TFAN, Part 28

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Chapter 28

“You are the worst sister ever! I mean what kind of sister tells her brother’s date that he’s a eunuch? Were you and Ryeowook in on this together? So help me if you don’t answer your phone! I am going to tell mom about that little unscheduled trip to Italy you made with your Professor!” Kyuhyun threatened his sister through her voicemail as he got off the elevator. “I have to go interrogate Ryeowook now, and payback isn’t going to be sweet for you!”

Kyuhyun put the phone away with a half hearted frown. He was insulted more than anything else. He even had to admit to the genius of the plan to himself…but he wasn’t going to share that with anyone. He stopped suddenly on his way to the dorm when he noticed Ryeowook passed out by the door. “Ryeowook,” he said rushing to the other man’s side and grabbing him by both shoulders.

Kyuhyun panicked, shaking Ryeowook’s shoulders to wake him. Ryeowook’s eyes opened, and he smiled up at Kyuhyun. “Hey, baby.”

“You are drunk!” Kyuhyun proclaimed; he stopped shaking Ryeowook and scrunched up his nose. “I might get drunk just from smelling you.”

Ryeowook giggled. “You are so funny. You can’t get drunk from smelling.”

Kyuhyun took in Ryeowook’s clothing he was wearing: skin tight black pants and a white dress shirt that was only half buttoned. “Ryeowook, what did you do?”

Ryeowook, whose eyes had shut, fluttered open. “Got really drunk…you and your whore. You break my heart, over and over.”

“So help me if Luna fucking touched you…I will wipe that smile from her face permanently. You were supposed to be at the gym. Just get up,” Kyuhyun ordered as he stood back up, placing his hands on his hips, too jealous to pay attention to Ryeowook’s previous words.

Ryeowook made no effort to move; he just looked up at Kyuhyun with tears building in his eyes. “You…you and your panty hating whore……you are a bad person, Cho Kyuhyun. All I ever do is cry over you!”

Kyuhyun looked puzzled as he took in Ryeowook’s words, and then kneeled back down beside him. “Did Luna tell you about my date? She did, didn’t she? And now you are all drunk because you are jealous? This is more like it,” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile triumphantly as he grabbed Ryeowook by the arm and pulled him up to a sitting position.

“You are so happy, and I am so sad. Bad…bad, always breaking my heart.” Ryeowook whimpered as Kyuhyun held him up.

“I need to know right now if you did anything with anybody. If Luna or anybody touched you…God. Nevermind, I don’t want to know. Yes, I have to know, so I will know who to destroy,” Kyuhyun pleaded with a very drunk Ryeowook as he continued to hold him up.

“What? Me? No, you are the slut collector. I just tried to drink everything away…all my sorrows. My poor sorrows - ”

“Ryeowook, did you have sex with anybody?” Kyuhyun demanded, interrupting the drunken man.

“Sex? I don’t even remember what that is!” Ryeowook said, looking very sad. “Although this fat girl did try to make out with me. Security took her away…because she was fat…I used to be fat. Sometimes, I still feel so fat. I am always that fat kid with the extremely high pitched - ” Ryeowook stopped as Kyuhyun pulled him into a tight embrace.

“You are perfect to me, even when you are sloppy drunk.” Kyuhyun told him, hugging him tightly.

Ryeowook just melted into Kyuhyun. “I’m not that drunk.”

“Yes, you are, especially if you think I break your heart. You always break mine. All this distance, misunderstanding, and plotting to make you jealous are your fault,” Kyuhyun told him, pulling away. “I want us to be together; you’re the dumbass in this relationship.”

“I know. Not no more,” Ryeowook told him, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck and trying to pull him into a kiss. Kyuhyun jerked away quickly, causing Ryeowook to protest. “You…you lie. Bad liar. Heartbreaker. I like that song; I really, really do. It’s my theme song.”

“Security cameras are in this hallway, so behave,” Kyuhyun said, standing up and pulling Ryeowook to his feet with him.

“Really?” Ryeowook, who had been singing his new theme song, asked, tilting his head back, looking at the ceiling.

“Like a big fat, duh,” Kyuhyun said, dragging Ryeowook to the door.

“Do you think I’m fat?” Ryeowook inquired, not helping Kyuhyun at all with his mobility.

“No. I don’t think you are fat. We are never having the ‘Am I fat’ conversation, because it eerily reminds me of my parents,” Kyuhyun said, trying to punch in the password for the door while holding Ryeowook up at the same time.

“Your parents aren’t fat,” Ryeowook said, laughing. “I like your parents better than my own. I shouldn’t say that! I’m such a bad son,” Ryeowook said, now tearful.

“I like you drunk better…when I’m drunk with you,” Kyuhyun observed, pushing the door open.

“I need to call my mom and dad right now! I have to apologize!” Ryeowook said, breaking free of Kyuhyun’s grasp and starting through the door.

Before Kyuhyun could even shut the door, Ryeowook started to make a head dive for the floor. Kyuhyun rushed to catch him and ended up on the floor underneath Ryeowook, cushioning him from his fall. “Urgh, you can call them in the morning.”

“Call who?” Ryeowook asked as he pulled himself up from Kyuhyun’s chest, looking down fondly at Kyuhyun. “I love you so much. My sweet, Baby. Baby, Baby, Baby.”

“You know how I feel about endearments,” Kyuhyun said, trying to frown, but ended up smiling up at Ryeowook, who was looking at him as if he was the most wonderful thing in all the world.

“I do. You hate them. I just don’t care when I’m drunk, Baby,” Ryeowook told him, bending down and kissing Kyuhyun on the lips.

Kyuhyun started to kiss him back, wrapping both arms around him, and pulling him closer. “Shit!” Kyuhyun growled, breaking away from the kiss and climbing out from underneath Ryeowook. “Hello? Hey, is anybody home?” Kyuhyun yelled into what appeared to be an empty dorm.

Ryeowook continued to lie on the floor, making no attempt to get up as he folded his arms across his chest, pouting. “I am not kissing you anymore. You are no fun.”

“Let’s go to your room,” Kyuhyun said, after finding nobody else in the dorm. He bent down to help Ryeowook up.

Ryeowook wrapped both arms around Kyuhyun’s neck as the other man pulled him up. “You should carry me.”

“I am not carrying you,” Kyuhyun informed him as he started for Ryeowook’s room, pulling a resistant Ryeowook along with him.

“I’ll let you fuck me if you do,” Ryeowook whispered into Kyuhyun’s chest. “Do you want to?”

Kyuhyun immediately lifted Ryeowook up into his arms. “That would be a most definite yes - hell, yes.”

Ryeowook’s arms were still around Kyuhyun’s neck, and he was laughing uncontrollably. “I am so glad I’m drunk! We are going to have so much fun.”

“Orgasmic bliss, no doubt,” Kyuhyun said panting. “I should really consider working out…damn,” Kyuhyun said, almost out of breath, as he carried Ryeowook to his room.

“But I love my wimpy Baby,” Ryeowook said as he nuzzled Kyuhyun’s neck.

“Thank God for small wonders,” Kyuhyun said as he entered Ryeowook’s room and barely managed to turn the light on without dropping the man in his arms.

“We are going to finally do it.”

“Oh, yes we are. Everybody is gone. Just you and me…and about damn time,” Kyuhyun said, tossing Ryeowook onto the bed.

“Where are all your supplies?” Ryeowook asked, giggling up at Kyuhyun.

“I don’t even care.” Kyuhyun said as he got on the bed and crawled on top of Ryeowook and kissed him hard. “I should care though, shouldn’t I?” Kyuhyun asked, pulling away from a very drunk Ryeowook.

“Don’t think, Baby. Hurry, before I sober up,” Ryeowook told him as he reached up and started unbuttoned Kyuhyun’s shirt. “I thought I told you not to wear this? Red is not your color.”

“Before you start to sober up?” Kyuhyun questioned, with a hint of conscience slipping in.

“Yes, because we don’t want my brain to start working. We just need the other parts to work,” Ryeowook told him as he sat up and slipped Kyuhyun’s shirt off and started covering the other man’s chest in kisses.

“Ryeowook, I can’t do this if you are going to hate me for it in the morning,” Kyuhyun said, torn, slipping farther back in the bed, away from the drunken man who was nipping at one of his nipples now.

“Oh, I could never hate you. If you are bad at it, we will just practice ‘til you are very good,” Ryeowook said, lunging into Kyuhyun’s arms, knocking the other man on his back.

“That totally isn’t what I meant…although that’s comforting to know,” Kyuhyun said, taking one of the other man’s hands and kissing it. “I can’t make love to you when you’re drunk. It’s wrong. God, I hate that word…but it’s the truth.”

Ryeowook frowned as he looked down at the heartbroken younger man. “Maybe I wouldn’t remember…although I am pretty sure my ass would feel weird.”

“Probably,” Kyuhyun agreed, looking up at his greatest temptation, all hot and ready for him. Kyuhyun suddenly felt like crying.

“Poor Baby,” Ryeowook said, leaning down and kissing Kyuhyun, who kissed him back eagerly.

“God, Ryeowook, I want to more than I have ever wanted anything…but it’s unethical…and probably illegal in some countries. I can’t,” Kyuhyun mumbled through the kiss, and finally broke away and turned his head to the side. “If you keep doing this, I won’t be able to control myself…I am not good at it.”

“Okay, Baby,” Ryeowook said pulling up away from the kiss. “You don’t have to kiss me.”

“I want to…I really, really want to…damn my conscience! Why does it have to come out of hiding tonight?” Kyuhyun cursed as Ryeowook moved farther down his body. “What are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked, jerking up, quickly bracing himself on his elbows as he felt Ryeowook unbuttoning his jeans.

“You can’t do anything to me, so I will just have to do all the work,” Ryeowook told him with a seductive wink, as he used one hand to push Kyuhyun back down on the bed.

“I just don’t know - ” Kyuhyun started to protest, and stopped suddenly, as Ryeowook pulled his jeans and boxers down with one swift motion.

“You know, I’ve never done this before,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun, after he had thrown the other man’s jeans on the floor and left his boxers around his ankles. Ryeowook gently ran his fingers over Kyuhyun’s already hard cock and the surrounding soft skin.

“I am su…sure,” Kyuhyun coughed, clearing his throat, and finding it very difficult to speak. “I am sure you will be fine at it.”

“Plus, we can always practice,” Ryeowook said, smiling down at the younger man’s cock as he bent down and starting kissing around it.

“Lot’s of practicing. Every chance we-” Kyuhyun stopped, suddenly grabbing the covers and squeezing them as hard as he could, as Ryeowook put his hands around Kyuhyun’s cock and squeezed gently.

“Baby, you really are big,” Ryeowook told him as he bent down and kissed the tip. “I am thinking this is going to come natural to me.”

“If I should lose control and come way too early…that’s just your drunken delusions, and it never happened,” Kyuhyun blurted out anxiously, trying his best not to grab Ryeowook and force him down on him.

“Funny, funny, Baby…Boy…Man. My man,” Ryeowook whispered, and then took Kyuhyun’s cock into his mouth, causing the other man to hit the wall hard with his fist.

For what felt like the most exquisite moments of his life, Kyuhyun just stared at Ryeowook’s ceiling as obscene moans of pleasure escaped his lips.

“You tru…truly are…a natural,” Kyuhyun told the other man when his ability to articulate thought into words returned. “Fucking love you. Nobody touches me like you,” Kyuhyun said, admiring Ryeowook’s enthusiasm as he tried his hardest not to buck up and knock Ryeowook off the bed. “I’m very…very…happy” Kyuhyun reached down, running his hand through Ryeowook’s soft hair.

“Baby, I love it. Love it. Love you. Fucking love you,” Kyuhyun babbled on deliriously, with passion coloring his every word, thought, and movement. He thrust his hips in sync with Ryeowook, who was sucking him into the warm, wet heat of his mouth, while he fondled his balls, squeezing them.

“I am going to…I’m a sex talker? I’ve never been a talker before, but it’s never ever felt like this. If you don’t want a mouthful - ” Kyuhyun squealed, his voice going up several octaves he didn’t know it was capable of. “I’m a fucking soprano now?”

“Ba..bee, I’m go…ing.” Kyuhyun moaned incoherently as Ryeowook sucked him off like he was an expert. Kyuhyun rose up from the bed and came hard in Ryeowook’s mouth, the other man swallowing it down without hesitation.

Kyuhyun fell back on the bed, feeling like he had run a marathon. His eyes locked onto Ryeowook as the other man tucked him back into his boxers gently. When Ryeowook turned his eyes to meet Kyuhyun’s, he was smirking. “I do believe I heard endearments coming out of your mouth.”

“You deserve them. Fucking love you,” Kyuhyun said as Ryeowook slithered up his body ‘til his face was directly over Kyuhyun’s.

“I think I remember you saying that, too,” Ryeowook said, laughing as Kyuhyun’s arms went around him and tried to drag him down for a kiss, but Ryeowook kept pulling away before their lips could meet.

“What’s this?” Kyuhyun asked, annoyed, as Ryeowook avoided his kiss.

“I know what a germ freak you are. I thought I better go brush my teeth. I wouldn’t want - ”

“Idiot!” Kyuhyun proclaimed as he pulled Ryeowook down into a crushing kiss. Kyuhyun, who had felt completely exhausted, was reawakened with the kiss as he explored every aspect of Ryeowook’s mouth.

“Let’s go to bed. So sleepy,” Ryeowook said, breaking away from the kiss and yawning as he rested his head on Kyuhyun’s chest.

“It hardly seems fair,” Kyuhyun said as one hand ran through Ryeowook’s hair and the other ran up and down his body.

“I’m…good,” Ryeowook said sleepily as he gently kissed Kyuhyun’s chest.

Kyuhyun pulled himself up and gently placed Ryeowook underneath him. “I don’t think so. I know I’m a selfish ass, but even I’m not that big of an ass,” Kyuhyun said as he ran his hand over the front of Ryeowook’s pants feeling the other man’s hardness. “God, you’re beautiful,” Kyuhyun whispered huskily as he unbuttoned Ryeowook’s pants and took the other man’s cock in his hand, immediately causing the other man to arch up in bed and come hard in his hand.

“I thought I was easy.” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but laugh. “Messy, messy, I will just have - ”

“Who the fuck left the door wide open?” Heechul cursed from the other room.

“Donghae!” Leeteuk bellowed accusingly.

“Oh shit!” Kyuhyun said out loud as he noticed the door to Ryeowook’s room was also wide open. Kyuhyun jumped off of the bed as quick as he could. Ryeowook just smiled and curled up on his side happily, satisfied, as he drifted off into a drunken sleep.

“Boxers on…no jeans. I don’t have a lie good enough to get me out of this,” Kyuhyun groaned to himself as he grabbed his jeans and shirt, threw covers over Ryeowook and got down on the floor and crawled under Ryeowook’s bed.

“So help me if any of my belongings are gone,” Kyuhyun heard Leeteuk bitching from the other room.

“Who cares about your stuff? Where are my babies? Kitties!” Heechul cried out for his missing cats.

Kyuhyun had a wave of guilt rush over him as he imagined Heechul’s cats running out the open door and now lost forever. His guilt immediately vanished when Baengshin swatted his paw across the front of Kyuhyun’s face.

Kyuhyun looked up to find both Heebum and Baengshin underneath the bed watching him closely. “Were you two in here…watching us? Bad cats,” Kyuhyun whispered to the two felines who just stared back at him. “Go find your dad,” Kyuhyun told them, trying to shoo them away. They just stared back at him like he was an imbecile they couldn’t be bothered with.

“I found the culprit,” Kyuhyun could hear Leeteuk say, as he watched feet enter Ryeowook’s room.

It didn’t take long before Kyuhyun could also hear Heechul. “What? Ryeowook? He’s drunk! I can smell him from here!” Kyuhyun held his breath, not daring to breathe as Heechul stormed into the room, right up to Ryeowook’s bed. “Ryeowook, have you seen my cats?”

“Ugh…no. I wouldn’t give them scraps…you said bad. You said scraps are bad,” Ryeowook said, in a voice heavy with a mixture of sleepiness and intoxication.

“Listen to him lie in his sleep. I know he slips them meat!”

“Heechul, that’s not important now.”

“You’re right. I have to find them. Heebum! Baengshin!” Heechul yelled, leaving the room quickly.

Much to Kyuhyun’s annoyance, Heebum was rubbing up against Kyuhyun’s face, causing his nose to itch like crazy. Kyuhyun fought the urge to sneeze as he pushed the cat away. His heart sank as he felt Leeteuk take a seat on the bed.

“Precious Eternal Maknae, why so drunk tonight? What is weighing on that mind of yours? How long as it been since you last did this to yourself? I wish you would talk to me,” Leeteuk whispered to Ryeowook, making Kyuhyun feel very guilty.

“I am going to call the police. What if somebody stole them?” Heechul yelled from the other room.

“Nobody stole them,” Leeteuk told Heechul, getting up from the bed and leaving the room. “They saw the door open and ran for it. We just need to get everybody together and find them as a team.”

“Shoo. Get out here, you blasted beasts!” Kyuhyun whispered harshly to the cats that refused to obey him. “I can’t have everybody in this dorm looking for you. Just go, please. I will make sure Ryeowook gives you table scraps all the time.”

In response Baengshin playfully pawed his face, as Heebum made sure his tail dangled right below Kyuhyun’s nose. “Okay, be that way. I am going to make sure you never get a scrap again. I got rid of Sungmin’s ca…umm…awe….eee.” Kyuhyun let out a sneeze so big that snot went flying out right at the cats. The cats suddenly made a beeline out from under the bed.

“Did you hear that?”

“Is Ryeowook sneezing? He better not be allergic to cats, too, like his sidekick. I am not getting rid of my cats. He will just have to move back……HEEBUM! BAENGSHIN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”
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