Kim Ryeowook's Very Merry Christmas

Title: Kim Ryeowook's very Merry Christmas
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Summary: Short story about how Ryeowook reacts when he gets an unexpected Christmas present.
Disclaimer: I know nothing. I own even less

Link to the wonderful art by the amazing ninprime   Part OnePart Two

When Kyuhyun had handed Ryeowook his present he had been unable to resist smiling like mad. Sungmin, who was sitting beside Ryeowook, had demanded, “Why is his box so much bigger than mine?”
Kyuhyun, who was finishing handing out the last of his presents to the Super Junior members, turned and told him, “It’s not the size that matters, it’s the thought.”

“That’s not what my girlfriend said,” Shindong told them all with a smug grin.

Yesung, who was sitting next to Shindong, elbowed him. “We aren’t talking about your waistline.”

“You do know I’m an atheist right?” Heechul demanded as he hit Siwon on the head with the Bible, the other man had gotten him for Christmas.

“Yes, I remember. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life is when I’ll get you a nice gift,” Siwon told him, and then promptly getting up out of Heechul’s striking range.

The members were gathered together sitting on the floor of the bottom dorm exchanging gifts, before they left for the airport. They would soon be on their way to their concert in China. Ryeowook and Sungmin had made a huge breakfast so everybody was in good spirits…well except for Heechul who was too busy feeling insulted.

“Kyuhyun, thank you so much. I can’t believe you remembered,” ZhouMi cried ecstatically as he held up a very rare album he had been looking for forever. “You are the best dongsaeng ever,” ZhouMi said, getting up and embracing Kyuhyun tightly.

“Of course, I remembered, I’m a genius,” Kyuhyun replied, breaking free of ZhouMi to sit down between Eunhyuk and Leeteuk.

Ryeowook excitement built as he watched the others open their gifts from Kyuhyun, each finding a very well thought out gift. Ryeowook wondered if he should open his…would it give their relationship away.

Ryeowook had always loved surprises, so he was unable to resist opening his gift. He carefully unwrapped the gift wanting to save the wrapping paper. It was the first gift he had received form Kyuhyun since they had become lovers. He was so happy thinking of how wonderful the gift would be, but all that suddenly changed when he opened the lid of the box and found a pair of sneakers staring back at him.

Sneakers? He didn’t even like sneakers. Some of the members collected them with a frenzy but not Ryeowook. He liked nice shoes, not big, old, atrociously ugly shoes. Why would Kyuhyun give him shoes? This was neither romantic nor thoughtful.

“Can you tone it down?” Ryeowook snapped at Sungmin, who he was squealing in delight, because he had gotten a nice pink, designer scarf from Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook felt jealousy and anger start to build inside of him as he watched everybody else with their heartfelt gift. The other members were so happy and surprised they could not stop complimenting the maknae on how considerate he was. Ryeowook felt like he was going to vomit. He had spent most of his money on buying Kyuhyun a warm coat that the vain boy would actually wear and also on a watch. A very expensive watch he had given Kyuhyun earlier so not to arouse suspicions. He had engraved ‘a hundred years and still crazy’ on the back of it.

Ryeowook stood up promptly not thanking Kyuhyun, but the other man didn’t seem notice as he was too busy being thanked by everybody else. “I am going to go straighten up the kitchen.” Ryeowook hurried to the kitchen leaving the sneakers on the floor.


Ryeowook did not take the same vehicle as Kyuhyun to the airport. He had made a special effort to make sure he was not stuck with him. Kyuhyun had given him a confused questioning glance but Ryeowook had ignored it. Ryeowook was good at pretending to ignore Kyuhyun it was one of the cornerstones of their relationship. Kyuhyun could get clingy fast when it came to Ryeowook, so Ryeowook was the one in control of limiting their touching as much as possible.

Later as they stood in line at the airport Kyuhyun came up behind Ryeowook and nudged him. “Was there something said about us always taking the same ride?”

“No,” Ryeowook answered, without turning around to face Kyuhyun. Ryeowook was too busy glaring at Sungmin who was showing off his scarf to the fans.

“It’s best to be careful I suppose. I am so tired though. I am going to make sure we sit together on the plane. I miss my favorite pillow.” Kyuhyun said in a low voice as Ryeowook continued to face away from him.

Ryeowook’s heart felt a little pang it was true, Kyuhyun was exhausted. He was being pulled in every direction these days between Super Junior, KRY, Super Junior M, The Ballad, and his musical. Ryeowook turned around to face him and was about to reassure him when Siwon walked up and gave Kyuhyun a big hug.

“Kyuhyun, I didn’t get to thank you for the necklace. Thank you so much,” Siwon said, letting Kyuhyun go.

“You got him a necklace?” Ryeowook snapped out in disbelief the pitch of his voice going up several octaves, causing everybody to turn and stare.

“Yeah, it’s a cross. My church was selling them for a good cause,” Kyuhyun told him as Siwon, who was wearing it, pulled it out for all to see.

As the other members came one by one to admire the cross Ryeowook slowly edged himself farther and farther away. The anger in him that had begun to cool had flared up to a boiling rage now.

He did everything for Kyuhyun, everything. Kyuhyun was the most important person in his life. He never gave Kyuhyun anything but his full support…hell he was Kyuhyun’s unofficial cheerleader. He promoted Kyuhyun’s projects like they were his own, but he never got the same treatment in return. Not from anybody, and most certainly not from a stupid boyfriend, who bought him shoes for Christmas really ugly shoes at that.

Ryeowook was off in his own world of misery when he felt a tap on his shoulder and looked up to find Heechul. Heechul was one of the rare people who knew about Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s relationship, and the man could sense trouble a mile away. “What did Kyuhyun get you for Christmas?”

“A pair of sneakers,” Ryeowook answered him in a flat voice, making no attempt to hide his displeasure.

Heechul’s eyes lit up. “Oh, stupid bunny! He won’t be a happy bunny tonight.”

“No, he won’t be,” Ryeowook agreed, frowning. “He can go screw himself.”

“Who can screw themselves?” Henry asked innocently, walking up to Ryeowook and Heechul.

“I have a list!” Heechul said overdramatically as he started patting his pockets. “Dammit! I know I didn’t lose the list of people that can go fuck themselves.” Instantly Heechul became the focus of Henry’s attention…and everybody else’s in hearing range. “Don’t give me that look Siwon,” Heechul hissed at Siwon who had turned a disapproving look on him. “You are the first one on that list, just so you know.”

Henry’s mouth fell open and stepped closer to Ryeowook as the manager and Leeteuk descended upon Heechul quickly. Ryeowook put a comforting arm around him. “Henry, sit with me on the plane. I have missed you.”

“Okay, Hyung,” Henry said, smiling down at Ryeowook. Ryeowook couldn’t help but think, Henry looked so pure and sweet with his red cap and blue buttoned up coat.

Ryeowook looked up and noticed that Kyuhyun was watching him closely. Ryeowook turned away from Kyuhyun, and smiled up at Henry and squeezed him close. “Do you miss your parents?”

“Yeah, it’s Christmas tomorrow. I miss them a lot,” Henry explained sadly, unaware of the heated glare Kyuhyun was sending his way.


Ryeowook was all smiles as he opened the hotel door room that lead to his room, his room that he shared with Henry. After the concert rehearsal he had gotten a hold of the manager and requested a switch up in roommates. He had explained that Henry was in poor spirits and he wanted to cheer the boy up. He had also made a point of suggesting that Kyuhyun be put with Sungmin, because Kyuhyun was tired and Sungmin would make him sleep.
Ryeowook was feeling pretty pleased with himself. Ryeowook was surprised when Sungmin followed him into the room and grabbed him by the arm. “What are you up to?”
“What are you talking about?” Ryeowook replied, pulling away from Sungmin and putting his bag down on his bed.

“You got the manager to switch room assignments. I can’t room with Kyuhyun!” Sungmin said suddenly panicked.

“Why can’t you? You roomed with him for years before he moved out?” Ryeowook asked seriously curious.

“I just can’t. Can we leave it at that?” Sungmin pleaded, looking truly desperate. “Plus as soon as he finds out that you did this he is going to throw a fit.”

“Then he will just have to throw a fit,” Ryeowook said, unable to resist smiling.

“What did he do?” Sungmin asked suddenly realizing that Ryeowook was not feeling very charitable toward Kyuhyun.

“Nothing,” Ryeowook answered but his facial expression and whole demeanor screamed otherwise.

“He did nothing?” Sungmin paled suddenly and his jaw dropped open at the dreaded words that usually meant months of somber Ryeowook and a cranky maknae.

“Nothing…” Henry, who had stepped in the room, paled. He had missed most of the dreaded fight that was about nothing, but its effects were felt an ocean away.

“Not that nothing!” Ryeowook amended quickly. “I just don’t want to room with him tonight…we are not married. I am allowed to have other roommates.”

“Of course you’re not married…gross, but you are his favorite. He is not going to like this one bit,” Sungmin said, folding his arms giving Ryeowook a very displeased look.

“Hey, I will just room with Sungmin. It is Christmas tomorrow and Kyuhyun is already giving me attitude, so I don’t want to make it worse,” Henry offered.

“It’s because Ryeowook sat with you on the plane and not him. Kyuhyun is worn out from all his activities. Ryeowook is his personal pacifier, and the concert tomorrow will be a nightmare if he gets tossed from his room too,” Sungmin explained. “He has to room with you end of story.”

“No!” Ryeowook spoke up annoyed. “You were his roommate for years and you are going to be it again tonight. The manger already said.”

“He can not room with me.” Sungmin told Ryeowook, raising his brows at him.

Ryeowook frowned at Sungmin’s raised brows. “Why not?”

“Let’s go talk privately…no offense, Henry.” Sungmin said as he dragged Ryeowook into the bathroom.

“What? Why can’t I get a break tonight?” Ryeowook demanded as Sungmin shut the door behind them.

“Because I have personal plans and Kyuhyun can’t know about them,” Sungmin explained, suddenly blushing.

“You have a hook up here in Guangzhou?” Ryeowook said in disbelief as he leaned against the counter. “Why can’t Kyuhyun know?”

“It’s not like that. We just want to talk,” Sungmin told him, looking flustered as he leaned against the shower curtain.

“Sure you do.”

“It’s Ahra,” Sungmin admitting, closing his eyes quickly to escape what he thought would be Ryeowook’s disapproving glare. “You know she is here with Kyuhyun’s parents so they can celebrate Christmas with him.”

“Oh,” Ryeowook said instantly understanding and trying his best not to crack up laughing. Poor Sungmin had no clue that Kyuhyun would be ecstatic at the news….and that’s exactly why Kyuhyun wouldn’t be hearing it from Ryeowook anytime soon. “I didn’t know you two got along so…”

“It just kinda happened. We exchanged phone numbers and she’s really exciting. I think I am falling for her,” Sungmin said, blushing as he wrapped the shower curtain around him.


“Kyuhyun can’t know. He would lose it totally. The very thought of us being together sends him over the edge. We gotta keep it on the down low,” Sungmin told him, with his eyes dancing in love with the ideal of a secret love affair.

“Oh, yes he would be destroyed.” Ryeowook fought to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

“Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun’s loud bellow, passed through the walls of the bathroom letting Ryeowook know that he was back from seeing his parents.

Ryeowook gave Sungmin a small smile and sighed as he opened the door to the bathroom. He found that Eunhyuk and Donghae had also come back with Kyuhyun, and they were both sucking on candy canes.

“He tells me...” Kyuhyun stopped to glare and point at Henry, who looked like he was considering hiding under the bed. “He tells me that I am rooming with Sungmin and you two…you two...”

“Chill! Sungmin and I played rock paper scissors and I lost, so you are with me,” Ryeowook told him unhappily as he sat down on the bed, looking less than thrilled.

Kyuhyun smiled brightly at first but soon the look of doom on Ryeowook’s face had him furrowing his eyebrows. “Well if I’m not wanted.”

“We want you!” Donghae spoke up instantly feeling the tension in the room.

“Yeah, room with us!” Eunhyuk agreed with Donghae. “You think the manager will agree?”

“HELL NO!” The loud scream of their manager…who sounded like he was several rooms away could be heard.

“You burn down one kitchen.” Donghae said, plopping down on the side of the bed still sucking on his candy cane.

“I know and suddenly you are treated like a criminal,” Eunhyuk agreed, sitting down next to him.

“We didn’t burn down the kitchen,” Kyuhyun corrected them as he walked over and stood in front of Ryeowook.

“What?” Ryeowook asked, looking up at him.

“We need to talk,” Kyuhyun said, grabbing his arm and pulling him toward the bathroom.

“We should leave and let them fight it out,” Sungmin advised, pointing toward the door. Henry didn’t need to be told twice as he hurried out of the room eager to escape the squabbling duo.

“Why are they fighting again?” Donghae asked as he got up off the bed.

“I don’t even want to know! I am leaving before I find out. It’s Christmas…lalala,” Eunhyuk told them as he starting singing as he fled the room.

Kyuhyun shut the bathroom door behind him. “Did I do something I need to apologize for?”

“No,” Ryeowook told him as he closed the lid to the toilet and sat down on it. He couldn’t admit why he was mad, it was too embarrassing, plus dammit Kyuhyun should know why he was mad.

“You are lying, that’s the snarl,” Kyuhyun told him as he leaned up against the door.

“I didn’t snarl,” Ryeowook said weakly, forcing his lips together.

“You did! It’s the same snarl my mom gets when my dad does something and she’s mad because he doesn’t even know what he did,” Kyuhyun explained, walking over closer to Ryeowook.

“I am not a woman, so don’t compare me to your mother,” Ryeowook said, shooting Kyuhyun a nasty glare making the maknae stop in his tracks.

“They missed you. They didn’t understand why you didn’t come down and say hello,” Kyuhyun told him, softly.

“I am just being careful,” Ryeowook explained feeling guilty, no doubt the Chos were disappointed but he didn’t want to see them when he was so mad at their son. Mrs. Cho would be on him fast, and have him spilling his guts to her in no time.

“Donghae and Eunhyuk came too, so that excuse holds no water,” Kyuhyun told him firmer this time.

“It’s not an excuse! It’s the honest truth.”

“Liar!” Kyuhyun told him as he eyed the man studying him closely. “If this is because you feel like I have been ignoring you…I can’t help it. I am so busy. I barely have time to breathe.”

“Don’t be stupid. I understand that completely, it has nothing to do with your work…I am not mad,” Ryeowook said, diverting his lying eyes not wanting to look at Kyuhyun for fear his clever lover would see through him.

Kyuhyun was very tired but he knew how to handle Kim Ryeowook even on his worse day. “Fine. You’re not mad. You are being safe. I will go room with ZhouMi, he has his own room.”

“ZhouMi?” Ryeowook repeated back to himself as Kyuhyun opened the door and left the bathroom.

“He will be happy to have me,” Kyuhyun informed him from the other room.

“Absolutely not!” Ryeowook declared as he got up off the toilet and headed out of the bathroom to find that Kyuhyun had already gone. Ryeowook hated to admit it, really hated to admit it because he loved ZhouMi, but the man’s inability to keep his hands off Kyuhyun drove him crazy. Not only that but ZhouMi and his eagerness to provide fan service for all the QMi fans in the world just sat wrong with Ryeowook.

Ryeowook stopped before leaving the room and took a deep breath; most likely Kyuhyun was just messing with him. If he waited him out Kyuhyun would come crawling back to him. But how many inappropriate pictures of the two of them would ZhouMi take before that happened? The bed picture still made Ryeowook see red. Who did that for fan service? How many messages would ZhouMi send out to the world telling all the fans that QMi were spending Christmas Eve together?

Ryeowook was knocking on ZhouMi door before he knew it. ZhouMi answered with a huge smile and a big Santa hat on his head. “Hello and Merry Christmas!”

“Hey.” Ryeowook said, stepping around him. He found Kyuhyun sitting on the bed with a matching Santa hat on.

Kyuhyun smiled wickedly at Ryeowook. “We are going to take some pictures. Do you want to take them for us?”

Ryeowook swallowed and walked to the bed and grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand. “You are coming with me. You know the manager would not approve.”

“But we were going to have a little Christmas Party. I already promised the fans pictures of us together,” ZhouMi pleaded. “He has to stay.”

Kyuhyun, who had got up and allowed Ryeowook to lead him from the room, just smiled and pretended to be upset. “Think of the fans!”

“Yes, think of the fans!” ZhouMi agreed.

Ryeowook turned back to ZhouMi and a little bit of his mood must have escaped into his features because ZhouMi took a step back. “He is a tired mess and we have a concert tomorrow? Do you want him to vomit on stage? Do you want him to pass out? He needs rest.”

“Of course I don’t want that, but it’s barely dark,” ZhouMi pointed out, looking so sad in his Santa hat.

“He’s weeks behind on sleep. I’m glad you understand,” Ryeowook said as he dragged Kyuhyun from the room. Kyuhyun’s laughter was not helping his mood.

“Jealously is not a very attractive attribute, Kim Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun teased as they walked back into the room.

“Don’t start with me,” Ryeowook said, shutting the door and locking it behind him.

“Here take a candy cane,” Kyuhyun told him as he pulled a candy cane from his pocket. “They are delicious.”

“I am not licking anything tonight,” Ryeowook informed him spitefully, ignoring his outstretched arm with the candy cane as he turned and started going through his bag on his bed.

“Oh, come on it will make you feel better,” Kyuhyun told him. Ryeowook was about to tell Kyuhyun where he could stick his candy cane when Kyuhyun’s hands were suddenly around his waist.

“Don’t even try,” Ryeowook warned as Kyuhyun’s soft lips pressed against his neck. “Kyuhyun, I’m not in the mood.”

“I am trying to correct that problem,” Kyuhyun whispered to him as he pulled him back toward his bed. Ryeowook allowed himself to be turned around and stared at Kyuhyun whose black circles were not even slightly hidden by his make-up.

“Kyuhyun, I think you should just go to sleep,” Ryeowook said, tracing the other man’s tired face with his hand.

“I have all night to sleep,” Kyuhyun told him his voice suddenly deeper as he leaned forward brushing his lips against Ryeowook’s. Ryeowook opened his mouth to protest but when he did Kyuhyun’s tongue swiped across is bottom lip, and Ryeowook soon found he was kissing him back despite his best efforts not to.

Kyuhyun pushed Ryeowook back, and he found himself falling against the soft bed. Kyuhyun had fallen with him, the two of them never breaking from the kiss. Kyuhyun hovered above him their lips and tongues moving as one as they sloppily kissed each other. Ryeowook’s hands found the buttons on Kyuhyun’s shirt and started undoing them quickly. Kyuhyun’s lips slid down his cheek and went to work on his neck, while Kyuhyun's hands slid all over Ryeowook’s body.

Once Ryeowook had successfully ridded Kyuhyun of his shirt he went to work on his pants. Kyuhyun groaned loudly as Ryeowook’s hands slipped inside his boxers. As Kyuhyun eagerly kicked off his pants Ryeowook found that his bad mood had disappeared, but then suddenly Kyuhyun pulled away and frowned. “What’s that smell?”

Ryeowook, who didn’t know if he was more surprised by the question or the fact that Kyuhyun had stopped touching, just blinked several times before finding the words to ask, “What?”

Kyuhyun sat up with a frown on his face. “Do you have on new cologne?”

“Yeah, my mom sent it to me for Christmas,” Ryeowook admitted suddenly self conscious. He immediately started sniffing himself.

“It’s making my nose run. Do you mind taking a shower? I can’t afford to get snotty,” Kyuhyun said yawning as he lay back on the bed away from Ryeowook.

Ryeowook’s mouth dropped open and he was about to tell Kyuhyun where he could get off when the other man sneezed loudly. “No problem,” Ryeowook said, jumping up from the bed and heading to the bathroom. Ryeowook planned to shower quickly, for he was very eager to return and continue their love making.

A few minutes later, Ryeowook returned naked after finishing his shower, but to his great disappointment he found Kyuhyun sound asleep. He couldn’t help but groan in frustration, but he couldn’t find the heart to awaken Kyuhyun as he tossed covers over the sleeping man.

Ryeowook’s spirits rose when Kyuhyun reached out and grabbed his wrist pulling him in bed with him. Those hopes were soon crushed when Kyuhyun wrapped himself around Ryeowook cuddling close, but never waking from his sleep. Ryeowook felt like crying. This was the worse Christmas ever, he got a pair of ugly sneakers, he was told he stunk and his lover couldn’t even bother waking up for him. Ryeowook laid there in Kyuhyun’s arms for hours dwelling on what was wrong with their relationship, before he finally drifted off to sleep.

Ryeowook awoke in a much better mood the next morning. He was still wrapped in Kyuhyun’s arms but Kyuhyun’s hands were busy. One of Kyuhyun’s hands was wrapped around his Ryeowook’s cock, and a finger on the other hand had slipped inside him. Ryeowook just arched his back into Kyuhyun delighting in the attention being paid to his body as they spooned together.

“Merry Christmas,” Kyuhyun whispered in his ear, making sure to flick in just enough tongue to drive Ryeowook mad.

Ryeowook’s mind went to mush and he could only moan in response as Kyuhyun pushed him onto his back and climbed over him. Ryeowook wrapped both his legs around Kyuhyun’s waist as the other man stared down at him his eyes now full of lust the exhaustion gone.

Kyuhyun reached down and brushed Ryeowook’s hair from his eyes before devouring his mouth with a hungry kiss. Ryeowook had one moment of clarity, where he thought so help Kyuhyun if he stopped again because Ryeowook would not be responsible for the hell he would unleash on him.


When Ryeowook returned to consciousness after an hour of pure lustful bliss where his love for Christmas had been reaffirmed he found himself glued to Kyuhyun’s chest with sweat and other bodily fluids.

“We need to shower,” Kyuhyun said, shifting underneath him as he lifted up his arm and eyed his watch.

“No,” Ryeowook moaned, clinging to his lover. Ryeowook looked at the watch he had given Kyuhyun and giggled; it was the only thing the other man was wearing.

“Yes, Mom has Christmas morning planned in their suite and you aren’t getting out of it this time. It’s only family this morning, just the five of us,” Kyuhyun said, sitting up and sliding out from beneath Ryeowook.

Ryeowook rolled onto his back smiling even bigger no matter how many times Kyuhyun included him in his family it still made his heart sputter. “I guess I can go.”

“You want your present don’t you?” Kyuhyun said as he stood up and stretched.

Ryeowook sat up quickly immediately hyper alert. “But you already gave me my present…sneakers.”

Kyuhyun stared down at him amused. “You are such a dork,” Kyuhyun told him. He then bent down and gave Ryeowook another quick but tender kiss on the lips. “Those are to keep you from getting blisters the next time we go on vacation. No more wearing stupid dress shoes and retarded lifts. They only hurt your feet. I like my midget how he is.”

The midget comment that would normally have started a bickering session didn’t even register as Ryeowook looked up at Kyuhyun in awe. “That wasn’t my Christmas present?”

“No, do I look stupid? You would kill me if I just got you a pair of sneakers for Christmas.” Kyuhyun eye’s suddenly sparkled as he came to a quick realization. “Is that what the attitude was about yesterday?”

“No!” Ryeowook denied quickly as he pulled the blanket up over his head. “I didn’t have an attitude.”

“Was I brain dead yesterday how did I not get this? I should’ve told you when you gave me the watch,” Kyuhyun said, sitting back down on the bed. “Ryeowook, I am so sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. I wasn’t mad,” Ryeowook mumbled from under the covers. “I love my sneakers. You were thinking of my poor blistery feet. I will love them forever.”

Kyuhyun pulled the blanket away from Ryeowook’s face. “Don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying,” Ryeowook told him, blinking his eyes quickly to fight off the onslaught of happy tears that were about to overtake him.

“Look at me,” Kyuhyun ordered and Ryeowook did and he almost lost his breath when he saw the look of love shining out of Kyuhyun’s eyes aimed at him and only him. “I ordered your real present from Italy before you slackers ever showed up. It is custom made just for you.”

“What is it?” Ryeowook asked eagerly as Kyuhyun stood back up.

“I can’t tell you that! It’s a surprise. You are just going to have to wait,” Kyuhyun told him as he walked toward the bathroom. The other man paused before entering the bathroom, and turned back to Ryeowook and winked. “Although I have been known to babble during shower sex.”

“You babble during all sex,” Ryeowook told him, laughing as he threw a pillow at him as the man escaped into the bathroom.

Ryeowook sat on the bed for just as moment as his heart overfilled with love and his joyful tears finally slipped from his eyes. Then he jumped from the bed and hurried into the bathroom. Every unhappy thought and feeling he had yesterday was erased away as Kim Ryeowook thought that this was the merriest Christmas ever!
OMG!this is awesome!haha.Jealous Ryeowook and clueless Kyuhyun. LOL
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(and great smut! XD) *gets shot*
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I LOVE THIS! XD memming, lol

I so imagine Sungmin's love sick expressions xD and shower sex haha xD
I love Sungmin.:)

Shower sex is best left to the imagination. LOL

Thanks bunches for reading and commenting.
YAY so glad u posted this here :)
i loved TFAN and this made my day :) poor wook thinking he got shoes for christmas, i'd be mad too lol
:D kyuwook smex for christmas :)))

I miss TFAN too. It was so easy to write compared to the hell of my current story. Thanks bunches for reading and commenting!
Ohmygod I love your humor!!! It's fantastic! This story had me smiling throughout. I also absolutely adore the fact that this is connected to TFAN. I think that's really great.
Awww~~~ I am glad that Kyu really was thinking of Wookie and didn't only get him crummy sneakers. (I would be pretty pissed as well if my lover got me nothing but sneakers for Christmas...) hehe I wanna know what the real present is. An Italian sports car maybe??? Hehehehehehe
oh gosh i missed your kyuwook haha. thank you for posting, this is really nice =)
I miss them too. I have a little bit of them in DMGD but nothing like they deserve. I love KyuWook because they always make me happy.

Thanks bunches for commenting!
Awww I love how this is in the same verse as TFAN ^__^ I miss your Kyuwook so much! <3 Jealous Ryeowook is so cute and Kyuhyun is such a thoughtful idiot lol awww. What a wonderful way to end the year ;)

I missed writing them. I wanted to try again this time more from Wookie's point of view.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
haha cute =D LOL very funny~~~i'm sure their relationship is always funny everyday XDD
I imagine it always is.

KyuWook as a pairing always makes me happy. Need a smile go search for KyuWook.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
I did.

I figured not everybody wanted to join the board. Although I will always post challenge stories there first.
cute kyuhyun! and jealous wook is also cute..
are planning to make a continuation series of TFAN?
I don't know about the continuation right now. My current story is currently sucking the life out of me, so once it is done. I might do nothing, or write this crazy, crack fic I keep playing over in my head to distract me from my current story. LOL

Thanks bunches for reading and commenting!
may i ask, wad's TFAN?

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TFAN is my very long KyuWook story The Fight about Nothing. People just started abbreviating it so I went with it.

Thank so much for reading!
Hahahaha..Ryeowook sulked because of Kyuhyun gave him sneakers..and he didn't have idea what happen when Ryeowook always avoid him..he gave all his hyung with a great gift and ryeowook really jealous about it..hahahha..Eunhae was so funny and cute and the manager can hear everything that they said..Sungmin finally with Ahra.Ryeowook jealous again when Kyuhyun went to Zhoumi room and poor Kyuhyun,he was really least,his morning was good and full of surprise..Ryeowook going to get a real Christmas present from kyuhyun after that..thanks for sharing and saranghae unnie~ Hwaiting!! ^~^
ARGH!! Why is everything going about when I have a friggin exam?!
I seriously miss your KyuWook and I know this is a suuuuper late comment but, meh.

Wook can't seriously hate christmas when he had some lovin' with Kyuhyun, no? ;)

TFAN TFAN TFAN!! omggg!! ^^ youre one of the awesomest KyuWook fic writers everr ~ have you considered this as your profession? *okaypleasekillmenao* im so sorry i never commented on TFAN before but rest assured that i have read and fallen in love with it again and again the same way i first fell in love with the dorkiest maknae couple in the world. happy new yearr and God bless! ^-^