The Fight About Nothing, Chapter Three

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairing: Kyuwook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

“Look at you! You look so much better.” Mrs. Cho was beaming at her son’s sudden recovery as she rearranged the flowers that had been sent to him from friends and by some fans. How the fans had managed to get the flowers to his room, she wasn’t sure, but she was delighted to see so many beautiful flowers.

“I feel better,” Kyuhyun said from his seat in the chair. The nurses had made him walk multiple times today and were now making him sit up in the chair.

“I was so worried for you, honey. I just knew if you two could make up, then you would - ”

“Mother! Don’t say that, and don’t even think it. The antibiotics are what made me better.”

“That’s just not true, sweetheart. Your heart was sick, and a body can’t heal when the heart is sick.”

“Stop it!” Kyuhyun pleaded completely horrified.

“Why so embarrassed? It’s okay to love your friend, and it’s okay to be such a sensitive soul, even though you try to hide it,” Mrs. Cho told her son as she turned around with a dozen pink roses in her hands.

“I swear mom, if you keep this up, I will never talk to you again. Just think how awkward it will be going through life without us speaking. What will people say when we don’t talk during family gatherings, church, holidays, weddings, and funerals? If you don’t want people to talk about our lack of talking for the next fifty years, I suggest you stop with your ludicrous line of thought!”

Mrs. Cho, who was more then used to her son, just shook her head at him, ignoring his outburst completely. “I am taking these roses home with me. Aren’t they pretty?”

Kyuhyun just stared back at his mother, wondering if he had won or been ignored. “They are very pink.”

“And so are your cheeks.”

“When they release me tomorrow, I am going back to the dorm. I am not staying with you anymore,” Kyuhyun said, spitefully folding his arms , while watching his mother for her reaction.

“We both know why you want to go back to the dorm now, and I am perfectly fine with it.”

“You are okay with it?” Kyuhyun was actually shocked.

“Yes, I have my spies, and they will be watching you for me.”

“Spies? It’s Sungmin, isn’t it? Donghae, too, I bet. Siwon, maybe? Ryeowook better not spy for you! He’s skating on thin ice with me, so he better not be spying for you.”

“Thin ice? You are so cute. I will never betray my spies…….there are more than you can possibly imagine,” Mrs. Cho said, teasing her son, as she walked up to him and ruffled his hair.

“Why does everybody always play with my hair?”

“Because it’s cute and ornery, just like you. I have to go. I know you are heartbroken, but I will be back with dad later.”

“I don’t know how I will survive the heartbreak,” Kyuhyun teased, although his face was full of love for his mother.

“Try not to scare your father too badly tonight,” Mrs. Cho said, laughing. “I don’t think he got any sleep last night, for fear you were going to stay like that.”

“I will just scare him a little bit, I promise.”

“Bye, I love you. Be good,” Mrs. Cho said as she left the room. As soon as she was gone, Kyuhyun grabbed the laptop. He owed his sister a big long letter. He had been writing for less than fifteen minutes when Heechul walked in.


“Look at you! Up in the chair, the bandage is off, and you have cheekbones on both sides again!” Heechul said as he took a seat at the end of the bed facing Kyuhyun, who remained in the chair.

“I feel much better.”

“And who was the best Hyung of all? The one who visited you both times you were in the hospital this month?”

“You, Sungmin, and Donghae.”

“I don’t care about them. I’m all that’s important if anybody asks.”


“Sungmin made it sound like you were half dead, but you actually look better then I thought you would.”

“I’ve been on really good medicine - and had great nurses,” Kyuhyun added as the nurse walked in with another bag of antibiotics to connect to his IV. The nurse smiled at Kyuhyun, but when she saw Heechul, her smile turned into a glare. Heechul glared right back at her the whole time the nurse was in the room.

“Why do they all hate you?” Kyuhyun asked as the nurse left the room.

“Some people might have thought I was a difficult patient. I just demand the best and nothing but the best from people. You cannot maintain these ravishing looks if you aren’t a little high maintenance.”

“I am a little difficult. I can only imagine what you are?”

“Don’t mouth your only visitor. You are lucky that a huge celebrity like me comes to visit you.”

“I really am,” Kyuhyun said, smiling. He kinda loved Heechul a lot.

“So, when are you going home?”

“Tomorrow! Kyuhyun answered, full of excitement. “One more night, and I am free of this prison. I am actually going back to the dorm.”

“So the lover’s quarrel is over…thank God! Ryeowook’s moping was seriously bringing me down,” Heechul said the words in all innocence, but the minute Kyuhyun’s face turned red, his keen instincts took hold. “Why so red?”

“Am I red? My fever must be coming back,” Kyuhyun said, feeling his forehead.

“I don’t think so. Do spill all…now.” Heechul looked gleeful, as if he had hit the jackpot.

“I have no idea what you are talking about?” Kyuhyun informed him, looking as serious as he could, but Heechul was like a cat and knew when he had prey in sight.

“KyuWook is very popular these days, you know. It’s not as popular as Kyumin, but that’s mostly because Sungmin is so pretty…not as pretty as me, of course.”

“Of course,” Kyuhyun answered back, then added slyly, “although some people do think he is prettier for some reason.”

“Who said he was prettier?”

“Oh, it was just a poll I read the other day.” Kyuhyun casually pointed out.

“I was second to Sungmin in a poll? Where was this poll, and exactly how was it worded?”

“I don’t remember where it was. I have visited too many sites while I have been stuck in bed. I think it was called the prettiest flower boys in Super Junior…I was sixth.”

Heechul grabbed Kyuhyun’s computer. “I can’t believe this. I have to see this.” While Heechul tore up the net looking for such an offensive poll, Kyuhyun leaned his head back and sighed in relief.

“Are you sure it was a Super Junior site and not a Sungmin site?”

“Pretty sure.”

“I just don’t see how that is possible…although his new hair is very flattering. I should go back to dark black I suppose.”

“Whatever you think is best.” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile; unfortunately for him, Heechul looked up at that exact moment.

“Did you just play me?”

“What?” Kyuhyun innocently asked.

“You did! What a relief; I thought for a moment there was such a poll. So why so sensitive about the lovers quarrel?” Heechul asked, clamping the laptop shut and putting all of his attention on Kyuhyun.

“I’m not sensitive. We were friends fighting; I’d would hardly call it a lovers’ quarrel. I forgave him out of the kindness of my heart, but it was hard.”

“What was hard?”

“Being mad in the first place and forgiving him. It’s all hard I suppose, especially when you’re sick.” Kyuhyun was hoping like mad a nurse would walk in and throw Heechul out for some wrong he did her in the past.

“Good friends? I would say so; he’s the pacifier to your crying baby.”

“I wouldn’t word it like that.”

“I would, but it’s always how you two have been ever since you joined the group. When you joined the group, most of us either hated you or were threatened by you. It wasn’t any secret the Company didn’t think the rest of us were enough; they thought we needed your golden voice. So naturally, you clung to the only one that wasn’t threatened by you or jealous of you.”

“Thanks for reminding me of those good times,” Kyuhyun said, frowning.

“It didn’t last long, but the bond between you and Ryeowook was already solid by then, so I can see where it would be weird fighting with him. Although you two tend to fight often.”

“It never lasts long though.”

“Then of course you two were fighting at the time of your accident. I remember that fight…it was nasty. We all sided with Ryeowook; then you had to go and almost die, making us all feel guilty.”

“Sorry, it was all part of my plan to be forgiven.”

“We shouldn’t joke about it.”

“I cried all day yesterday, so I am going to joke all day today, I decided.” Heechul gave Kyuhyun a worried look. “They had me on the good drugs.”

“Aww, I remember the good drugs.” Heechul said, smiling. “So this time the fight wasn’t your fault?”

“He did something he shouldn’t have done, and I reacted badly.”

“So you did give him the black eye. He said you didn’t, but I knew it was too much of a coincidence that suddenly you two weren’t talking, and Ryeowook was packing a shiner.”

“He really did have a black eye?”

“Sure did. I walked in while the make-up artists were having a minor stroke before a performance. He never would say it was you, though. The manager was drilling him, too.”

“I didn’t think I hit him that hard.” Kyuhyun looked truly disturbed.

“So tell me what could Ryeowook do that would make you hit him, make him avoid you, and make you blush? He didn’t confess his - .”

Kyuhyun stood up quickly, and the room went twirling around. He about went head first into the floor, but luckily for him, Heechul was there to grab him and push him back into the chair.

“What the hell are you doing? My heart is about to pound out of my chest; you about scared me to death. How are you supposed to go back to the dorm when you can’t even stand up?” Heechul said, standing by Kyu with his hand on his shoulder, as the younger man had his face in his hands, trying to control his dizziness.

“I just got up too fast.”

“Well, you are not allowed to get up when I am here! Urgh! Where is all that blood coming from? You’ve pulled your IV out!” Heechul let go of Kyuhyun fast and started inspecting himself for any blood that might have got on him.

“What are you two doing?” Ryeowook asked as he walked in, but after seeing the bloody mess he went back out to the hall and called for a nurse. “Are you supposed to be out of bed?” The question was to Kyuhyun, but the glare was directed at Heechul.

“He was in the chair when I got here, so don’t even look at me in that tone of voice,” Heechul told Ryeowook. The younger man grabbed a towel from the sink and placed it over the site where Kyuhyun’s IV had been. “I got his blood all over me!” Heechul whined, and pulled up his arm to show two small blood drops on his hand.

“Then wash it off.” The nurse told Heechul as she passed him to turn off the IV pole and pick up the IV tubing. “Good, keep pressure on it, and I will go get stuff to put a new one in,” the nurse told Ryeowook as she left the room.

“I need to get in the bed.”

“Why? Are you sick?” Ryeowook asked, concerned.

“No, but they always miss if they try to hit a vein while I’m in the chair.”

“You should not be getting out of that chair, because Ryeowook weighs all of 40kg soaking wet, and when you go toppling over, I’m not catching you. You are a freaking bio-hazard right now,” Heechul informed them from the sink as he scrubbed his hands clean.

“Just get up slowly,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he gave him his other arm. Kyuhyun did as instructed, and then walked to the bed without any difficulty.

“Do you know how many diseases he could have? How many times he has been in the hospital, and how many foreign countries he has been to? Not to mention hospitals in foreign countries. I think I might need to be tested.” Heechul complained to them. The nurse walked back in and shook her head at Heechul.

“I, for a fact, know he doesn’t have anything contagious, but I can’t say that for everybody in the room,” She said, giving Heechul a dirty look as she walked up to Kyuhyun and started looking at his arm for veins. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun looked at each other and grinned.

“That so isn’t funny. There isn’t anything wrong with me! I am in perfect health,” Heechul declared to the two younger men.

“Sorry, hyung, but it is kinda funny,” Ryeowook said from the opposite side of the bed as the nurse. Ryeowook was still holding pressure on Kyuhyun’s arm.

“You know what’s funny? It’s funny how somebody promised me some soup yesterday, and I never got it……..after I was promised it.”

“I’m sorry, Hyung. I gave it to Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook said, letting go of Kyuhyun’s arm that had stopped bleeding. Kyuhyun, who had both eyes on the nurse who was about to stick him, grabbed Ryeowook’s hand.

“So you used my soup to bribe him? Is that how you got him to forgive you?”

“Yes, it is,” Ryeowook said through gritted teeth. Kyuhyun was squeezing his hand hard as the nurse poked around for a vein.

“Well, I suppose I shouldn’t mind that it went to somebody as pitiful as him, and he’s obviously lost weight, but I’m selfish, and I do mind. I better have soup tonight if you know what’s good for you.”

“You will! I promise!” Ryeowook said, relieved, as Kyuhyun released some of the pressure on his hand as the nurse finished with the IV.

“Don’t make me empty promises; just make me soup,” Heechul told him as he walked out the door.

“He didn’t even tell me bye,” Kyuhyun said with a frown, but he was secretly relieved.

“He’s Heechul.” Ryeowook answered.

“He’s something all right.” The nurse muttered on her way out of the room after connecting Kyuhyun’s IV fluids back up.

“The nurses all hate him, but I can’t get them to tell me why.”

“You probably don’t want to know why,” Ryeowook offered, but he was mostly aware that Kyuhyun hadn’t let go of his hand yet.

“He knows there’s something weird between us.”

“What?” Ryeowook instantly tried to pull his hand away from Kyuhyun’s, but had no success, as the younger man just held on tighter.

“Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook questioned, confused as to why he wouldn’t let go.

“Did I really give you a black eye?”


“I didn’t know.”

“South Korea really does have the best make-up artists in the world.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I hit you that hard. I was more shocked then anything. You are always taught that if anybody tries that on you…you should hit them.”

“And anybody else would have hit me if I had tried it on them, so no reason to be sorry? Understand? I’m the one that’s sorry.”

“Well anybody else is not me, and I shouldn’t have hit you. I can be sorry if I want to be,” Kyuhyun said stubbornly, still refusing to let go of Ryeowook’s hand.

“Okay, but I want to know how this IV got pulled out. Surely you can be more careful?”

“I pulled it out in an attempt to distract Heechul. It was my last resort; he was totally on to something,” Kyuhyun explained to him. Ryeowook’s mouth dropped open at Kyuhyun’s words, completely speechless. “I did it for you! It’s your problem, not mine. I am kinda getting sick of covering for you, personally.”

“You shouldn’t have hurt yourself. I can’t believe you would do that. Kyuhyun, you can never do that again.” Ryeowook didn’t know whether to cry or scold him.

“It’s nothing to cry over; I have had so many of these things. You can make it up to me, though.”

“I can?” Now Ryeowook was afraid.

“You can stay here again tonight, so I can go to the bathroom without that night nurse watching me like I’m some kind of prisoner. You can also bring me more soup to eat.”

“You are not getting Heechul’s soup again. I’m not that brave,” Ryeowook said, smiling at him.

“You can make twice as much.”

“Okay, I’ll do that, but first you have to let me go,” Ryeowook said, holding up their clasped hands to show Kyuhyun.

“I am just trying to stress to you that my mind doesn’t go there every time you touch me,” Kyuhyun said, blushing as he let go of Ryeowook’s hand.

“So let me get this right: at night you’re a slobbering mess, in the morning you’re evil, and in the afternoon you’re some kind of martyr?” Ryeowook said, smiling at his friend.

“That’s sounds about right.”

“Gee, I missed you.”
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