TFAN, Part 30

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Chapter 30

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very fast update!!! kyu you are such a fool! oh and of course. i'm reminded again why i will always love heechul! good luck wookie!
The last chapter had me worried! It was so sad! I just hope things get better for them again once Wookie goes to him.

Fast update is love! <3

Looking forward to the next chapter!

LoveLoveLove <3
omfg this is so funny, kyu was afraid that his mom would yell at him or something. hahah
Mrs.Cho is such a great mom TT^TT
i wonder if Wookie will really go to the hospital.
i wonder what will he say to Mrs.Cho.
i wonder how kyuhyun will react when Wookie goes to the hospital.
i wonder what will my beloved Heechul say to Yunho.
i really do wonder :3
and i super love this chapter. oh well.. i love every chapter of this fic. <3
All your questions will be answered by the ending.:)

I am glad you loved this chapter! Thanks so much for commenting!
i really wanna know what happened when wookie finally meets kyuhyun...
haisy..u got me so well..can't wait for the next chapter~!!!
i was surprised by the extrememly fast update! was still trying to think of a coherent comment to the previous chapter haha. i like heechul's attitude - he knows what's most important at this point in time. again, because i love angst, i really like how kyuhyun was pushed to the limits in this chapter, forced to finally face those fears which never materialized until now. it'll be interesting to see what happens when ryeowook finds kyuhyun, and how they can (or can't - im prepared for this but i still like happy endings after angst ahah) get through this together.
Thank you for the nice comment!

Everybody should be prepared for any possible ending.

Thanks so much for commenting!
"Should I go spice up the waiting room? Tell them I’m an atheist and dare them to convert me?”<--LOL. XD

it is so sad that kyu is hysterical because of his guilt. he can't even tell that he needs ryewook so much. :( and his mom! ohmigawd, don't even get me started.

i am probably really exhausted after that 5 hour meeting with the boss, but this chapter is love. <3 i am really seeing hearts right now. I LOVE YOU!

dear, you have got to marry me. hahahahahahaha i think i am PMSing that my emotions are erratic. sorry if i am almost not making sense. i think i am just sadder that this is so close to the end. i might just be crying when you post 31, regardless of the humor. :( i am missing TFAN already.


Here you are! I was wondering where you were! I thought I had lost another wonderful commenter!

I love you too!!! Thanks for always commenting and for being a cheerleader...and sometimes a momma bear for the story!

Don't cry! Didn't you tell me you like Yunjae? You can read Damages(working title) when I post it...then you can really cry! LOL

Also I promised Amy that one shot after TFAN is done.:)

I really really love you<3
OMGGGGG You're incredible and I fucking love you so much^________^ Thank you for fast update! Like I told you last chapter that I fear of next update and don't want to read it but you know I just can't help myself when saw you update~~I didn't ever think the story will turn out like this and I absolutely love everything in this chapter~~ I adore Heechul and Kyu's mom wow she kinda figure it out huh yeah like she always thought Kyu's sickness is depend on his relationship with wookie and she LOVE wookie!!! Arkkkk I can't wait for the next part will check here everyday^^ Do you have FB I wanna stalk you kekeke^^

Love you and TFAN<3

p.s.Did you see the picture in Italy that they sat next to each other yet so adorable^^
Re: I really really love you<3
Yes, she always suspected it! The story started off with her suspicions and trying to clue him in!

I don't have FB sorry! Just twitter where I rant and totally lose any coolness points I might have.

You are too kind! Thanks for reading and your wonderful comments!

Those two boys better post me some more Italy pictures!!!
I love how he talked to the two. He's really a good hyung to them. :) I love this fic. I hope that Kyu and Wookie will fix their problem. :D I'm sooooo excited for the next chapter. Hwaiting! :D
omg, I'm in love with Heechul now. I've always been but now it's getting serious xD
can't wait for the next part, this is certainly the best fic I've EVER read.
That is a high compliment! Smiling like mad!!!

Are you a HanChul fan? I will always love Yunjae. I think there should be a support group for fans of pairings that got screwed over by lawsuits. LOL

Thanks so much commenting!
I always had a feeling that HeeChul knows something about their relationship, and your new update just proved it to me. The last 2 updates are really... I can't find a word to describe them. They made me felt sad, confused and complicated and I nearly cried while reading them. Thank you so much for writing such a great story! Keep writing~~~
Thank you for being so kind with your words!

I will spoil this...I didn't cry till the very last chapter.

Thanks so much for commenting!
i can't believe kyuhyun is regretting it already, everything he says in this chapter sounds so harsh :(
i feel like he won't be too happy to see ryeowook, i hope i'm wrong though
and of course heechul knows! how can he not know? he's heechul :3
aish i can't believe there are only 2 parts left :(

I know only two updates left.:(

When writing it I got apprehensive the closer I got to the ending. I had a set a limit though, I wasn't going to keep writing just so it wouldn't end though.

Thanks so much for commenting!
how many chapters left >.<? I hope this still will be a long story