TFAN, Part 31

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Chapter Thirty One

Ryeowook smiled as he walked into the small chapel in the hospital and saw Kyuhyun sitting in one of the middle pews alone. Ryeowook took a deep breath and walked softly up to the other man ‘til he was standing behind him, unnoticed. Ryeowook could see the tension in the other man’s shoulders, and he couldn’t resist reaching out and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

In response to the unexpected touch, Kyuhyun reached up and placed both his hands on Ryeowook’s hand. “If I was a crazy stalker, you could be in real trouble now,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun, who had clasped on to his hand tightly with both of his.

“Aww, but I would know this touch anywhere…even before we tarnished it forever. It was the touch that wiped the tears from my eyes, the touch that woke me from nightmares, the touch that soothed me, and the touch that eased me off to sleep.”

“Kyuhyun, are you okay?” Ryeowook asked, at a loss. This somber version of Kyuhyun was so different from what he had been dealing with for the past few months.

“No, I am hiding from the world, actually. How did you find me?” Kyuhyun asked as Ryeowook pulled his hand away.

“Well, my Kyuhyun radar has always worked perfectly, but the chapel was the easy choice,” Ryeowook informed him as he sat down beside him, careful not to touch him.

“If I were more myself, I am sure this is a perfect opportunity for a gaydar joke,” Kyuhyun said, smiling at Ryeowook half-heartedly.

“Not really. They are two completely different things, and you lack both,” Ryeowook said, unable to keep from reaching up and brushing a hand through Kyuhyun’s hair that was an unruly mess.

Kyuhyun reached up and grabbed Ryeowook’s hand and pulled it down to his lap. “I am so sorry.”

“Shhh…you look so tired. Look at you. It’s only been a couple days, but you look like it’s been a hundred years,” Ryeowook told him, concerned for the fragile man in front of him.

“Everything has fallen apart; the ruin that Yunho warned me of is upon me,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, fighting hard to keep his desperation under control.

“No, it isn’t,” Ryeowook disagreed, squeezing Kyuhyun’s hand tightly.

“You knew we could never be together. You tried to convince me. I made it so hard for you, and you were right all along. I am so sorry for making you believe otherwise. How can you ever forgive me? Do you hate me?” Kyuhyun asked, brokenheartedly needing absolution.

“Hate you? Never. We just go back to being friends. No harm done. I could never hate you,” Ryeowook said, reaching up with his free hand to force Kyuhyun to look him in the eye. “I love you no matter what. Our friendship is very sacred to me, and as long as I have that, I’m good.”

Ryeowook watched Kyuhyun, and it was like he could actually see some of the tension leave his body. “You once said it was the most important thing, and you were right. It is the most important thing.”

“Yes, it is,” Ryeowook agreed, nodding his head in agreement.

Kyuhyun collapsed, placing his head in Ryeowook’s lap. “When my mother told me that my dad was injured…that he might die, everything changed. It’s like I finally understood all the warnings you, Eunhyuk, and Yunho spoke of. I felt so guilty.”


“Before my mother called, I said that there was nothing in the world that would make me give you up.”

“I still don’t understand how that makes it your fault?”

“I am a horrible, arrogant, selfish person. I would disgrace my family, destroy Super Junior, and risk our friendship, all for my own greed. I am surrounded by people who constantly think of others, but all I ever think of is myself. My accident taught me nothing in humility, but my father’s accident taught me more than I ever wanted to know.”

“A humble Kyuhyun? I can’t even imagine such a creature,” Ryeowook teased, trying to lighten the mood.

“I am serious,” Kyuhyun insisted, looking up at the other man.

“And I will believe it when I see it,” Ryeowook replied, smiling down at him.

“You think you know me so well,” Kyuhyun said, reaching up to gently pinch Ryeowook’s nose.

“This isn’t the act of a humble man,” Ryeowook said, pushing Kyuhyun’s hand away.

“I’ve missed my human pillow.”

“Always glad to help,” Ryeowook told him, looking down at the younger man as he ran his hand gently through his hair, causing Kyuhyun to close his eyes. “So Heechul…”

“Heechul! I am never going to forgive him. Did he tell you what he did?” Kyuhyun eyes flashed open, and he sat up quickly, clearly agitated.

“He did. So, how is your mom handling it?” Ryeowook asked, dreading the answer.

“How do I know? What time is it?” Kyuhyun asked suddenly, when he realized he had totally lost track of time

“It’s late, almost midnight.” Ryeowook answered him. It had taken Ryeowook a couple hours after his talk with Heechul to find the courage to face Kyuhyun and his family. “What? How do you not know how your mom is?”

“I’ve been hiding from her. I will talk to her again…when she’s senile and old,” Kyuhyun said, plopping back down on Ryeowook’s lap.

“I see…how exactly is that supposed to work?”

“It’s called avoidance, and it’s going to work. I told her that we are just friends and that Heechul is crazy.”

“She didn’t believe you?”

“No, I could tell she didn’t. I’m like a real shitty liar right now. Donghae could lie better than me,” Kyuhyun said, reaching for one of Ryeowook’s hands to hold.

“Well, since we are in a chapel, that might be a good thing. What did she say? I might be avoiding her myself?” Ryeowook asked as he watched Kyuhyun cling to his hand.

“That she loves me. She loves you. It’s going to be okay. Nothing will ever make her or dad stop loving me.”

“Well, that’s good,” Ryeowook sighed in relief.

“No, it isn’t. My mother thinks I’m gay; that isn’t good.”

“You kinda are…were,” Ryeowook told the man in his lap.

“I told you that I was - ”

“Yes, yes, I know - Ryeosexual - but that word only exists in your own special reality. You should be grateful that you have such an understanding mother,” Ryeowook interrupted to explain.

“Grateful? Not sure how it could get much worse.”

“Well, she could have disowned you. Told you that you were going to burn in hell. This is seriously a good thing.”

“No…no…it is not a good thing when your mom thinks you are gay. It’s like…I wanted to die right there on the spot. It’s so not fair, because I had already decided to give you up,” Kyuhyun pouted.

Ryeowook’s eyes narrowed. “Then exactly why am I here, comforting you? Serving as your human pillow?”

The irritation in Ryeowook’s voice caused Kyuhyun to jump up again. “Ryeowook, I thought we had already established…that we were going to discontinue any gay activities?”

“You are starting to piss me off,” Ryeowook said, vexed as the look of utter confusion on Kyuhyun’s face made him explain further. “You said you gave me up. I thought we just established our friendship is unaffected. So I-”

“We did. We will be friends forever,” Kyuhyun insisted, wide-eyed, as he tried to figure out what exactly had set Ryeowook off.

“You didn’t give me up then,” Ryeowook told him, frowning, obviously still annoyed.

“I am, like, really sorry. Don’t be mad at me. Umm…I was totally wrong,” Kyuhyun begged, looking extremely pitiful.

“Do you even know why I am mad?” Ryeowook asked, crossing his legs to prevent Kyuhyun from reclaiming his lap as his personal pillow.

“No,” Kyuhyun admitted reluctantly.

“I’m angry because after years of friendship, a bond that is second to none....we are so much more then, I quote, ‘gay activities.’ I hate calling it that, by the way.”

“I know…well, not really. I’m still really confused as to why you are upset,” Kyuhyun told the miffed man sitting next to him. “I didn’t mean to imply anything bad. I love you very, very, very much. I can give up our…activities, but I could never give you up. You are, like, it for me. You are number one…tops with me. I am totally saying this in a chapel, and you know I am really afraid of God right now, so you know it’s true. I know there isn’t anything that could ever happen that could make you any less in my heart. We will be the - ”

“Kyuhyun, stop babbling and lay back down,” Ryeowook said, uncrossing his legs and offering his lap to Kyuhyun again.

“You aren’t still mad?” Kyuhyun asked, lying down quickly before Ryeowook could change his mind.

“No, you might be a little squirrelly right now, but you gave the right answer. I guess I’m just tired, too, and sex just makes everything more complicated,” Ryeowook said, as one hand gently started to run up and down Kyuhyun’s arm.

“It’s all my fault. If it had been up to you, we would never have done anything. I kept pushing. I really am sorry,” Kyuhyun insisted as his eyes started to close.

“No, I’m sorry, too. We are both just tired, and a lot has happened. Go to sleep, and we will check on your dad when you wake up,” Ryeowook told him as Kyuhyun turned on his side, his head still on Ryeowook’s lap.

“But we can’t; my mom will be there,” Kyuhyun said while letting out a huge yawn.

“You are not avoiding your mother for the rest of your life. You are lucky to have such a mother. I might die of embarrassment tomorrow, but we are going to face her,” Ryeowook informed the sleepy man.

“Hopefully she will be so relieved to see me, she won’t bring up any gay talk. I think I might pass out if I have to talk about it again with her,” Kyuhyun admitted as he snuggled in to Ryeowook’s lap.

“We need to call her and tell her you’re fine. She doesn’t need to be worrying about you,” Ryeowook, always the more considerate one of the pair, told Kyuhyun.

“You go right ahead. I’m going to bed. Sleeping, already sleeping,” Kyuhyun said, pretending to make snoring noises.

Ryeowook gritted his teeth, exasperated at the man in his lap. “I will call her, and I will check on your dad for you, considering he is in the hospital.”

“You are wonderful. Could you massage my back at the same time? It’s been a long time, and I feel really tense,” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but asking.

“Go to sleep!” Ryeowook snapped.

“I love you…in a purely platonic way,” Kyuhyun sweetly told Ryeowook, causing the other man to bite his lower lip.

After a moment of fighting the urge to toss Kyuhyun on the floor, Ryeowook took out his phone and reluctantly dialed Mrs. Cho’s number. She answered quickly, “I’m fine…you shouldn’t have worried…he’s with me…stranger than usual, but he will be okay…how is Mr. Cho?” Ryeowook stopped talking and listened intently. Kyuhyun, who was pretending to sleep, was listening to every word. “That’s great…I will make sure Kyuhyun is there first thing in the morning…no, I think it’s best if he just stays with me tonight, if that is alright with you…I…I...I...ummm…un...der...stand…tha...that’s really…ni...nice…of-”

Kyuhyun jumped up and grabbed the phone away from a stuttering Ryeowook. “Mother, we are not gay. Nothing gay is going on! We are in the freaking chapel. I don’t know-”

Ryeowook jerked his phone away from Kyuhyun and glared. “Mrs. Cho, I am so sorry…he is clearly disturbed…sleep will do him worlds of good…we will talk in the morning…goodbye,” Ryeowook said, hanging up quickly before Kyuhyun could grab the phone back.

“Umm…I am just going to go back to sleep now,” Kyuhyun said, lying down quickly on Ryeowook’s lap, stretching his legs out on the pew.

“Your poor mother. I have nothing but compassion for that woman,” Ryeowook informed the intolerable younger man.

“Well, I didn’t want her to think we were doing anything…too friendly. She would have stayed awake dwelling on it. I was actually being thoughtful. We are just friends again, so she need never worry about what wasn’t meant to be,” Kyuhyun said, yawning as he wrapped his hand around one of Ryeowook’s legs. “Did she say how dad was doing?”

“He woke up.” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun. Ryeowook pushed Kyuhyun down as the other man tried to sit up again. “He’s sleeping now. You need to sleep, too. We will go see him in the morning.

“That’s great,” Kyuhyun said, suddenly feeling tears of relief building in his eyes. “I can’t wait to talk to him.”

“You will first thing in the morning,” Ryeowook said as he started to massage Kyuhyun’s back, sending the other man instantly to sleep.


“You know, come to think of it, this should probably be a family moment,” Ryeowook said, hesitating before entering the small waiting room that lead to Kyuhyun’s father’s room that next morning.

“Do you think so?” Kyuhyun asked, looking down at Ryeowook, appearing sympathetic ‘til he opened the door and pushed the other man inside.

“Where the hell have you two been?” Sungmin said, jumping up from the couch that he had been sharing with Eunhyuk when Ryeowook stumbled inside with Kyuhyun right behind him.

Ryeowook just stared speechlessly at Sungmin, because he really didn’t have a good answer for his absence.

Kyuhyun, who was restored to form after sleeping, snapped, “I have been asleep; is that okay with you? I was tired, considering I had been awake for days because of my dad.” Kyuhyun then placed a hand on Ryeowook’s neck, squeezing meanly. “And this one lost his phone in all his drunken debauchery.”

“Drinking again, at a time like this? Shame on you! Did you find your phone at least?” Sungmin asked, scolding the younger man. Eunhyuk, who was still on the couch, was studying them both closely.

“Finally, at the sixth bar he revisited, he found it. The waitress who had it didn’t even know who he was, luckily. So, we all don’t have to change our numbers, thank God,” Kyuhyun answered, lying perfectly. Kyuhyun then stepped away from Ryeowook to go to the window that showed his father in his room, talking to his mother.

“Are you sure they didn’t get in it?” Sungmin asked, dreading the thought of getting a new number.

“I’m sure; it is password-locked. Kyuhyun can’t even get in it,” Ryeowook assured Sungmin.

“I hope you are done with all the drinking, because it’s seriously getting to be a problem,” Eunhyuk told him, his eyes hard.

“I am,” Ryeowook assured Eunhyuk, but his eyes were on Kyuhyun’s parents, who were talking in the other room. “Wow, I didn’t expect him to look so good.”

“Me either,” Kyuhyun said as he walked past Ryeowook to the door to his father’s room. Ryeowook watched as Kyuhyun walked up to his father, bent down and embraced him. Ryeowook smiled as he watched them, until he felt Mrs. Cho’s eyes on him, and he immediately went and sat down next to Eunhyuk, out of her sight.

“Sungmin, aren’t you supposed to be picking up a certain sister from the airport?” Eunhyuk asked.

“You are coming with me,” Sungmin told Eunhyuk as he sat down beside him. “No way am I going alone.”

“Donghae said he wanted to go, so I thought I would let him. The more of us there, the bigger chance of causing a scene.”

“True. Well, since Donghae is at the dorms, I have to go get him and then go to the airport. Why Mrs. Cho volunteered me to go, I don’t know,” Sungmin grumbled, standing back up.

“You should be honored she is intrusting her only daughter to you,” Eunhyuk said, smiling.

“You have met Ahra, right? So not an honor,” Sungmin insisted. “She’s the female version of Kyuhyun.”

“You should get along great then,” Ryeowook couldn’t resist teasing.

“We most certainly do not get along. I’m leaving now, but don’t let him near any alcohol!” Sungmin said, pointing at Ryeowook on his way out.

“I won’t.” Eunhyuk promised Sungmin as the other man left the room. Sungmin wasn’t gone a second before Eunhyuk was up, shutting the doors to the waiting room.

“Heechul knows? Heechul said Mrs. Cho knows? When Heechul cornered me…I didn’t’ know what to say. What are we going to do?” Eunhyuk asked, sitting down beside Ryeowook, at a complete loss.

“They only know about something that was over before it started,” Ryeowook explained to Eunhyuk. “The moment Kyuhyun heard of his father’s accident, he gave up on his crazy dream. He realized the danger of the fire he had been playing with, and his brain finally started working.”

“Why do you sound so sad about it? Isn’t this what you wanted all along?” Eunhyuk asked as he took in the beaten look Ryeowook now allowed to be visible.

Ryeowook laughed bitterly. “No, it’s not want I wanted. I wanted for it to be okay. I guess I wanted to live in another time and place where you could love somebody without being so afraid all the time. That’s what I wanted.”


“Don’t. I know this is for the best. I’ve always known. I may have let myself be fooled for a couple, short, sweet hours…but I always knew,” Ryeowook said, reaching up and wiping his eyes before the tears could escape them.

Eunhyuk looked at the younger man, his heart breaking for him. “Did something else happen…something that makes it harder now?”

Ryeowook shook his head, collecting himself. “Well, of course, heaven forbid it not be as painful as possible. I finally gave in to him. I finally believed it was possible to be together, only to have reality step in and rip any such delusions from me, leaving a gaping wound in my soul.”

“Ryeowook,” Eunhyuk said sympathetically with a warm heart, as he wrapped an arm around the younger man.

“You have been a good friend…better than we ever deserved. I can’t ever thank you enough, Hyung,” Ryeowook said, putting his mask back in place.

“I won’t lie. I wanted this to happen. I wanted him to come to his senses, but I never wanted you to get hurt. I never wanted that. That you gave in - ”

“Nobody else can ever know. I only tell you, because you’ve shared the burden with us up ‘til now. To everybody else who has found out, I will just say that we got confused, that the line between love and friendship got blurred…no harm done.”


“I can’t believe there was like a whole forest full of bears, and not one of them could have eaten you!” Kyuhyun told his sister hatefully, staring daggers at her as they strolled into their father’s room.

“Baby Bubba, why so moody? Oh, I forgot you lost a pair of balls, didn’t you? No worry, you never used them anyway,” Ahra said, smiling adorably at her younger brother, who was snarling at her. She then walked up to their father and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Sweetheart,” Mr. Cho told his daughter, smiling brightly at both of his children. The days had passed quickly, and he was in his own private room now. “What’s this about balls? Kyuhyun, are you playing sports now?”

Kyuhyun smiled fondly at his father, trying to ignore his sister’s snickering as he took a sit in the chair beside the bed. “I not long ago played basketball with Yunho and Changmin.”

“Those two are decent young men. I approve of your choice of friends,” his father told him.

“I know I definitely approve of Changmin. How come you’ve never introduced me to him?” Ahra asked her brother as she remained standing at her father’s bedside, smiling sweetly down at him.

“Because you are too old for him? He isn’t into old noonas,” Kyuhyun told her, smiling just as sweetly up at her.

Ahra’s mouth dropped open in indignation. “I know you didn’t.”

“Oh, I did,” Kyuhyun said, smirking as he took a sip from the bottled water he had brought in with him.

Ahra’s eyes flashed dangerously at Kyuhyun and then she asked innocently, “Oh that reminds me. How is Ryeowook doing? I haven’t got to spend hardly any time with him.”

Kyuhyun was instantly on guard. “He’s good, as far as I know. He said he would be by today to check on dad. He and Yesung have lots of preparation to do for the concert in Japan. They have been picking up some of the workload for me, so I can focus more on my family.”

“Oh, well, that’s comforting. I heard a nasty rumor that he was heartbroken, because he was dumped by some total bitch.”

Kyuhyun’s face looked murderous. “She wasn’t a bitch. They just realized that they were better off as friends. There aren’t any hard feelings between them.”

Ahra stared back at him, unflinching. “That’s good, and I’m sure he’s much better off.”

“Agreed,” Kyuhyun told her, smiling with all his teeth showing.

Mr. Cho, who had been watching the two of them bicker, spoke up, “Sweetheart, do you mind going and getting me some ice cream?”

“Dad, are you supposed to have ice cream?” Ahra asked, suddenly turning around to direct her entire focus on her father now.

“No, but be a good daughter and go get me some anyways. You know the place I like, right?” He asked sweetly to his daughter, with a mischievous grin on his face that both of his children had inherited from him.

“Dad! Mom will kill me.”

“Oh, that’d be a terrible shame, wouldn’t it?” Kyuhyun mumbled under his breath from the chair he was sitting in.

“Sweetheart, don’t worry, you would be helping your dear old dad. I can’t handle another bowl of broth. The doctor’s said they were probably going to advance my diet today, and I promise, I feel fine,” Mr. Cho said, shaking his head eagerly at the thought of real food.

“Alright, you’ve convinced me. I will buy us both some. Poor Kyuhyun is lactose-intolerant now, so he will just have to watch.”

Kyuhyun, who had been sipping on his bottle of water, ended up spewing it everywhere. “Conversing with my stalker, I see!”

“Kyuhyun, I don’t know what you are talking about. She’s a perfectly nice girl,” Ahra said, pulling out her cell phone.

“If you like the mentally unstable…and you would!” Kyuhyun threw back at her and turned to his father. “Dad, tell me the devil rose up from the Earth on the day she was born and gave her to you to raise? I know I can’t really be related to her!”

“Kyuhyun.” Mr. Cho warned.

“Dad, don’t be bothered by his rudeness. I am leaving anyway to get your ice cream. I just have to call Sungmin first.”

“Sungmin? Why Sungmin?” Kyuhyun asked, annoyed, with a big frown on his face.

“Well, he is my hottie chauffeur. Plus, he really likes me. He might not know it yet, but he totally does,” Ahra told him, delighted at how irritated Kyuhyun looked at the thought.

Kyuhyun stood up glaring at her. “Sungmin is my friend, back off!”

“Kyuhyun!” Mr. Cho warned again, rolling his eyes at his children.

“I gotta go now,” Ahra said, kissing her father’s cheek again. On her way out, she stopped to whisper in Kyuhyun’s ear. “I hope we can control ourselves. Would that be awkward for you…your sister and your roommate being lovers?”

“Delusional much?” Kyuhyun growled at her as she left the room. As soon as his sister was out of the room, he shut the door and turned around, delighted. “Fool!” Kyuhyun proclaimed, snapping his fingers in victory.

“You are good,” Mr. Cho said, smiling at his devious son.

Kyuhyun sat back down in the chair, all smug, lifting his feet up and resting them on his father’s bed. “I can’t help it. I’m a genius. I better be the best man at that wedding.”

“I don’t know; he is pretty close with Eunhyuk, Shindong and Ryeowook, too,” Mr. Cho pointed out to his son, who was relaxing comfortably now.

“He might be close to them, but I am his favorite. We’ve been roommates forever; we’re tight. I’m the brother he wishes he had,” Kyuhyun said, picking up a magazine from the bedside table.

“So, you are happy?” Mr. Cho asked his son, who did indeed appear happy.

“I’m very happy. You are better than we could have ever hoped for,” Kyuhyun told him as he flipped through the magazine with a huge smile on his face.

“You wouldn’t be lying to me, would you? You’ve always been excellent at it. It was a skill your mother tried to break you of. I guess I should of stepped in and helped her more, but you never used it maliciously…it was more of a way for you to protect yourself.”

Kyuhyun sat the magazine down and looked at his father, bewildered. “Dad, I’m not lying. We thought we were going to lose you, and here you are, better than ever, with a repaired aorta, minus a spleen, and with some new blood in you. We are all blessed.”

Mr. Cho looked slightly uncomfortable, causing Kyuhyun concern. Kyuhyun got up from his chair and approached his father’s bedside. “Your mother wanted me to talk to you.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes flew wide open, alarm setting in. “Dad, we don’t ever need to have this conversation.”

“Well, honestly I don’t want to have it, but your mother - ”

“We will say we had it. Confused, blurred lines, and sanity has returned. See, we had the conversation,” Kyuhyun told his father, trying to stay calm.

“She told me that’s what you would tell me. That you and Ryeowook have the same story down,” his father informed him as he looked at his son compassionately. “Kyuhyun, you wouldn’t risk being unhappy forever just to please me, would you?”

“I am not unhappy,” Kyuhyun insisted, taking his father’s hand.

“You care for Ryeowook. It’s always been so easy to see, even for an old man like me,” his father told him, holding on to his hand.

“He’s my friend. He will always be my friend. We are more than fine with that. I just got crazy for awhile. I won’t deny that, but sanity is restored now. We are just friends, and that’s all we will ever be.”

“Well, good then,” his father told him, his eyes full of adoration for his only son.

“Yes, good,” Kyuhyun agreed, sighing in relief, and sat back down in the chair.

After a comfortable silence, his father spoke up again. “You know no father wants their son to be a homosexual. It isn’t exactly something you can admit during church or brag about at work.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes darted back up toward his father. “No, I suppose not.”

“But most fathers have simple minded sons who live their lives in straight lines. I, on the other hand, have you, and there has never been anything simple about you. You don’t love lightly; you never have.”

“Dad,” Kyuhyun said, standing up in dread now and going to his father’s bedside again.

“I don’t ever want details…ever. I want that to be clear right now.”

“What are you talking about?” Kyuhyun questioned, feeling the panic start to set in. “Do we need to put your oxygen back on? I don’t think you are getting any oxygen to your brain.”

“Kyuhyun, I would feel so shamed if you settled for anything. You are not one that settles, and if you did it for me and your mother, that would break our heart. I want you to be happy and ornery for all of your life,” Mr. Cho said, taking Kyuhyun’s hand. “You always have our support…unless you take up with that stalker girl. I can’t support that,” Mr. Cho told him with a goofy smile.

Kyuhyun jerked away from his father. “I am going to go get a nurse. Apparently you’re having a relapse. Talking out of your head.”

“You are going to think talking out of my head when I get up out of this bed and smack your ass,” Mr. Cho told him, but his affection for his frazzled son was obvious in his every word.

“Dad, just stop, please,” Kyuhyun begged as he backed farther away from his father.

“You know Ryeowook is quite the chef; he could help me out on Thursdays…maybe we could rotate the cooking. One week I cook, and the next week he cooks,” Mr. Cho said, amused at the look of wide eyed panic on his son’s face.

“Dad, don’t talk crazy. I am going to go get the nurse right now,” Kyuhyun said as he opened the door to find the nurses. He almost walked into Yunho, who had been about to knock on the door.

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