TFAN, Part 27

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Chapter 27

When Kyuhyun returned to the dorm later that night, he walked in to find Eunhyuk curled up on the couch, explaining the workings of a variety show to Zhou Mi, who sat in the recliner, listening to him intently.

“You’re back?” Eunhyuk said the moment he noticed Kyuhyun had walked into the room.

“Yeah.” Kyuhyun said walking to the kitchen, but not before casting an angry glare in Eunhyuk’s direction.

Eunhyuk was up and after Kyuhyun instantly. “So, how did it go?” Kyuhyun opened the refrigerator and looked inside, ignoring Eunhyuk. “Are you not talking to me?” Eunhyuk asked as Kyuhyun closed the refrigerator door with a frown.

“No, I’m not talking to the man responsible for the most humiliating moment of my life,” Kyuhyun said as he took an apple from the countertop and walked to the sink to rinse it.

“It was that bad?” Eunhyuk said, bracing himself for what he figured at any moment was going to be a verbal tirade from the maknae, the likes of which nobody had ever been witness to before.

Kyuhyun took a bite from his apple and slowly chewed, deliberately taking his time to torment Eunhyuk before he answered, “He’s wonderful, I suppose, and I guess things are much clearer now. He didn’t tell me what to do, but he made sure my eyes are open.”

“He didn’t tell you what to do? He didn’t tell you how wrong it was?”

“No, I guess he isn’t the bigot you thought he was.”

“I didn’t think that, but if anybody knows the damage that can be done, it is Yunho,” Eunhyuk said, looking truly confused.

“Oh, he knows. He also knows that the damage goes both ways,” Kyuhyun said, taking another bite of his apple and slowly chewing.

“We need to talk in private,” Eunhyuk said, grabbing Kyuhyun’s arm and pulling him toward his bedroom.

“I don’t know what you expect me to tell you,” Kyuhyun said as he stepped into the room as Eunhyuk shut and locked the door behind them.

“What do you mean by damage going both ways?” Eunhyuk asked, sincerely curious, as he watched Kyuhyun take a seat on his bed.

“He didn’t tell me who was in gay in DBSK, but I get the feeling that lots of harm was done, and I think he was witness to all of it. He knows there isn’t a simple answer…although he couldn’t warn me enough.”

“Go on.”

“He listed all the ways it could go bad. He warned me, and frankly, he kinda scared me at times. I don’t want Super Junior to end up like DBSK…but then again what happened to them had nothing to do with them being gay…right? I mean it had to be Jae and Yoochun, and they are still tight. Doesn’t Yoochun have Jae’s name tattooed on his heart? Their love still seems pretty damn strong to me. It was them, right? It had to be. Eunhyuk, you know who was gay in DBSK, don’t you?” Kyuhyun asked, eyeing Eunhyuk suspiciously as the other man paced the room.

Eunhyuk stopped pacing and stared at the younger man. “Kyuhyun, someday somebody might ask me if I knew who was gay in Super Junior? How do you want me to answer that?”

“I know. I know. I take it back. I just want to find a reason for me to believe that it doesn’t have to be this great disaster…I just want hope.” Kyuhyun sighed, finishing off his apple.

“He didn’t give you any?” Eunhyuk asked, taking a seat on the bed next to Kyuhyun.

“No, he made it clear that he had no hope to give. He is so much older than he used to be, and it’s not so much physical as it is internal…it’s like his soul is old now. It’s almost like he reminds himself to smile…are you crying?” Kyuhyun asked, dismayed, as he noticed tears trickling down Eunhyuk’s face.


“Yes, you are.”

“I am not.”

“Then, what is that running down your face?”

“My eyes are watering.”

“Liar,” Kyuhyun said, wrapping an arm around his older hyung. “Why are your eyes watering, then?”

“Because it was selfish of me to make you tell Yunho…he didn’t need to know this,” Eunhyuk said, wiping his tears away.

“No, and if Changmin comes after you during our SMTown Concert and knocks you off stage into a pack of hungry fans, you will totally deserve it,” Kyuhyun told him, trying to lighten the mood.

“I will totally deserve it,” Eunhyuk agreed with a small smile. “So what are you going to do?”

“I am definitely a choice two kind of person.”

“Choice two? Do I want to know?”

“There are actually two choices, first choice: you do what’s right for everybody else, and the second choice: you do what’s right for you.”

“Then, you would definitely be a choice two kind of person.”

“My problem is, the object of my affection is a choice one kinda person,” Kyuhyun said, sighing loudly.

“That he is.”

“It’s going to be hard, but I’m determined to be happy. I was once convinced I was going to die. I got a second chance, and I don’t think it was so I can live a perfectly boring life without the one person I want,” Kyuhyun said, getting up from the bed, determined.

“Kyuhyun - ” Eunhyuk said in a voice full of warning.

“Don’t. We are never going to agree on this. I love Ryeowook, and I’m never going to give up on the hope of being with him. Warn him if you must, but I have only started to fight,” Kyuhyun said, reaching out his hand for the doorknob.

“Your date tomorrow - ?”

“That’s just to make him jealous,” Kyuhyun admitted. “I suppose you will tell him now, and there isn’t any use in even going.”

“No, I won’t. I want you to go out with a girl. I want you to know what it’s like to be normal,” Eunhyuk told him, eyeing him sadly.

Kyuhyun chuckled as he opened the door to leave. “What’s normal to you isn’t normal to me. When will you and the rest of the world ever realize that?”


“So, how great do I look?” Kyuhyun asked as he modeled his outfit in front of Sungmin and Zhou Mi the next afternoon.

“You are too dressed up,” Sungmin answered honestly.

“You really are,” Zhou Mi agreed. “It’s like you are about to perform or something.”

“Come to think of it, have I seen this outfit before? Did you steal this from the SM wardrobe department?” Sungmin asked as he grabbed the fabric and eyed it closely.

“No, of course not,” Kyuhyun said pulling away from Sungmin and sitting down on his bed quickly, looking very guilty.

“You totally did,” Sungmin told him, amused.

“You are going out to eat at a casual restaurant and driving out to the Han River afterwards. You don’t need to wear a suit,” Zhou Mi informed him as he got up to look in Kyuhyun’s closet for more suitable clothing. “Think jeans and a nice shirt.”

“I totally fail at this,” Kyuhyun said as he fell back into the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

“It so cute, though,” Sungmin said, smiling at Kyuhyun from his seat on his bed opposite the maknae.

“What’s cute?” Ryeowook asked as he walked into the room.

“Kyuhyun is totally stressing out about his date. He’s so human right now…it’s so adorable. If totally unnatural,” Sungmin explained to Ryeowook, who had taken a seat on the bed next to Kyuhyun, who had sat up immediately when Ryeowook had walked into the room.

“How sweet,” Ryeowook replied back to Sungmin with a big smile.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” Kyuhyun asked with devilish grin as he wrapped an arm around Ryeowook.

“I’m thrilled. I should have baked you a cake,” Ryeowook told him with just as devilish a grin.

“I wouldn’t have eaten it. I need to be wide awake tonight,” Kyuhyun told him with a grin full of teeth.

“I totally agree. Did you have fun yesterday?” Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun, with the other man’s arm still wrapped around him.

Kyuhyun’s eyes went wide. “What did Eunhyuk tell you?”

Ryeowook looked at him confused. “Did he go with you?”

“No, it’s just…nevermind. I had a wonderful time.”

“Liar. You hate sports,” Sungmin said from the opposite bed.

“I really do,” Kyuhyun admitted honestly, enjoying the closeness of Ryeowook, who, for once, wasn’t pulling away. “But you know, when friends beg for me to join them, what can I do?”

“It’s terrible to be so popular,” Ryeowook said, smiling at him.

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smiling back at him. “It’s a terrible burden.”

“You carry it well,” Ryeowook teased, reaching out and putting an arm around Kyuhyun’s waist.

“Uh-huh,” Kyuhyun said, his mind going blank with Ryeowook’s proximity. He knew he was in trouble. “I can’t go visit your grandma. I can’t…unless we really need to.”

“We don’t,” Ryeowook told him, amused, and tightened his grip on the younger man.

“Kyuhyun, what about these?” Zhou Mi asked holding up a pair of jeans and a red shirt in front of Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was totally oblivious to the clothing Zhou Mi was showing him. Kyuhyun was too focused on Ryeowook.

“Red isn’t his color,” Ryeowook told Zhou Mi, his arm still wrapped around Kyuhyun.

“It isn’t?” Kyuhyun asked, breaking out of his trance and looking at the clothes in front of him. He immediately doubted the truthfulness of Ryeowook’s words.

“I like it,” Zhou Mi said, holding up the shirt to Kyuhyun.

“It totally isn’t his color, though,” Sungmin said, agreeing with Ryeowook.

“I promise you. It’s not your color,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun seriously, while innocently making circle motions with his fingers on Kyuhyun’s side.

“This, from the man who drugged me?” Kyuhyun pointed out, but he didn’t move from his spot next to Ryeowook; if anything, he tightened his grip on Ryeowook. “Zhou Mi has never drugged me or openly admitted to wanting to.”

“Well, isn’t Saint Zhou Mi wonderful?” Sungmin said, rolling his eyes at Kyuhyun. Then, he turned to Zhou Mi, “No offense.”

“None taken.” Zhou Mi said awkwardly as he held the shirt and jeans up.

“You should go with dark blue or dark green….not black, though. You get dressed in black too much. Some color is good,” Ryeowook explained as he broke free of Kyuhyun and got up and took the red shirt from Zhou Mi. Ryeowook started to put the shirt back in Kyuhyun’s closet.

“I want to wear red,” Kyuhyun said, getting up and grabbing the red shirt from Ryeowook.

“Kyuhyun, how often has our stylist had you wear red? Idiot,” Sungmin pointedly asked him from his bed.

“My point exactly,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he held up his hands in defeat. “If you don’t want my help, just tell me.”

“I don’t want your help!” Kyuhyun told him, totally bothered at how helpful Ryeowook was being now.

“Fine, then!” Ryeowook told him, sitting back down beside Sungmin.

“We will just be quiet and let you and Zhou Mi decide, then. I mean, what do we know?” Sungmin said, annoyed, as he eyed the Chinese man suspiciously.

“Very little!” Kyuhyun shot back at him, peeved, because Ryeowook wasn’t acting very jealous.

“Umm…I have to go make a phone call,” Zhou Mi said nervously as he tried to sneak out of the room.

“Don’t be a coward,” Kyuhyun said, grabbing Zhou Mi as he tried to escape the room. “If you run, then they win. This is why we were so excited when they were fighting.”

“We will never fight again,” Sungmin said, wrapping an arm around Ryeowook.

“Never,” Ryeowook agreed, wrapping his arm around Sungmin.

“I think Kyuhyun should totally wear red pants, too,” Sungmin offered, the opposite of being helpful.

“And red shoes, too,” Ryeowook added.

“And maybe a big red bow for his hair,” Sungmin suggested with a big smile on his face.

“That would be so cute. I’m sure she would love it,” Ryeowook said, laughing at the look of horror on Kyuhyun’s face.

“You two need to leave right now!” Kyuhyun demanded, very annoyed at them.

“This is my room, too, and Ryeowook is my guest.”

“You two are totally trying to sabotage my date! You could be happier for me,” Kyuhyun told them, glaring down at them. He was pissed that Ryeowook wasn’t acting more bothered.

“I am so happy for you…I could just start singing,” Ryeowook told him, smiling.

“I don’t believe you,” Kyuhyun said, trying to see through Ryeowook’s defenses. “You have to be jealous.”

Ryeowook just stared back at him, speechless, but Sungmin was quick to reply for him, “Why do you always say that? We are not jealous that you are going to have sex. We are happy about it. I am sure you will be lots more pleasant to live with afterwards.”

Kyuhyun’s mouth dropped open. “Well, I am so glad it can be a benefit to you.”

“It’s practically a sure bet, too,” Zhou Mi told them from where he had taken a seat on Kyuhyun’s bed.

“I thought you said she was a nice girl?” Ryeowook shot back at him, his eyes lasering in on Zhou Mi.

“Well…I have kind of hung out with her more lately…and she’s nice, but not timid at all.”

“Really?” Kyuhyun said delighted at the look of horror on Ryeowook’s face.

“Really, she’s…she’s not one to wait for anything. Definitely not the shy type,” Zhou Mi said, trying to avoid Ryeowook’s glare.

“Don’t forget to use a condom,” Sungmin reminded Kyuhyun helpfully.

“Sungmin!” Ryeowook whined from beside him.

“This is important! Can you imagine him with an STD? I can just see him whipping out his penis all the time, asking, “Do you think this discharge is clearing up? Thank you, but no thank you. You should actually wear two condoms, now that I think about it.”

Ryeowook fell back into the bed and grabbed a pillow covering his face. Zhou Mi was cracking up with laughter, and Kyuhyun just stood there with his mouth wide open in shock.


“Do you mind if I call you Oppa?” Jia Li asked Kyuhyun as she sat across from him at the Mexican Restaurant that Kyuhyun had picked out.

“You are, like, a decade older than me, so it would be a little weird,” Kyuhyun pointed out. The woman in front of him was dynamic, with dyed blond hair, blue contacts, and a red dress that clung to her.

“Seven years, only seven like your song. I’m not completely ancient,” she told him with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Oh, I know. It would just be strange, but if you insist,” Kyuhyun told her, trying to keep his eyes off her breasts.

“Well, I don’t want to sound completely crazy, although some would swear that I am certifiable,” she said, pushing forward her cleavage about to spill out of her dress any second. Kyuhyun couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts, because there wasn’t any way those were real, he thought, and he’d be willing to bet money on it. “You want to touch them?”

“Huh?” Kyuhyun jerked himself back in the seat, realizing he had been caught staring. “Umm…maybe later.”

“We will see how the night goes,” she told him, giving him a wink while she licked her bottom lip.

“Sure...yeah.” Kyuhyun nervously laughed at her, feeling ten years old. He didn’t know how to take this woman; one minute she was completely normal, and then the next, she was coming off as some lecherous seductress. “I wish the food would hurry and get here. I’m starved.”

“You promise the cheese enchiladas are delicious?”

“Yesung has nothing but wonderful things to say about their great taste,” Kyuhyun said, smiling at her as he purposely left out their other side effect.

“But you’re not eating them?”

“I’m lactose intolerant…cheese is bad for me. You will just have to eat them for me,” Kyuhyun told her, trying his best to hide his devious smile.

“Well, that’s too bad. No ice cream either? Now, that’s a true tragedy. I wonder why I’ve never heard about you being lactose intolerant before. I thought I knew everything about you.”

“Really?” Kyuhyun said, starting to feel even more uncomfortable.

“I realize that sounds completely psychotic, but Zhou Mi did warn you I was a fan, right? Actually, come to think of it, I’m certain I have seen you eating dairy products before. How long have - ”

“So, how are you enjoying Korea?” Kyuhyun asked her, changing the subject fast. He wasn’t used to a woman being so…he didn’t even have a word to properly describe her. The fact that she was a fan, and a diehard fan at that, made him jittery. He did enjoy the looks of jealousy he was getting from the other men in the restaurant, though, he had to admit.

“I suppose it’s okay. So many uptight people here, though, so many rules…so much etiquette you have to follow. People are so easily offended here,” She said, sitting back in the booth, watching his every move.

“Very true,” Kyuhyun had to admit; he insulted people on a daily basis… and not always intentionally.

“Not that I’m not disciplined. I have to be. Being a model is actually very hard work. You have to be aware of everything you eat; body image is everything.”

“Being an idol is like that, too. If you even gain a kilogram, suddenly there will be articles about how you let yourself get fat.”

“Well, you were actually too skinny for a long time…and it’s bad when a model thinks so.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but laugh. “I suppose so.”

“Ryeowook moving out of your dorm must have done a number on you.”

Kyuhyun, who had been innocently sipping his water, began to choke a little as it went down the wrong way at the mention of Ryeowook. “Why - ” Kyuhyun cleared his throat. “Why do you say that?”

“Wasn’t he basically your chef? Now he’s off feeding the others, and you are just left to fend for yourself.”

Kyuhyun sat back farther in the seat as he noticed how her eyes narrowed, as if she was angry at Ryeowook. “Ryeowook will feed me anytime I ask. I’ve actually gained most of my weight back. Sungmin cooks all the time, and he has no problem force feeding me,” Kyuhyun informed her, making sure to drag Sungmin into the discussion, too.

“Sungmin isn’t the same as Ryeowook, though, is he? There are things you and Ryeowook share, that you and Sungmin don’t…correct?” Jia Li asked Kyuhyun, watching him very closely.

Kyuhyun felt his face go blank as Yunho’s warnings about fans played in his head. “Sungmin is my roommate, so there is very little he doesn’t know about me. We are joined at the hip…practically inseparable. I just don’t like advertising it; some fans get the wrong idea,” Kyuhyun explained, laughing nervously.

“Oh, well, some fans take fan service very seriously…like they get off on the idea. In truth some do, literally, get off on the idea. I like my men to service me, not each other,” she said with a smirk, causing Kyuhyun to blush. “There I go being too much again, and Zhou Mi warned me to play nice.”

“How so?”

“I can be a handful…it suits me well in the modeling world. I like being outrageous, throwing people off kilter. It clashes with my Korean half, though. My mother blames her head of gray hair on me.”

“Well…you are something.” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but agree as the waiter placed chips and salsa on the table.

“Back to fan service, you’re very weird with it. I sometimes think the closer you are to someone the less - ”

“Let’s not talk about fan service. Let’s talk about you. So, of all the places you have traveled to, what was your favorite?” Kyuhyun asked, changing the topic quickly. She was too observant for him to get caught in this discussion with her.

“Paris, without a doubt,” she told him as she picked up a chip and licked the salt off of it.

“I know somebody who studied in Paris, and they really enjoyed it,” Kyuhyun told her as he dipped a chip in the salsa without eating it.

“Noona Ahra loved Paris, didn’t she?” Jia Li informed Kyuhyun with a knowing smile that instantly made him nervous.

“She liked it a lot. How did you - ” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly on guard, as he played with his chips, not eating them.

“Of course I would know my very favorite stars only sister’s name and where she studied. You would be surprised what fans know,” Jia Li informed him, enjoying watching him fidget in his seat.

“I was recently reminded that fans knew more than I thought they did,” Kyuhyun said, the alarm showing in his voice.

Jia Li took a sip of the drink in front of her and then smiled at him, her eyes never leaving his. “But a true fan always protects the object of her obsession.”

“You are being too much again…it’s creeping me out,” Kyuhyun bluntly told her, under the scrutiny of what felt like a predator’s eyes aimed at him.

“Sorry. Let’s change the subject to something we both love. Let’s talk about your wonderful voice. I simple adore it,” Jia Li said, toning down her intensity.

“Well, that just happens to be one of my favorite subjects,” Kyuhyun confessed, willing to give it another try before he ran from the restaurant screaming.

“I have been to so many countries, and I always find myself forcing your songs on unsuspecting people, and I never get anything but compliments back in return.”

“Really? Even if they don’t understand a word of it?” Kyuhyun asked, truly interested when the subject was about his singing.

“Exactly, they love your voice. Your voice transcends the language it’s sung in. It’s truly universal. I really wish they would let you release an English language album, so you could expand into the western world.” Jia Li was completely different now. Gone was the lecherous seductress.

“I wish that too. I like singing in English, but rarely do I get a chance to.” Kyuhyun was completely at ease now, nodding his head in agreement.

“You were amazing when you sang on Star King with that little….homely girl. I can’t remember her name - ”


“Yeah, her. Well, it was perfection. I made many people listen to that, and nobody could believe it was some Korean boy singing instead of some grown black man,” she told him, enjoying complimenting him as much as he enjoyed hearing it.

“I love languages, and I really try hard to always make it sound as natural as I - ” Kyuhyun stopped, his good mood instantly gone, as his body became rigid as he glared at the front of the restaurant.

“What?” Jia Li asked. She could tell that Kyuhyun had focused on somebody who wasn’t her. She turned around to see a blonde girl walk into the restaurant with two people who appeared to be her parents. “Should I be jealous?”

“Absolutely not,” Kyuhyun said with obvious disdain. “Oh, shit she saw me…hey!” Kyuhyun said, suddenly reaching across the table to grab Jia Li’s hand. “Can you be outrageous again?”

“Sure…why? Isn’t that Luna from your own company?”

“Yes, but her existence annoys me. If you don’t mind, I would love for you to put on a show for her. The crazier, the better.”

“Honey, nobody does crazy like me,” Jia Li warned him as she watched Kyuhyun struggle to wipe the frown off his face as the other girl walked toward their table.

“Luna, what brings you here?” Kyuhyun asked, forcibly smiling as she approached the table.

“Hello, Oppa, my mom and dad wanted to take me out to eat before I head to the gym. This place is close to the gym, so we thought we would try it,” Luna told him, all smiles, unaware of how he felt toward her.

“Going to the gym…with Ryeowook and the others?” Kyuhyun questioned, struggling to keep his smile from turning into a sneer.

“Yes, Ryeowook is going to be there. I am so excited. I haven’t seen him in so long.”

Kyuhyun’s teeth were actually showing now. “Well, isn’t that nice. I guess I should introduce you to my date, Jia Li.”

“Your date?” Luna said, trying to hide her shock at the other woman’s appearance and age.

“Yes, his date. I’m a world class model…and what are you child?” Jia Li asked, offended, pretending she didn’t recognize Luna.

“I…I am…I sing. I am in f(x),” Luna said, tripping over her words, but never losing her smile.

“Oppa Baby, f(x), what’s that?” Jia Li asked Kyuhyun, eyeing him hungrily.

“It’s just a little group that our company humors itself with,” Kyuhyun said snottily.

“Oh, no wonder I never heard of them,” Jia Li said, giving Luna a critical look over. “Didn’t cut it for the visual requirements for SNSD, huh?”

“We work very hard, so hopefully someday you will hear of us, Unnie. No, I am not very pretty, but I love to sing,” Luna told Jia Li, and Kyuhyun had to admit that he was amazed at Luna’s ability to keep smiling.

“That’s sweet, kid, but right now I have other problems,” Jia Li said as she squirmed in her seat.

“What’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked her as she made what could only be called obscene movements as she wiggled around in her seat.

“I hate to wear panties, Oppa Baby. I am going to have to take them off. Should I take them off here?”

“No!” Luna answered, petrified at the thought.

“Probably shouldn’t…the bathroom is over there,” Kyuhyun said, pointing to the bathroom, trying to hide his laughter.

Jia Li stood up and bent over the table and kissed Kyuhyun on the check. “I will be right back. Oppa Baby will have easy access later.”

Kyuhyun watched her walk off, truly in awe; however, Luna wasn’t. “Oppa, run while you can!”


“Run, Oppa! I will cover for you.”

“Why would I want to leave?”

“She is a bad woman.”

“I like them bad,” Kyuhyun told Luna, delighting in her discomfort.

“But Oppa - ” She stopped as the waiter arrived with the plates of hot food.

“Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. You should go order your food and eat. Be sure to tell Ryeowook hello from me,” Kyuhyun told her, knowing she would tell Ryeowook so much more and loving the thought of it.


“You should order the cheese enchiladas; they are divine,” Kyuhyun told her, with a huge smile on his face.


“I have never had gas this bad in my life. I am so sorry…it must have been the food,” Jia Li apologized for the tenth time later that night.

“Must have been,” Kyuhyun said from beside her as he sat on the grassy bank of the Han River, the full moon providing the only light. He actually felt kinda bad about his plan to make sure she wouldn’t feel too comfortable around him. He delighted in thinking that Luna was suffering the same effects at the gym…with Ryeowook nearby.

“I am just going to have to ride on the hood of the car on the way back,” Jia Li said, getting up and walking a short distance away.

Kyuhyun smiled, as he heard her let one rip. “We can roll the windows down.”

“The gas is bad, but the smell…the smell is awful. It’s like sweet sewage smelling,” she said as she sat down beside him again.

“Oh, believe me, I can smell it,” Kyuhyun informed her as he laid back in the grass, and looked up into the night sky, wondering if Ryeowook was mad with jealousy yet.

“It’s been, like, years since I was last embarrassed. This is just unreal,” she said sniffing the air around her.

“Don’t worry about it,” Kyuhyun said. “Do you want me to sing you a song? Will it make you feel better?’

“Absolutely; do I get to pick the song?”


“Then I pick Marry U.”


“You don’t like it?”

“I don’t want you to get your hopes up,” Kyuhyun told her, unable to stop himself from laughing at her.

“Believe me the longer I’m around you, the less hope I have,” she told the mean-spirited man next to her.

“What do you mean by that?” Kyuhyun asked, slightly scared of what her hidden meaning could be, but before he could further question her, she was on top of him. “Now, wait a minute!” Kyuhyun yelped at her, right before her lips crashed into his.

Kyuhyun was amazed at how strong she was as she forcefully kissed him and held him down at the same time. He was sure his lips would be bruised when he finally escaped her. His shock subsided, and annoyance took over when she reached down and grabbed his cock. “Now wait just one damn minute,” Kyuhyun said, pushing her off angrily now.

“I just had to be sure,” she told him, wiping her mouth from her position in the grass where he had tossed her.

“You are a nutcase after all,” Kyuhyun seethed as he climbed to his feet.

“I know I am. I’m very sorry, but I had to be sure,” she told him, looking up at the man glaring down at her.

“Sure of what?”

“That what your sister said was true,” she told him sadly. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. It isn’t your fault. You aren’t less of a man in my eyes.”

“Oh shit!” Was all Kyuhyun could say as he sat back down in the grass beside her.

“I kinda stalked her when I was in Paris,” Jia Li admitted and had the decency to sound ashamed.

“You stalked my sister?”

“At first, but then we kinda became friends. I told her I was going to marry you…and she just laughed at me.”

“Should I be looking for a weapon or something? You are like crazy, crazy. Have you ever spent time in a mental hospital?” Kyuhyun asked as he got up again, and leaned against the hood of his car, keeping his distance.

“No, I haven’t. I am just a woman who knows what she wants, and a really dedicated fan. Your sister realized this and liked me in the end. I talked to her today on the phone actually.”


“Yes, she told me you wouldn’t be able to return my feelings, but I should definitely meet you if given the chance.”

“Did she tell you why I wouldn’t be able to return your feelings?” Kyuhyun was thankful for the darkness that hid the fact that all the blood had left his face.

“I know.”

“I need you to tell me what my sister told you,” Kyuhyun said, all seriousness now.

“I know it isn’t a subject you like to talk about, and I completely understand. What man would want to talk about it?”

“Tell me now!” Kyuhyun demanded, getting more fearful of what his sister might have told her.

“Your accident and how it left you,” she told him nervously. Kyuhyun watched as she pulled her knees up and hugged them.

“The accident? Left me? What?” Kyuhyun asked, completely confused now.

“Don’t make me go into details.”

“Tell me what my sister told you!” Kyuhyun demanded, losing his temper fast.

Jia Li jumped up to face him, slightly annoyed herself now. “That you were injured in more ways than the fans knew…that you were castrated in the wreck.”

Kyuhyun’s mouth dropped open, and he didn’t even know what to say to that. “Shh…she…oh.”

“I am sorry. I didn’t want to let you know I knew. Your sister told me that it was an extremely guarded secret. I prayed like mad she was lying to me…but she wasn’t.”

“That bitch…I can’t believe she…I’m gonna - ” Kyuhyun said, letting the car hold him up as he imagined the laugh his sister was having right now.

“I am glad she told me. If she hadn’t, I would have thought you were queer or something. I am just so sorry for you. I will never tell your secret. I will do the opposite and tell everybody what great sex we had,” she told him as she tentatively rested a hand on his shoulder, offering her comfort.

Kyuhyun, who had been fuming and planning revenge on his older sister, stopped plotting long enough to hear her words. “You thought I was…gay?”

“You obviously had no interest in me. The eight year old sitting in the booth behind us showed more interest.”

“I looked at your breasts!” Kyuhyun informed her, defending his manliness.

“Not like you wanted to bury your face in them…it was more like how women look at them, right before they ask how much they cost.”

“Err - ” Kyuhyun couldn’t deny that. “Well, when you are castrated, it just kills all those urges,” Kyuhyun said, lying like crazy, trying to explain himself.

“I know. My poor, neutered singing angel. Just like my little dog I had when I was a child.”

“Neutered…just like the common pet,” Kyuhyun said, trying to look pitiful.

“Nobody will ever find out from me. It will be your family or Ryeowook who betrays you. I would rather die than tell your secret,” she confirmed for him.

“Ryeowook?” Kyuhyun’s mind automatically latched onto his name.

“Yes, he’s the only member that knows. Well, that’s what Ahra said. Is that not true?”

“No…I mean yes. Ryeowook is the only member that knows. My doctors know, of course,” Kyuhyun lied as he saw the beauty in this lie suddenly.

“They did a really good job. I couldn’t tell,” Jia Li told him, and Kyuhyun could make out an encouraging smile on her face in the darkness.

“So it felt real…down there?” Kyuhyun asked as his mischievous nature returned.

“It did - well, except for being totally limp. I usually have the opposite effect on men.”

“Yeah, but that can’t be helped.” Kyuhyun told her with a sad smile, but then he reached for his nose as a horrible smell engulfed the air around them.

“I am going to sue that restaurant!” Jia Li screeched.
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