Regarding Future Chapters of Damaged!

I will not be updating to the DBSK communities for the time being….maybe not for a long time, and maybe not ever. 

Check this journal for future updates.

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Oh my gosh, I hope everything is ok. Please know that you have people out here that love your work and support you!

Please don't stop writting. :)

I'll keep an eager eye on your journal for updates!
Oh, I won't stop writing.

I just might be moody today. Tomorrow everything might be fine and dandy, but for now I will only be updating to this journal.

Thanks for all your support!
Oh, see now, that probably wasn't a good idea...because now you've given me permission to stalk you!! Psh, like I wasn't already~ kekeke xD

Actually, I already had it set up to notify me when you post an update, but I don't seem to be getting those updates in my inbox. *excessively frowns* Honestly, LJ really pisses me off sometimes. >:(
You are not the first person who has told me that. I don't know why it doesn't notify everybody. Maybe if I updated to friends only at first? I am not sure if that would help or not.

You always have permission to stalk!
Care to tell me why dear? is there any basher? left the haters to the left! but I will be damaged if you don't continue this amazing fic. I do support you 1000% !
aww...hope nothing serious happened. Thank you dear for the head up. Oh, I havent got time to leave a comment for damaged ch. 23 since I had a lot of meetings yesterday. I love it and can't wait to read the update. One thing for sure, If Jaejoongie will do anything Yunho ask him to do, I hope Yunho will do the same for him too
Nothing serious at all...just kinda annoyed.

I completely understand the demands of work, so no problem.
For a while, I thought you're going to stop it. My heart just sank at the thought of that. ㅠㅠ (that's probably just the sleep deprived drama queen in me, taking over)

I'm going to support your decision, although I feel sad for the potential readers in the future that might come across this fic from those communities.

Smile ^^
Oh, I will finish it.:)

I am not saying I will never update to them again but right now I just don't want the hassle.

I think word of mouth is probably more important then even the communities in the end.

Thanks for your support!
o my gosh i almost had a heartattack
i though you said you weren't EVER posting damaged chapters again
i was going to cry D:
i really love this fic
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
yeah alot of people arent posting their fics to communities anymore
its really sad since those communities where made to enjoy dbsk and now people are taking sides and bashing and posting it there
aaahhhhh asdfghjkl<<< my feeelings(yup it needs that extra E to express my thoughs)
please dont stop posting this fic or stop writing your really an amazing writer.
I will continue with updates like always. I will just not be posting them to any communities for the time being.

I really don't get involved in any of the community drama...because I am a writer who hardly ever reads. I had no idea about their little wars.

Thanks for your kind words!
Wish everything turn out well for you.

Minor Heartattack!
I thought you were stopping writing for a moment-

I have been a silent reader but I thought I'd let you know that I totalllly lovee this.

The characters, the story everything.

i love it and youre a great writer!

Thank you~!
Re: Minor Heartattack!
Thank you so much for commenting now!

I will continue writing, so no worries about that.
i though you said you'll stop writing.
thanks god it's just my eyes ...
ganbatte ne~
Oh well that doesn't bother me since I already was stalking you, but since LJ is a big pussy it hasn't alerted me of your updates in forever >.>. I might have to stalk you full time through friend add soon!
Feel free to friend add. I always add back and this journal is just updates so I actually encourage people to add me.

Thanks for your stalking!
oh thank God !!!!!
I thought it was gonna stop writing !!!!!
and almost died !!!!!!
your fic is really amazing !!!!!
I love history ♥ ♥ ♥
The following updates will wait ♥ ♥ ♥
all my support for you ...
thanks for writing such a wonderful fic !!!!!
take your time gathering your mood back... for as long as you will continue then everyone will be happy and you'll soon find out that it will make you happy too.^^ i really love your writing and your story and every ideas you have.. thank you.
I will continue updating as usual to this LJ just not to the communities...till my mood improves.

Thank you for all your nice compliments!
I hope you are feeling better soon and do what you need to do. if you are getting too much hassle from posting on the communities and you feel more comfortable just updating on your page then so be it. There are too many immature people floating around at the moment and it is just making things difficult for everyone else who just wants to support everyone and refuse to take sides.
Thank you for your amazing story once again and i hope that things will be brighter for you =)=)=)=)=)
I am feeling great.

I was just annoyed at all the hassle posting at the communities brings into my already stressful life. LOL

Thank you for your support!
eh?? whats wrong?? I hope you dont stop because Damaged is really amazing, and the way you write completely addicted. This sounds so selfish though..of course im willing to wait, so whenever you feel ready and not frustrated, hope you know that you have alot of readers waiting for you =)
I was just annoyed last night. I would never stop writing Damaged...well till it is done.

Thanks for your support!