TFAN, Sneak Peek 25

The sound of a chirping alarm awoke Kyuhyun from what had to be one of the soundest sleeps he had in a very long time.  He found himself in Ryeowook’s lap with his arms wrapped around the other man who was sitting up in bed leaning against the bed board with his eyes closed.



Kyuhyun rolled over and tried to shake the sleepiness out of his head.  “A fan meet.”  Kyuhyun said aloud as his memory slowly returned.  He couldn’t understand why he was having such a difficult time remembering, because he knew he didn’t feel hungover…but he felt something familiar.  He looked at Ryeowook who looked very red and puffy faced as if he had been crying all night instead of sleeping.


Why would Ryeowook have been crying? What had he done now?  Kyuhyun shook his head again, because it felt so heavy like he had been…drugged.  Kyuhyun sat up suddenly as the memory of the night before returned.  “You drugged me!”


Ryeowook’s eyes flew open as he was jolted awake by Kyuhyun’s anger accusation.  Kyuhyun jumped out of bed as quick as he could.  “Kyuhyun, it wasn’t…”


“It wasn’t like you drugged me?”  Kyuhyun stood beside the bed glaring a hole into Ryeowook.  “I’ve been in the hospital enough and drugged enough by doctors and nurses who insisted I sleep to know what it feels like.”


 Ryeowook wiped his crusted eyes and tried to gather his senses, “Kyuhyun, don’t be...”

“Did you drug me or not?  Answer me dammit!”  Kyuhyun demanded to know.


“You know I would never hurt you.”  Ryeowook said climbing out of the bed toward Kyuhyun in a submissive manner.


Kyuhyun glared down at him totally enraged, “That isn’t what I asked.  Did you drug me?”


“Yes.”  Ryeowook admitted, he flinched as Kyuhyun knocked the lamp off the bedside table breaking it.


“Dammit Ryeowook.  Dammit!”  Kyuhyun yelled at him.  “I can’t fucking believe you did this to me.”


“I know.  Please calm down and stop yelling.”


“You deserve more than me yelling at you.  You drugged me!  You slipped me drugs.  I oughta…”


“Hit me?  You’ve done it before?  Do you want to do it again?  I’ve covered for you before.  I will cover for you again.  You can if you want too, because God knows I would never hit you back.”  Ryeowook asked any submissiveness gone as he challenged the younger man.  Ryeowook mentally cursed the tears running down his face.


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