Damaged, Chapter Twenty Five

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst, Romance, Friendship

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Special thanks to Amy and all the kind souls who take the time to comment.:)

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“You should have gone with them. Your broken off tooth keeps on distracting me every time you open your mouth. You should go get it fixed.” Yunho said giving Jae a critical look as the other man sat on the bed beside him.
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Yunho sucks at lying, I mean it's not even a lie to begin with! And Min's already a softie when it comes to Jaejoong! Thanks for the update!
Awwww it was so amusing! I really enjoy the interaction between Jae and Yunho, and the phone call at the end was priceless!
Ji-Hye's teasing and Yunho's evident discomfort about it made me grin, she tries really hard to convince his brother that they have to be together with Jae again... and the she even makes fun of Changmin's mistrust and coldness! I like her!

I have to admit I completely forgot the deal between them in relation to saying sorry and getting kisses. : D
But it seemed that Yunho - despite what did he tell Jae -, enjoyed the whole situation with the extremely persistent Jae at his bedside! Even Changmin found them entertaining - although he wouldn't admit it!

And almost forgot... the newest catheter-discussion between Yunho and Jae! I don't know but this certain recurrent element of their conversations always amuses me!


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I gave Yunho a much nicer sister then I have gave Kyu in TFAN. LOL I owe Yunho for all the misery I have inflicted on him.

Awe, the 'Sorry Deal' is very important...don't for it it.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
At least Yunho admitted that he still has feelings for Jaejoong and that these feelings are far more than merely friendship. Well, nobody can fool Changmin, not even you leader-shii...But still, he is stucked on this whole "we can't be more than friends, I can't offer him more than friendship" idea >.<

I'm glad Jae finally got himself checked (like I said before in one of my comment : as vain as it sounds I was really worried about his face, I hope it's not too bad and that it wasn't all ruined by Changmin's punch :S), I have to thanks his sisters for this. The guy is seriously too stubborn, he needs to take his distances with Yunho (in fact, maybe they both need to, it might help them in the end).

Anyways, Yunho fighting !! You've got to start walking again soon, okay ?! ^^
I keep forgetting what chapter I am responding too so I almost spoiled 26.

Jae does need a little distance from Yunho. Yunho can't leave so it will be up to him...but you know how he is.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
I am not gonna lie...
I fucking HATE it that he's denying Jae his love which is obvious...The arousing sex thing will be fixed HoHo, it's not like ur in a state able to have sex anyway, hell u still have a catheter. That's prolly the reason XD
Anygay Dgjsdfhbgjsfhbngjsfhng It's so frustrating that JeJe has been with him since day one at the hospital and visiting him so much, helping him, taking care of him...fgksfg Yunho is the one who left him first anyway -.-
*curses* Dammit this thing is pissing me off T_T
Omo this is so sad! T_T The love is obviously there, but Yunho is still tramatised from the "incident". Oh why it this so sad? Aww poor JJ and poor Yunnie.. But the tension between Jae and Changmin has decrased.. Thats a good point. :)
when yunho's birthday, it's either he have jae by his side or not at all... and that's what bad and saddening... =(
yunho bickering with everybody, is always funny.haha
i'm glad jae went away, i hope for treatment. i can't really bear to imagine him at that state.
this story is going to a brighter road actually..hehe
thanks for the update!!!<33333
Hello..again, seeing your comment reply in my inbox means we get another update lol!

I think all of us cannot help but to grin silly while reading this update :) After reading straight away I tweeted the following;

Oh wow its like sudenli all the lights are shining down giving HOPE over all the #damaged

Although I would be content as well if YHJJ keep their relationships as friendships but of course if YH can accept JJ again (I have confident the physical thing can be cure lol) which I am pretty sure he is almost there, won't we love you more? :p

Confession time: I kinda enjoy reading Yunho's recovery process and how he has to let go some to gain some in return (even if it's sometimes by force like the cleanliness through bathing over his everywhere pride hehe)

Next update...I am on my recovery path now in this fic...maybe there will be another big #damaged coming our way but I can handle it and will continue to recover until YJ together ^^b
You tweeted that...so sweet.:)

Your comment made me smile. Thank you so much for reading, tweeting and commenting.:)
Rawr!!! So frustrating. I can see now that the Yunjae romantic relationship is slowly but surely mending. I want MOOOOOORE!!!! :D

As always, I love their conversations. :D I am seriously enjoying your Changmin, and Jihye is such a cool younger sis. :D

I'm really curious on what's gonna happen to them. If the Yunjae relationship is slowly mending, I wonder how you're gonna complete it. This looks like it's gonna take a while. :D

Anyway, keep up your awesome writing and dialogues!!! :D
It is going to take awhile. I had a week to work on it and I just made it longer than I planned. Even with big chapters there is no way it will be done in thirty chapters.

I am touched that you like my dialogues! Thanks for your comment!
I hope jae get his thooth fixed XDD
8DD and yun get well soon!! :DDD
i want to see yunho walk again :'D
I almost forgot their deal about yunho apologizing or saying sorry until now >_<

and I'm happy that Yunho is being honest with his situation and everyone but I really hope that he could openly love Jaejoong again, it pains to see them like this D: its like so close yet so far TT^TT
Jae is irresistableee~ Yunho yah you're already in love with him again~~
i love this chapter to bits. maybe this is my fave. for obvious reasons. /insert huge grin here. OH GAD JUNG YUNHO FINALLY IT TOOK YOU ANOTHER NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE TO REALIZE IT.

you know me...will wait patiently for the next chapter and yes I will continue to have mini heart attacks whenever I see a new update when I check your lj. hihi. <3
yunho you denial sick dumbass
just tell jae u love him again
just make it clear ur vital regions dont
i am happy changmin is grown up about it tho
he could be a butthole about it