TFAN Sneak Peek, Part 26

“Okay there are rules you have to follow.”  Minho said grabbing Kyuhyun before the older boy could open the car door.


“Huh?”  Kyuhyun said turning a questioning glace toward Minho.


“You cannot bring up the other three no matter what.  Jae, Junsu, and Yoochun are off topic completely.  Yunho may even try to engage you about them, but for all that is holy don’t encourage him.”  Minho said with a look of dire warning.


“If Yunho brings them up then why can’t we talk about them?”  Kyuhyun said looking out the car window toward the basketball court where Yunho, Changmin and a group of other people were playing basketball.  He recognized some of them from his own company, there were idols from other companies there also, and some people he didn’t recognize.


“Changmin says something always breaks in Yunho after he talks about them.  He is cool with us, but Changmin sees the broken side and to say Changmin doesn’t like it…well that’s a huge understatement.”  Minho told him looking suddenly sad.  “You mustn’t make Yunho Hyung sad.”


“Yeah…Heechul is like that.  He will be all happy talking about Hangeng one moment and…yeah I get your point I won’t talk about them.  If he brings them up I will change the subject.”  Kyuhyun said opening the car door and stepping out.  Kyuhyun was not out of the car five seconds before he was engulfed in a huge hug by Changmin.


“Where have you been hiding?”  Changmin asked Kyuhyun happily after letting him go from the hug.


“I’ve been in the hospital or working like a dog.”  Kyuhyun told the younger man who always seemed years older than him.


“I remember those years of never getting a moment’s rest can’t say I miss them too much.”  Changmin said with a huge smile on his face.


“You seem so much younger.”  Kyuhyun couldn’t help but blurt out after looking at Changmin.  Kyuhyun wasn’t used to this happy version of Changmin that initiated hugs.


“He’s aging in reverse.”  Yunho told him as he walked up and put an arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulders. 


“And you’re just aging.”  Changmin told Yunho with a smirk.


“It must be a maknae thing, because I’m aging in reverse too.”  Kyuhyun told them smiling at the two.


“It must be.”  Changmin agreed.


“And you both make the people around you age more.”  Yunho told them shaking his head but his fondness for them both could be heard in his voice.


“Is that what it is?”  Kyuhyun asked looking Yunho up and down giving him a sad smile.  Kyuhyun couldn’t help but think Yunho did indeed seem older…much older.


“Or he’s just getting old.”  Changmin added nudging Yunho gently in the stomach with his elbow.


Yunho let go of Kyuhyun, swatted Changmin on the butt, and grabbed Minho around the waist and started walking off toward the basketball court with him.  “Those two are a really bad combination, making fun of poor old me.”


Minho just laughed, “Don’t worry Hyung you’re not old.”


“He just older.”  Changmin said from behind them putting emphasis on the word older.


“Much older.”  Kyuhyun agreed.


“Those two are horribly disrespectful to their elders.  One of them at a time is more than enough, but the both of them? Why did we agree to play with the both of them again?”  Yunho asked Minho trying to hide his smile as he walked closer to the court with Minho at his side.


“Eunhyuk made me promise to take Kyuhyun with me the next time I met up with you.  He says it’s very important that Kyuhyun talks to you, Hyung.”  Minho explained to Yunho causing Yunho to stop in his tracks and turn back toward Kyuhyun who had been following behind with Changmin.


Kyuhyun’s face went completely red causing the other three men to do a double take, red faced Kyuhyun was not a common sight to them.  “Wha…what?  He’s crazy.  I don’t know what he’s talking about.  I don’t want to talk to you!”


“Err.”  Yunho began but Kyuhyun instantly interrupted.


“I didn’t mean it that way.  I love talking to you, but I don’t need to.  It isn’t like I have some huge secret I need to talk to you about, because I don’t.  Eunhyuk is crazy, nuts.  I’m good.  Better than good.  I’m fine.  No problems here!”


“Okay…”  Yunho started again his face showing his doubt.


“I am ready to play ball!  What about you guys?  Let’s go play ball.  I love sports.  God, how I love sports!”  Kyuhyun said hurrying off toward the basketball court as fast as he could.


Changmin walked up to stand beside Yunho and Minho, all three men looked extremely perplexed.  “Eunhyuk said he would totally deny it.”  Minho explained as he watched Kyuhyun start embracing random people on the basketball court.

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