Damaged, Chapter Thirteen

Title: Damaged
Author: AquariusLover
Rating: R
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I own nothing and know even less. This story is a stand alone, but it does take place in the TFAN universe where Yunho played a crucial role.

Big HUGE thanks to Amy(one of my most favorite people ever)!!! Also a big thanks to everybody who takes the time to comment! I can't thank the people who comment enough!

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Also I am not sure if I will continue updating this to some of the LJ communities.

Previous Chapters

Yunho awoke to the feel of sunshine against his face.  He kept his eyes closed smiling as he thought of what Jae had told him the night before.  He couldn’t help but feel a burst of pride.  Jae might have been with a bunch of guys, but he was the only one that had known that sweet tight…



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wow..tt's a fast update!
i love this the most "“I didn’t go from gay to straight. I went from straight to you to straight again.”...^^
i wonder if jae will even leave given his stubbornness and what will happen to yunho if jae's not ard..>.
is it wrong for me to had hope that jaejoong had just rape yunnie hehe >.
“Are you sure it doesn’t like me?”
“Shuut uup.” <-- WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how easily his speech impairment betrays his embarrassment over sexual advances by jae. XD

OHMIGAWD, jae's massage putting yunho to sleep is just like...! hihihihihihi

i can almost psychoanalyze your characters in both TFAN and DMGD. XD i pretty much have an idea how you would react to conflicts, or how you would like your conflicts to go in real life. yunjae had gone from hot to cold to hot in just few lines. XD

“I didn’t go from gay to straight. I went from straight to you to straight again.” Yunho pointed out getting ready for a nasty fight he was not in the mood for. <-- reminds me of how kyu insisted he is "RYEOSEXUAL" LMAO~ (though he had mentioned he's gay here in DMGD some few chapters back).

las vegas was where yunho graced his gorgeousness in front of you. XD is this the reason why you chose this place? would you be making a cameo if you were to write about yunho in vegas? LOLOLOL

i am excited about 14 because whatever is not resolved in the past few chapters should already be settled there. that, or you'd let them sort it out when jae gets back from paris (and i have a feeling he'd be very delayed lol). also, i was reading some comments here, and i don't think you'd write about yunho realizing he's in love as soon as jae is out of the picture. he is brain damaged and very temperamental. and if he goes all soft and in love too soon, i'd declare it NOT your style. LMAO~

whirlpool scene...so hot. :Q_____________________________ i am drooling forever at the sight of a more slender jae with undefined muscles. NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

this filler gets a lot of love from me (and it's NOT because of jae's nth attempt to get IT up). XD

Actually in real life I try to avoid conflicts(the Libra in me) but if I don't like somebody it is very obvious. I would rather manipulate situations to get my revenge...I know bad.

Awe, but Kyu is always Ryeosexual in his heart but gay is just easier for him to explain.

I saw Yunho in LA though not Las Vegas. Yunho has repeatedly said he wants to go to Vegas. I would never make a cameo in a serious story. Ewww. Crack Fic I might do anything though, include all of you.LOL

Kendii...just how much have I let slip about Chapter Fourteen when I am twitting with Amy? LMAO Now Rina is following her too...you two cheaters. LOL Fourteen...might...might surprise you though.

You always defend my filler chapters and that's the first thing I remember about you.:)

Thanks so much for your support!

I feel the need to tell you that I am still stalking you. I stalk this story too! So far it's amazing and I can't wait to see how things turn out. I am such a romance sucker, I hope they work things out.

Dunno why I waited so long to tell you! <3 Love love love!
so is Jae really leaving tomorrow? there's really no boundary to his love are there, he's willing to call off the Paris concert so easily. He's one horny guy though I understand how hard it must've been for him after not doing it since forever... i agree w/ others saying that Yunho's impotent. There's no way he just went straight to jae and bac k to straight again LOL
i just hate yunho sometime, most of the time??? argh, but i totally understand him though...

i'm slowly turning into a psycho for wanting to torture yunjae in some way~

p/s:i enjoy your writing~ very very much~
Yunho is confusing, one moment he is friendly, warm and loving, the next he hides behind a wall and gives off this cold vibes. Jae must really love him to stay with him, but i think that love will end up destroying Jae if he doesn’t take a step back.

As always there were so many parts i loved and here are some of them:

“No, no…no. It’s slender not scrawny.” Jae sat up correcting her with a snotty look.

“Jae, don’t make me get up and spank you.” Yunho warned he could not tolerate Jae getting an attitude with the elderly housekeeper.

Jae just winked at him and said, “Promises, promises.”


Jae couldn’t help frowning as he looked around the room at a lost, “How? How is that even possible? How do you go from gay to straight?”

“I didn’t go from gay to straight. I went from straight to you to straight again.” Yunho pointed out getting ready for a nasty fight he was not in the mood for."

Thank you for the quotes!

People have mentioned straight/gay/straight and I never thought it would be so well received!

I do love you for the 2 chapters update in this weekend. And I really want to know Yunho and Ara stands in this story. Are they going out officially ? It will make more sense if she makes her appearance in the story.
Wow you updated again, thanks !!!! :DD
I really hope there is an explanation for the fact that Yunho can't get hard when Jae touches him :S Is it true that he gets hard when he thinks of other people than Jae ? (women for example). Because, in this chapter it looked like he was slightly aroused by Jae's seduction but just couldn't have an erection...and it made him upset.
I still feel bad for Jae now :(
I wonder if Jae will really obey Yunho and leave for Paris of if he will decide to stay.
I like how you didn't make Yunho start walking again at his first attempt, it will obviously take time for him to be able to take steps after steps and then to walk normally again so it is really realistic this way ^^
Still no Changmin in this chapter, where the hell has he gone ? XD
At this point we don't know if it is true or not. Jae isn't going to let the topic go anytime soon though, that's for sure.

Thank you, and I think if he walked without any sorta of struggle it would cheapen everything he has gone through. Although I know once they find their feet again it starts falling into place quicker.

Changmin is coming...:)

Thanks so much for your feedback!
ahhhhhhhhh! thank you for the fast update!!

i loved it!!! i cant wait to see what happens...i wonder if yunho is going to forgive jae any time soon!

i'm also really interested to see how jaemin will turn out as well as yoosuho...its going to be interesting! cant wait!!!

im looking forward to the next chapter!! =D
LOL I practically grinned the whole time reading this :D even at the serious part xD

Anyways...how old is Hana? Idk if i missed some part, but I always imagined her like 20 or so and now she turned to 70 in my mind xDD weird weird

I hope Jae will go to Paris, seems like Yun needs some alone time :/
I hope it's temporal...
I've found this:
"Some common changes in sexual behaviour after a traumatic head injury include:
Reduced libido – about half of people with traumatic head injury experience a drop in sex drive. The remainder experience increased libido or no change at all.
Erectile problems – between 40 and 60 per cent of men have either temporary or permanent impotence following their injury.
Inability to orgasm – up to 40 per cent of men and women report difficulties having an orgasm.
Reduced frequency of sex – some of the possible reasons include disability, depression, relationship breakup and sexual problems."

Have I spoiled the fun? I hope I didn't...
Re: I hope it's temporal...
No, you haven't spoiled anything. LOL

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
OMG, too much things to say.

First, thank you so much ! It's the second update in 2 days, that's so awesome, I was so happy this morning !

Next, this chapter. Really great. Yunho is obssessed in the idea of walking (sorry if my sentence is strange, I'm not fluent T_T) and I understand. However he doesn't seem to understand that Jaejoong will be away tomorrow.
And yes, Jaejoong will not be here to help a bruised Yunho, I think this perspective will be really difficult to him. Jaejoong's gonna be more stressed out if possible when he will be away, I don't know why but I'm always thinking about the state he's going to be when he'll be back.

Another thing, is Yunho really impotent ? New subject ! xD I don't think so. But I don't really think it's psychological either. After what Jaejoong did to him, I think it's normal to not be able to be turned on. Even if Jaejoong is totally devoted to Yunho right now, he seems surprised everytime he see that Yunho can't get turned on with him (too much pride, jae xD), however, after what he did (even if both sides were wrong), he should not be surprised. Yunho has a lot to think about : walking, being like he was before, his family that doesn't visit him, Changmin, what Jae did, Yoochun & Junsu (even if he tries not to think about it), walking (again), I mean it's normal that he can't think about getting turned on when Jaejoong tries to touch him.

Yunho is getting more and more confused now. The 1st thing he thought while he opened his eyes in the morning was Jaejoong's tight... ;) And he saw that Jaejoong was back to his slender self. But well, I can't be sure, I need to read more chapter and I will be xD

It's strange, but for the first time in your fanfic, I felt like I saw (more like read) Jae's pain even if he was not talking about it (at eats, not fully). He's living in guilt now, his existence must be really painful.
I would prefer to live and suferring because someone I love did something horrible to me than live in guilt because I did something horrible to someone I love.

See you in your next chapter ! =D
Awe, I love you last line. I agree if would be harder living with something you did in the end.

I seem wonderfully fluent to me. Thank you so much for you wonderful feedback.
I have lots of money now, wow. I have never really had lots of money before.
Why does this makes me sad? T.T

you never complain when you are abused. I think you like being abused
*nod nod* Yunho never complaints, does he? that's why he needs to be take care of by Jae or he would get bullied all the time.

I think it's not that Yunho isn't in love with Jae anymore or there's no attraction from his part - the opposite in fact. He loves Jae too much before and it's just that everytime Jae tries to seduce him Yunho would immediately remembers how Jae hurt/cheat on him and he just doesn't want to trust Jae anymore. That's why his speech automatically becomes impaired whenever Jae even suggests anything sexual.
Personally, I think Yunho is very much of 'emotional' kind of person rather than 'physical'.

So~.. Jae-ah, you have to work EXTRA HARD at getting Yunho now. So maybe you'll appreciate him better this time around.
Oooh~.. make Jae comes back from Paris to a really bruised and battered (though cutely happy) Yunho. I ♥♥♥ momma bear!Jae XXDD.