Damaged, Chapter Twenty One

Title: Damaged
Author: AquariusLover
Rating: R
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama 

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I own nothing and know even less. This story is a stand alone, but it does take place in the TFAN universe where Yunho played a crucial role.

A MILLION thanks to Amy!   I adore everybody who rewards me with comments and I can't thank you enough!

Warning:  This one is short!  I will soon be back to the 4000+ and 5000+ chapters.

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Previous Chapters

“I have the medical power and you’re not welcome in here!”



“He’s my son!”


“That you abandoned like a dog you had grown tired of.”


“That isn’t…”


“Save your excuses for Yunho!  Now get the fuck out of here before I have security throw you out!”




“Don’t start with me you little violent bastard or you can join him in the waiting room.”


“When his mother gets here…she isn’t going to be happy with you.”


“It won’t matter because Yunho will be awake…and he will tell her that it was all his idea.”


Yunho felt the soft brush of a hand against his forehead as awareness slowly returned, but there was pain, horrible pain, soaring throughout his head making him clench his eyes shut.



“Yunho?  Are you hurting?”  Jae asked his voice full of concern and anxiety as Yunho felt a familiar warmth encompass his hand and cling to it.



“Hyung, are you awake?”  Yunho heard Changmin ask timidly as he felt somebody take his opposite hand.



“Everything is going to be okay.  You just had a little fall.  The doctors are going to fix you up.”  Jae assured him as the hand on his forehead moved up to run through his hair.



“A little fall?  Really?”  Yunho heard Changmin tell Jae his voice full of sarcasm trying to cover the fear that Yunho could also hear underneath.



“I am so not in the mood for you!  He is going to be fine!”  Jae hissed at Changmin from the opposite side of the bed.



“Oh, God.”  Yunho muttered at them then he fell back into blessed unconsciousness away from their squabbling without ever opening his eyes.








When Yunho returned to consciousness again he didn’t hear Changmin or Jae arguing so either they had fallen asleep or killed each other.  His eyes flew open when he considered the second option was the more likely alternative.  He found himself in a very white, sterile room…a hospital no doubt. 



He felt two pairs of small hands each holding on to his, and he frowned when he became acutely aware that neither of these pairs of hands belonged to Jae.



“Yunho…”  Yunho recognized his mother as she came into his view.  She was holding his right hand that had an IV connected to it.  She looked older so much older than the last time he had looked upon her.



“Mom.”  He whispered as he watched tears trace down her aged face.  He wanted to say so many things to her but his mind felt foggy so he just smiled at her…loving her for finally coming to him.



“Oppa!”  He heard Ji-Hye cry and he felt his left hand be squeezed tighter as he shifted his eyes to gaze at her.  She was even prettier than he remembered her.  How he had missed them, and how he had secretly wished that they would have surprised him with a visit.



“Son.”  His father’s voice made him flinch which caused his stomach to hurt.  His father had stepped up beside his sister and was looking down at him with pride…pride?  Not joy or relief but pride.  Yunho frowned because pride was a terrible thing…it led a person to doing stupid, terribly stupid things.  It had led him to walking out into the winter night in a walker of all things and nearly killing himself.  He’d had enough of pride for this lifetime.



“Baby, are you hurting?”  Yunho’s mother asked causing him to look back at her.  Was he hurting?  Well actually he was come to think of it…his stomach hurt and his head was throbbing.



“Immensely now that you…”  He paused and a huge smile lit up his face as he saw Changmin standing beside her now.  “Changmin!”



“Hyung, it’s been…”   Changmin sighed looking anguished and stopped. 



Yunho could tell he was struggling to remain calm and collected.   Yunho wanted so bad to reach out and grab him…how he had missed him.  He had missed him so much, his perfect, most precious Changmin. 



“We will speed up the Morphine drip if he is hurting.”  He watched an unfamiliar nurse tell his father as she adjusted his IV.  He had an IV on both sides…this couldn’t be good.



“Thank you, I think he has suffered enough.”  Yunho heard his father tell the nurse.  Yes, he had suffered Yunho thought and how much of that suffering did his own father inflict on him?



“Baby, it’s so good to see you.  I had no idea.  If I had known…”  His mother started but his father interrupted her.



“If any of us had known we would have been there for you.”  Yunho’s father told him standing beside him. 



“If you had checked on me you would have known.”  Yunho bit out at them harshly without taking into account the harm his unfiltered words would inflict.



“Oh, Yunho we are so…”  His sister started to explain.



“Where is Jae?”  Yunho asked interrupting her.  He was acutely aware of the absence of Jae.  What had they done to Jae?



“I am not sure.”  He turned slowly, watching as his mother lied.  “You should just rest now.”  Changmin stood next to his mother looking at the wall avoiding Yunho’s eyes.



“I want to know where he is.”  Yunho told her firmly trying not to succumb to the pain medication that was clouding his thoughts, toying with his emotions, leaving his words unfiltered, and all the time attempting to tug him back under into the depths of sleep.



“That doesn’t matter now son.  We are here now.”  His father told him.  His younger sister looked suddenly uncomfortable as she clung to his hand less tightly now.



Yunho tried to sit up and he immediately wished he hadn’t. “I want Jae…now.”  He told them as he fell back on his bed feeling like he had been run over.



“Baby, just be still you are hurt. You can’t be moving…”



“Mother, just go get him for me.  Please.”  He pleaded he was feeling more irritated than he should have been but suddenly their concerned faces irked him beyond words.  How dare they stand there looking all worried when they had all but abandoned him? 



“Honey, just go back to sleep…don’t fight it.”  His mother said trying to soothe him into sleeping.



“This should only be family.”  His father told him and Yunho’s good sense which was severely diluted by the pain medication lost out against his temper.



“Then you should leave.  Don’t think I don’t know you abandoned me for dead.”  Yunho snapped back viciously at his father causing his father to take a step back.  “You all can leave and never come back for all I care if you don’t get Jae for me right this minute.”



Changmin flinched from besides Yunho’s mother as the words pelted him like bullets and told Yunho hoarsely, “I am going to go get him.” Changmin hurried out of the room not giving Yunho or his family a backwards glance.








“Hyung, you should keep the ice on your face.”  Ryeowook gently advised, as Jae once again paced the waiting room leaving his icepack in his chair.  It had been a couple hours since Yunho’s mother had returned from America and thrown Jae out of Yunho’s room.



“Or just go to the Emergency Room.”  Kyuhyun suggested from his seat beside Heechul as he cringed staring at Jae’s battered face.  For over twenty-four hours they had repeatedly tried to get Jae to have his face checked over but he refused.



“And a dentist wouldn’t hurt.”  Heechul told them sitting between Ryeowook and Kyuhyun as he watched Jae who was tethering on hysteria pace the waiting room his face swollen, lip busted, and his eye blackened.



At the mention of a dentist Jae stopped pacing and moaned, he reached up a hand to touch his mouth.  “Yunho, just needs to wake up so I can see him…did you see how pale he was?  He lost so much blood.  He had a concussion on top of the brain injury he already had.   He’s surrounded by those vultures and I who love him the most…”



“Hyung!” Kyuhyun warned stopping him.  “You are indeed a wonderful friend, practically family.”  Kyuhyun added for the benefit of the security guard who lingered in the doorway watching Jae closely.




“He needs me.”  Jae said slumping back down in his chair opposite the other three.  “I should just try to get back in there.”



“The nice security guard said he was going to remove you from the hospital if you did.”  Ryeowook reminded him smiling at the security guard that was watching Jae waiting for him to make another attempt to get into Yunho’s room.



“Too bad we can’t sedate him.”  Heechul said wistfully as he watched Jae get up from his chair and start to pace again.




“Yeah, Ryeowook where are your sleeping pills when we need them.”  Kyuhyun asked whilst smirking.



“They were your sleeping pills…but if I had some don’t think I wouldn’t be tempted.”  Ryeowook answered honestly as he watched Jae pace the room oblivious to his own pain.



“Jae, why don’t we go to the emergency room?  I will go with you.”  Heechul offered standing up. 



“I am not leaving him.”  Jae stopped pacing and told Heechul looking at him as if he was insane.



“You are not with him though.”  Heechul pointed out causing Jae to frown, which only led to him grabbing his face in pain.  “I think I might have gotten some of your blood on me on the way over here, so we need to get you tested and have your face examined.  I need to see what dangers I have been exposed to.”



“Hyung!”  Ryeowook scolded the older man.



“I am serious.”  Heechul said with devilish eyes.  “A person can never be too safe especially considering how he used to get around.”



“I will have you know I am clean.  I have been tested three times since the last time I had sex and that was a long…long fucking time ago.”  Jae told him as he returned to his chair, grabbed his icepack and pressed it against his face.



“How long has that been?”  Kyuhyun asked honestly curious.




“Kyuhyun!”  Ryeowook chastised him as Heechul smiled curious too.



“What?  It’s just an honest question.”  Kyuhyun said defending himself while he avoided Ryeowook’s gaze.



“Let’s see, it’s been well over eighteen months since I had sex with anyone. It’s been three years, eleven months, two weeks and five days since I have made love.”  Jae told them looking suddenly melancholy as he held the ice pack to his face.



Heechul started chuckling, “What you don’t know the hours and minutes?” 



Jae gave him a very irritated look and snapped, “What time is it?”



Ryeowook who couldn’t help but look impressed started to answer, “It’s five…”



“He’s awake.”  Changmin told them as he appeared beside the security guard suddenly. 



Jae was immediately out of his seat.  “I have to go to him.  He wants me I know he does.”



“Just chill for five seconds.”  Heechul warned as he stood up with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun to greet Changmin.  “Is he okay?  Is he right in the head?”



“I don’t know…he’s different,” Changmin told them turning to Jae.  “But you are right he does want you.”



“He does.”  Jae told him relieved and started to smile which automatically had him wincing in pain.



“We better hurry because he…he’s…”  Changmin stopped not sure how to describe Yunho.  Jae met Changmin’s gaze and seemed to understand what the other man meant even if the meaning escaped Changmin. 



“I have to go now.”  Jae said pushing pass Changmin and the security guard heading toward Yunho’s hospital room.








Jae rushed into Yunho’s room not even stopping to give the second security guard standing outside the room a glance.



“Go away!”  Yunho was sitting up at the side bed pushing his family and the nurse away who was trying to get him to lie back down in bed, “Don’t touch me.”



“We are going to have to restrain him.  He is going to open his incision back up.”  The nurse told Yunho’s family as she picked up the call light about to call for help.



“Yunho…”  Jae said as he pushed Yunho’s mother and the nurse out of the way to stand beside the man.



Yunho stopped fighting the instant he heard Jae.  “Jae, where have you…”  Yunho stopped suddenly his attention completely focused on Jae’s beaten face now, “Ah…who hurt you.”  Yunho said reaching up a hand to touch Jae’s face.



Jae took Yunho’s hand that was reaching for his face, “No, don’t touch.  It hurts if you touch it.”



“All the pretty is gone.” Yunho told him on the verge of tears.  “Did my dad do it?  He’s bad.  I had to sleep under a bridge and it was cold.”



Jae frowned, “No your dad didn’t do it.  Let’s get back in bed.”  Jae told him as he pushed Yunho back and grabbed his legs putting them back in bed.



Yunho who was cooperating with Jae still had a wild look in his eyes as he asked, “We have to go to practice.  We can’t be late.”



“No, practice was canceled today.”  Jae told Yunho suddenly looking very scared as he pulled the covers up around Yunho. 



Yunho frowned sadly, “We will never debut if we don’t practice.”



“Yes, we will.  We will be great.”  Jae promised as he took Yunho’s hand.



“But I have to practice singing more…I’m not very good.”  Yunho told Jae swiftly changing moods and he began to get teary eyed again.



“Hyung, that’s not true anymore.  Your singing has improved so much.”  Changmin said stepping closer to the bed the sight of Yunho like this disturbed him greatly he couldn’t stand to see the tears in Yunho’s eyes.



“Changmin!”  Yunho beamed suddenly aware of the maknae’s presence. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”



Jae turned his head to face the nurse beside him and demanded. “What the fuck is wrong with him?”



“Jae!” Yunho said as he pulled his hand away from Jae’s grasp and then swatted him playfully with it.  “Do not cuss in front of my mother and my little sister.”



“Sorry.”  Jae told Yunho grabbing his hand again.



“He has had a serious blow to the head and not to mention the blood loss.  Or it could just be a bad reaction to the anesthesia from surgery.”  The nurse informed him.  “The neurologist is on his way.”



Jae paled further, “I thought the CAT scan just showed a minor concussion…and they said he didn’t require a blood transfusion.”



“Jae, don’t act like you like her.  I know you don’t like her.”  Yunho told Jae while he glared at the nurse full of jealously.



Jae turned back to Yunho and reached his other hand up to brush the man’s hair out of his eyes, “Of course I don’t like her.  I hate all nurses right now, lying bitches.”



“Jaejoong!”  Mrs. Jung reprimanded as she gave the nurse an apologetic look.



“I don’t care!” Jae growled.  “If it weren’t for their lies none of this would be happening!  I only asked that he not be allowed to watch the award show how fucking hard was that to understand?”



“Their lies?  What about yours?  If you had only told me he was awake, none of this would have happened.”  Changmin threw back at him and the rest of Yunho’s family nodded their head in agreement.



“You don’t even know what you are talking about!  He didn’t want you to know.  How hard is that for you all to understand?  Do you think Heechul would lie for me?  He didn’t want you with him.  Deal with it.”  Jae hatefully told them not cowed by any of them.



“He was being proud!  He didn’t want us to be witness to his struggles…you should have known better.  You should have told me!”  Changmin snapped right back at him not backing down either.



“Hey, why is my little sister so tall now?  She is kinda fat too.”  Yunho said ignoring the drama around him as he stared at his sister strangely.



“Oppa!” Ji-Hye squeaked out. 



“I still love you.”  Yunho told her trying to comfort her, “Even if you are a giant.”



Mr. Jung closed his eyes and shook his head as if he was trying to wake from a nightmare. “Your sister isn’t a giant.”  



“She is the biggest ten year old I have ever seen.”  Yunho told his father while all the time grinning at his sister trying to show he still loved her.



“Your sister is in college now.”  Mr. Jung tried to explain to his delusional son.



“Wow, she is smarter than me.”  Yunho said smiling like a mad. “I am so proud of you, but I am really surprised.” 



“Thanks…”  Ji-Hye told him, she couldn’t help but laugh her nerves feeling frazzled.



“It isn’t funny.”  Her mother chastised from the other side of the bed giving her daughter a disapproving look as the girl continued to laugh at the ridiculous situation they were all in.  “Your brother is sick.”



“I am not sick.  I just love him I can’t help it.”  Yunho said panicked taking Jae’s hand and yanking him closer and practically pulling him over the side rail of the bed.



“Is he on pain medication?”  Jae demanded coming to a realization as he tried to hurry and lower the side rail of the bed before Yunho could pull him over it.



“Yes, he is on a morphine drip.”  The nurse who had silently been waiting in the room for the doctor answered.



“Stop it for God’s sake!”  Jae told her as Yunho pulled him into bed with him.  “He can’t even handle a pain pill without thinking he is floating on clouds.”



“I like clouds.”  Yunho told Jae with a big smile, but as the smile formed it was replaced with a sad frown. “I will share my bed with you, because you look….really bad.  Does it hurt?” 



Jae wrapped an arm around Yunho and told him, “Yes, it does hurt but you aren’t feeling any pain are you?”



“Nope!  I am sad for your face though.”  Yunho told him giving Jae’s face a troubled glance. “It is looks like it’s going to explode.”



“I am sad for it too, but I am glad you aren’t hurting.”  Jae told him as he watched the nurse as she disconnected the IV with the morphine from Yunho’s arm.  “Maybe I could have your morphine?”  The nurse gave Jae a look that said that wasn’t even a consideration. 



“No pain, but did it rain?”  Yunho asked leaning into Jae and smiling.



“No, just snow…no rain.”  Jae told him looking down at him with so much affection that Yunho’s father immediately turned away and walked out of the room.



“Is that why my stomach is wet?”  Yunho asked curiously.  As soon as the words were out of his mouth the nurse was up to the bed pulling the sheets back to expose a bloody red bandage to Yunho’s abdomen.

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