TFAN Part 21, Sneak Peek

When Kyuhyun awoke the next morning the first thing he became aware of was the painful prickles shooting up from his arm, the second thing he noticed was that Ryeowook was asleep next to him laying on the arm in question.  The pain was forgotten and happiness started filling him up from deep inside, “awe, this day is starting off nice.”  He whispered to himself as he started thinking of the ways he could enjoy the other man, but soon the memories of the night before flooded back slapping him in the face ending such thoughts.


“Argh,” Kyuhyun quietly mumbled to himself as he pulled the sleeping arm out from under Ryeowook.  Ryeowook didn’t appear to awaken he just turned to his back and continued sleeping.


Kyuhyun sat up frowning as the memories of the night before flooded back, his behavior made him cringe.   Ryeowook wasn’t with him because he wanted Kyuhyun.  He was with him because he had to placate him like a baby.  Ryeowook had not apologized to him for his cold behavior at Music Bank that day, his neglect the following weeks, nor had he promised him anything other than his ongoing presence.


Kyuhyun watched the sleeping man beside him and realized that for Ryeowook things had gone back to the way they had always been.  The man had not bulked at being in Kyuhyun’s arms, but instead was his normal comforting self…being close to Kyuhyun had not made him nervous or excited.


“You are thinking too much.”  Ryeowook told him his eyes still shut as he reached out a hand for Kyuhyun.


“Things are just becoming clear to me.”  Kyuhyun said taking the hand Ryeowook offered.  Kyuhyun turned to the bed and saw that Yesung was facing the wall away from them and still sleeping with his tiny snoring noises.


“You are scaring me, Kyuhyun.”  Ryeowook told him his eyes still shut but a smile had formed on his lips.  “Thinking is bad, when you think things tend to get burned down.”


“Not funny.” 


“Let’s sleep some more.  Lay down, it’s still too early to be up.” 


“That wouldn’t be a good idea.”  Kyuhyun warned he had let go of Ryeowook’s hand and slid his hand down to grasp Ryeowook’s wrist instead.  Ryeowook’s wrists had always mesmerized him they were so small and delicate.


“Climb up and sleep with Yesung, the bed’s softer.”  Ryeowook told him his eyes still closed.


Kyuhyun’s eyes darting to Yesung who was still facing away from them and could still be heard snoring softly.  “That sounds like a good idea.”  Kyuhyun said, but instead of getting up he bent forward and kissed Ryeowook’s inner wrist.

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