Sneak Peek Part 22

“What secret?”  Donghae asked walking up to them with one bottle of water.



“How I acted the fool and made you guys chase after me in your pajamas all through the city.  I want to keep that a secret…forever.”  Kyuhyun answered quickly at the man’s sudden appearance.


“You got some!”  Eunhyuk said excitedly as he grabbed the bottle of water from Donghae and started guzzling it down.


“I doubt it stays a secret.  Some of those girls had their phones out filming us.  I am sure there are fancams popping up as we speak.”  Donghae told him as he pulled the water away from Eunhyuk before he could drink it all and handed it to Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun took the water eagerly and finished the bottle off, “We need more.”


“I barely got that.  The dude was not amused with me I think he finally gave me the bottle just to get rid of me.”


“Darn, it was a dude.  I was hoping it was a girl.” Eunhyuk responded sadly. 


“What we need is a phone.”  Kyuhyun pointed out as he surveyed the people in the park.


“I wonder what time it is?”  Donghae asked looking up at the sun.


“If they have already left for rehearsals we are so dead.”  Eunhyuk said sighing as he imagined the already angry manager’s wrath.  “Especially after we burned the dorm down.”


“We didn’t burn the dorm down.  It just had some smoke damage.  It should be fine by tonight.”  Kyuhyun said as he focused on an older couple who were walking with their little white dog.


“If Leeteuk has any say in the matter the dorm will be ready tonight that’s for sure.”  Eunhyuk replied remembering the Leader’s multiple complaints last night.


“He sure wasn’t any fun.”  Donghae agreed.


“What are you up to?  Why are you looking at them like that?”  Eunhyuk asked as he noticed the elderly couple that had caught Kyuhyun’s interest.


 “We need to ask somebody if we can borrow their phone and I think you should ask them.”  Kyuhyun said pointing to the elderly couple.


“Me?”  Eunhyuk asked confused.


“You are the most well known of us, so there is a greater chance that they will recognize you.”  Kyuhyun explained to him.


“How do you even know they have a phone?”  Donghae asked.


“Because I’m a psychic.”  Kyuhyun told him sarcastically.


“Huh?”  Eunhyuk and Donghae both shared a confused look with each other.


“No, you idiots!  I just saw the old woman using one not even five minutes ago.” Kyuhyun told them rolling his eyes.  “Do you think I just randomly picked them because I liked their doggy?”


“You are evilest maknae ever.” Eunhyuk told him looking offended.


“No respect for anybody.”  Donghae confirmed.


“I’m so ashamed I promise to be nice from now on.”  Kyuhyun told them in the most insincere way possible and then ordered.  “Now go get us that phone.”


“Who are we going to call if I do get it?  I am not calling the manager he will kill us.”


“We will have to call a member.”  Donghae realized.


“I have a feeling they are already on their way to rehearsal.  It has to be past nine by now.”  Kyuhyun pointed out regretfully.


“I don’t even know my friends numbers, I don’t even know yours.  I use my cell for everything.”  Donghae told them running a hand through his hair.


“Me too.  I don’t know anybodies number, except my ex girlfriends, and my parent’s home phone.”  Eunhyuk admitted.


“I know most of my family members, but of the members I only remember Sungmin’s because we are constantly changing our numbers.”  Kyuhyun reluctantly informed them.


“I’m not calling Sungmin.”  Eunhyuk informed them.  “I’d rather run back to the dorm and miss the festival entirely before I would call him.”


“Agreed!”  Donghae blurted out, “He was scary mad last night after we caught the kitchen on fire.”


“Well I don’t know what to tell you, unless you want to call my mom.” Kyuhyun said innocently, trying to hide a smile.


“You don’t know Ryeowook’s number?” Eunhyuk asked suspiciously his eyes narrowing in on Kyuhyun.


“I can’t remember it.”  Kyuhyun told him with an expression that made it look like he was trying really hard to remember.


“Okay, I will get the phone and you get to call Sungmin.”  Eunhyuk said taking Kyuhyun by the arm and dragging him with him toward the elderly couple.


“I think it’s important to remember that we are in our pajamas and we look crazy.”  Donghae said hurrying up beside Eunhyuk.


“If they ask tell them you’re in some kind of variety show and the evil director left you stranded in the park.”  Kyuhyun offered as they got closer to the couple.


“I think you should do the talking, since you’re so clever.”  Eunhyuk said after stopping suddenly.


“Yeah, and you’ve got clothes on.”  Donghae agreed with Eunhyuk.


“You just stay back here and look pretty then…and smile really big.”  Kyuhyun told them looking annoyed as he left them to walk up to the elderly couple.


“He could be a little more grateful.  It is his fault that we are here.”  Donghae complained as he watched the younger man approach the couple and start talking.


“Exactly, there isn’t any way in hell he doesn’t remember Ryeowook’s number.  I bet he knows all our numbers.”  Eunhyuk said glaring at Kyuhyun.


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