Are you crazy? They will find out. Somebody already knows, and only by the luck of God do Junho and Heechul not know. I even sometimes wonder if your mother doesn’t suspect. I can’t live like this…always being afraid. The world doesn’t revolve around what you want!” Ryeowook told him, flinging his arms out as the emotions got to him, and his cool façade faded away.

“I know…but you want it, too. I know you do,” Kyuhyun said, moving in once Ryeowook’s guard was down and enveloping him in a hug. “Take back what you said earlier. You can’t think this is just a game to me. You know how much I love you, how much I’ve always loved you.” Ryeowook closed his eyes and hugged Kyuhyun back as hard as he could and just clung to him. “Take it back.” Kyuhyun repeated, his voice raw with emotion. Time passed slowly with them both clinging to each other in silence.

When Ryeowook finally opened his eyes, there was a new determination gleaming in them. He pulled out of the embrace and kept Kyuhyun at arms distance. “I want you to listen to me.”

“Okay, but you have to take it back. You know I love you,” Kyuhyun said, lifting a hand up and brushing the hair out of Ryeowook’s face.

“I know you think you do. Don’t interrupt me, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook ordered as he saw Kyuhyun about to protest. “Let me finish. There isn’t going to be anymore rules,” Ryeowook told him, taking a deep breath to steady himself.

“Sounding better,” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but add as he smiled down at Ryeowook, who continued on as if Kyuhyun hadn’t spoken.

“I am tired of being unhappy. I don’t want to be this person that I’ve turned into. I won’t be like some tragic character from some horrid romance novel. We can never be - ”

Ryeo - ”

“Don’t interrupt me! It’s just how it’s going to be. I have to get back to being me, so I am ending this now. If you still want me as your friend, then I will happily oblige. But Kyuhyun, so help me God, if you push me…you won’t even have that.” Ryeowook’s determination sent chills down to the core of Kyuhyun’s being, as his hands dropped away from Ryeowook, allowing the other man to walk away.
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