Damaged, Chapter Four

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst
Beta Motty123
Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard Heechul’s very distinctive voice outside his door. When Heechul opened the door to his room Yunho fought down the urge to smile.

“It’s so nice to visit when the stalker isn’t here,” Heechul said cheerfully as he walked into the room dressed all in black and looking very tired. Heechul immediately walked over and sat down in the chair next to the recliner beside Yunho.

“Hyung!” Ryeowook chastised as he followed Heechul into the room.

“Don’t Hyung me, it’s the truth,” Heechul said, propping his feet up on the bed.

“It is extremely weird,” Kyuhyun agreed, walking in closely behind Ryeowook and shutting the door. Kyuhyun looked even more exhausted then Heechul.

“No, it’s extremely dedicated and sweet,” Ryeowook said, walking over to Yunho and looking at his tray.

“No, it would be sweet and dedicated….” Kyuhyun started to explain as he plopped himself down on Yunho’s bed.

“If they didn’t have the break-up from hell and Jae wasn’t a humongous, evil slut,” Heechul explained as he too noticed Yunho’s untouched tray. “What, are they too busy screwing each other to feed him?”

“Hyung!” Ryeowook said, dropping his mouth open at Heechul’s crudeness.

Kyuhyun laughed, lying on his back on the bed, “You watch like ten episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and now you think you are an expert on nurses and doctor’s sex…”

“Shut up,” Heechul told Kyuhyun who was still laughing at him. “Why aren’t they feeding him then?”

“Maybe they are busy?” Ryeowook said, picking up a spoon. “You know the food actually looks a lot better. Isn’t as mushy.”

“I have to admit they take really good care of him,” Kyuhyun said, flopping over on his belly to watch Ryeowook feed Yunho.

“He is looking better, well except for the hair being way too long,” Heechul pointed out as Ryeowook lifted a spoon up to Yunho’s mouth to feed him. Yunho turned his head to avoid the food and to face Heechul instead.

“Jae said the samme thing,” Yunho told him, delighting in the look of absolute shock that came over Heechul’s face as he jumped up from the chair completely unprepared for Yunho’s response.

“Yunho!” Heechul screamed loudly. Yunho smiled, knowing that everybody in the building had to have heard him.

Ryeowook dropped the spoon he was holding and just stared dumbfounded. Kyuhyun jumped off the bed quickly coming to stand in front of Yunho beside Ryeowook.

Heechul couldn’t talk. For once in his life he was totally speechless.

Kyuhyun lowered himself to Yunho’s eye level and told him in a voice full of amazement, “You…you… is that really you, Hyung?”

Yunho smiled back at him, shaking his head yes.

“Hyung…Hyung…this is a miracle,” Ryeowook said, grabbing Yunho’s hand and clasping it tightly.

“When? What? How? I can’t even think?” Heechul said, taking a step back, his eyes becoming damp. “I can’t even begin to believe this. This wasn’t supposed to be possible.”

“It is a miracle. A wonderful freaking miracle! Best miracle ever!” Kyuhyun said, his eyes also becoming misty.

“I am awake, right?” Heechul asked, looking at Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. “I know I wouldn’t be sleeping with you two, so I have to be awake.”

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook both laughed at him along with Yunho. “Yoouu are awake,” Yunho told him, smiling at his old friend.

“How? How is this even possible?” Heechul said, moving Yunho’s tray and pulling the man into a tight embrace.

“It’s because doctors are always wrong,” Kyuhyun said, beaming as he watched Heechul and Yunho hug.

“Not always, but it’s wonderful when they are,” Ryeowook said, letting go of Yunho’s hand to wrap an arm around Kyuhyun’s waist tightly.

Heechul pulled away from Yunho, “Explain now! I am so thankful but I want to know details!”

“Hyung, how long have you been awake?” Ryeowook asked, wiping tears of joy from his eyes as his other hand still clung tightly to Kyuhyun’s waist.

“Does Changmin know? How could he not tell me?” Kyuhyun blurted out suddenly as he realized what Yunho’s waking would mean to his friend.

“Nuuurse!” Yunho told them, causing the three of them to look at him confused.

“You want the nurse?” Heechul asked.

“Yesss.” Yunho said, shaking his head. “Call her.”

Kyuhyun immediately turned and picked up the call light resting on Yunho’s bed and called for the nurse.

“You know Kyuhyun is very familiar with hospital equipment, hospitals are his home away from home,” Heechul said, pulling the other chair up as close as he could get it to Yunho.

“So true.” Ryeowook agreed, his face full of joy as he beamed at Yunho.

“So isn’t my fault. Like I can control when my appendix is going to explode and falling equipment isn’t my fault either and not to mention I can’t control what….” Kyuhyun started to rattle on until Ryeowook placed a hand over his mouth, silencing him.

“Let it go.” Ryeowook said, shaking his head at Kyuhyun causing Yunho to laugh. Kyuhyun reached up and took Ryeowook’s hand from his mouth.

“I am just saying…” Kyuhyun stopped as the door to Yunho’s room opened and he immediately let go of Ryeowook’s hand as the nurse walked in.

Heechul sneered at Hana as she walked over to them. “Can’t we get a real nurse instead of this Jae groupie?” His every word showed just what little regard he held for the young nurse. The glare of disdain that Hana aimed back at him let Yunho know this wasn’t their first meeting.

“Hyung!” Ryeowook admonished, looking extremely embarrassed for the young nurse.

“Well, since Heechul has alienated all the nurses in Seoul he thought he would start working on the surrounding communities,” Kyuhyun explained to Yunho, fighting down the urge to laugh.

“Yunho, do you need something?” Hana asked, ignoring Heechul as she walked over to her patient.

“Explaaiin pleeasse,” Yunho told her, nodding at Heechul, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook.

“Explain?” Hana questioned him. “I would be…”

Heechul interrupted quickly, not giving her a chance to finish, not hiding his annoyance. “I am going to take a wild guess here and assume he is talking about his condition. You know? Explain how he came to be perfectly aware in there?”

Ryeowook whacked Kyuhyun in the gut because he had started to laugh. Before Hana could answer, Bong Cha walked into the room not looking very happy. “Do I need to clear this room? I have no problem doing that.”

Heechul stared Bong Cha down, not impressed but not willing to get thrown out either. “He wants you to tell us how he got this way.”

“Can you tell us? We would be really grateful,” Ryeowook asked nicely, smiling at both nurses trying to suck up.

Kyuhyun had walked up next to Yunho and laid a hand on his shoulder. “We would be very grateful. We have missed him very much.”

Heechul rolled his eyes and muttered something about Kyuhyun being whipped that Yunho couldn’t make out clearly.

“Yunho woke up about a week ago. For three days he managed to hide it from everybody…” Bong Cha started to explain.

“Maggie!” Yunho interrupted smiling, because Maggie was the first one that had caught on.

“Except for Maggie the housekeeper who is one smart lady. Then I believe Mr. Kim found out on the third day and we were informed on the fourth day,” Bong Cha continued.

“Jae knows? Damn, I was hoping the stalker had stayed away. Least you fooled him for two days though….not to mention all your intelligent nurses,” Heechul said scornfully.

“Actually Mr. Kim was gone for the first two days, but luckily he returned on the third day and was able to determine that Yunho had made a remarkable recovery. He then notified us so we could start helping Yunho with that recovery,” Hana informed Heechul but she was only looking at Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.

“Yunho Hyung, why would you not want to tell anybody…it’s amazing,” Ryeowook asked sincerely curious.

“He does not wish for his family or friends to know. He wished to further his recovery before he tells them the good news,” Bong Cha explained to the three men.

Yunho nodded his head in agreement. “Walk. I want to walllk.”

“You can’t walk?” Heechul asked suddenly, his antagonism gone as the reality of the situation hit him.

“No, Yunho cannot walk. His right side remains paralyzed but we are very hopeful that with the right combination of physical therapy, medication, and determination that can be overcome,” Bong Cha informed them.

“His speech?” Kyuhyun questioned tentatively, “It’s not right.”

“No, unfortunately the brain damage affected that part of the brain but it is improving every day. He is seeing a speech therapist and she is very hopeful that his speech will return very close to normal shortly.”

“It will. I know it will,” Ryeowook told Yunho, smiling down at him, then turned back to the nurses. “Can I bring him food?”

“YES!” Yunho shouted clearly. They all started laughing and Kyuhyun rubbed Yunho’s shoulder’s from behind while he grinned like mad.

“I think he totally approves. I was telling him about your delicious cookies,” Hana told Ryeowook happily.

“I need to go home and start cooking,” Ryeowook said, flinging his arms up as he started thinking about all the things he would cook for Yunho.

“No, you all stay,” Yunho told them. He blushed slightly…but he didn’t want them to leave.

“Of course we will stay,” Heechul told him as he saw the blush break out across Yunho’s face.

“But right now somebody has to eat. You can’t get stronger if you don’t eat,” Bong Cha said, pointing to Yunho’s tray as she repositioned it back in front of him, then she left the room.

Hana lingered in the room a little longer and made a point of telling Yunho, “If you need anything, call me.” Yunho shook his head yes and then Hana slipped out of the room also.

Heechul was up and out in the hall quick to catch up with Hana. “So when Jae calls you wanting a report, you can tell him that Yunho is fine, that his dear friend Heechul is here with him.”

Hana, who had slowed when Heechul approached, just frowned at him. “It is highly unlikely that Mr. Kim will call me for report. I might have made him mad.”

“Really?” Heechul asked instantly, liking Hana more.

“Yes, he wasn’t very happy with me when I told Yunho about the concert,” Hana explained, confiding more then she should have.

“But they were good?”


“With each other? No fighting?”

Hana seemed to consider this carefully. “At times I get the feeling that Yunho is very angry at Mr. Kim, then at other times I feel as if…he needs him very much.”

Heechul sighed. “Are you sure it’s Jae he needs? It must be very scary to wake up after a year.”

“True. I do think he hates being alone. I think he really does want you three to stay with him tonight,” Hana explained.

“Is that okay if we do stay with him?” Heechul asked. “I know you all let the stalker stay.”

“Mr. Kim has permission, but I see no reason why you can’t. I will have somebody bring in extra recliners,” Hana told him as she started walking away again.

Heechul stayed in place and told her, “That’s really nice considering what a bitch I am.”

“Yes, it is,” Hana confirmed for him, not looking back as she turned the corner out of his eyesight.


“So we can’t tell Changmin?” Kyuhyun confirmed for the second time causing Ryeowook to elbow him gently as they sat side by side on Yunho’s bed watching the other man eat.

“He already told you no,” Ryeowook answered for Yunho. “He wants to be better when he sees him.

“Changmin wouldn’t care…he would just be so happy,” Kyuhyun insisted, crossing his arms.

“No,” Yunho said between bites of something that seemed to be a mixture of potatoes, chicken, and some other mystery food.

“I won’t tell him. I won’t tell anybody at all. I just want it on the record that I really tried hard to convince you to tell him,” Kyuhyun told him, sounding very much like a pouting child.

“I can’t believe you are giving him attitude,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun while glaring at him.

“I am not giving him attitude. He knows I think he is the greatest person ever, it’s just that Changmin can be the scariest person ever,” Kyuhyun answered honestly.

“It be okay,” Yunho told them as he took a drink of his protein drink they made him drink at every meal. “Is Changgmiin goood?” Yunho asked the question that had been weighing on his mind since he woke up.

“He took it really, really…hard. He blamed himself,” Kyuhyun told him honestly.

“For a long time he didn’t want to have anything at all to do with entertaining or anything that reminded him of the incident. He focused on school really hard.”

“He studied in America for awhile,” Ryeowook added, shooting Kyuhyun a warning look as soon as Yunho turned his focus back on eating.

“He doesn’t come to visit you though, because it’s too hard for him. He can’t handle it. It breaks him…it’s not good. He will be calling me though to find out how you are doing,” Kyuhyun explained to Yunho.

“We check on you for him and for us,” Ryeowook explained with a warm smile. “We never will forget how much we owe you.”

“No, never.” Kyuhyun said, taking Ryeowook’s hand.

“Now that you can enjoy food I am going to cook so much food for you. Soup, cookies, barbeque…”

“Pasta! He makes the best pasta ever. Going to Italy was the best idea I ever had,” Kyuhyun said, smiling at the thought of pasta.

“And pizza! My pizza is the best,” Ryeowook said, pulling out his phone.

“It really is. What are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked Ryeowook who was focusing on his phone. “Heechul said he was going to deal with the manager.”

“I am just making a list of all the food I need to buy,” Ryeowook told him.

“Good,” Yunho told them, smiling as he watched the door open and Heechul walked back into the room.

“Oh, so they brought the recliners in already and lots of blankets,” Heechul observed as he closed the door behind him.

“What did the manager say?” Kyuhyun turned and asked the older man.

“It’s fine. I explained that we were too tired and Yunho’s nurses were kind enough to offer us a room to stay in,” Heechul said, walking around to sit down beside Yunho who was finishing his meal

“Well since it is fine and all can’t Ryeowook and I just go to a hotel instead?” Kyuhyun asked hopefully, the new light in his eyes suddenly gave away his plans to the other two that knew him too well.

“No!” Ryeowook denied him, embarrassed at Kyuhyun. “Yunho Hyung asked us to stay and we are staying.”

“I know he did. I just think we would sleep better at a hotel and Heechul could stay with him,” Kyuhyun explained, trying to appear considerate as he added, “I am sure they have lots to talk about. They are very old and dear friends. They might want to talk without us listening.”

“You are such a horny little bunny,” Heechul said, smirking at Kyuhyun who immediately acted enraged.

“I am not. I was just planning on sleeping,” Kyuhyun insisted, folding his arms and glaring at Heechul.

“Yeah, right,” Ryeowook muttered, knowing better.

“You just spent two nights of sin together in a Bangkok hotel, do you ever get enough?” Heechul asked, loving to irritate Kyuhyun.

“No, not really,” Kyuhyun answered honestly. “The whole ‘keeping it a secret’ kinda puts a dampener on that.”

Ryeowook just leaned his head against Kyuhyun’s shoulder with a suffering look. “Not tonight.”

“Fine with me, I was just planning on sleeping anyways,” Kyuhyun insisted, leaning his head against Ryeowook’s.

“Like hell you were,” Heechul teased.

Yunho just watched the three of them go back and forth. He was happy to see that Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were still together and going strong. It made him smile to know that some things did work out in the end. He would never forget that day on the roof with Kyuhyun when he convinced the younger man to take the chance.

He felt bad about asking them to stay and he was about to tell them to leave, when the night nurses walked in. Yunho frowned as the nurse who would forever be Haircut Nurse to him walked up and moved his tray away. “It’s time for bed.”

Heechul who never missed anything noticed Yunho’s frown and narrowed his eyes at the nurse moving Yunho’s tray. “You know if you abuse Yunho, that’s pretty much a death sentence in this country. He is the reigning martyr.”

“Excuse me?” the nurse asked, clearly shocked at Heechul’s accusation.

Kyuhyun who had gotten off the bed with Ryeowook when the nurses entered the room also sensed the change in Yunho and asked, “Did she do something to you, Hyung?”

“No, Heechul is crazy!” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun, shocked at both men’s behavior.

“Craaazy,” Yunho agreed, nodding his head in agreement with Ryeowook.

“I admit that I might be crazy, but I am just warning you,” Heechul told her, still eyeing her suspiciously.

“I will have you know that none of the staff here abuse any of the patients, or ever have. Mr. Kim trusts me so much with Yunho that he has asked me to text him with updates on his condition,” the nurse told Heechul, completely offended.

“Oh, so you are the one,” Heechul said with a smile that resembled a Cheshire cat.

“The one what?” the nurse asked him sceptically. Yunho watched in dread as he saw that all too familiar look on Heechul’s face.

“The one Jae trusts. I am so sorry for my words. I mean if Jae trusts you then that makes everything alright. You know that Jae and I were in the same group once,” Heechul told her, smiling beautifully at her.

“I didn’t know that,” she told him, looking very much off guard at his sudden change in approach.

“It’s true. Jae and I lost contact though, it’s sad really. I wish somehow I could let him know that I was with Yunho…it would be such a comfort to him. It must be hard knowing he can’t be here due to his obligations to his fans. The show must go on after all.”

“You all need to leave. We need to get him to bed,” the other nurse in the room told them. Yunho watched as the Haircut nurse took in Heechul’s words, believing them.

Ryeowook and Kyuhyun each grabbed one of Heechul’s arms and dragged him from the room.

“What exactly are you up to?” Ryeowook demanded, closing the door behind them.

“He’s trying to make Jae nuts. Masterful, I must admit,” Kyuhyun answered for Heechul as they started walking down the hall.

“Sometimes I do myself proud. I wonder how long it will take her to tell him,” Heechul told them, grinning ear from ear.

“It won’t be so funny when Jae shows up here tonight,” Ryeowook warned.

“There isn’t any way he could. He is in the middle of a concert now. Plus he has another concert tomorrow. There are so many bigwigs from America here to see them. There isn’t any way he could skip out without doing serious damage to the group,” Heechul answered as they walked into a small waiting room.

“He has helped to destroy a group before,” Kyuhyun reminded him as he took a seat beside Ryeowook.

“That was to spite Yunho, not for Yunho. He also came out of it smelling like a rose,” Heechul said, taking a seat across from Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. “Jae would never disappoint so many fans…they are how he controls everybody around him.”


Kyuhyun pushed one of the recliners that the staff had brought in up against the door, blocking the entry as Ryeowook placed blankets and pillows on two of the recliners.

Yunho watched them as they got situated and regretted making them stay, but he decided to take comfort from them. They weren’t here for any twisted reasons, he didn’t doubt their friendship or sincerity…they were what he needed.

“Why don’t you like that nurse?” Heechul asked. He was sitting on the side of Yunho’s bed watching the other man closely.

“Puuuts mee in goowns.” Yunho told him, not being totally honest but as honest as he could be.

“How dare she?” Heechul said, smiling at Yunho who was in red pajamas now. “If there are any questions that you have, just ask me. I am here to provide answers in my special unfiltered way.”

There was a question that he wanted to know…one he wouldn’t ask Jae. “Cooncert?”

“Oh, it was great. SM concerts are a blast you know…but not the same without you. You always provided the heart. Those Shinee brats are very popular now. Would you like details? I got details. I got wardrobe details. Boa, I don’t know what that girl was thinking letting them dress her…”

“Heechul, I don’t think that was the concert he was asking about,” Kyuhyun interrupted before Heechul could go on anymore.

“I know,” Heechul told Yunho, taking a deep breath. “They are still fucking huge. They are big in America, Europe and all of Asia…they are huge, much like they were before you went to sleepy time. Their company is still as crooked and ill-run as Kyuhyun is sex crazed though.”

“Excuse me? How the hell am I sex crazed? I am in a completely monogamous relationship? A secret completely monogamous relationship I might add…we go weeks without anything remotely sexual. If I were sex crazed I would be like…”

“Jae in Japan,” Heechul added, loving to rile the younger man up, Insulting Jae was an added bonus.

“Yes!” Kyuhyun agreed, because Jae’s conquests in Japan were no secret after the infamous Changmin interview where he had told the world. Changmin had not specified genders but still the article had sent the fandom into an uproar and resulted in Yunho taking a bullet meant for Changmin.

“And then our poor Ryeowook would be the one getting shot in the head for it,” Heechul told them, delighting in the horror-filled looks he got from all three of them.

“That isn’t funny!” Ryeowook fumed. He had just sat down in the recliner. “I can’t believe you would joke about something like that!”

“So not funny,” Kyuhyun said, glaring at Heechul who couldn’t stop laughing. “Yunho Hyung, I am so sorry. Next time we won’t bring him I promise,” Kyuhyun said after turning his attention to Yunho who just looked shocked.

“If he was still a slobbering mess I wouldn’t make these jokes,” Heechul assured them but he was watching Yunho and could tell the man was fighting the urge to laugh.

“I am just going to bed, because I can’t even…I can’t. So disrespectful,” Kyuhyun who was rarely flabbergasted sputtered as he got in the recliner with Ryeowook.

“I’m disrespectful? When was the last time you called me Hyung?” Heechul asked, pretending to be offended as he watched Ryeowook and Kyuhyun cover up in the recliner giving him matching glares.

“Hmmm…I don’t remember. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you though, waiting on me to say it again,” Kyuhyun mouthed as he snuggled up with Ryeowook in the recliner.

“Such a brat!” Heechul snapped but his soft spot for Kyuhyun’s smart mouth could easily be felt.

“Sleeeep,” Yunho said, patting Heechul’s leg with his left hand.

“Okay, if you are all tired of my wit I can take a hint,” Heechul said, standing up. “No sadness from you though. I can see it lurking there in your eyes, but I absolutely won’t allow it. I will torment the children all night to distract you if I have to.”

“I told you we should have gone to a hotel,” Kyuhyun mumbled under his breath.

“And leave poor Yunho here with him? I don’t think so,” Ryeowook whispered back to him, but fully aware that Heechul and Yunho could both hear him.

“We could have taken Yunho with us,” Kyuhyun explained right before Heechul kicked their recliner.

“We are going to bed now, children,” Heechul told them and got into his recliner.


Yunho couldn’t sleep. The other three had fallen asleep quickly, exhausted from their recent activities. The nurses had not drugged him at night since he had notified them of his new found awareness. He hadn’t had any difficulty sleeping…but even as much as he hated to admit it, it was probably due to Jae being beside him. Yunho had never had any difficulty sleeping if Jae was with him.

His mind raced with all that had happened today. He was grateful that Heechul, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun knew and they were going to keep his progress a secret. Heechul always entertained him and the younger men provided him with hope. Hope that sometimes even in the most horrible situation happiness could be found. He wanted to ask them more about their relationship but he had been tired already when they showed up and his garbled speech was not something he was proud to display. He had managed to use little words today without much difficulty and he could take pride in that.

Yunho was disturbed from his deeper thoughts when there was a loud bang on the door as somebody tried to open the door and hit the recliner that was blocking it.

Yunho watched as Kyuhyun jumped up from the recliner he shared with Ryeowook and hurried to the door, flipped on the light, threw his blanket on the recliner that had been blocking the door, and then moved the recliner out of the way.

As soon as the recliner was moved the door flew open to show a very angry-looking Jae. Yunho couldn’t help but gasp as he saw him. Jae looked like he had just flown off the stage. He was wearing a dark blue satin outfit that looked like it was trimmed in diamonds and it only enhanced his beauty. His hair and make-up were both perfect…this was the Jae that made men and women both lose their mind.

Yunho turned his head away as Jae cast a quick look at him, afraid that his face might give something away.

Heechul had gotten up from the chair and asked in annoyance, “Isn’t this a tad bit dramatic? Just saying?”

“We need to talk now,” Jae told him in a sharp tone that would have left a lesser man bleeding.

Heechul just laughed but when he looked at the clock on the wall his laughter vanished. “You left your concert early? Seriously, it’s a two hour drive. You must have left the minute you found out.”

Jae frowned as he clinched his fists. “We need to talk out in the hall, now.”

“Did you have somebody fly you down here? I mean I can’t see you leaving all that applause just because I’m visiting my old friend,” Heechul said, walking up to Jae, not intimidated in the slightest. “Did one of your sugar daddies fly you down here in a helicopter?”

“I don’t need you here spreading your hate and hampering his recovery,” Jae told Heechul, stepping up to meet him.

“Lies? Your truth is so much worse than any lie I could ever come up with. Have I ever thanked you for living down to all my expectations?”

“Guys…” Kyuhyun warned as he saw the staff collecting outside the door watching them. “It’s alright. They won’t get in a fight or anything,” Kyuhyun told the staff, smiling as he shut the door and hoping he wasn’t lying as he shot Ryeowook a worried look.

“Yunho’s memory is fine, he doesn’t need you here reminding him,” Jae told Heechul but the sound of desperation could now be heard in his voice.

“Oh, you must be scared now. He’s awake now, not some brainless doll that doesn’t know who is molesting him. He remembers…”

“Molesting him? Have you lost your mind?” Jae interrupted, completely appalled at Heechul’s accusation.

“I don’t even want to know the details of your level of dysfunction when it involves him and how it might have manifested itself, when he couldn’t defend himself,” Heechul told him, looking disgusted.

“I realize you are an asexual prude who doesn’t have anything better to do than let your imagination run away with you, but keep your sick fantasies to yourself,” Jae spit out at Heechul, both men still face to face.

“Asexual prude?” Heechul screeched back at him.

“Yes, we all know it. We all know that Hangeng would have done us all a huge favor if he had given you the big one before he left your ass. I would help you out, but I’ve never liked girls,” Jae told him in a soft condescending voice full of venom.

“When have you ever let emotion get in the way of who you fuck? You aren’t exactly known for being discriminating,” Heechul threw back at him, making Jae clench both fists again.

Kyuhyun stepped up between them. “Stop it.”

Ryeowook walked up to stand beside Kyuhyun. “I think you both need to leave the room.”

“Do you, little one? Well let me tell…” Jae started to tell Ryeowook what he could do with his request.

“Jae,” Yunho said clearly and reached his left arm out.

Ryeowook was immediately forgotten and Jae’s focus was entirely on Yunho now. “I’m sorry,” Jae began as he walked toward Yunho and took his hand. “I’m sorry. I know they are your friends. I know.”

“Don’t,” Yunho said, holding Jae’s hand tightly.

“I won’t. I will stop. I just get crazy,” Jae told him sadly as he went down on his knees beside the bed, holding onto Yunho’s hand as if he were his lifeline to sanity.

“We are leaving now,” Ryeowook ordered as he bent down to put his shoes on.

“We most certainly are not. I am not letting him run us off,” Heechul informed Ryeowook, crossing his arms, still glaring at Jae.

“Yes, we are,” Kyuhyun told him, putting his shoes on too.

“Yunho asked us to stay and I am staying,” Heechul told them but he was watching for Jae’s reaction.

Jae turned to look at Heechul in surprise. “He asked you to stay?” The hurt was obvious in his voice and on his face.

“Yes, he remembers who his friends are and who his tormenters are…although even I wish he would forget that. Nobody needs to remember what you, Junsu, and Yoochun did to him….nobody, well except for you and your pack of wolves. You need to remember it every day of your life. Remember what you three did and know you can never take it back.”

“Heechul, just stop! I swear how exactly does this help Yunho?” Kyuhyun asked, dropping Heechul’s shoes at his feet.

Ryeowook walked to the opposite side of the bed as Jae and asked, “Yunho Hyung, is it okay if we leave?”

Yunho looked very grateful as he turned to Ryeowook, “Yes, buuut coome baack.”

“We will. We will be back very soon. We promise,” Kyuhyun answered as he walked up beside Ryeowook. “It’s a miracle, it really is. I know you will be back to perfect in no time.”

An agitated Heechul stepped between Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. “Yunho, I am going to leave. I don’t like leaving you here with him…but I will defer to your wishes. I know he wouldn’t leave if you asked and you probably know that too,” Heechul said, taking delight in the fact that the truth of that statement could easily be confirmed by Jae’s expression. “We will keep the peace, for you. Only for you though, anywhere else he’s fair game.”

Yunho nodded his head in agreement. “Coome baack.”

“Oh, I will. I promise you that,” Heechul told him, taking Yunho’s lifeless right hand. “I am going to have a front row seat as everything that was lost to you returns.”

Yunho just shook his head and for once he didn’t curse the tears that fell from his eyes. “Thaank yoouu.”

“I have to go now,” Heechul said, letting go of Yunho’s hand and throwing his own hands up. “You are crying and I am going to start crying and I am sure Ryeowook is already crying,” Heechul said, backing away. “I will see you soon, I love you.”

Yunho watched as the three of them left the room and he couldn’t help but wonder if he had made the right choice. His feelings for Jae were a tangled mess, but he had missed him…even with a room full of people, he had missed him.

“Are you okay?” Jae asked, watching Yunho who was purposely not looking at him. “Are you sure you want them to leave? I can play nice…or I could leave.”

Yunho turned and looked at Jae suddenly and he could see so clearly that Jae needed to hear him ask for him to stay, but Yunho couldn’t give him that. “Tirrreeed.”

“Okay, I bet you are,” Jae said, standing up and bending over Yunho and running a hand through his hair. “I have to change though,” Jae said, trying to pull away from Yunho.

“No, sleep,” Yunho said, not letting go.

“Okay,” Jae said, sighing and looking down at his flamboyant clothing, then he climbed in bed beside Yunho. “If only I had smoked in the car then I wouldn’t have to sleep in this costume.”

Yunho closed his eyes and smiled. “Goood sttooop.”

“No,” Jae admitted as he repositioned himself. “I’m just a crazy, insane person who left in the middle of his concert without anything but his keys.”

Yunho didn’t respond to the fact that Jae had left his concert early, he just closed his eyes and began to drift off. He soon felt the brush of soft lips against his forehead, but he just kept his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.

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