TFAN, Part 20

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

It was hours later, and all of the active members of Super Junior sat in the living room of the top floor dorm, except Siwon, who had been sent home earlier per his request. Heechul, Leeteuk, Zhou Mi sat on the couch, Shindong sat in a chair, Ryeowook and Sungmin shared a recliner, and the rest of the members sat on the floor as their head manager paced up and down the floor.

The manager paused and took a deep breath and looked at Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, and Yesung sitting on the floor. He frowned and then started pacing again.

“It’s like you can actually see his hair turning gray,” Kyuhyun whispered to Donghae, who nodded his head in agreement.

The manager stopped pacing and took another deep breath and said in a controlled voice, “Now that we are all back from the hospital, and nobody is suffering from smoke inhalation, I just want to say - ” He stopped as his face took on a distorted look of anger.

“It was an accident. We didn’t mean to catch the dorm on fire. It was just a little fire anyway. I used the fire extinguisher,” Kyuhyun spoke up from his position on the floor between Donghae and Eunhyuk.

At the look of rage on the manager’s face, Leeteuk warned, “Kyuhyun, be quiet.”

“I don’t have time for your excuses,” the manager said pointing a finger at Kyuhyun. “We have a performance tomorrow, and one of my lead singers almost got burnt alive, not to mention two of my lead dancers.”

Sungmin, who had been in a sour mood since the sounds of screaming members had awoken him from a dead sleep, said in a hateful tone, “Oh, who cares if I get burned alive? I’m just middle Man Min!” Sungmin told the manager with pure venom, “Who cares if my precious kitchen was destroyed!”

Kyuhyun, who hadn’t been cowed by the manager, actually cringed when Sungmin spoke up. “It was an accid ”

“Shut up!” Sungmin screamed at him. Ryeowook, who was sitting close to Sungmin, just patted his leg and wrapped an arm around him tightly. Ryeowook was too busy glaring at Yesung to offer any encouraging words.

“Ummm - ” the manager was beginning to look a little afraid of Sungmin himself. “You all are staying here tonight.”

“Can’t they go to Siwon’s, or a hotel?” Heechul asked, annoyed at the thought of more people in his dorm.

“No, they cannot,” the manager answered sharply.

“Can I?” Heechul asked hopefully.

“No!” The manager answered, on edge. “This is how sleeping arrangements are going to be. Zhou Mi, you are with Heechul. Sungmin, you are with Shindong. Eunhyuk, you are with Donghae and Leeteuk. Kyuhyun and Yesung, you are with Ryeowook.”

Kyuhyun blushed at the thought of going back to Ryeowook’s room. “Can’t I be with Donghae and Eunhyuk?”

“Hell no, does that answer your question…hell no,” the manger told Kyuhyun; he was literally spitting mad.

“I think I should be with Sungmin,” Ryeowook offered, pointing to the clearly distressed member beside him who looked slightly homicidal.

“No, you are not going to be with Sungmin. Shindong is going to handle Sungmin. You are going to handle the K and the Y because we have to perform at a festival tomorrow, dammit, and you three are going to sound amazing! Do you hear me? Amazing!”


“What are we supposed to sleep in? Are we allowed to go bum clothes off somebody who isn’t four feet tall?” Kyuhyun said, stomping his feet as he returned to the room he knew too well from recent experiences.

“You better be nice to him, because I plan on you keeping him from killing me in my sleep,” Yesung said as he followed Kyuhyun into Ryeowook’s room. “Did you see the way he’s looking at me?”

Ryeowook, who was already in his pajamas, walked in behind them and threw a t-shirt at each of them as hard as he could. “You mean I have been looking at you like you’re a liar. A liar that almost got four members killed and almost burned down this building, killing God knows how many innocent people in the process?”

“He made me!” Yesung told Ryeowook, selling out the younger man as fast as he could. “Before I left, the last thing he told me was not to tell you.”

“I have no doubt he told you that, but since when did you start listening to his dumb ideas? I asked you three times!” Ryeowook yelled back at him, taking the t-shirt from Yesung and hitting him with it. “Three times!”

“Why do I have to wear the pink t-shirt?” Kyuhyun asked, holding up the oversized pink t-shirt with an offended look on his face. He had totally ignored their argument.

Ryeowook sighed and took a deep breath. “Those are just the two shirts that Shindong gave me, and I threw them randomly. I wasn’t thinking that you are a big, gay jerk, and I should give you the pink one!”

“Don’t start with me!” Kyuhyun snapped back at him.

“No, don’t you start with me!” Ryeowook shouted back at him.

“Don’t shout at me; I could have died.” Kyuhyun shouted back at Ryeowook.

“I know! That’s why I’m shouting at you! I can shout at you when you almost kill yourself!” Ryeowook shouted back at him.

Yesung just watched them, his eyes going back and forth from one to the other. “Dudes, I will totally wear the pink shirt,” Yesung said, snapping the pink shirt out of Kyuhyun’s hands and handing him his black one.

“Fine,” Kyuhyun said, taking the black one from Yesung and sitting down on the side of Ryeowook’s bed, annoyed.

“I am going to get ready for bed. When I get back, you two better be not be so freaking weird,” Yesung said, heading out of the room to the bathroom.

“I’m not four foot tall either,” Ryeowook said, sitting on the side of the bed beside Kyuhyun.

“Close,” Kyuhyun said, looking at his feet.

“You are my friend. I’m just upset you almost killed yourself, and Yesung is a big fat liar,” Ryeowook said, taking Kyuhyun’s hand.

“I didn’t almost kill myself. I had it completely under control,” Kyuhyun said, jerking his hand away from Ryeowook.

“That’s not what the fire department said,” Ryeowook said, taking Kyuhyun’s hand again.

“They just wanted to make it a big deal, so they will look good in the papers,” Kyuhyun said, not pulling away his hand this time.

“Kyuhyun, that you almost killed yourself instead….instead of just coming up and eating with everybody. I would have even sent some down,” Ryeowook said, shaking his head in disbelief, wondering when their relationship had got to the point that Kyuhyun even refused his food.

“I don’t want anything from you,” Kyuhyun told him, rudely jerking his hand away again.

Ryeowook closed his eyes and bit into his lower lip before he responded, “Kyuhyun, don’t be like that. We are still friends.”

“If I behave correctly,” Kyuhyun told him miserably, hating the feelings that were beginning to overwhelm him.

Ryeowook took Kyuhyun’s hand again. “Can’t you just go back to a few months ago, before any of this happened? You know I care for you…you are my friend.”

“Stop saying that word, friend. I hate it. I’m even starting to hate you,” Kyuhyun told him, the pain obvious in his words, but he didn’t let go of the hand.

“No, you don’t...but even if you did…I wouldn’t blame you,” Ryeowook told him, the hurt so clear in every word he spoke.

“What do you want from me?” Kyuhyun asked as he clung to Ryeowook’s hand tightly now.

“I think a hug would probably help,” Ryeowook admitted honestly, looking up at the man beside him.

“A what?” Kyuhyun asked, jumping up and letting go of Ryeowook’s hand.

“A hug. Friend’s hug each other and I’m just…my nerves are just frayed right now,” Ryeowook told him, not moving from the bed, but watching Kyuhyun closely.

“I’m sorry, but after you threatened me, and have ignored me for almost two weeks now……..I am not hugging you,” Kyuhyun told him, folding his arms across his chest.

“I haven’t ignored you. I have been perfectly normal with you. I never said we weren’t going to be friends. I never said that,” Ryeowook told him, his voice hitching in places.

“No, you threatened me with our friendship. If I didn’t toe the line, then it would be gone. I know exactly what you said. I remember clearly, and I’m sorry if my almost dying upsets you, but you don’t get to hug me,” Kyuhyun told him, clearly distressed at the request.

“Kyuhyun, it’s just how it has to be,” Ryeowook told him sadly, attempting to calm him with his words.

“Oh, I know. It’s how it has to be, so you can be happy. Well, go be happy, but don’t expect me to be happy, because I’m not. I can’t let you put your arms around me…I can’t handle that,” Kyuhyun told him bitterly as the door swung open, and Yesung walked in.

“They have staff in the living room watching us tonight. It’s like they think we are going to sneak out and burn the place down or something,” Yesung said as he plopped himself on the bed.

“I am going to get dressed,” Kyuhyun said, taking his shirt and leaving for the bathroom in a hurry.

Ryeowook walked to his closet, and started pulling out blankets and started to make a pallet on the floor.

“Am I forgiven since he is being such a brat?” Yesung asked as he watched the other man work quietly.

“Absolutely not, because I swear if something had happened to him…them, it would have been on you,” Ryeowook told him as he took a pillow from the bed and threw it on the pallet.

“I know, I know, but who would have thought they would catch the dorm on fire - although the nutmeg should have been a hint.” Yesung reconsidered, thinking back on the events.

“Nutmeg?” Ryeowook asked, taking a seat on the pallet.

“When Kyuhyun said to add the nutmeg to the spaghetti, it should have been a hint.”

“Oh, spaghetti, I should have known. They added nutmeg?” Ryeowook asked and couldn’t help but smile.

“Kyuhyun thought it sounded good,” Yesung explained with a grin.

Ryeowook was laughing when Kyuhyun walked back in the room, and he looked up at the younger man with such sincere affection that Kyuhyun couldn’t help but catch his breath. “If you ever want spaghetti in the future, you are to ask me.”

Against his better judgment, Kyuhyun found himself smiling back and sitting down on the pallet with Ryeowook. “It would have been delicious.”

“I can’t help but doubt that,” Ryeowook said fondly as he reached for Kyuhyun, who immediately scooted out of his reach, causing the other man to frown.

“So, you two have the pallet then, and I have the bed? I can deal with that,” Yesung said as he lay down in the bed, pulling the covers up.

“No!” Ryeowook answered quickly, causing Kyuhyun to roll his eyes at the other man’s panic.

“I am not sleeping on that pallet. I’m the oldest, so therefore I should get the bed,” Yesung insisted, pulling the covers up over his head.

“I am the youngest, so I will take the floor,” Kyuhyun told them, ending the fight before it started.

Yesung rose up in bed, shocked. “Really? Near death experiences must bring out the best in you.”

Ryeowook got up, giving Kyuhyun a knowing look, and got in the bed with Yesung. “Just be grateful.”

“If he’s had any Mexican recently, I will be the grateful one,” Kyuhyun chirped in as Yesung rolled over closer to the wall to give Ryeowook room.

“No, such luck,” Yesung told him joking. “Ryeowook, does this mean the return of Yewook? We are sharing a room again, not to mention a bed.”

Ryeowook just grunted as he reached over to the table beside the bed and grabbed his phone.

“And you are wearing pink,” Kyuhyun pointed out from the floor where he sat on his pallet watching them.

“I am,” Yesung said, sitting up pointing to his shirt with exaggerated hand movements. “But my old love is too busy - ” Yesung peered over Ryeowook’s shoulder. “ - playing on Twitter to give me proper attention, not to mention, he’s chatting with his best girlie friend, Dolly.”

Kyuhyun’s spirits that had been getting better suddenly plummeted to the ground at the mention of Dolly. If he disliked Luna, he hated Dolly with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Yesung snickered as he watched Kyuhyun’s face go cold. Kyuhyun had always hated her, and the feeling was mutual. They both were Ryeowook attention hogs, and when they were both together, it was never pretty. “Little maknae don’t be jealous; everybody has to be second best sometimes….oh wait, I forgot that would be third best. You can’t always be the favorite.”

“Behave,” Ryeowook warned as he turned the phone on himself to take a picture of his smiling face.

“Kinky, so she likes to get a picture of you before she goes to bed at night. That’s hot,” Yesung teased as he moved close to the wall to prevent Ryeowook from hitting him.

“I’m just sending out a picture to the fans,” Ryeowook explained as he continued to mess with his phone. “It isn’t anything…Kyuhyun! Give it back,” Ryeowook snapped as Kyuhyun snatched the phone away from him.

“I will,” Kyuhyun said as he backed away and started going through the phone.

“Now,” Ryeowook ordered, holding out his hand.

“Just a second. Is there something on here that I shouldn’t see?” Kyuhyun asked, not looking up from the phone.

“No. I just want it back,” Ryeowook said, dropping his hand when he realized Kyuhyun wasn’t going to listen to him.

“Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. How does she hold down a job and text message you a hundred times a day,” Kyuhyun asked as he glared at the phone, going through all of Ryeowook’s tweets and text messages.

“Are you cheating on me with that frivolous cow?” Yesung accused in a joking manner as he put his arm around Ryeowook.

“Cow? She’s too skinny as it is,” Ryeowook said, rolling his eyes at Yesung.

“Is she? Concerned for her health, are you?” Kyuhyun said, looking up from the phone to a long suffering Ryeowook and a smirking Yesung.

“Baby is jealous now,” Yesung warned.

“I am concerned for the health of all my friends. That’s why you should give me the phone and go to bed,” Ryeowook told him, calmly reaching out his hand for the phone again.

Kyuhyun’s nose flared at the mention of friend. Instead of handing Ryeowook the phone, he snapped a picture of Yesung and Ryeowook in bed together, with Yesung’s arm wrapped around Ryeowook. “This is my special Twitter gift for YeWook fans all over the world.”

Yesung was out of the bed, diving for Kyuhyun so fast, that Kyuhyun barely had time to jump out of the way. “Give me that phone now,” Yesung ordered angrily to the younger man.

“Why? You love fan service,” Kyuhyun said, holding his hand up out of Yesung’s reach.

“There’s fan service, and then there is career suicide!” Yesung said, jerking Kyuhyun’s hand down and trying to pull the phone away.

“Kyuhyun, give him the phone.” The sound of disappointment in Ryeowook’s voice made Kyuhyun freeze, and Yesung snatched the phone away from him.

“Freaking brat,” Yesung mumbled under his breath as he climbed back in bed and crawled up beside Ryeowook, handing him the phone. “Double check this. He didn’t send it, did he?”

Ryeowook took the phone from Yesung and studied it, not looking at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun sighed as he lay back down on the pallet beside the bed.

“Nothing got sent, and it’s deleted now,” Ryeowook reassured Yesung as he reached over and flipped out the lights.

“Why do you have to be so mean?” Yesung asked, but Kyuhyun didn’t respond; he just laid there in the dark, asking himself that same question.

“Leave him alone. Let’s just go to bed,” Ryeowook said, and the hurt in his voice made Kyuhyun flinch.

“I love you…guys,” Kyuhyun just blurted out in response to Ryeowook’s wounded feelings.

“Well, we don’t love you, you little shithead,” Yesung mouthed back to him, still reeling from the thought of that picture being posted on the net.

“Ouch!” Yesung yelped in response to Ryeowook’s elbow connecting to his side.

“We love you, too, Kyuhyun. Goodnight,” Ryeowook told him in a tired voice as he turned on his side away from Yesung.

“I don’t like either one of you, personally,” Yesung informed them both as he pulled the covers back up to his shoulders and turned to face the wall.

“You love us, and you know it.” Kyuhyun couldn’t resist baiting Yesung as he laid there in the dark beside the bed, wondering if he would ever be happy again.

“Love you like I love a toothache,” Yesung grumbled, the approaching sleep already noticeable in his gruff voice.

“Whatever, you totally adore - ”

“Shhh…go to bed, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook told him softly from above him on the bed. Kyuhyun was about to protest, when he let out a huge sneeze. “Kyuhyun, did you take your allergy medicine?”

“Yes, dear,” Kyuhyun couldn’t resist to answer back sarcastically, but then added, “The manager force fed me two of them - said I couldn’t be snotty tomorrow.”

“That’s good,” Ryeowook answered as he reached down and took Kyuhyun’s hand in his. Kyuhyun didn’t say a word as their fingers intertwined; he just allowed Ryeowook’s touch to do his usual magic, and he was soon asleep.


His breaths were not his own as he lay in total darkness, unable to move. He could hear his parents crying in the distance, his father desperately pleading. Death was all around, encompassing him, wanting to take him far away.

The death brought with it a feeling of dread more powerful than anything he had ever known. He had hurt Ryeowook purposely, spitefully, and he would never get the chance to say how terribly sorry he was. He would never ever see total forgiveness in Ryeowook’s eyes again.

“Kyuhyun! Wake up!” Kyuhyun was jolted awake by that familiar voice and by hands on his chest shaking him. Kyuhyun’s eyes opened to total darkness, causing him to panic and tremble all over. “Yesung, get the light.”

Light soon bathed the room, and Kyuhyun sat up quickly, embracing Ryeowook so hard, the other lost his balance and fell into him. “It’s okay - just that old nightmare, but it’s over now.”

“Should I go get help or something? This one was really bad,” Yesung asked, his voice full of worry, as he stood behind them, and he watched Kyuhyun’s labored breathing. “I mean, it might be the worse one in years.”

“It will be okay, I think. It’s probably just a combination of the fire and the hospital trip,” Ryeowook told Yesung as he continued to embrace Kyuhyun, who remained speechless as he tried to calm his racing heart and his breathing.

“Are you sure?” Yesung asked, kneeling down beside them and putting a comforting hand on Kyuhyun’s back. He could feel the younger man trembling all over. “I’ve seen a bunch of these over the years, due to the fact he can’t stay in his own room, but this is bad. Like right after the accident bad.”

“Kyuhyun, talk to me,” Ryeowook said, trying to pull away from the embrace so he could see the other man’s face, but Kyuhyun wouldn’t allow him to budge.

“You’re mad at me,” Kyuhyun finally spoke with a small, weak and scared voice that sounded nothing like him.

“Never,” Ryeowook said, reaching a hand up to ruffle Kyuhyun’s hair. “How could I ever stay mad at you? You’re my favorite,” Ryeowook said in coddling voice that even a traumatized Kyuhyun bulked at.

“Liar,” Kyuhyun responded in his own voice, not letting go of Ryeowook. Yesung and Ryeowook shared a sigh of relief.

“So, are you going to live?” Yesung asked the fragile maknae as he rubbed his back.

“Yeah,” Kyuhyun told him, still not relinquishing Ryeowook from his hold.

“Should I, like, go?” Yesung said as he stood up and took in the sight of the two of them.

“Why?” Ryeowook asked, looking up at him. “Just go back to bed. I’ll handle him.”

“Are you sure? I could maybe help?” Yesung asked, leaning against the door.

“I’m sure,” Ryeowook told Yesung as his hand continued to run through Kyuhyun’s hair trying to calm him.

“Can I turn off the lights?” Yesung asked, not sure how Kyuhyun would react to the lights going off.

Ryeowook managed to pull himself partially out of Kyuhyun’s embrace. “Hey, did you hear him? Can he turn off the lights?” Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun as he looked into a red face with a snotty nose and very wet eyes.

“Yes,” Kyuhyun said as he took one hand and wiped his eyes, while leaving the other one tightly wrapped around Ryeowook.

“Okay, well get better kid. Tomorrow I am going to give you hell, just so you know,” Yesung said, flipping off the lights and climbing back in bed.

“Hyung!” Ryeowook accused Yesung, shocked, as Kyuhyun pulled him back into a tight embrace that barely left him breathing room.

“It’s okay. If he was nice, it would be weird,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook as he buried his face into his neck, taking a deep breath and inhaling the scent of him.

“Kyuhyun - ”

“Just lets...stay like this for just a bit,” Kyuhyun mumbled into Ryeowook’s neck. Ryeowook could feel Kyuhyun’s mouth move with every word, and it sent sparks down his spine. Ryeowook was unable to protest, considering Yesung was only a few feet away. To Yesung, Ryeowook comforting Kyuhyun after a nightmare was completely natural. Ryeowook being uncomfortable with it would be something to be suspicious about.

Minutes passed, and Kyuhyun just clung to Ryeowook, not asking or pushing for more. Ryeowook could feel Kyuhyun’s racing heart slowing down as the minutes passed. Ryeowook’s neck was soaked with a combination of tears and snot, but Ryeowook resisted the urge to get up and clean it off. Ryeowook listened for Yesung’s customary sleeping sounds, and soon he heard them piercing the silence.

“Kyuhyun, lets lay down,” Ryeowook gently told the other man, who he knew wasn’t sleeping.

Kyuhyun lifted his head up, moved his mouth to Ryeowook’s ear and pressed against it and whispered honestly, “I don’t want to let you go.”

“You don’t have to,” Ryeowook told him faintly. Ryeowook cursed himself and the desire that shot through his body as Kyuhyun mouth touched his ear. “I will stay with you.” Kyuhyun gradually loosened his grip and lowered himself back down onto the pallet.

“I’ll not…I promise,” Kyuhyun said, but stopped himself from saying too much. He had been fooled once by what he thought was a sleeping member.

“I know,” Ryeowook said, still sitting up as he took a corner of the blanket and started wiping his neck with it. He then rearranged the covers so that he and Kyuhyun would both be covered up. He hesitated for a moment, questioning the sanity of his plan.

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun softly pleaded in the darkness.

Ryeowook slid down beside Kyuhyun, lying on his side. Ryeowook scooted close to Kyuhyun and rested his head on the other man’s chest. Kyuhyun maneuvered his arm under Ryeowook and wrapped it around him, pulling him closer.

“It’s not just a nightmare. It’s a memory of me dying,” Kyuhyun whispered softly, so only the man lying in his arms could hear him.

“Kyuhyun, I’m so sorry,” was all Ryeowook could say as he tightened his arms around Kyuhyun. “Has it always been the same?” Ryeowook couldn’t help but ask of the mysterious nightmare that Kyuhyun was so tight lipped about, even to him.

“Yes, but sometimes I can wake up…but sometimes I can’t, and it just goes on and on,” Kyuhyun explained. “I am being taken over by the darkness…by death, my parents are crying, I can’t move, there’s pain everywhere, and I can never tell you I’m sorry,” Kyuhyun voiced hitched on the words. “We were fighting before the accident, and in the dream…I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Kyuhyun said as his breathing and heart rate increased at just the mere mention of the dream.

“Shhh…don’t then. Don’t worry about that old fight. I forgave you long ago. Just sleep,” Ryeowook said, reaching for Kyuhyun’s other arm that wasn’t around him, and clutched it firmly. “In the morning, it will be gone like it always is, and you can find new ways to drive your hyungs crazy.”

“You will be gone, too. It won’t be like this. I’ll be strong again, and you’ll be distant,” Kyuhyun whispered to him sadly.

“I won’t be gone; none of us will be. Stop thinking, and just go to sleep,” Ryeowook begged, and he was so grateful that the manager had put Yesung with them. He knew if Yesung wasn’t in that bed above them, he wouldn’t have been able to resist Kyuhyun at this moment, and he would have provided him with a different kind of comfort.

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