Kim Ryeowook's Very Merry Christmas FanArt!

Ninprime who will forever be golden to me from this moment on has done the most amazing art for my precious KyuWook!  

Here’s the link!  Isn’t it amazing?  OMG!  Most talented person ever!


It’s from my KyuWook Christmas short story.  Gawd, I love the art so much!  Aren't Kyuhyun and Ryeowook just drawn wonderfully?  I have made several ramblings, incoherent declarations of awe and love since I saw it….but I can’t stop! 


Never have I been so touched! 


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am like struggling to find words.

It is so amazing to see my words with her amazing art.......I am touched beyond words. I have the urge to print this off and show it to everybody I know! LOL
I have a question...

what happened to all your TFAN links? They are... deleted?
No, not at all.

TFAN was a mess. I have been planning to take it down and reread/edit it for awhile.

It will be back up for sure. If you are really missing it and need it before I am done...which could be awhile. PM me.