TFAN 20, Sneak Peek

It was hours later and all of the active members of Super Junior sat in the living room of the top floor dorm, except Siwon who had been sent home earlier per his request.  Heechul, Leeteuk, Zhou Mi sat on the couch, Shindong sat in a chair, Ryeowook and Sungmin shared a recliner and the rest of the members sat on the floor as their head manager paced up and down the floor.


The manager paused and took a deep breath and looked at Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, and Yesung sitting on the floor and then started pacing again.


“It’s like you can actually see his hair turning gray.”  Kyuhyun whispered to Donghae who shook his head in agreement.


The manager stopped pacing and took another deep breath and said in a controlled voice, “Now that we are all back from the hospital and nobody is suffering from smoke inhalation, I just want to say……”  He stopped as his face took on a very distorted look of anger. 


“It was an accident.  We didn’t mean to catch the dorm on fire.  It was just a little fire anyway, I used the fire extinguisher.”  Kyuhyun spoke up from his position on the floor between Donghae and Eunhyuk.


At the look of rage on the manager’s face Leeteuk warned, “Kyuhyun, be quiet.”


“I don’t have time for your excuses.”  The manager said pointing a finger at Kyuhyun.  “We have a performance tomorrow, and one of my lead singers almost got burnt alive, not to mention two of my lead dancers.”


Sungmin who had been in a sour mood since the sounds of screaming members had woke him from a dead sleep said in a hateful tone. “Oh, who cares if I get burned alive?  I’m just middle Man Min!”  Sungmin told the manager with pure venom, “Who cares if my precious kitchen was destroyed!”


Kyuhyun who hadn’t been cowered by the manager actually cringed when Sungmin spoke up.  “It was an accid…”


“Shut up!”  Sungmin screamed at him.  Ryeowook who was sitting close to Sungmin just patted his leg and wrapped an arm around him tightly.  Ryeowook was too busy glaring at Yesung to offer any encouraging words.


“Ummm…”  The manager started looking a little afraid of Sungmin himself.  “You all are staying here tonight.”


“Can’t they go to Siwon’s or a hotel?”  Heechul asked annoyed at the thought of more people in his dorm.


“No, they cannot.”  The manager answered sharply.


“Can I?”  Heechul asked hopefully.


“No!”  The manager answered on edge.  “This is how sleeping arrangements are going to be.  Zhou Mi you are with Heechul.  Sungmin you are with Shindong.  Eunhyuk you are with Donghae and Leeteuk.  Kyuhyun and Yesung, you are with Ryeowook.”


Kyuhyun blushed at the thought of going back to Ryeowook’s room.  “Can’t I be with Donghae and Eunhyuk?”  Kyuhyun pleaded.


“Hell no, does that answer your question…hell no.”  The manger told Kyuhyun he was literally spitting mad.


“I think I should be with Sungmin.”  Ryeowook offered, pointing to the clearly distressed member beside him who looked slightly homicidal.


“No, you are not going to be with Sungmin.  Shindong is going to handle Sungmin.  You are going to handle the K and the Y because we have to perform at a festival tomorrow dammit and you three are going to sound amazing!  Do you hear me?  Amazing!”

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