TFAN, Sneak Peak 29

When Kyuhyun awoke the next morning he felt full of joy with a huge smile plastered across his face.  It has been almost three AM before he had managed to sneak out of the top dorm without being seen but none of that had mattered to him…it had been worth it.  Everything had been worth it, just like he had always known it would be.



Ryeowook loved him, like he had always known deep down in his soul.  Nobody not even Ryeowook had ever been truly able to convince him otherwise, and nobody would ever be able to again.  


He would take Yunho’s second choice and he would make it work.  Kyuhyun knew that he wasn’t normal by any means and a long time ago when he was very young, before tragedy had marred him he had latched onto Ryeowook.  His bond with Ryeowook had always been intense even when it had been camouflaged in friendship.  It had always been the most important thing in his life, more important than his friends, family, and even his song. 


He thought over all the moments of their shared life together, the wonderful happiness and the horrid arguments that always arose when importance was shown to anything but their bond.  He had always been jealous and even the calmer Ryeowook had his own burst of unjustified jealousy before that one terrible fight that would redefine their life.


Their life would not be simple though, he knew this even if his lust made him reckless.  He had made horrible mistakes last night and he could never afford to make such mistakes again, because he was not willing to pay the price that would have to be paid.


“I’ve got to be more careful.”  Kyuhyun whispered chastising himself.   


“I swear to God if you get Gonorrhea I am gonna kick your ass.”  Sungmin said plopping down on the bed beside him all smiles.


“What?  No!”  Kyuhyun denied as he realized that Sungmin had overheard him.  Sungmin sat on the bed smiling down at him already completely dressed.


“Then what do you have to be careful about, Lover Boy?”  Sungmin asked smiling down knowingly at Kyuhyun as the other man yawned and stretched out in bed smiling back at him


“Lots of things.  I need to be more serious about the things and people I care about.”  Kyuhyun said sitting up in the bed patting Sungmin on the arm.


“Umm…you are kinda scaring me, but in a good way.  You better not have knocked her up.  If the manager doesn’t kill you…what am I talking about?  Of course the manager will kill you.  He’s just looking for an excuse.” 


“I didn’t knock anybody up.”  Kyuhyun promised laughing at the thought.


“Good!  One Kyuhyun in this world is more than enough.”  Sungmin said getting up off the bed and walking toward the door.


“I couldn’t agree more.”  Kyuhyun smiled in agreement.


Sungmin turned around to really look at Kyuhyun, “You sound like you mean that.”


“I do mean it.”  Kyuhyun said sitting up at the side of the bed.


“So you don’t ever want kids?”


“Nope, I want other things more.” Kyuhyun said wiping his nose that was running.  “Damn allergies.”


“So who is going to take care of you when you get old?  I will have retired from the job by then I assure you.”


“My sister’s kids….they are going to love me way more than their loser dad.”  Kyuhyun told Sungmin with a glint of devilish delight playing in his eyes.


“I feel sorry for the man that marries into your family.  God help him, because Ahra is almost as bad as you…almost.”  Sungmin told him. “I can just…”


“Save me!”  Donghae yelled as he burst into the room and jumped on Kyuhyun’s bed almost knocking the other man off of it.


“Do I even want to know?”  Sungmin asked in dread watching Donghae roll around in Kyuhyun’s bed trying to hide under the covers.


“Ryeowook is having the worse day ever!”  Donghae informed them pulling the covers up over his head.


“Why do you say that?”  Kyuhyun asked fearfully the smile that had been fixed to his face this morning instantly gone.


“He’s hungover for one, and it’s a bad one.  I don’t know how somebody that little can vomit that much.”  Donghae said popping his head out from under the covers.


“He was in a weird mood last night.  Something was really bothering him.”  Sungmin agreed as he sat on his bed looking at the two men across from him.


“Then Heechul starts attacking him.”  Donghae said sliding out from under the covers to come and sit beside a very worried looking Kyuhyun.


“Why?”  Sungmin wanted to know.


“I guess Ryeowook came home drunk last night and left the door to the dorm open.   Heechul was pissed because he thought his cats had got out.  Ryeowook said he didn’t remember doing it, but Heechul didn’t care.  Then Leeteuk joined in telling Ryeowook that he needs to fix his problems and not drown them in alcohol.”  Donghae explained loving to gossip.


“How’s Ryeowook now?”  Kyuhyun asked concerned but also wondering just how much Ryeowook remembered from their night together.


“He’s pissy now.  He’s in DivaWook mode.”


“When you say pissy?  Does he seem angry at like one person in particular…or the whole world?”  Kyuhyun asked trying to hide his nerves.


“The whole world.  I mean he wasn’t being very nice before Heechul lit into him, but now it’s even worse.  He yelled at me for not cleaning up a mess…a very little mess I might add.  Shindong didn’t even ask for breakfast.”


“That bad.”  Sungmin and Kyuhyun both said at the same time.


“That bad.”  Donghae said shaking his head. “Why exactly do we have to go to the KRY practice?”  Donghae whined to Sungmin.


“Because we are going to be performing in Japan too.”  Sungmin told him.  “I wonder if I have time to make Ryeowook a Bloody Mary?” 


“The manager said to be ready in fifteen minutes…why aren’t you dressed?”  Donghae said focusing on Kyuhyun.


“I was letting Lover Boy get a little extra sleep…he needed to replenish his strength.”  Sungmin said getting up to leave the room and motioned for Donghae to follow him so Kyuhyun could get dressed.


“So you got lucky and Ryeowook looks like he had the worse night of his life.  If I were you I wouldn’t rub that in.”  Donghae warned as he shut the door behind him.


“Oh, believe me I won’t.”  Kyuhyun suddenly felt very lightheaded.

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