TFAN, Part 27. Sneak Peek.

When Kyuhyun returned to the dorm later that night he walked in to find Eunhyuk curled up on the couch explaining the workings of a variety show to Zhou Mi who sat in the recliner listening to him intently.



“You’re back?”  Eunhyuk said the moment he noticed Kyuhyun had walked into the room.


“Yeah.”  Kyuhyun said walking to the kitchen, but not before casting an angry glare in Eunhyuk’s direction.


Eunhyuk was up and after Kyuhyun instantly, “So how did it go?”  Kyuhyun opened the refrigerator and looked inside ignoring Eunhyuk.  “Are you not talking to me?”  Eunhyuk asked as Kyuhyun closed the refrigerator door with a frown.


“No, I’m not talking to the man responsible for the most humiliating moment of my life.”  Kyuhyun said as he took an apple from the countertop and walked to the sink to rinse it.


“It was that bad?”  Eunhyuk said bracing himself for what he figured at any moment was going to be a verbal tirade from the maknae the likes of which nobody had ever been witness to before.


Kyuhyun took a bite from his apple and slowly chewed deliberately taking his time to torment Eunhyuk before he answered, “He’s wonderful I suppose and I guess things are much clearer now.   He didn’t tell me what to do, but he made sure my eyes are open.”


“He didn’t tell you what to do?  He didn’t tell you how wrong it was?”  Eunhyuk asked kinda startled at this admission.


“No, I guess he isn’t the bigot you thought he was.”


“I didn’t think that, but if anybody knows the damage that can be done it is Yunho.”  Eunhyuk said looking truly confused.


“Oh he knows.  He also knows that the damage goes both ways.”  Kyuhyun said taking another bite of his apple and slowly chewing.


“We need to talk in private.”  Eunhyuk said grabbing Kyuhyun’s arm and pulling him toward his bedroom.


“I don’t know what you expect me to tell you.” Kyuhyun said as he stepped into the room as Eunhyuk shut and locked the door behind them.


“What do you mean by damage going both ways?”  Eunhyuk asked sincerely curious as he watched Kyuhyun take a seat on his bed.


“He didn’t tell me who was in gay in DBSK, but I get the feeling that lots of harm was done and I think he was witness to all of it.  He knows there isn’t a simple answer…although he couldn’t warn me enough.”


“Go on.”


“He listed all the ways it could go bad.  He warned me and frankly he kinda scared me at times.  I don’t want Super Junior to end up like DBSK…but then again what happened to them had nothing to do with them being gay…right?   I mean it had to be Jae and Yoochun and they are still tight.  Doesn’t Yoochun have Jae’s name tattooed on his heart?  Their love still seems pretty damn strong to me.  It was them right?  It had to be.   Eunhyuk, you know who was gay in DBSK don’t you?”  Kyuhyun asked eyeing Eunhyuk suspiciously as the other man paced the room.


Eunhyuk stopped pacing and stared at the younger man, “Kyuhyun, someday somebody might ask me if I knew who was gay in Super Junior?  How do you want me to answer that?”

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