TFAN, Part 30

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Chapter 30

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Im so sorry but I have to say this
I HATE THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I REALLY DO!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hate you Aquarius! *throws my teddy bear*
Evil...evil...evil...! *pokes your cheek*
Why did you make this kind of chapter?
This is so sad *sobs*

“Honey, where is Ryeowook?” His mother asked him again as she reached for his hand and grasped it in hers.

Mrs. Cho flinched when she saw pain flash across her son’s face at the question, “I don’t know. I’m not his keeper.”
Cho Kyuhyun
You replied on your UFO that Wookie is Kyusitter
Gezzzzzzzz *pokes Kyu's cheek*

“Should I go spice up the waiting room? Tell them I’m an atheist and dare them to convert me?” Heechul asked with a wicked grin as Siwon gave him a long suffering look.
Thats my Heechul
Dont worry Chullie~
I still love you tough you are an atheis *hugs*

Kyuhyun frowned as he suddenly remembered, “You set me up with a stalker!”

“Jia Li? Well she’s a fan. I did tell you that.” Zhou Mi explained slightly caught off guard by Kyuhyun’s sudden accusation.

“A fan? She hunted my sister down in Paris! Did you know she stalked my sister in Paris?”
Zhoumi you feed Kyu with those freaking crazy stalker!
How dare you!
Although I think stalking people is fun!
Not in a bad way!
I mean when I have to stalk my friend when there's something REALLY suspicious bout her/him!
Im a good girl!
Right mom? *innocent looks*

“Please. You can fool everybody else but you can’t fool me. I am curious to know how Eunhyuk found out though. It isn’t like he figured it out on his own, he isn’t that bright. Hey, don’t you dare pass out. Sit down.” Heechul ordered as Kyuhyun took on a pale color that even worried him.
Chullie is SO SMART *throws flower*
Chullie why so smart?
Pabo Kyu!

“Honey, just calm down.” She said advancing toward him. “It really is okay. I love you. I love Ryeowook too. I have suspected this for a long time. It’s going to be okay.”
Yeah, they are too obvious!
But I love that!
Kyu's mom gave her permission!
Please make it true
I want to see them together
Im begging you *Wookie's oh-so-adorable-and-irresistible-cute-puppy-eyes attack*

“I know, my bad. Best friends forever, whatever. I have to go kill Yunho now.” Heechul said swinging the door open and turning back to look at Ryeowook one more time, “Just help him.” Heechul told him before leaving the room in search of an old friend.
Yunho watch out1
Evil!Chul alert!
Kyaaaaaaaaaa *exaggerate mode : on*

I hate this chapter
I read that you will end this fic soon?
Is that right?
Im gonna miss you then

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Thanks for commenting even though you hated it! I appreciate it. Your hate manifest itself in very interesting ways.

I always enjoy your comments!

Only two more chapters left dear.:):):)

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What is this?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII? TT____TT Kyu is such a mess I am scared that he might have a breakdown soon.

2 more chapters, right? Why am I so afraid of how this will turn out in the end? :/
Kyuhyun's is a mess, a horrible mess.

I can't spoil, but only two more chapters left.

Thanks so much for commenting!
WAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I JUST KNEW THAT CHULLIE KNEW!!! xD My Chullie is waaaaay too awesome to be fooled! I hope Kyu comes around and his Dad get's better. o.o wew and his mom knows now too~ I <3 this fic~~
No, I would tell other people that....I demand more from you! LOL

I was going to wait till you demanded Part 31, I was going to then snidely point out that you haven't read 30 yet!

Darling Siwon would never miss an opportunity to pray!

Thanks for commenting!!!!!!
*cries* ;____;
It's sad for me, one of the saddest chapter but u made the ending hung (as usual) lmao that's oky as long as u promise to keep updating this best kyuwook fic on the earth :P haha btw rmb i told u abt a fan of this fic but she never commet? I mean it's nazzina unnie. LOL and you two seem enjoying spazzing in twitter so much kekekeke
I love how mrs cho is so understanding w/ her son ;__; and it hurts so much to see kyu in such denial ;__;
Okay i need to go now, im in a motivation workshop now lmao

So it's Nazzina who lurks and never comments....shame on her! I will just have to give her a piece of my mind. LOL

Or better I will take a page out of the ninja handbook and not update! Yes, I think so. It makes me sad that TFAN is ending, so I will just drag it on forever!

Thanks for commenting dear!!!!

XD Heechul's a hoot. Luv him though.
I wish Kyuhyun can calm down though.... D: Wookie go to him! =/
ahhh heenim! the Deus ex machina of any problematic plot <3 aigooooooooooooooooo <333333333

he always ALWAYS saves the day!!!!

im sooo late aren't I?
Wow. Super Junior is Super Junior. Always there for each other when they needed someone to hold on to :))
Donghae. Oh Donghae, I totally understand how you feel :(((
It must have been hard for him since he remembers his father.
I love Kyuhyun's family. Their bond is just so tight.
Thank goodness. Hope his father gets well soon.
Nice of Siwon to stay with Kyuhyun. When Heechul and Zhou Mi arrived, I was really laughing. Heechul is such a bad ass. Kyuhyun's learning a lot from him XDDD

Siwon and Heechul's secret love affair. LOL XDD It should have been Heechul's and Hangen's. Keke^^
Wow, and they've even talked about Jia Li. Haha :DDD
The whole religious talks. I just love Heechul so much. Haha :)
Heechul, I know you're not a fool and you're not easy to fool. You are one smart man. Professional secret keeper XDDD
Go tell Kyuhyun what he needs to know. Haha :DDD

OMO. I thought Mrs. Cho will get mad but she didn't. She just loves Kyuhyun and Ryeowook too much. I would want to know how Kyuhyun's father will react to this.
Mrs. Cho is such a cool woman. always there to support his son no matter what :DDDD
And I guess Kyuhyun's sister knows about it already. Keke^^
Heechul is totally understanding. I love his conversation with Ryewook :DDDD
The questions he's asking Ryeowook is so funny. He's such a creeper. Keke^^
Oh Ryeowook. Kyuhyun needs you. PLEASE don't go sulking in your room. Follow Heechul's advice.
Ahra is ..uhmmm... the person who might be a nice sister yet a weird one. it's so hilarious that you came up with bear searching. lmao

now I understand Kyu's attitude earlier before he came to the hospital. it's like his undying passionate world has been shattered into pieces and he foreced himself away from the truth that he ever loved Ryeowok... ahh poor boy
and I pity ryeowook that he's truly understand why Kyu acted like that while he also felt so broken inside. this is hurt so much.

as expected, Heechul is a good support. nobody can't fool him~~
and I'm expecting Kyu's parents are too.

much intense in this chapter but not too much thanks to Heechul, another character which is very real, most similar to the reality. I think if he actually faced the same situation, he would act like this too!
I just love the way you write HeeChul. This chapter was the perfect mix of everything. Favourit part has to be:

Heechul grabbed Ryeowook and pulled him into a tight embrace. “Right, whatever. If I ask you questions about your sex life, you aren’t going to answer them, are you?”

“Hyung, there isn’t a sex life!” Ryeowook denied vehemently.

“Liar. I’ve seen how the two of you touch each other.”

“Hyung!” Ryeowook pleaded as he broke away from Heechul’s embrace, completely red-faced.

“I know… my bad. Best friends forever, whatever. I have to go kill Yunho now.” Heechul said, swinging the door open and turning back to look at Ryeowook one more time. “Just help him.” Heechul told him, before leaving the room in search of an old friend.

Well, you already know your Heechul is the only Heechul I will ever dare love bb. THIS IS JUST---HNNNGGGG!
Ahhh...reminds me again of why I love TFAB xD Smiled and laughed so much even with the impending finals coming up on me...thank you ^o^
My absolute fav parts, even though I pretty much liked the whole chapter :
Heechul sniffled and wrapped an arm around Kyuhyun. “I’m so proud my little guy finally had his first stalker.”

My little maknaes are making like bunnies, and he doesn’t feel the need to warn me? I could have protected you!” Heechul seethed, clenching his fists.

Though, it's kind of weird reading about Heechul since he went to the army, though happy for his support for Kyuwook =D
Heechul, I swear, I would worship the man in all ways I can. In real life, in fics...the man really is simply irresistible. /nods Your Heechul made me laugh so hard, and made me sober up in the next second. :'>

I almost fell off my chair though when I read that Kyuhyun's mom was eavesdropping on Heechul and Kyuhyun. Totally wasn't expecting that! D:
Heechul why so funny LOL i love him~
and omg i remember him calling KyuWook bunnies on Dmgd LOL i love it
It has been said before in many different places and ways but truly Heechul is a God.