TFAN, Part 31 Sneak Peek

Ryeowook smiled as he walked into the small chapel in the hospital and saw Kyuhyun sitting in one of the middle pews alone.  Ryeowook took a deep breath and walked softly up to the other man till he was standing behind him unnoticed.  Ryeowook could see the tension in the other man’s shoulders and he couldn’t resist reaching out and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.


In response to the unsuspected touch Kyuhyun reached up and placed both his hands on Ryeowook’s hand.  “If I was a crazy stalker, you could be in real trouble now.”  Ryeowook told Kyuhyun who had clasped on to his hand tightly with both of his.


“Awe, but I would know this touch anywhere, even before we tarnished it.  It was the touch that wiped the tears from my eyes, the touch that woke me from nightmares, the touch that soothed me, and the touch that eased me off to sleep.”


“Kyuhyun, are you okay?”  Ryeowook asked at a lost, this somber version of Kyuhyun was so different from what he had been dealing with for the past few months.


“No, I am hiding from the world actually.  How did you find me?”  Kyuhyun asked as Ryeowook pulled his hand away.


“Well my Kyuhyun radar has always worked perfectly, but the chapel was the easy choice.”  Ryeowook informed him as he sat down beside him careful not to touch him.


“If I were more myself I am sure this is a perfect opportunity for a gaydar joke.”  Kyuhyun said smiling at Ryeowook half heartedly.


“Not really.  They are two completely different things and you lack both.”  Ryeowook said unable to keep from reaching up and brushing a hand through Kyuhyun’s hair that was an unruly mess.


Kyuhyun reached up and grabbed Ryeowook’s hand and pulled it down to his lap.  “I am so sorry.”


“Shhh…you look so tired.  Look at you.  It’s only been a couple days but you look like it’s been a hundred years.”  Ryeowook told him concerned for the fragile man in front of him.


“Everything has fallen apart, the ruin that Yunho warned me of is upon me.”  Kyuhyun told Ryeowook fighting hard to keep his desperation under control.

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