Damaged, Chapter Thirteen

Title: Damaged
Author: AquariusLover
Rating: R
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I own nothing and know even less. This story is a stand alone, but it does take place in the TFAN universe where Yunho played a crucial role.

Big HUGE thanks to Amy(one of my most favorite people ever)!!! Also a big thanks to everybody who takes the time to comment! I can't thank the people who comment enough!

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Also I am not sure if I will continue updating this to some of the LJ communities.

Previous Chapters

Yunho awoke to the feel of sunshine against his face.  He kept his eyes closed smiling as he thought of what Jae had told him the night before.  He couldn’t help but feel a burst of pride.  Jae might have been with a bunch of guys, but he was the only one that had known that sweet tight…



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I'm thinking about YH feelings and actions. It's complicated, ne? He wants JJ to be with him, but he says he doesn't love him, he isn't in love with him. Funny. He likes spend time with JJ, his ex lover. Wants to be friends with JJ. So, he isn't angry with JJ, I guess. On the surface. But he resents him subconsciously, right? That's why he can't get it up. I really, really hope that I'm right.
I like JJ in this chapie - he just can't help himself, he loves YH so much. It's beautiful.
Awe, I really love your analysis and person really can't fight what their subconscious feels.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
Oh my god. I can't believe I only just started reading this. The agony between waiting for each chapter to load while I read everything just now was excruciating! I don't know how I'm going to survive whole days haha.

I'm a new reader and I looove this. I completely adore this fic. It's extremely heart-breaking in all the right places and I must admit it made me cry a few times in the previous chapters.

I reeaally don't think it's a psychological thing with Yunho and his problem, maybe he should get it checked out. It's so him to be so sure though.
Ah I don't want Jaejoong to leave >.< I can't handle the anxiety of Yunho being away from him for longer than ten minutes. I keep thinking someone's going to take Yun away and never let Jaejoong see him again.

I love Jaejoong in this. He can be so cruel and yet so kind and loving in the way only Jaejoong can. I don't care how awful he was, to me, he's made up for everything. Maybe I'm biased, ah I don't know.

Thank you so much! I will try to update Wednesday again.:)

Awe, you can't handle the anxiety with them. They are so needy for each other.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for reading!
baby~ Gosh~ I am going to comment for the chap 12 here as well...

At first, I am kinda convinced that Yun really doesnt love jae anymore. but then you plays their emotions and words and make it seems that yunho tries to convince himself that he does not like jae anymore, but it's only half truth. the complexity of their relationship is explained very well :)
now I am confuse; which side should I in? or should I remain neutral see where this goes on? XD

lol poor jae
i feel so bad for him because of how yunho is but i know yunnie can't help it :(
and lol i prolly would panic if i was jae too and yunho fell
yay!!! u updated.. im glad.. i am sorry for not being able to comment on the previous one.. so here i am commenting now for both the chapters... well i was surprised as too how much jae has gone to hurt yun.. i also understand that he was desperate to have him back.. bt..* sigh* well parents can be really reallly a pain the ass.. poor yoosu.. and minnie too.. well i hoope yun gets to walk sooon and jae has to get his mind to its sane mode soon or else they are keep hurting more and more.. im even more amazed as to how your fic has so much resemblence to their reality.. i just hope the hurtin part are ficticious.. pls keep wirting more... i cannot wait for the next chapter!!! :)
I hope it is far from reality. I will always want all five of them back together. If I could just get a picture of Yunjae hugging again I would cry for joy...and fly around the room.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Yunho's first step, finally!
I liked how he didn't lose his enthusiasm because of the inescapable fall and Bill's sincere words about what will wait for him from now on... and Jae's worry was so sweet, it didn't surprise me at all that they had to throw him out! : D

I'm always so happy when Yunho talks about Jae's responsibility towards the fans and towards Yoochun and Junsu, and I'm glad he was able to convince Jae to go!

But the bathroom-scene made me sad, I know that Jae caused Yunho a lot of pain but I really hate this cold-shower-effect he has on Yunho now! I wonder how will this thing change...

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It might not change, who knows. They have to get past the crazy and learn to compromise and to forgive.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
jae is really trying so hard...
and i cant stop smiling reading how hard yunho to keep their boundries as mere friends =)
It's so sad that Jae isn't allowed a camera with him during Yunho's first steps :(

I really want Yunho to respond to Jae, maybe it's really the medicines.... or so Jae and I wish ;P
ermmmm...ookayyy...yunnie is confusing me with his behaviour. He wants jae as a friend only but still loves him more than a friend should with that jealousy thing over the phone...sighhh...*proceeds to brick yunnie*
Yaaaaay !! Another gr8 update :)
Tho I was late to read and comment, but I want u to know ur fanfic update is one of the very very few fics that I anticipate without patience :D
Its soo good and I was glad there was less hating/blaming/bringing past bad events this time
And I refuse to believe yunho doesn't feel for jae anymore :D but anyways keep it up and waiting for the next update ^^
haha love it when jae teases yunho out :)

I am still confuse though about the criminals you describe, who exactly are they and what they did?

I want Jae to go and leave Yunho alone. Jae needs to tend his responsibility for his group. And when jae gone, yunho has to endure the feeling of loneliness without jae.

and about his penis, are you sure yunho is not impotent? LOL *bricks me* well, you never explain if at least get us hint of yunho being capable of erection ever again... hahaha
Yunho was being ugly about the people that help promote JYJ. Their manager has a history...that could be called shady to some.(of course I don't know anything but it makes the story more interesting!)
but he was the only one that had known that sweet tight…

that made me laugh LOL Yunho! just admit you still want to 'feel' that sweet, tight [peep]

nice chapter :D

and btw, why you wont continue to post on some lj comms?
oh~ Jae is trying his best to look good for Yun.. he is trying to loose his muscles and look girly again..:)
but poor Yunnie he needs to acknowledge his need for treatment as I'm sure now it's not like he not responding to Jae.. but he's not responding at all..:(

but did jae get the message?.. really sad that jae is going away and leaving yun in this phase.. I think he needs him more now..T^T

but happy that he and chun got over that bad fight..:)))