Damaged, Chapter Eight

Title:     Damaged

Author:  AquariusLover
Rating:   R
Pairing:  Yunjae
Genre:   AU, Friendship, Romance


Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction.  I own nothing and know even less.  This story is a stand alone, but it does take place in the TFAN universe, where Yunho played a crucial role.

Big HUGE thanks to Amy(one of my most favorite people ever)!!!   Also a big thanks to everybody who takes the time to comment!

Summary:  On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family.  The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness.  Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Previous Chapters

Later that evening Yunho was up in his chair laughing while watching a variety show, Jae sat nervously beside him.   Jae was either sending text messages or holding his breath every time Yunho flipped the channel.

“So why exactly did they bring your television back in here?”  Jae asked nervously as Yunho started changing channels again.

“I told them I wanted it.  I mean really Jae, having them remove my television…that’s even a little bit possessive for you.”  Yunho told him casting a disappointed look at Jae.

“Possessive of me?  Excuse me?  You should focus on your recovery not on stupid things.”  Jae told him not bothering to look at Yunho as he attacked his phone with the glare from his eyes.

“Focus more on you, you mean.”  Yunho said under as his breath and he flipped back to the variety show.

Jae looked at Yunho amused, “I think somebody has a very high opinion of themselves.”

“Heechul’s who said it.  I just agreed with him…since it’s the truth and all.”  Yunho said turning to Jae smugly.

“Heechul?  Did he bring up the television?  He’s an idiot.”  Jae told Yunho annoyed as he put down his phone.  “I don’t want you watching stuff that might upset you.”

“Oh,” Yunho couldn’t help but remember the sting he felt when he flipped onto a soccer match for the first time knowing he couldn’t play.  “Well denial isn’t good either.  There are things that I can’t do and time that I can never get back.  I have to accept that.”

“And you should totally focus on me, because it’s all about me.”  Jae teased trying to lighten the mood.

“I thought you said I have a high opinion of myself?”  Yunho repeated laughing at Jae.

“Yes, but I didn’t say you were wrong.”  Jae told him eyeing his phone hatefully.

Yunho turned and smiled at Jae, “So the television is what has you on edge…I thought they were trying to call you back?”

“Hmmmf…they are trying, but they can kiss my ass.  I worked more in six days than most work in a month.  I am not their slave, and if they push me I will play dirty.”  Jae’s aggravation was more than obvious as he grabbed his phone again and made a point of powering it off.

“You never used to turn your phone off.”  Yunho observed as he turned his focus back to the television.  It hadn’t escaped his notice that Jae’s phone was off more than it was on.

“That isn’t true.  I do believe somebody has a selective memory.  When we used to be alone in the good old days, I always turned it off.”  Jae reminded Yunho and smirked as he saw the man tense up.

“Buut…never mind.”  Yunho stammered out studying the television intently now.

“I was just innocently pointing out…”  Jae stopped as a loud alarm went off. 

“What is that?”  Yunho asked suddenly alert.

Jae stood up quickly, “Somebody is dying.  It’s the alarm they sound when somebody is dying.”

“Dying?  People die here?” Yunho hadn’t ever even considered that possibility growing pale.

“My Love,” Jae immediately noticed Yunho’s discomfort and bent down and kissed the top of his head.  “Not everybody is as amazingly resilient as you are, there are lots of very sick people here of all ages.”

Yunho who would have normally given Jae grief for the endearment and the kiss was too busy being distracted by the thought of somebody dying, “Why the alarm?”

“They are calling for help.”  Jae said looking toward the door he seemed to be contemplating something strongly.

“Oh, duh.  I feel stupid.”

“Well, you are brain damaged.”  Jae pointed out as he walked into the bathroom.

“That isn’t ever going to be funny.”  Yunho shot back at him. 

“It kinda is.”  Jae said as he walked back out brushing his hair. 

“Why are you primping at a time like this?”  Yunho demanded never ceasing to be shocked at the levels of Jae’s vanity.

“So I will look extra pretty when I go and comfort Mrs. Ryu, it could easily be Mr. Ryu…he’s one of the old ones here.”  Jae said putting down the brush.

“I hope not he’s such a nice old man, he was so happy the other day when he walked an extra fifteen feet.  Mrs. Ryu…Jae you wouldn’t?”  Yunho asked wide eyed.

“I totally would.  I am wonderful at being comforting and if it rids her mind of any awful truths about me I don’t want to be shared among my fan base then we both win.  Also most importantly it protects you and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.”  Jae told him heading for the door.

“Do not even incluude me in yoouur inhuuman plans!”  Yunho screeched at Jae.  How could Jae do such a thing?

“Inhuman please, I am going to provide her with comfort.  I am very comforting.”  Jae told him.

Yunho’s mouth dropped open as Jae left the room to manipulate a potential widow.  He was certain he could spend a hundred years with Jae and the man would never cease to surprise him. 

Yunho flipped off the television thinking it must be rude to watch television when somebody was fighting for their life.  It wasn’t long before Jae walked back in.

“Well?”  Yunho asked as soon as Jae entered the room.

“It wasn’t him and it wouldn’t have mattered apparently she only visits during the day. How dare she judge me when she won’t even spend the night with her husband?”  Jae huffed as he shut the door behind him locking it.

“Jae, isn’t she like eighty years old?”  Yunho asked defending the elderly lady.

“Do you think that would stop me?”  Jae asked as he walked up to the dresser and opened one of the top drawers and pulled out a pair of Yunho’s pajamas.

Yunho eyed Jae closely suddenly feeling very apprehensive, “No, yoouu are a very good friend.” 

Jae turned around with the pajamas in his hand and smiled at Yunho, “Yes.  I am.”

“Yoouu are not dressing me!”  Yunho blurted out his mind quickly coming to a conclusion he didn’t like.

“They are busy trying to save somebody.  I offered to help them with you.”  Jae told him eyeing the man amused.

“I am so…”  Yunho stopped suddenly as he saw Jae’s eyes light up.  “It’s a shame they are busy.  I will juust sleep in the chair…in my clothes…or wait for Haircuut Nuurse.”  Yunho informed Jae quickly his speech getting worse by the second.

“You don’t even like Soo Jin you were advocating me getting her fired earlier today.  I can dress you and put you to bed, and then we can sleep.  You have no idea how tired I am.”   Jae said looking at Yunho not amused now, just tired.

“There will be no nakedness!”  Yunho informed him.  Yunho reached over and grabbed his right arm with his left and folded them together.

“Yunho, don’t even start with me!”  Jae snapped back.  “I am not doing this for thrills I swear to you.  Get over yourself and help me get this shirt off.”  Jae said grabbing Yunho’s arms and unfolding them as he began to pull on Yunho’s shirt.

Yunho lifted his left arm up to help.   He was torn between feeling insulted, ashamed, or molested.  “I hate yoouu.”

“Well I don’t care.  I am not looking at you other than to get you dressed, so stop being a silly nilly.  You keep calling me your friend, so consider this an act of friendship.”  Jae said tossing Yunho shirt on the floor and then sliding the pajama top on with Yunho’s help.

Yunho just frowned at Jae as the other man buttoned up his pajama top ignoring the evil thoughts being sent his way.  “Okay now we are going to stand up just like you do with your physical therapy buddies and we are going to slide your pants off.  I am really glad they are sweats since you’re such a blushing boy today if I had to unbutton jeans or something you might die of shame.”

Yunho clenched his teeth together tightly but when Jae reached down he did as instructed and put his left arm around him and was easily lifted up.  Jae quickly pulled his pants down careful of the catheter and sat Yunho back down.  “I bet if I tugged on your catheter you would find your tongue.”  Jae mumbled as he threw the sweats away and knelled down and started threading Yunho’s legs through the pajama bottoms.  “Okay up one more time and you are done.”  Jae instructed as he stood back up.  Yunho glared harder at him for the catheter comment but did as he was told and soon found he was dressed.  Jae had somehow managed to do it quicker than the nurses.

Yunho was tempted to compliment Jae on his fast work, but his pride was still wounded so he continued to say nothing.

Jae unlocked Yunho’s chair and slid it next to the bed.  “It really is amazing how much easier it is to move you now.  Your right side isn’t any real help but at least you can maintain form now and put pressure on that foot.”  Jae spoke to Yunho fully aware that the other man had no intention of answering him back.

“Okay one more time and you can be in bed hating on me.”  Jae said as he bent over and motioned for the pouting man to grab a hold of him.  Yunho found himself automatically wrapping his arm around him and soon he was up and sitting on the bed.  Jae immediately helped position him by pulling his right leg up for him.

“Now, see how easy that was?  It’s almost like I have experience undressing you and getting you into bed.”  Jae couldn’t resist tormenting the other man who was being very unfriendly as he pulled his covers up.

Yunho’s mouth dropped open and he had to fight from telling the man off, but Jae just smiled at him and handed him the remote to the television.  “I am going to take a shower, don’t miss me too much.”


“Jae?”  Yunho tentatively questioned the man who was most likely sleeping.  When Jae didn’t answer Yunho frowned.  When Jae had gotten in bed Yunho had maintained his vow of silence and ignored him coldly.  Jae had acted unbothered as he turned off the TV and lights.  Jae had of course plastered himself to Yunho’s side like always, but Yunho had persisted to nudge him annoyingly till he had eventually gotten up in a huff and went to sleep in the chair.

Unfortunately about twenty minutes after Yunho’s victory his bladder had decided to become full.  The nurses had not entered the room because Jae had locked the door and assured them he would take care of their patient.  Yunho seriously wondered what they had to think of the two of them.  Hana was right they were too stupid to live.

“Jae?”  Yunho questioned louder.

“What?”  Jae grumbled his annoyance easily heard in his voice.

“I need your help.”  Yunho pleaded completely aware of how pitiful he was.

“I am not unclamping your catheter so don’t even ask.  It’s barely been two hours.  Do you understand me?  Man up.”  Jae said in a bitchy tone.  Yunho could tell he was not forgiven for throwing the man out of bed.

“Jae…”  Yunho whined. 

“No!  Remember you hate me?”  Jae threw back at him and Yunho could hear him tossing and turning in the chair trying to get comfortable.

“I don’t hate you.  You know I don’t.  I hate my limitations…you are actually lots faster than the nurses and it wasn’t bad as I thought it would be.  It wasn’t even bad.”  Yunho had to admit because Jae had been very efficient and he hadn’t leered or anything.

“Why the silent treatment then?  Why am I sleeping in this chair instead of next to you?” 

“Because it’s embarrassing, you just have no idea how hard it is to go from what I was to this pitiful thing that I am now.  When nurses dress me it’s bad enough…but you knew me before.”  Yunho tried to explain.

“Oh my God!  I hate that this look of annoyance at your stupidity is wasted in the dark.”  Jae nastily replied as he climbed out of the recliner.  “You are supposed to be dead, but instead you’re driving me crazy.  You are not pitiful.”  Jae told him turning on the light over the bed and walked over to the bed.  “You are amazing.  You are getting stronger every day.  You make me so mad, when you talk like this.”

Yunho looked up at the very annoyed man, “So does this mean you are not going to unclamp my catheter?”

“Yes, that’s what it means.”  Jae informed him placing both hands on his hips.

“I will let you back in bed if you do.”  Yunho said bribing him with a big smile.

Jae seemed to consider Yunho’s offer and then smiled as he told him, “Nope.”

Yunho frowned, “Then I am calling the nurse so go unlock the door so they don’t think you have been up to your usual sexual deviance.” 

“Sexual deviance,” Jae repeated appalled at Yunho.

“Changmin’s words not mine.”  Yunho told him narrowing his eyes; he was vexed at having to call for the nurse. 

“Changmin…what?”  Jae sputtered.

“He is going to write a tell all book and I think a whole chapter is dedicated to you and your sexual deviance.”  Yunho told him with pleasure.  Yunho loved the look of outrage on Jae’s face.

“I highly doubt Changmin would do that to you…because even if I didn’t rat you out there are others that would make sure you suffered along with me.”  Jae warned him grabbing a hold of the bedrail as hard as he could.

“No, we weren’t deviant.  You loved me back then.  It totally wasn’t the same.” 

Jae gave Yunho a furious look, “Back then I loved you? Loved as in past tense?  I loved you. You are starting to really piss me off again!”

“Umm…you love me, not loved?”  Yunho amended quickly.

“It won’t matter to 99% of the rest of Korea.”  Jae told him sadly switching moods too quickly for Yunho to keep up with him.

“It doesn’t matter because Changmin said he was going to wait till I was dead to publish it.   If that bullet had done its job…boy wouldn’t your fans be getting the shock of their lives.”  Yunho said in a joking manner but the new anguish on Jae’s face made him add.  “Although I am sure most of them wouldn’t care.”

“Yunho…”  Jae started.

“You have really dedicated fans.  Most of them don’t care what you do as long as you look pretty.”  Yunho interrupted pointing out quickly to Jae who had quickly become extremely upset again.

“I don’t give a shit about that. I will give Changmin fucking quotes for his book, but you are never to joke about dying again.  Do you understand me?  Not to me, not to anybody ever.”  Jae told Yunho and he was shaking all over.

Yunho had just stared at him wide eyed, he had been joking, but the distress Jae was in was more than obvious.  “Ummm…you want to go to bed?”  Yunho said patting the space beside him.

Jae just sighed still shaking, “If I get in bed are you going to ask me to get up and unclamp your catheter as soon as I lie down?”

“Well…ummm there is high probability that might happen.”  Yunho confessed honestly his bladder still feeling very full.

Jae took the call light and dramatically hit it, then walked over and unlocked the door to Yunho’s room.  

It wasn’t long before Soo Jin was walking through the door her eyes only for Jae, “Jae, do you need something?”

“The catheter is keeping him awake and he’s keeping me awake.”  Jae explained to the woman who was more than eager to help him.

“Oh, I know they are doing bladder training, which many doctors believe to be outdated.”  Soo Jin said as she walked over to the bed and unclamped the catheter.

“So that’s okay?”  Jae asked doubtfully. 

“It’s perfectly fine.  You are such a good friend always worrying about him.”  She said reaching out and gently touching Jae’s arm.  “He probably won’t be able to urinate after it is removed anyway and he will just have to get another one.  It’s what commonly happens after removing a catheter that has been in for a long time.”

“Will he be knocked out if they place a new one?  I am pretty sure he won’t want to be awake for that.”  Yunho asked condescendingly his dislike for the woman showing.

Soo Jin turned to Yunho, “Sorry we don’t even give you a pain pill for that.  Not even a Tylenol.”

Yunho frowned at the thought.  He better be able to pee tomorrow.  He was going to pee dammit if it killed him.  They were not sticking one of those tubes back in him he thought.

“Jae, is everything okay?”  Soo Jin asked as she noticed the recliner and the blankets that were on it.  “We have a spare bed if you need one.”

“You are so sweet to me but I’m good.”  Jae told her smiling irresistible at her.

“Well if you change your mind…it’s waiting for you.”  She told him blushing.

“Well that’s good to know.  I am good for now though, thanks for the offer.”  Jae said skillfully leading her to the door.

“Okay, sleep tight.”  She told him as he shut the door behind her.

“So help me God, if that woman ever comes back in this room I am going…I am going to report her for being unprofessional.”  Yunho sputtered at the gall of the woman.

“Yunho,” Jae said turning around to smile at the highly irritated man.  “You know I love it when you are jealous…but we are just friends and I’m very gay, so what’s the harm in making sure she’s at my beck and call?”

“I am not jealous!” Yunho sputtered.  “Your fans are freaking crazy without any concept of reality.  She was probably planning on giving you the dead guy’s bed…and she planned on giving you a special visit don’t think she wasn’t.”

“Since when did you start hating on my fans?”  Jae asked smirking as he walked back to the bed. 

“Since one shot me in the head.”  A very aggravated Yunho bluntly informed him.

“What did I tell you?”  Jae said disapproving, his face grave.

“I was just pointing out a fact!  I wasn’t jealous.”  Yunho said biting his bottom lip.

“Sure you weren’t,” Jae agreed as he climbed back in bed with Yunho and reached up and turned off the light.  “We are best friends forever.”

“I don’t know about best.”  Yunho couldn’t resist adding as Jae curled up next to him.

“Yunho, I swear you have tormented me enough today when are you going to stop?”  Jae said as he wrapped an arm around the other man’s chest.

“We both torment each other it’s what we do.”  Yunho admitted not protesting as Jae latched himself onto him tightly.

“I liked the old days when we just had sex all the time,” Jae said tormenting Yunho back, but he could sense that familiar tension spread over Yunho.  “Yunho, every time I mention sex you stiffen up…but not in a good way.”

“Not fuunny.”  Yunho grumbled, but his speech immediately alerted Jae to Yunho’s real discomfort.

“I know.  My bad, I know just friends…but I can’t help but remember or wish everything was different.”  Jae answered wistfully, the room was dark but his eyes were wide open as old memories haunted him reminding him of what he had lost.

“Even if I could forgive yoouu, which I can’t…it woouuldn’t work oouut now that yoouu are the great top who doesn’t cook.  That woouuldn’t ever work for me.”  Yunho attempted to hide the seriousness of the conversation with making light of Jae’s earlier statement.

The seconds ticked by and Jae remained quiet and he finally broke the silence, “Just go to sleep, Yunho.  They let you off easy today, but tomorrow they will make up for it.  Just sleep.”


Yunho awake the next morning with a tugging in a very sensitive area, his first thought was that he was going to have to slap Jae, but when he opened his eyes Jae was sleeping soundly next to him and Soo Jin was kneeling at the side of his bed fiddling with his catheter.

“What are you doing?”  Yunho demanded instantly grumpy.

“Oh, I am emptying your bag.”  She told him.  “Go back to sleep.  You can get in at least thirty more minutes of sleep.

Yunho didn’t believe her at all.  She had never emptied his catheter one of her poor helpers always did.  He pulled his left arm away from Jae and pushed himself up in bed with it, so he could better watch her.

“Yun…Yunho…”  Jae moaned in his sleep latching on to Yunho trying to pull him back down.

“Jae, stop it.”  Yunho said as Jae forced him back to the mattress easily. 

“Five more minutes…just five more minutes.”  Jae said, scooting over and putting more weight on Yunho to prevent him from getting up again.  Yunho could feel Jae’s hardness against his hip underneath the covers.

“Jae, I swear…”  Yunho stopped as he noticed Soo Jin had stood up now and was watching Jae with eyes so full of lust that he felt like the third person in the room.

“You should let him sleep…he’s very tired.  His dedication to you is wearing him out between all the JYJ activities too.  You really need to learn to deal with him being away better, for his sake.”  She told Yunho her eyes never leaving Jae.

Yunho’s eyes narrowed at her.  “I’ll work on it.”

“Work on what?  Who are you talking to?”  Jae said pulling away from Yunho and wiping his sleep crusted eyes.

“My need for you.”  Yunho admitted knowingly and smiled at Soo Jin.

Jae sat up immediately, “Yunho, what?  Are you kidding…?”  Jae stopped immediately as he saw Soo Jin looming over the bed.  “Why would you say that?”

“She thinks it tires you out too much, so I should learn to deal with you being away better.”  Yunho wasn’t looking at Jae he was too busy smiling at his least favorite nurse.

Jae watched Yunho, “That’s true.  Soo Jin you are so kind to worry for me.”  Jae told her smiling as he readjusted the covers across his lap. 

“It isn’t any problem it comes naturally to me.”  Soo Jin told Jae blushing.

Yunho’s mouth had dropped completely open.  Why was it that this woman could do what she wanted…drug him, make him wear gowns, and practically neglect him and Jae did nothing.  “Is it your motherly instinct?  Do you have children our age?” 

Soo Jin’s eyes flared as she turned her focus to Yunho, “Excuse me, they are…they are still in school.”

“Of course they are.  They couldn’t be older than five, look at her wonderful skin.”  Jae said quickly.  “Do you mind leaving?  I would love to cram in some extra sleep.”

“There is still that extra bed, if you would like it today?  I am sure nobody would mind.”  Soo Jin offered Jae again smiling at his compliment. 

“How wonderful that somebody died Jae, so you can get your rest.”  Yunho snapped.  He had, had enough of this woman.  He generally liked everybody but there was something about her and it just wasn’t her Jae obsession that rubbed him the wrong way.

“He didn’t die.  He is actually doing well at the hospital.  We are hoping he will be back within a couple weeks.”  Soo Jin explained trying to hide her annoyance with Yunho.

“Good for him…but I prefer to stay here.  Thanks for the offer though.  If you would just leave now.  Cranky pants here needs some more sleep too I believe.”  Jae said patting Yunho’s head like he would a pet.

Soo Jin laughed, “I couldn’t agree more.  See you tonight.”  She said as she exited the room.

Yunho turned and glared at Jae, “I just don’t understand you sometimes.”

“Don’t manipulate my love for you…for your evil purposes.”  Jae told him gently smacking his cheek with his hand.  “It’s mean especially when you can’t or won’t return it.”

“Evil purposes?”  Yunho asked flabbergasted.  “That woman did something to my catheter.  I think she clamped it again.”

“Why would she…”  Jae asked uneasily as he hopped out of bed and walked toward the side with the catheter to take a look.  “She did clamp it.”

“I bet it was never supposed to be unclamped and she is scared Bong Cha will get her, she doesn’t care what I need…all she cared about was you getting your rest.”   Yunho told him infuriated at that poor excuse for a nurse and Jae’s inability to see her for what she was.

“Or maybe it was supposed to be unclamped at night anyway and she just was fixing a mistake she had made earlier.  I mean why leave it clamped all night…when they want you to rest?”  Jae reasoned with the man.

“You are pissing me off.  Why don’t you go take her up on her offer? I will ask Bong Cha and Hana when they come in don’t think I won’t.  They care about me.”  Yunho told Jae still furious at him for always siding with her.

Jae rolled his eyes and got back in bed with Yunho, “Poor Yunho, stuck with me who doesn’t care about him.  I think I might cry for you.” 

“Shuut uup!  Yoouu let her get away with everything.”  Yunho blurted out to him and his words failing him for the first time since he woke up.

Jae looked at Yunho astounded that he was really bothered.  Jae grabbed Yunho’s face forcing him to look at him. “You can’t be seriously upset about this.  You are my priority always and she knows that.  You might hate her for little things, but you are safe with her.  You just need an enemy and you picked her.  If I thought she was really neglecting you…I don’t even know what I would do to her.”

“Whatever.”  Yunho said reaching up with his left hand and jerking Jae’s hand away from his face and turning away from the man.

“Don’t whatever me.  There isn’t anything in this world that I love more than you and you damn well know it.”  Jae told him exasperated with the man’s behavior this morning.

“Morning.”  Maggie the housekeeper told them walking into the room with her mop bucket in hand.  Jae turned suddenly and almost fell as he lunged out of the bed.

“Maggie!”  Yunho said unable to stop from smiling.  “Where have you been?” 

“Fishing, I had a short little vacation.”  Maggie told him as she started sweeping the floor.

“Did you catch lots of fish?”  Yunho asked enjoying the panicked look on Jae’s face as he tried to estimate how much if any the housekeeper had overheard.

“That I did, Handsome.”  Maggie told him smiling back at him.  “You look extremely perky this morning does riling that one up.”  Maggie said nodding in Jae’s direction, “Give you extra energy?”

“I think so, but I might have been in the wrong.  This once.”  Yunho confessed. 

“Whatever,” Maggie said with just a little emphasis on the word smiling at Jae. “I highly doubt that.”

Jae paled, “A person’s closest bond can be with their friend.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about?  I’m just a lowly housekeeper.”  Maggie told Jae without bothering to look at him as put her broom down and picked up her mop.

“It can be.”  Yunho said reaching out his hand for Jae to join him in bed.


Jae looked at him like he had gone completely mad.   “She can’t mop the floor with you standing in her way.”  Yunho explained to the anxious man.

“Oh, sorry.”  Jae said, but he didn’t get back in bed.

“I needed to say that too, but I totally wouldn’t…but I am.”  Yunho told Jae looking up him affectionately. 

Jae grinned down at Yunho, “Of course you would never say it.   I am going to take a much needed shower now.”

Chapter Nine

Awwww!! I loved how flustered Jae gets around the housekeeper!! And Yunho loves it!! LOL!!

Oh! Oh! Oh! My favorite part was this one: “Oh my God! I hate that this look of annoyance at your stupidity is wasted in the dark.” Hee hee!! Jae didn't want to waste that perfectly good look in the dark!!! LOL!
I love everywhere you take this. Nothing simple going on here...it's as complex as real life.

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LOL! There interactions are the BEST! I thought our 'friend' was being removed this chapter and LMAO at Yunho vowing to pee! He will definitely shit 2 ton bricks if they have to put that back in XD! I can't wait for next chapter =D and like Yunho I don't like haircut nurse either >.>
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lol drama it is then XDDD love it~~~~~can't wait for more XD btw i don't get the sexual part where changmin wrote a book abt jae? o.o don't understand XDDD
In the prologue before Yunho got shot, Changmin said he was going to write a tell all book(a book about Dong Bang Shin Ki from Changmin's point of view). Changmin like Heechul considered Jae to be a slut.

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When Jae told Yunho to "man up", I laughed so hard! Oh man, I've totally had to tell a few people to "man up", myself.

Oh, oh! And Yun waking up to Jae's hard-on pressed against him! Ahahahaha! Such win~

I also liked how Yun threw in the whole Jae-being-a-top-now comment. hehehe Yes, let's explore that more. What's the deal there, Jae? Eh? Can't take it up the bum unless it's Yunho? Hahahaha

Oh, don't mind me~ I'm just being silly and enjoying this fic waaay too much. XD
I like your comments though! You have the right questions. I assure you Yunho will be dwelling on the Jae top comment......way too much.

Thanks so much for commenting and reading!

I think I grinned too hard when I saw an update on detox for this fic! I really like how the pace of this fic is going ^^

The conversations between the two of them is always amusing. I love how they go into each other's throats but when the other senses danger, he unfolds like a flower. It also feels like walking on broken glass, although careful at times, the words they utter are getting dangerous.

Ah. I can't wait till the next chapter! I'm a huge fan of this fic ♥
""The conversations between the two of them is always amusing. I love how they go into each other's throats but when the other senses danger, he unfolds like a flower. It also feels like walking on broken glass, although careful at times, the words they utter are getting dangerous.""

That's just prefect. I couldn't have described it nearly as nice. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading!
Great chapter,i agree with JJ on this part:

"“Yunho, I swear you have tormented me enough today when are you going to stop?” Jae said as he wrapped an arm around the other man’s chest."

Yunho needs to get over it, so he was shot but he is still alive and has someone that loves him and will stay with him. He needs to get over his jealousy and insecurity and start forgiving and living again.
Sadly it's going to take Yunho awhile...they both have to change and to really change is one of the hardest things to do in life.

Thanks so much for reading and your comment!
Kyaaaa I LOVED THIS! YunJae's interaction is soooo like a roller coaster. It switches faster than I can keep up w/ lol. I love how upset Yun got and how flustered Jae got. Rofl. XDDD
I think Yunho came out of this chapter with whiplash himself and Yunho drove Jae crazy in return.

Thanks for reading about my screwed up boys, and for commenting!
Ooooh, I want to read it here and now, but I'm at my workplace and I have to work, so I'll print it and read on my way home I guess!