TFAN Part 19, Sneak Peek

“It’s like he dumped you for Twitter.”  Eunhyuk told Kyuhyun who was sitting beside him in one of the waiting rooms as they got ready for their performance on Inkigayo.



“That’s so not funny.”  Kyuhyun said glaring back at the other man, but secretly he agreed.  It had been over a week since Ryeowook had laid down the law to him and Ryeowook seemed thrilled about it.  Kyuhyun wasn’t as lucky, physically he was finally off his antibiotics and his dizziness was a thing of the past, but mentally he was a mess.


“It really is.”  Eunhyuk said chuckling as he watched Ryeowook go from person to person snapping pictures of them.  His happiness truly seemed infectious to everybody, well to everybody but the very disgruntled maknae that was sitting next to Eunhyuk.


“Are we going to smile big today?”  Siwon asked walking up to the two men who sat watching Ryeowook wander happily around the room from one person to the next.


“I smiled yesterday.”  Kyuhyun said as his focused on the taller man moving closer to him.


“Yes, you did.”  Leeteuk added as he walked up next to Siwon who immediately put his arm around the leader’s shoulders.  “But smile like you’re happy, not like you’re planning to take over the world.”


Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the two men standing in front of him.  “I would be happy if I took over the world.”


“Nobody else would be.” Eunhyuk chirped in beside him.


Siwon let go of Leeteuk as he walked up to the grumpy maknae and pinched his cheeks while saying, “Why so blue, baby boy?”


Kyuhyun pulled away from Siwon with obvious disgust, “Get away from me.  You’re going to make me puke.”


Siwon just shook his head at him.  Leeteuk ruffled Kyuhyun’s hair to annoy him further.  “Smile like you mean it, okay?  It’s a happy song, look happy.”


“Okay.”  Kyuhyun agreed the pout obvious in his voice as the other two men walked away laughing at him.


“Oh look how sweet!”  Eunhyuk said in a voice of fake adoration that automatically put Kyuhyun on guard as the other man stuck his phone up to his face.  “Look what Ryeowook just sent out on twitter.  Aren’t they adorable?”


Kyuhyun’s expression immediately went from sour to devastated as he looked at the picture of Ryeowook and Luna.  He quickly hid his expression and replaced it with his annoyed look but Eunhyuk had already seen the break in his control and apologized, “Sorry.”


“There isn’t anything to be sorry about, except for the fact that you’re a total asshole.”  Kyuhyun said taking the phone from him.  “I really hate twitter.”


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