TFAN, Part 23

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

“The manager was just downstairs in the dorm, and Kyuhyun made sure to ask him if he could room with Sungmin, so of course the manager said no…just like Kyuhyun knew he would,” Eunhyuk said as he opened the door to Ryeowook’s bedroom and pulled the other man inside.

“What? We aren’t supposed to be staying overnight?” Ryeowook asked, panicked, the whites of his eyes growing bigger.

“Yes, the sponsor is putting you three, plus the manager, up in a nice hotel or something. They want you to sing at some morning meet and greet or something. I don’t know all the facts. I mostly just heard threats from the manager saying Kyuhyun better not set the hotel on fire,” Eunhyuk said, shutting the door behind him.

“Why can’t I room with Sungmin?” Ryeowook moaned as he sat down on his bed, still holding the knife he had taken from Shindong earlier.

“No, such luck…and there is something I need to tell you.”

“What?” Ryeowook asked suddenly in dread.

“I might have slipped up.”

“What did you do?”

“I kinda…I kinda accidentally told him you were just acting, and your feelings hadn’t changed,” Eunhyuk told him, shaking his head, disappointed with himself.

“Crap!” Ryeowook said, standing up and waving his knife. “I knew something was up last night! I could feel it, but I didn’t want to push it, because he enjoys pushing back too much.”

“Put the knife down,” Eunhyuk said, taking a step backwards away from Ryeowook.

“What? Oh, I forgot, sorry,” Ryeowook said, suddenly looking at the knife that he had forgotten about, and set it down on the bed.

“So, what are the chances that you…that you…that nothing is going to happen tonight?” Eunhyuk said, cringing a little at the thought.

Ryeowook sighed and sat back down on the bed. “Not good.”

“Don’t say that,” Eunhyuk groaned.

“I’m just being honest. I always have good intentions….but he always gets around them. Which isn’t fair, because it isn’t like he forces me…I’m more than an eager participant - ” Ryeowook stopped as he looked up at Eunhyuk, who suddenly looked a little ill.

“This is not good.”

“No, I should just cut my throat now,” Ryeowook joked as he picked up the knife again.

“Not funny!” Eunhyuk said walking over and taking the knife from Ryeowook.

“Sorry. I was just joking. We are leaving in less than an hour, and I am just screwed,” Ryeowook told Eunhyuk, who had set the knife down beside the keyboard.

“Hopefully not literally,” Eunhyuk couldn’t resist saying, but added another comment quickly as Ryeowook glared at him. “Maybe he will just fall asleep?” Eunhyuk said hopefully as he leaned against the door.

“Hardly. I can put him to sleep easy enough, but it requires physical contact - that I dare not risk. The only other way would be a knock on the head or to - ” Ryeowook stopped suddenly as an idea came to him.

“What?” Eunhyuk said excitedly as he watched Ryeowook’s mind working.

“I have a plan, but I am going to need your help.”


The smile on Kyuhyun’s face was humongous, stretching from one side of his face to the other, as he walked into the hotel room and saw only one big bed in the center of the room. He actually skipped to the bed and jumped on it, flipping over on his back and clapping his hands gleefully.

“I don’t know why you are so happy, because you’re sleeping on the floor,” Ryeowook told him in an amused voice as he sat his bag down and took in the sight of the room.

Kyuhyun sat up instantly, still grinning. “Ryeowook, what would make you say such a thing? Surely, two purely platonic friends such as us can share this huge bed together.”

“Of course we can; I just don’t want to. Since I moved upstairs, I have been spoiled. I enjoy sleeping by myself…it’s nice,” Ryeowook told him as he removed a shirt from his bag and started to hang it up.

Kyuhyun frowned at him. “You slept with Yesung the other day and didn’t complain.”

“I didn’t really have a choice, did I? Also, Yesung is fine to sleep with; he respects a person’s personal space even when he’s asleep,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun with his back to him as he continued to go through his bag.

“But I have never respected your personal space, and we’ve slept together hundreds of times,” Kyuhyun pointed out, sucking on his bottom lip.

“Exactly. That’s why it’s so refreshing to sleep alone now,” Ryeowook told him as he finished with his bag and turned around to smile at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun smiled back. “Totally don’t believe you. Even when I was new to the group, and you hardly knew me, you still welcomed me to your bed.”

“You were crying all the time back then about having to sleep on the floor, and how everybody was mean to you. I’m not heartless,” Ryeowook explained to him as he walked into the bathroom.

“I wasn’t crying all the time. I hate when you say that. I thought I could cry in front of you without you telling the whole world. Little did I know, it would turn into your favorite topic during radio interviews,” Kyuhyun complained to the other man.

“Poor, abused Kyuhyun. We are not sleeping together. Deal with it,” Ryeowook said from inside the bathroom as he started to wash off his make-up.

Kyuhyun slid off the bed and followed him to the bathroom. Kyuhyun stood beside Ryeowook, giving himself an evil smile in the mirror, and said, “Just to clear up things, the last time we slept together….you were the one all over me.”

“Excuse me?” Ryeowook asked, blinded by the soap covering his face.

“I was innocently sleeping, and you started groping me, which lead to you kissing me. I could go on, but I am sure you remember. I know I do,” Kyuhyun said, patting the other man on the back.

Ryeowook splashed his face clean with water and looked at the smirking maknae beside him through the mirror. “Actually, the last time we slept together, you were a sobbing mess and were clinging to me and begging me never to leave you.”

The smirk faded quickly. “That totally doesn’t count as us sleeping together.”

“I was sleeping peacefully with Yesung for a little over an hour when you stole me away from my comfortable bed for the rest of the night, so yes, it does count,” Ryeowook said, putting facial cream on.

“I still don’t care what you say. I know you like sleeping with me. You have done it for years. I would know if you hated it,” Kyuhyun insisted, folding his arms.

“Kyuhyun, it isn’t like we slept together every night, especially the past couple of years. If letting you invade my personal space twice, three times a week kept you manageable, then it was a small price to pay,” Ryeowook said with his own evil smirk, as he walked out of the bathroom.

Kyuhyun’s mouth dropped open. “Man…Mana…Manageable? You make it sound like you were doing me some huge favor?”

“Wasn’t I?” Ryeowook asked as he sat down on the bed, watching a completely off-balance Kyuhyun and enjoying the rare sight.

“I just wanted to sleep.”

“With me.”

“No…it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t after anything but your company.”

“Unlike now?”


“And this is why you are sleeping on the floor,” Ryeowook told him, smiling as the other man frowned at his own honesty.

Kyuhyun’s smile returned. “So you admit you were lying about wanting your own personal space. You didn’t hate sleeping with me.”

Ryeowook gave an expression of considering it deeply and answered, “I might have lied a little. I really didn’t mind that much; it isn’t like you are like Eunhyuk who will kick somebody off the bed or bite their finger off. You are just…you just tend to cuddle.”

Kyuhyun sat down beside Ryeowook on the bed smiling at him. “Cuddling is good. I love to cuddle with you.”

Ryeowook couldn’t help but blush and shake his head. “No more cuddling for us.”

“Why do you say that? We were good at it. You are so tiny, and I can just wrap my arms around you,” Kyuhyun said fondly as he watched the other man turn redder.

“You know why we can’t cuddle, and actually, we shouldn’t even be sitting on this bed together,” Ryeowook said as he got off the bed and sat in a nearby chair.

“I thought you were over me?” Kyuhyun asked slyly.

“I am.”

“Then why can’t purely platonic friends sit side by side?

“You can’t be trusted,” Ryeowook answered him simply enough.

“I told you that if anything ever happened between us again, it would be you who started it. Since you are over me, I don’t see what the problem is,” Kyuhyun replied back, trying to get Ryeowook to admit he still cared.

“Like I said, I don’t trust you,” Ryeowook told him, not wavering on his answer.

“What do you think I am going to do? Rape you?” Kyuhyun asked, annoyed.

“No, I don’t think that. It’s just that when we are together, we don’t think. Our not thinking will get us in trouble. If we started something tonight, I highly doubt anybody is going to walk through that door and save us from ourselves,” Ryeowook admitted as he grabbed the remote control off the table beside his chair and turned the TV on.

“True, and what a shame that would be,” Kyuhyun immediately got up from the bed and went and made sure the door was locked.

“Subtle, Kyuhyun…very subtle,” Ryeowook said, rolling his eyes at the younger man.

“You just admitted you still love me, so I want to make damn sure if you should change your mind about…what would be the greatest moment of my short life, that we aren’t interrupted,” Kyuhyun said with a smile of pure delight, as he went and grabbed his bag and tossed it on the bed.

“I admitted no such thing!” Ryeowook said, looking at Kyuhyun as if he had lost his mind.

“You just said there might be sex!” Kyuhyun said looking back at Ryeowook like he was crazy.

“I did not say any such thing.”

“You were taking about how we can’t control ourselves…hence you still love me,” Kyuhyun told him as he dug through his bag.

“Tell me, Kyuhyun have you loved everybody you ever had sex with?” Ryeowook asked the man, honestly curious.

“No.” Kyuhyun laughed. “Of course not, but this is different. We shouldn’t actually call it sex, should we…it’s actually making love. Although I don’t like saying that…I suddenly feel cheesy like Donghae. It’s definitely more than sex. So I guess I need to learn to say it…making love, making love, making love…”

“You need to stop!” Ryeowook interrupted him, completely red-faced again.

“Why are you so red? There isn’t any reason to be embarrassed.” Kyuhyun said as he tossed condoms, lube, and latex gloves out of his bag onto the bed.

Ryeowook jumped out of his chair and just stood there completely shocked, his mouth dropping open.

Kyuhyun watched as Ryeowook stared at the condoms, lube, and gloves, speechless. “What? Are the gloves too much?” Kyuhyun asked picking up the latex gloves. “I am totally prepared, and I probably thought too much about it. Well, you can’t just shove it in there even with lube…you have to prepare. I just don’t like the thought of sticking my fingers up there…without gloves on. No offense.”

Ryeowook just stared at him in shock and tried to recovery his ability to speak. “You…you…you - ”

Kyuhyun frowned at him. “I realize it isn’t very romantic. Some people use their tongue…but you should know right now, that isn’t ever happening.” Kyuhyun shook his head, disgusted with the thought.

“You are insane!” Ryeowook screamed at him, and then ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

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