The Fight about Nothing, Chapter Two

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

Ryeowook awoke from a deep sleep completely startled, as a loud alarm blared all around him. He was convinced North Korea was attacking. He almost fell trying to get out of the chair he had fallen asleep in. Why exactly he was in a chair he couldn’t remember… until the lights flashed on, and a very unhappy nurse stood at the doorway. She was glaring at a very unsteady Kyuhyun, who was sitting up on the side of the bed, holding his head in pain.

“Turn it off! It’s killing me.”

Ryeowook went to his friend’s side and placed his arm around him to keep him from falling face first in the floor. The nurse quickly went to the end of the bed and stopped the alarm.

“What did I tell you about getting out of bed without calling for help?” The nurse asked, her hands placed firmly on her hips. “Your daddy isn’t here to catch you when you fall this time.”

“You fell?” Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun, who had his eyes firmly shut and was holding his hand to the bandage on the right side of his head.

“No - well, I don’t think I did,” Kyuhyun said, opening one eye then shutting it again.

“Why are you getting out of bed?” The nurse asked.

“I had to pee,” Kyuhyun said, squinting his eyes as they slowly adjusted to the light.

The nurse walked to the other side of the bed, and picked up a container that was hanging off one of the bed rails. “See this jug? It’s called a urinal and you are supposed to pee in it…………without getting out of bed.”

“I wanted to go to the bathroom,” Kyuhyun informed her. Kyuhyun’s eyes were still glazed from sleep and from the pain of the loud alarm sounding in his delicate ear.

“What you want and what you get aren’t always the same thing. Get back in bed, and use the urinal.”

“Please?” Kyuhyun begged.

“I will never know why men insist on going to the bathroom. When I had all my babies I would have been happy to pee in a jug and make somebody else empty it.”

“I can help him if you want me too?” Ryeowook offered.

“No, sweetie, he has an IV, and your friend there isn’t anything close to graceful. He has already pulled two out, so I am going to have to watch him close.” She walked to Kyuhyun’s side after disconnecting his IV pole from the wall. “Now just stand up slowly.”

Kyuhyun did as instructed, with the nurse on one side and Ryeowook on the other. “Hey, that was actually easier,” Kyuhyun told them. Ryeowook let go and watched as the nurse walked Kyuhyun to the bathroom.

Once they reached the bathroom, Kyuhyun insisted, “I can handle it from here.”

“No, you can’t.” The nurse informed him.

“Yes, I can.”

“Don’t be shy.”

“I can’t pee with you watching me.”

“How can you possibly be shy? Considering how much time you have spent in the hospital? You know I can’t leave you alone to fall, so hurry up and go already.”

“Well I had a cath……..” Kyuhyun stopped quickly. “I will just use the urinal instead.”

“A catheter, huh? You shouldn’t give me any ideas,” the nurse threatened as she began to walk Kyuhyun back to bed.

“I’m sorry. My dad says the medicine is making me kinda crazy,” Kyuhyun told the nurse as she sat him back down in the bed.

“The pain medicine should be wearing off, and you actually look a lot better now,” the nurse said as she pulled an ear thermometer from her pocket and stuck it in his left ear. “No fever; that’s a good sign, and the swelling has gone down a lot. When your parents call me for the tenth time tonight to check up on you, I can give them good news.”

“He’s getting better; that’s great,” Ryeowook said from his seat in the chair, as the nurse tucked Kyuhyun back in bed.

“How’s the pain?” The nurse asked.

“I don’t want anything. I can handle it now.”

The nurse walked to the end of the bed and pushed a button and then turned back to them. “You have another hour before they wake you up for breakfast, so get some sleep. “No, more getting out of bed!” She pointed to the urinal. “It’s right there; use it,” she said as she walked out of the room.

Ryeowook was debating if he should offer to leave the room to give him privacy while he used the urinal, when Kyuhyun interrupted his thoughts, “Turn that stupid bed alarm off.”


“There is an alarm at the end of the bed. It makes that awful noise and wakes the dead. It tattles to her. It lets her know when I get up.”

“You want me to turn it off?” Ryeowook said as he got up to face his friend

“Yes, most definitely. It’s the button at the very far right. It has a red light underneath it. I saw it when she was walking me back to bed. Turn it off, so I can go to the bathroom.”

“I’m not doing that! What if you fall? She will kill me? Your parents will kill me?”

“I’ll kill you if you don’t. I’m not going to fall. You can help me over there, and then I will be fine.”

“You are not drugged anymore?” Ryeowook grumbled as he walked to the end of the bed and saw the button that Kyuhyun was talking about.

“Turn it off already.”

“I liked you better when you were all drugged and sweet…instead of evil and sneaky.”

“I can pretend to cry if it will make you turn the alarm off faster,” Kyuhyun snapped at him with a sneer.

Ryeowook sighed in defeat, and pushed the button disabling the alarm. “If you fall, I am just leaving. I will call them to help you after I reach the safety of being outside.”

“Come here.” Kyuhyun motioned for Ryeowook with his arm as he sat up on the side of the bed. “I don’t want to fall, believe me, but first, it starts off with the urinal, and then it turns into a bedpan……and that’s no good. I can make it to the bathroom,” Kyuhyun told him as he slowly stood up with Ryeowook on one side of him supporting him.

“Don’t go yet. I have to unplug this machine from the wall,” Ryeowook said, doing his best to copy what the nurse had done earlier.

“I don’t even remember pulling out my IV. I think she must be confusing me with somebody else.”

“Whatever, puppy boy. Let’s go before she catches us,” Ryeowook said as they slowly started for the bathroom.

“Shut up! I don’t know what they gave me, but I am never agreeing to take it again. My arm could fall off right now, and I wouldn’t agree to take it.”

“Well, that’s a good thing.”

“You are so afraid that I’m going to get addicted to pain pills again,” Kyuhyun said, turning to study Ryeowook.

“Hey, watch where you are going!” Ryeowook yelped as Kyuhyun began to sway a little after he turned his head.

“Did Sungmin tell you that I was on pain medicine? Is that what finally made you show yourself?” Kyuhyun asked, not taking his eyes off Ryeowook.

“Can we just focus on walking right now, please?” Ryeowook tried to command. Kyuhyun, who usually never took any of Ryeowook’s commands, just glared, but did return his focus to making it to the bathroom.

Ryeowook opened the bathroom door, and they both walked in. Kyuhyun made it to the toilet. Ryeowook let go of him and turned away from him. Kyuhyun let out a little chuckle at Ryeowook’s embarrassment. “Just try not to fall,” Ryeowook hissed with his face still turned away.

“Kissing just makes everything so awkward, doesn’t it?” Kyuhyun smirked as he started to use the bathroom.

“Shut up. Gosh, I hate you sometimes.”

“I should be the one uncomfortable; I mean, you did practically attack me.”

“Excuse me. I believe I was the one with the black eye?”

“You didn’t have any black eye…you liar. I am the one with traumatic memories.”

“What happened to rule four? I liked rule four! You came up with rule four? It’s your rule? Why can’t you follow it?”

“Any rule that I came up with when I was clearly out of my mind doesn’t apply,” Kyuhyun said, turning around and grabbing Ryeowook again. “I’m not flushing the toilet because she might hear it.”

“And why are you not washing your hands?” Ryeowook asked, looking at his arm that Kyuhyun had a hold of.

Kyuhyun just smiled. “For the same reason.”

“I’ve mentioned how I don’t like you, right?” Ryeowook said, shaking his head, a little disgusted.

Kyuhyun puckered up his lips and kissed the air. “If that were only true.”

“Rule four?” Ryeowook offered weakly.

“Never, ever following rule four,” Kyuhyun said with that old, familiar mischievous look back in his eyes.

“Especially if that rule keeps you from tormenting me,” Ryeowook said as they started walking him back to the bed.

“Especially then, because it’s important that you learn your lesson.”

“To never ever kiss evil maknaes again.”

“Exactly; and in all truth, I think it would be best if you just never kiss anybody again,” Kyuhyun said as he sat back down on the bed.

“Thanks…I will have you know I’m actually considering that.”

“It would probably be best for all of mankind,” Kyuhyun said as he settled back in bed. “Turn the alarm back on.”

“You are not a nice person, and I don’t even know why I talk to you,” Ryeowook told him as he turned the bed alarm back on and returned to his chair.
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