TFAN, Part 25

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

The sound of a chirping alarm awoke Kyuhyun from what had to be one of the soundest sleeps he had in a very long time. He found himself in Ryeowook’s lap with his arms wrapped around the other man who, was sitting up in bed leaning against the bed board with his eyes closed.

Kyuhyun rolled over and tried to shake the sleepiness out of his head. “A fan meet,” Kyuhyun said aloud as his memory slowly returned. He couldn’t understand why he was having such a difficult time remembering, because he knew he didn’t feel hungover…but he felt something familiar. He looked at Ryeowook who looked very red and puffy faced as if he had been crying all night instead of sleeping.

Why would Ryeowook have been crying? What had he done now? Kyuhyun shook his head again, because it felt so heavy like he had been…drugged. Kyuhyun sat up suddenly as the memory of the night before returned. “You drugged me!”

Ryeowook’s eyes flew open as he was jolted awake by Kyuhyun’s angry accusation. Kyuhyun jumped out of bed as quick as he could. “Kyuhyun, it wasn’t…”

“It wasn’t like you drugged me!” Kyuhyun stood beside the bed glaring a hole into Ryeowook. “I’ve been in the hospital enough, and drugged enough by doctors and nurses who insisted I sleep, to know what it feels like.”

Ryeowook wiped his crusted eyes and tried to gather his senses. “Kyuhyun, don’t be - ”

“Did you drug me or not? Answer me, dammit!” Kyuhyun demanded to know.

“You know I would never hurt you,” Ryeowook said climbing out of the bed toward Kyuhyun in a submissive manner.

Kyuhyun glared down at him, totally enraged. “That isn’t what I asked. Did you drug me?”

“Yes,” Ryeowook admitted; he flinched as Kyuhyun knocked the lamp off the bedside table, breaking it.

“Dammit, Ryeowook. Dammit!” Kyuhyun yelled at him. “I can’t fucking believe you did this to me.”

“I know. Please calm down, and stop yelling.”

“You deserve more than me yelling at you. You drugged me! You slipped me drugs. I oughta - ”

“Hit me? You’ve done it before. Do you want to do it again? I’ve covered for you before. I will cover for you again. You can if you want to, because God knows I would never hit you back,” Ryeowook asked, any submissiveness gone as he challenged the younger man. Ryeowook mentally cursed the tears running down his face.

“No,” Kyuhyun answered, shocked at the question. Kyuhyun suddenly sat down on the floor as if he didn’t trust himself to stand.

“I deserved it then, and I deserve it now,” Ryeowook said as he walked around the bed to turn the chirping alarm off on his phone.

“No, you never deserved it. I was just…shocked. I would never...I will never hit you again,” Kyuhyun said, trying to control his anger, but he wasn’t successful, as he demanded to know, “What did you drug me with?”

“Your own sleeping pill,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he dialed Sungmin’s number.

“How?” Kyuhyun asked as his anger turned to confusion.

“Sungmin, answer. God help us if he isn’t in his room,” Ryeowook said, trying to contact Sungmin.

“Who cares about Sungmin? I want to know how you drugged me!”

“I care. I care about Sungmin,” Ryeowook said, pacing the floor with the phone to his ear.

“I should have known when you didn’t go back in the bathroom, and I was so sleepy. There isn’t any way I would have been sleepy last night…not when it was our only chance.” Kyuhyun mumbled to himself biting on his inner cheek.

“Thank God. You had me worried. Well, wake up. No, I’m fine. See you later,” Ryeowook said into the phone and hung it up. Then he walked over and sat on the floor in front of Kyuhyun, maintaining a careful distance. “I dissolved the pill in the water you stole from me last night.”

“Oh, so you were going to drug yourself?” Kyuhyun asked confused, but then his sharp mind caught on fast. “You knew I would take it.”

“Yes, I knew you would. I also know that you know that everything I have done for the last couple of weeks has been an act,” Ryeowook told the other man, watching him closely, waiting for his anger to dissipate.

“Damn Eunhyuk, but to be fair, he did warn me. He made it clear he would tell you if he thought it would keep us apart,” Kyuhyun said, rubbing his face with both his hands.

“I just don’t have the strength to fight you anymore. I was a coward and took the easy way out, but I regretted it almost immediately,” Ryeowook confided in the younger man.

“Really? You should know I am not in the mood now,” Kyuhyun told him hatefully, his young mind automatically jumping to the wrong conclusion.

“So not what I meant. I kept thinking about your nightmares, and what if you had one, and you couldn’t wake up. I stayed awake all night, watching for any kind of distress you might be in. I could have only been asleep a few minutes when you woke up,” Ryeowook explained, picking at the carpet on the floor.

“You of all people should have known better. I can’t ever risk being addicted to anything again,” Kyuhyun told him harshly.

“I know, but this is totally different,” Ryeowook said reaching out to touch Kyuhyun, but the other man jumped to his feet.

“Don’t try to calm me. Isn’t this what you want? I finally don’t want to be around you. I don’t want you to touch me.” Kyuhyun told him spitefully as he looked down at the man sitting on the floor.

Ryeowook sighed and covered his face with his hands, “You’re right. It’s what I wanted. Congratulations to me.”

“Congratulations!” Kyuhyun said as he walked away from Ryeowook to grab his bag and walked toward the door.

Ryeowook who was facing away from the door, whispered to himself after hearing it open and slam shut. “And congratulations to you, because this is the biggest gift I could ever give you.”

“What did you say?” Kyuhyun asked, annoyed, from behind Ryeowook, causing the other man to jump.

“I thought you left?”

“I didn’t,” Kyuhyun explained, coming to kneel down in front of Ryeowook. “I can be angry at you and still love you. It doesn’t change because I am angry and disappointed that your cowardice won out again. Don’t you even think of congratulating me, because I didn’t win. I’m just the loser, the victim of all your fears.”

Ryeowook’s eyes were suddenly huge. “Kyuhyun, don’t - ”

“I don’t want to hear it. I have always kept all my love for you hidden from the world. I don’t share it with the fans or the public…it’s mine. Nobody but our members and my family have any clue how important you have always been to me,” Kyuhyun told him calmly and truthfully, then stood up.

Something flickered in Ryeowook’s eyes as he realized the truth of Kyuhyun’s words, but Kyuhyun was already heading out the door and missed it.


“What? Can a man not take a shower in peace?” Sungmin demanded as he opened the door to his hotel room in only a towel, with his hair still dripping wet. Kyuhyun had been banging on his door for the last five minutes.

“I can’t stay with him for one more minute!” Kyuhyun complained, storming into Sungmin’s room.

“Please,” Sungmin said, completely irritated. “I am sure he’s the victim.”

“How wrong you are,” Kyuhyun said as he threw his bag on the floor.

“Please tell me how Big Bad Ryeowook did you wrong,” Sungmin said, walking back into the bathroom and grabbing another towel and began rubbing his hair dry.

“Of course you will take his side,” Kyuhyun said, throwing himself on the bed.

“I agree there is a high likelihood that I will take his side,” Sungmin said, pulling on some jeans. “But tell me anyway.”

Kyuhyun rolled over on his back. “He drugged me. He put me to sleep. He drugged me with my own sleeping pills…that I refuse to take,” Kyuhyun said, grabbing a pillow and covering his head with it.

“That bastard!” Sungmin declared, walking back into the room and pulling the pillow from Kyuhyun’s face. “You better not be lying.”

Kyuhyun looked up at Sungmin, confused. He hadn’t been expecting this level of a response. His need to complain and his instinct to protect Ryeowook clashed. “Why would I lie…but it isn’t like it hurt me.”

“It was my idea. I’m the one who wanted to drug you. When I suggested it, he was all high and mighty about it. He made me feel bad, but then he goes and does it.”

“Huh?” Kyuhyun said, sitting up even more confused.

“He rooms with your whiny ass one night and drugs you. He should try being your roommate! If I wasn’t in such a good mood, I would go over there and give him a piece of my mind,” Sungmin told Kyuhyun as he pulled on a white shirt.

Kyuhyun snarled, offended. “I should have known it was your idea! Why I even talk to either one of you is beyond me.”

“Because nobody else will put up with you.”

“That’s a dirty lie, because everybody loves me. I hate you!” Kyuhyun said, plopping back in bed and rolling over on his stomach.

“You should know I had lots of loving last night in that very bed that you are rolling around in,” Sungmin said with a very satisfied grin on his face.

Kyuhyun flew out of the bed as if he had wings. “God, another reason I hate you.”

“You are just jealous,” Sungmin said smugly as he sat down in a chair and pulled on his shoes.

“Yes, I am! Did I get to have sex last night? Hell no. Do I ever get to have sex? No,” Kyuhyun griped as he flung his arms in the air showing his level of frustration.

“That’s your own damn fault. You never pay girls any attention. One comes on to you and you act offended or insulted…like how dare she? Also it would have been a little hard for you to have sex last night with Ryeowook in the room.”

“You have no idea.” Kyuhyun scowled.

“I mean you two are close, but I don’t think you’re threesome close,” Sungmin said, laughing at himself for the very thought.

“You are so funny, but you are right; definitely not threesome close. I don’t share,” Kyuhyun said with a lopsided grin. He couldn’t help but be amused at how oblivious Sungmin was.

“This time I have to agree with you. Me either, especially not last night…not after how long it took me to even get her to notice me.”

“How did you get her to like you? I mean isn’t she the medical student who thought you were a joke, that all idols were jokes? Didn’t she call you a girl in men’s clothing once?” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly curious.

“Oh, so you do listen to my phone conversations at night - and here I just thought you only bitched about them. Yes, she’s the one.”

“So, how do you go from that to this,” Kyuhyun asked, pointing to the bed.

“I am kinda ashamed to admit it, but I made her jealous.”

“Jealous? Of all your other women?”

“Most of them are just friends, but you know the woman who shall not be named?” Sungmin’s grin suddenly vanished. “I was really interested in her, and I didn’t hide it. I went from giving Hyo Sonn all my attention, to none. They don’t like that.”

“Hmm…jealousy does seem to work,” Kyuhyun said with a new twinkle in his eye.

“It isn’t like I did it on purpose. I really did like them both, but it definitely worked out in my best interest in the end. I don’t treat women like that; I have more respect…what are you thinking about? That look is scaring me,” Sungmin asked as he watched the wheels in Kyuhyun head turning.

Kyuhyun smiled brightly at him. “I think I need to shower and get ready. I don’t want to make the manager mad,” Kyuhyun said, grabbing his bag as he practically skipped into the bathroom.


Kyuhyun was talking on the phone with evil delight in his eyes when Ryeowook took the seat beside him and took his free hand in both of his. “I have to tell you something,” Ryeowook said in a voice full of anticipation. They were on their way back to Seoul.

Kyuhyun turned and gave him a long suffering look, and pulled his hand away. “Do you mind? I’m on the phone.”

Ryeowook didn’t let Kyuhyun’s attitude bother him in the least and insisted, “No, I guarantee that you want to hear this.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the older man as disrespectfully as humanly possible. Kyuhyun then spoke into the phone using a sweet, innocent voice that caused Ryeowook to do a double take, “Can you give me a moment? I have a nuisance I have to attend to right now.”

Kyuhyun then turned to Ryeowook and told him in an extremely annoyed manner, “I know you’re sorry, you’re always sorry. I agree you’re sorry, so I have decided that you are right.”

“Right?” Ryeowook repeated back to him.

“Yes, yes. You win. So if you don’t mind, I am on the phone arranging for my date with Jia Li right now.”

“Really?” Ryeowook questioned, instantly doubting Kyuhyun’s words.

“Yes, really.”

“If that’s your sister, tell her hello,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun with a bright smile.

“It isn’t my sister! It really is Jia Li,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook full of indignation.

“Sure it is. I totally believe you,” Ryeowook said, scooting back in the seat and getting comfortable.

Kyuhyun practically steamed at the man as he put the phone back to his ear. “Jia Li, you are familiar with all of the group members right? Even the less talented ones? What about the short one with the not-so-horrible voice? Yes, that would be Ryeowook. He can only attract twelve-years-olds, so he doubts that I am really talking to you. You would? Great. Here he is. Warning: he’s a little strange.”

“The only twelve year old I attract is sitting- ” Ryeowook stopped as Kyuhyun swatted him on the arm hushing him, and then handed him the phone.

“Ahra,” Ryeowook said into the phone, still assuming it was Kyuhyun’s sister, when his facial expression suddenly changed for the worse. “Err…sorry…hello…He’s a kidder…Yes…I’ll give the phone back to him now.”

“See, I told you,” Kyuhyun said with a triumphant grin as he took the phone back. Ryeowook just glared as he got up and went to sit with Sungmin, not giving Kyuhyun a backwards glance.

Kyuhyun was all smiles as he watched the other man leave. “He’s so jealous,” Kyuhyun said into the phone gleefully, not thinking. “What…Oh, yes that’s what I meant…I mean Zhou Mi showed us pictures of you…who wouldn’t be jealous?”


“Is he still pissed because you drugged him?” Sungmin asked as his friend took the seat next to him.

“You could say that,” Ryeowook said, slumping back into the seat and crossing his legs, with a face full of disappointment.

“He’ll forgive you. He never stays mad for long - well, not with you. It’s like it’s physically impossible for him to stay mad at you.”

“Lucky me,” Ryeowook said, pulling out his phone and looking at it.

“You are very lucky that I’m in such a grand mood, or I might be mad at you, too, for stealing my idea.”


“Drugging him was my idea, remember? You acted like I was some kind of criminal when I suggested it, though.”

“Oh…I didn’t mean to sound like that. It’s just that, well.. I remembered…it wasn’t the same thing, though.”

“You remembered what?”

“He isn’t good drugged. The last time he was in the hospital, they gave him stuff, and he went a little bonkers and started pulling out needles, falling and other stuff. I didn’t want you to have to deal with that,” Ryeowook said, backtracking fast.

“Really, that’s it? I thought you were talking about how hard it was to get him off the pain medicine after his accident?” Sungmin said, watching Ryeowook squirm under his knowing gaze.

“You know? How?” Ryeowook asked, surprised.

“He is my roommate. I mean, I am sure most of it took place while you guys were in China, but even with you guys gone most of the time, I could tell something was wrong with him. I used to watch your activities, and he was so glazed over. I suspected it, but I didn’t dare mention it to anyone. I knew you would handle it, and you did.”

“Nobody knows. Nobody. The managers didn’t think it was a problem; they even encouraged him to take it.”

“Of course they did. They probably enjoyed a sedated Kyuhyun; who wouldn’t?”

“I didn’t. I hated it. It wasn’t him.”

“Yeah, at first, he had to be on it...I mean all those scars. I don’t even want to think about the pain it caused him. I will admit, he was different on it. Less Kyuhyun.”

“Sometimes I would get so angry. The activities they made him do. Once they made him go through a human juicer. I don’t even know how he got back up. Siwon was so mad afterwards, he even yelled at the manager, and it was just an awful situation,” Ryeowook said, putting down his phone and frowning at the disturbing memory.

“I think I remember something about that. Donghae had called home crying. It must have been rough,” Sungmin said, wrapping a comforting arm around Ryeowook.

“It was hard. It would have been hard even if all of us had been well, but glazed, robotic Kyuhyun just…I hated it back then,” Ryeowook said, leaning into his friend.

“I am sorry I wasn’t there to help. I don’t know - Kyuhyun!” Sungmin exclaimed as Kyuhyun squeezed between the two men.

“So, what are you two talking about?” Kyuhyun asked, smiling happily as he slapped his knees and turned a questioning gaze back and forth between the two men.

“None of your business,” Sungmin told him scooting closer to the door, away from him.

“Like I don’t know. Just so you know, I will not be talked out of this date. So don’t even try to guilt me into any emergency trips to visit Grandma,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook with a smug smile on his face.

“What date?” Sungmin asked curiously. Kyuhyun turned quickly to face Sungmin when he noted the honesty in the other man’s voice.

“You weren’t talking about my date?” Kyuhyun asked, obviously disappointed when he realized that Sungmin had no clue what he was talking about.

“No,” Sungmin told him, shaking his head at the other man’s level of self involvement.

“Then, what were you talking about?” Kyuhyun asked curiously as he turned to Ryeowook.

“Oh, I don’t know; there are like five hundred billion other things that don’t involve you - it could have been any of them,” Ryeowook snapped back at Kyuhyun, still bruised from their earlier conversation.

“You are not acting like a very good PPF right now, I might add!” Kyuhyun told him, his irritation showing.

“What the hell is a PPF?” Sungmin asked, confused.

“No clue.” Ryeowook answered, just as confused at Kyuhyun’s randomness.

“So slow sometimes,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, leaning back into the seat between the two men.

“I think you meant BFF, retard.” Sungmin told Kyuhyun.

“I think I know what I meant, and I didn’t mean BFF. What am I, a twelve year old girl?”

“Well, if the shoe fits,” Sungmin told him, smiling.

“You are the one always bringing up twelve year olds,” Ryeowook pointed out to the younger man.

“Why so sensitive when it comes to twelve years old?” Kyuhyun asked with twisted smile as he wrapped an arm around both Ryeowook and Sungmin.

“Luna isn’t twelve years old,” Sungmin said in defense of Ryeowook, as Kyuhyun pulled him closer to him.

“No, she isn’t,” Ryeowook replied as he tried to remove Kyuhyun’s arm from around his neck unsuccessfully.

“I will agree that she isn’t, and she looks decades older,” Kyuhyun said, refusing to let Sungmin or Ryeowook free themselves from his grasp.

“Don’t be clingy! I’m mad at you,” Ryeowook said, grabbing Kyuhyun arm and trying to disentangle it from his neck.

Kyuhyun pulled his arm away from Ryeowook now, looking extremely offended. “You are mad at me? Excuse me, but who drugged who?”

“I’m going to bite you if you don’t stop strangling me,” Sungmin told Kyuhyun, whose arm had tightened around his neck.

“Oh, sorry!” Kyuhyun said to Sungmin, releasing his arm. Kyuhyun’s focus was immediately back on Ryeowook. “How can you even possibly think it is okay for you to be mad at me? It is my turn to be mad at you!”

“I drugged you for your own good. You are just a mean little shit…there is a huge difference.” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun glaring at the younger man.

Kyuhyun mouth dropped open in disbelief. “I can’t believe you!” Kyuhyun told the man, totally exasperated.

“I am thinking we should start drugging you nightly,” Sungmin added from beside Kyuhyun.

“That isn’t even funny. I swear I will never eat anything you two give me again,” Kyuhyun told them, miffed as he looked back and forth from one to the other.

“Well, somebody is going to get all kinds of skinny again,” Sungmin told him in a nonchalant voice.

“So heartless!” Kyuhyun accused Sungmin, who just smiled at him.

“I will just have to cook for myself.”

“That isn’t even funny. I swear, you go near my kitchen, you little brat, then you will be begging for drugs!” Sungmin told Kyuhyun, not amused at all.

“So violent! You two would have me starve to death!”

“I won’t drug you again…unless I have to room with you…or a doctor asks me to…or if it’s for the good of the world,” Ryeowook said, smiling and trying not to laugh at Kyuhyun’s outrage.

Kyuhyun gave Ryeowook an extremely annoyed look. “Or because you are jealous and don’t want me going out on my date. I would hate to fall asleep and miss that.”

“Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook growled as he elbowed the other man in the gut. “Are you…have you - ” Ryeowook fumbled for words very aware of Sungmin’s presence.

“Why would he be jealous that you are going on some date? Hell, anything that gets you out of the dorm is a reason to be celebrated.”

Kyuhyun gave Ryeowook an evil smile and turned to face Sungmin. “Have you not seen pictures of Jia Li? She is a knockout, and she is totally hot for me. Who wouldn’t be jealous that I get to hit that?

“No, I haven’t seen a picture. I am sure once she meets you, any delusions she has about you will be gone.”

“Getting laid makes you totally unlikable,” Kyuhyun told Sungmin as he crossed his arms and frowned at the older man.

“Oh, gee, well, let me never have sex again, just so I can be likable to you…not.” Sungmin laughed at Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook joined in on the laughter.

“Just saying,” Kyuhyun told them, peeved at their laughter and added, “I hope I’m not as obnoxious after I have sex with Jia Li.”

Ryeowook’s laughter stopped immediately, but Sungmin wasn’t fazed in the slightest. “Believe me, it can only help.”

Kyuhyun ignored Sungmin, because Ryeowook’s sudden discomfort tickled him. “It isn’t like I can just be purely platonic friends with something that hot.”

Ryeowook just stared back at him speechless when his phone rang and saved him. A huge smile formed on his face as he answered, “Luna, what are you up to?”

Kyuhyun, who had been basking in Ryeowook’s jealously, now frowned. “Looking older than her years? Being shown up by my old friend, Charice?” Kyuhyun nastily answered for her.

Ryeowook rolled his eyes at Kyuhyun and then told Luna, “Just a second. I am going to change seats. There is a nuisance sitting beside me that I need to get away from,” Ryeowook said as he got up and moved to the back seat of the van with a big smile on his face directed at Kyuhyun.

Instead of going after Ryeowook, Kyuhyun just watched him leave with a cunning smile on his face. “You are going to think nuisance when I am done with you.”

“What do you mean by that?” Sungmin, who Kyuhyun had forgotten about, asked from beside him, causing the younger man to jump.

“Ummm…I can be such a bigger nuisance. He deserves it, too! He drugged me. That is, like, totally illegal,” Kyuhyun lied in a totally gifted manner, fooling Sungmin again.

“The judge would approve, believe me; also, you would cry if Ryeowook went to jail and wasn’t here to baby you.”

“He doesn’t baby me! I am not a baby.”

“You are so emotionally dependent on him, it isn’t even funny.”

“Yes, maybe, but not because I think he is my mother. I will have you know - ” Kyuhyun was unable to finish when his phone went off. He looked down at his phone confused. “Minho is calling me? Why?”

“How would I know?”

Kyuhyun frowned at Sungmin and answered the phone. “Hello…we are always busy too…rest…what is that…he did…today…I guess…okay…I can drive…see you then.”

“So, you have plans now?” Sungmin asked after listening to the conversation.

Kyuhyun looked perplexed. “We are going out to play basketball…with Yunho and Changmin.”

“Wow. That’s going to be cool. Be careful, though; those two have the best stalkers in the world watching their every move.”

“Oh, I will be.”

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