Damaged, Chapter Twenty Five

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst, Romance, Friendship

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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Previous Chapters

“You should have gone with them. Your broken off tooth keeps on distracting me every time you open your mouth. You should go get it fixed.” Yunho said giving Jae a critical look as the other man sat on the bed beside him.

“Not as much as your seizures, concussions, and open wounds distract me.” Jae retorted while leaning into Yunho. Jae was unsympathetic to Yunho’s plight.

“What if it rots out completely? Just think if you have to live the rest of your life with a big, old, gap between your teeth.” Yunho replied trying to speak directly to Jae’s vanity.

Jae eyes narrowed he grabbed Yunho’s arm and pulled it up. “Does your arm look infected where the IV is going into you? I think your IV has gone bad. I think the nurse might need to put another one in…and use a bigger needle this time.”

Yunho jerked his arm away, “That’s just cruel!”

“Then stop trying to make me leave. I am not leaving you till I know you are alright so just stop.” Jae said wrapping an arm around Yunho tightly.

“I am good. I am speaking clearly. I am not coughing nearly as much. I haven’t had a fever today at all. I ate lunch or I should say you force fed me lunch.”

“You are still getting most of your medication through an IV. You vomited your guts up earlier today. You have to wear oxygen and not to mention the foot long laceration to your stomach.”

“It isn’t a foot long.”

“It’s big. Oh, and I almost forgot the catheter.”

“Can we please forget the catheter?” Yunho moaned closing his eyes trying his best to forget the tube that haunted him.

“Don’t you…” Jae stopped as a young perky little nurse walked into the room with a big smile.

“I am here to get your vital signs.” She told Yunho as she walked to the side of the bed that Jae wasn’t monopolizing and wrapped a blood pressure cuff around Yunho’s arm.

“Okay.” Yunho told her and blushed.

Yunho said nothing else as the young nurse finished getting his vitals. Jae who rarely missed anything when it involved Yunho just stared at the flustered Yunho as a thousand things raced through his mind.

“All done.” The nurse told Yunho as she finished and headed out of the door.

“Excuse me but how are they?” Jae asked tossing aside his jealously for a moment to find out how Yunho was doing.

“Oh, they are all good. His fever still has not returned.” The nurse told Jae as she stepped out of the room.

“My life is a nightmare.” Yunho moaned leaning back into his pillow.

“Why exactly were you blushing? Don’t tell me you know that woman?” Jae said trying to control his possessive streak and failing.

“Know her? She and some other big nurse gave me my bath earlier. It was horrible. I swear being bathed has got to be the most demeaning experience I have suffered through and considering how many demeaning experiences I have had that says a lot. To have yourself washed by another person is humiliating. It is something you never get used to. They wouldn’t let me help because of my IV lines. If I can’t bathe alone then I would rather never bathe again. Bathing will never be the same for me. What’s a little smell? You haven’t bathed in days and you don’t smell that bad.”

Jae who had started to drift off to sleep during Yunho’s bathing rant…one he had heard many times before suddenly snapped awake. “Did you just say I smell?”

Yunho blinked regretting his words, “A little…I didn’t say it was bad.”

Jae immediately lifted up his arms and smelled his underarms and then dropped his arms back down fast. “Ick! I do smell.”

“It isn’t bad.” Yunho said trying to comfort him.

“Why can’t you have a room with a bathroom? They need to put you in a regular room. I mean seriously? How much does my image have to suffer? I haven’t bathed in days…my hair is greasy. I am stuck wearing your freaking Homin shirt which I find totally offensive I might add.”

“Offensive? It’s cute. I love the green heart on it. You have to give it back.”

“Oh, I will give it back. I know Yunjae shippers have given you nice gifts what did you do with them?”

“Well…I might have donated them to charity.” Yunho said looking away from Jae quickly.

Jae was about to unleash a verbal tirade on Yunho the likes of which he had not heard recently when Mrs. Jung walked through the door and ordered, “Jaejoong off the bed now.” Jae instantly got out of bed and gave her a long suffering look. “Don’t give me that look young man. Even years ago you would not have so blatantly stayed in his hospital bed with him.”

“Yes, I would have…if I had been allowed to go to the hospital back then. They never let me visit Yunho in the hospital back then.” Jae pointed out to her as he folding his arms defensively.

“Hmm…I wonder why.” Mrs. Jung told him sarcastically.

“Mom?” Yunho questioned uneasily. His mother had on her determined face and he was kinda scared of what was coming.

“Honey,” She told Yunho giving him a loving but firm look. “I am so glad you are feeling better but we are going to lay down some rules.”

“What kind of rules?” Yunho asked in dread. He hadn’t spent that much time with his parents since he had awoken in the hospital mostly due to him…sending them away all the time to be with Jae.

“First off…I am not the enemy. I am your mother and I love you.” She said walking closer to the bed and taking his hand. “I know you think I failed you by not being there when you…”

“No, I don’t think that.” Yunho told her quickly interrupting her.

“Yes, you do.”

“No, that was the pain medicine speaking…you had to continue on with your lives. I totally understand.” Yunho said backtracking fast hating how he must have hurt her with his words.

“Yunho, you can feel however you want to feel. I love you dearly but I know when it comes to devotion that Jae wins this round. If I didn’t trust him with you I would never have left him with medical power while I was out of the country.” Yunho’s mother told him as she turned to look at Jae. “Not that he honored the trust I had in him.”

Jae paled, “He insisted.”

“You are selfish, Jae. You have always been selfish when it comes to him. I don’t like it but I understand it.” Mrs. Jung told Jae as she turned back to Yunho.

“Mom, that isn’t fair. I did insist. At first I thought it would be easier on everybody if nobody knew and later I was just too ashamed and embarrassed. I didn’t tell Jae he pried it out of me.” Yunho said defending Jae but trying to remain polite with his mother.

“Honey, I understand that. Don’t you know that I who gave birth to you understands your misplaced pride more than anybody? I understand and this talk isn’t about that…” She paused waving her hand between Jae and Yunho. “It’s about this thing between the two of you.”

“Do you mean friendship? I don’t know what else you could be suggesting…we are merely friends.” Jae said smiling cattily at her.

“Really?” Mrs. Jung said turning to give Jae a disapproving look.

“We are just friends. He tells me so all the time.” Jae told her smiling but his body language was still defensive with his folded arms.

“Jae…” Yunho warned suddenly wishing he was anywhere else.

“What?” Jae said unfolding his arms. “I am just telling her what you have drilled into my head. Has something changed that I don’t know about?”

Yunho just sighed and looked away from Jae unable to look him in the eyes. “It probably just looks…”

“It looks wrong. Very wrong. Two grown men should not be in bed together. No matter how sick the other man is.” Yunho’s mother turned to look at her son. “I couldn’t keep him out of bed with you at Clear Creek, but at least there the staff had all signed confidentially contracts and it was safe…but that is not true here.”

“That sounds so wrong.” Jae said scrunching up his face and immediately regretting it.

“I am not judging you. I just want to know what I am dealing with. Are you two together? Are you ready to tell the world that you are together? Have you given up on your careers?” Mrs. Jung asked honestly of them.

“No!” Jae answered quickly causing Yunho and Mrs. Jung to turn and stare at him.

“We are only friends…close friends with a long history between us. We are not giving up anything. This is what Yunho chose. Yunho?” Jae could not help but stare at Yunho’s expressionless face waiting for him to say something.

Mrs. Jung watched as Yunho just stared back at Jae not saying a word, “I don’t want you two to lie to me. If I have to sneak you both back to California with me. I want to know now.”

“California? You are going back?” Yunho asked suddenly looking apprehensively up at his mother.

“Eventually I will have to go back but not till you are healthy and settled in. Also you are more than welcome to come back with me. I have a really good job there and your sister has her school there.” She said looking at her son’s hurt expression. “I have a nice house on the beach…you deserve to rest.”

“His life is here. It’s always been here. He can’t just give it up.” Jae said fearfully as the thought of Yunho thousands of miles away hit him like a pile of bricks.

“His life is different now. He can do whatever he wants…whatever makes him happy or comfortable.” Mrs. Jung said looking directly at her son. “Yunho, you are not tied to Korea any longer you couldn’t serve in the military if you wanted too. Whatever you decide I will support you. I just want you to be careful. I don’t want you to box yourself in to only one choice that will follow you for the rest of your life. Be careful with Jae. When you were young you got away with so much under the name of fan service…but those days are over. There is too much speculation out there for you to toy with it unless you are willing to deal with the consequences.”

“I will stay out of the bed.” Jae answered quickly as he sat down in the chair as he slowly digested her words.

“You should go have your face and teeth looked at.” Yunho told Jae once again trying to get him to go have himself checked. Yunho also wished to speak with his mother alone but he knew making such a request would send Jae on a tizzy.

“Stop, nothing has changed since we had this discussion just minutes ago…except I am more freaked out now.” Jae said rubbing his hands together nervously. “I am not leaving.”

Mrs. Jung turned to look at Jae. “Don’t be freaked out just be smart.” She turned back to Yunho, “Also I am not your father’s biggest fan right now, but he does love you. Once upon a time you loved and respected him too.”

“I still love him…it’s just that I see things differently now. My pride that I learned from him has been my undoing.” Yunho told his mother his eyes glistening.

“Honey,” Mrs. Jung said as he walked up and squeezed her son’s hand. “You are not undone…you have just begun. You may have felt that the pride you learned from your father has been detrimental to you, but you also learned loyalty, honesty and integrity from him.”

“Thanks Mom,” Yunho said squeezing her hand back as she bent down and kissed his forehead and then walked out of the room.

“You can’t go to America. You can’t leave Changmin.” Jae was up and beside the bed clinging to Yunho’s hand the moment the door shut behind Yunho’s mother.

“I can’t leave Changmin?” Yunho questioned suddenly feeling tired.

“No…there needs to be a great comeback of the two of you. She just doesn’t know how well you were doing before. I mean you were almost using a cane. You can’t leave Changmin.” Jae said swallowing deeply between his words trying to fight off the panic that was setting in.

“I can’t leave you either.” Yunho told Jae as he watched the man struggle to come up with the most effective argument to convince him to stay.

Jae let out a huge breath and smiled at Yunho, “You can’t leave me. Please don’t. I think I might go crazy if you did.”

“You are already crazy.” Yunho told him with a soft smile.

“Yeah, when it comes to you…but I am getting better.” Jae told him with a grin.

“I agree.” Yunho told him thinking back over Jae’s words.

“My dreams of us all going to the military together are over.” Jae told Yunho as he squeezed his hand tighter.

“They were over a long time ago.” Yunho told him sadly.

“Why didn’t you tell your mother we were just friends? You didn’t say a word?” Jae asked suddenly as he kneeled down beside the bed looking up at Yunho earnestly.

“I didn’t?” Yunho questioned as he fidgeted with his covers not wanting to have this discussion.

“No, you didn’t. You just stared at me.”

“It sounds more convincing coming from you.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?” Jae asked him with just enough hope in his voice that Yunho had to turn his head away from him.

“Everybody is used to me pleading the case of our friendship. I am sure it sounds less like denial and more like the truth coming from you.”

“That isn’t what I asked?”

“Jae, I am tired just let me sleep.” Yunho moaned turning on his side away from Jae twisting his IV lines in the process and causing the machines to beep.

Jae stood up quickly barely getting out of the way before two nurses hurried into the room to straighten out Yunho’s lines. Jae sat down in the chair and watched as they rearranged Yunho till he was resting comfortable and left the room. Jae did not make an attempt to engage Yunho in another conversation he just let him sleep.


“What is this?” Yunho questioned as a large nurse gave him a milky white substance to drink the next morning.

“It’s a laxative.” She told him.

“I don’t need a laxative.” Yunho informed her setting the medicine cup down on the bedside table.

“The doctors think you do.” The nurse said picking up the medicine cup again and handing it to him.

“I really don’t.” Yunho said turning his head away from her.

“Yunho.” Jae griped putting down the magazine he had been reading. “Would you stop being the most difficult patient in the world and take your damn medicine?”

“I am not a difficult patient? Am I?” Yunho smiled up at the nurse and asked.

“Take your medicine and I will tell you.” The nurse told him not smiling back at him.

“I really don’t want to use the bathroom here. There is no bathroom for one thing…just a toilet. The toilet just has a curtain…it doesn’t even have walls. I like my toilets to be surrounded by walls not flimsy little curtains. I also have all these lines in me, and I am not getting around too good. It would be such a hassle for you and me.” Yunho tried to reason with the nurse.

The nurse huffed, “You had surgery. You are not going to get to eat solid foods till you have a bowel movement. Take your medicine.” The nurse told him annoyed annunciating each word clearly.

Yunho frowned but finally took the medicine cup from her and swallowed it in one huge gulp. “It tastes awful.”

“Now follow it with lots of water.” The nurse told him as she turned and left the room without answering his earlier question.

“You are so infuriating today. She was about to force feed you that medicine and I for one would not have blamed her.” Jae told him with a sour expression as he picked up his magazine and started reading it again.

“You are really grumpy with me today.” Yunho told Jae trying to keep from sounding hurt.

“Well all of this is self inflicted. You did it to yourself.” Jae told him without putting down the magazine.

“Yes, I know. It’s my fault. It’s always my fault!” Yunho pouted wishing Changmin or his sister would walk in and save him from grumpy Jae.

“Don’t pout.” Jae said putting down the magazine. “You know I love you but sometimes you get on my nerves.”

“Oh, it’s mutual I assure you.” Yunho snapped back at him. “Maybe you should leave and get your face fixed! Maybe if you could eat something without having excruciating pain you wouldn’t be…so bitchy.”

“I am not bitchy.” Jae said shooting Yunho the evil eye.

“Yes, you are. You have been bitchy since yesterday. I think it’s because you are starving. The only thing I have seen you consume is room temperature water. You need to go to the dentist!”

“Why does it sound like you are trying to get rid of me?”

“Dear God! I am not trying to get rid of you.” Yunho told him totally frustrated resisting the urge to throw his water pitcher at him.

“Really? Why did you look so interested when your mother brought up America? You are thinking about leaving me aren’t you?”

“I was not interested! You are a crackhead! I was sad! I was sad that she was leaving.”

“Well maybe when I am stuck in the fucking military doing my civic duty you can party it up in America!”

“I am so sorry I got shot in the head by one of your psychotic fans and now I can’t be in the military with you!”

“She wasn’t even aiming at you. She…” Jae stopped suddenly a smile forming as he realized what Yunho had said.

“Why are you smiling? No. No. No.” Yunho said raising his voice realizing what he had done.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Jae said rubbing his hands together as he stood up and moved toward the bed his mood suddenly a hundred times improved.

“No! I don’t even like you right now. I would rather kiss that fat nurse.”

“Too bad!” Jae said coming up to the side of the bed.

“No! Stinky people with bad teeth are not allowed to kiss me. Seriously when was the last time you brushed your teeth?” Yunho said pulling the covers up over his head.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Changmin demanded from the doorway.

Jae who was in the process of pulling the covers away from Yunho came to a dead stop. “He said the magic words.”

“Changmin! You have to save me from him.” Yunho told Changmin but smiled evilly at Jae.

“Do I even want to know what is going on?” Changmin asked as he gently pushed Jae away from Yunho.

“We have a deal. When he apologizes for stupid things or just says he’s sorry. I get to kiss him.” Jae explained eyeing Yunho hungrily.

“I never agreed to this deal! He made it before my speech had returned!” Yunho told Changmin delighting in how Jae’s jaw dropped open at his accusation.

“You are so full of crap! You could talk…just badly. I will try not to cut your tongue with my broken tooth.” Jae told him walking to the other side of the bed.

Yunho smiled at Jae and told him. “I will have you know there won’t be any tongue. Luckily my teeth are the one thing I have that is still intact and they will be clenched shut.”

Changmin sneered, “You two are crazy. I don’t even know what to…” Changmin stopped as two nurses strolled into the room with a wheelchair.

“Mr. Jung, we are going to get you up in the wheelchair and take you to have some tests done.” The large nurse who had forced the laxative on Yunho earlier told him.

“I don’t have to go by stretcher?” Yunho said happily.

“Nope, we are going to disconnect you from your IV fluids for the tests. We will still need to keep you on your oxygen for awhile longer but you are improving quickly.” The nurse told him as both nurses worked at disconnecting him from his IVs and monitors.

“This is great news.” Jae said sighing as a great relief washed over him replacing so much of the worry that had been consuming him.


After what felt like an hour Yunho was wheeled back into his empty room. He didn’t have much time to contemplate the emptiness of the room before the nurses were getting him back in bed. He hated how little help he was to them. He laid there feeling helpless as they reconnected him to his monitors and IV lines before leaving.

He was not alone long before Changmin walked into the room. “So how are you doing?”

“I am okay. I am so sick of having X-Rays done though. I bet my insides are pickled by now.” Yunho tried to joke to alleviate any worries Changmin might have.

“You look a lot better today. It’s almost unbelievable how much better you are looking. I would have never thought it possible.” Changmin said taking a seat in the chair beside the bed.

“I was certain I was going to die…till you saved me.” Yunho told Changmin giving him a warm smile. “I had all but given up and then I heard you calling for me. It was like a miracle. I don’t think I have properly thanked you.”

“Yunho, you don’t have to thank me. I should thank you…you took a bullet meant for me. You lost more than a year of your life. I can never repay the debt I owe you.”

“You don’t have to. I would do it all again for you. We are a team. I will always do everything I can for you. You are my little brother and I love you more than life itself.”

Changmin blushed slightly, “And I love you too. You are the best Hyung anybody could ever ask for. I wouldn’t trade you for anybody in the world and I am so glad you are back. I have missed you so much.”

“I am glad to be back…you know before I had the seizure I was about to call you.” Yunho told him smiling at the younger man whose sweet words warmed his heart.

“You were?”

“Yes, suddenly I realized how wrong I had been to not tell you. I was about to right that wrong when the whole world went sparkly on me.” Yunho confided in Changmin.

“That’s so weird because suddenly at the award show I knew I had to see you. Nobody could stop me and when we got to Clear Creek I knew something was really wrong.” Changmin confessed feeling slightly silly for how it must have sounded.

“We are like twins. I am sorry for all the pain you must have…”

“Stop! I don’t agree with Jae on almost anything but I do agree that I don’t want to hear apologies from you either.” Changmin interrupted Yunho and explained to him.

“Speaking of Jae? Where is he?” Yunho asked finally finding an opening for the question that had been on his mind since he returned to the room.

“He left the hospital.” Changmin told Yunho watching him closely and could not help but sigh when he saw the disappointment play out across Yunho’s face.

“He left? Well we were kinda getting on each other’s nerves, so it is probably for the best.” Yunho lied.

“Two of his sisters showed up and physically dragged him from the room.” Changmin explained. “He didn’t want to go, but they really didn’t give him a choice.”

“Well good. I hope he gets his face checked. I mean it looks a lot better than it did but he needs to see a dentist.” Yunho said feeling relieved that Jae was actually getting taken care of, but even more glad that he didn’t leave because he wanted too.

“So explain to me again how you are just friends when it is more than obvious that you are in love with him. It makes me sick, but I’m not stupid.” Changmin told Yunho in no nonsense voice not allowing for anymore lies.

Yunho closed his eye and pushed himself farther back into his pillow, “Is this just between the two of us?”

“Of course, do you even have to ask?”

“I really thought…I mean I only have friendship to offer and I have beaten him over the head with that certainty. He actually gets it now. I mean yesterday with mom he was telling her that we just had friendship between us…and suddenly I felt like a big fat liar.”

“You just realized that? I pegged you for a liar that first night when the morphine made you crazy. You literally dragged him in bed with you and were more than happy to declare your undying love every chance you got. Heechul, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had insisted that you two weren’t together…but I thought bullshit.”

Yunho sat up quickly in bed and winced with the sudden movement, “Why has nobody told me that till now? I thought I had just been disrespectful to my parents!”

“We didn’t say anything because you were hallucinating and obviously crazy as a loon, but the love rang very true to me.” Changmin said watching as Yunho lay back down in the bed holding his stomach.

“Is he toying with me then? Does he know I have cracked?” Yunho wondered aloud.

“He isn’t toying with you. He is very insecure when it comes to you. I can tell. I don’t know what you two were fighting about earlier but I really think he thinks friendship is all you have to offer him.” Changmin said in a very sour tone of voice trying not to frown…too much at the thought of Yunho and Jae as a couple again.

“Friendship is all I have to offer.” Yunho admitted to Changmin causing the other man to roll his eyes.

“You just said you cracked? What do you mean friendship is all you have to offer?”

“I might mentally love him, but physically I don’t. He does nothing for me anymore, and believe me he has tried to remedy that problem.”

Changmin made a squeamish face, “I really don’t want to hear…”

“Every time he tries something with me I suddenly get this awful feeling or I have flashbacks of him and Junsu…and to say I am turned off is an understatement.” Yunho admitted shaking his head as if he could shake the memories out of his head.

“Oh,” Changmin said suddenly looking anywhere but at Yunho.

“So that’s why friendship is all I have to offer and friendship is for the best especially considering the lives we live. It’s just that when I get sick I get needy for him. So it’s a good thing that I am feeling better and Mom won’t let him sleep with me anymore.”

“Yunho, you are a grown man! You should have told him to get out of your bed on your own. How sad is it that your mother had to do it for you.” Changmin told him not the least bit sympathetic.

“I like him in my bed. It isn’t like we were doing anything bad. It was just for comfort!” Yunho said defending himself.

“Well if you were a puppy or five years old maybe, but you are not.”

Yunho’s mouth dropped open, “I know I am not a puppy or five, but I’ve had it…” Yunho stopped himself not wanting to sound whiny.

“I know you have had it hard. I am glad he provided you with comfort but now things are different. What do you want now?” Changmin asked him seriously wanting a truthful answer.

Yunho reached over to the side rail and raised the head of his bed and looked at Changmin, “I want a life without lies. I don’t want to hurt anybody else…ever. I guess that means I want friendship.”

“But aren’t you lying to yourself now?” Changmin asked.

“Why do you have to be so smart? Why can’t I have dumb friends?” Yunho told Changmin pretending to be annoyed.

“Oh, you have dumb friends. We have just spared you from them. They are actually lining up to see you.” Changmin told him smiling.

“Well bring on the dumb friends.” Yunho said laughing. “I am sick and I don’t want to think.”


“It’s okay, Oppa.” Ji-Hye told Yunho later that evening as he sat up in the chair and she patted his back trying to comfort him.

“I am not talking aboouut this with yoouu.” Yunho told her cringing and closing his eyes. He had just had another humiliating experience to add to the thousands of other ones he had experienced since he woke from his year long slumber.

“It was just an accident. They gave you stuff to make you go, and you can’t move around because of…accidents happen.” Ji-Hye told her older, distraught brother trying to comfort him.

“What part of never ever talking aboouut this do yoouu not understand?” Yunho groaned as he covered his face with his hands.

“Well let’s just think about happy things. Didn’t Changmin say that your friend Ryeowook was going to make you some soup. You can eat soup now. Isn’t that better than broth?” Ji-Hye said trying her best to soothe her brother’s wounded pride.

“I did say that.” Changmin said walking into the room holding out his phone. “Yunho, this call is for you.”

Yunho looked up at Changmin and sneered, “I can’t talk to anybody now. Yoouu tell them I am sick, asleep, or dead.”

“He really can’t. He has that slurring thing going on.” Ji-Hye told Changmin agreeing with her brother.

“It’s only Jae and he is used to the slurring, and if you refuse to talk to him he will just keep calling me.” Changmin said placing the phone in Yunho’s hand.

“Changmin, you and Jae are phone buddies. That is so sweet.” Ji-Hye told Changmin loving to tease the man.

“Bite me.” Changmin mouthed to her as he watched Yunho move the phone to his ear. Much to Changmin’s displeasure Jae had made Changmin give him his number before he would allow his sisters to haul him off.

“Jae…day from hell…don’t ask…no, never telling…no, I don’t hurt just my pride…lots of school friends visited be glad yoouu were gone…No! They did not ask for money…good…No…I lost it at the creek…I hope Soo Jin finds it and pranks yoouu for the rest of yoouur life…I said no…I am not using a phone if yoouu buy it…she didn’t monitor my calls and yoouu woouuld…my mom will buy me one…I won’t use it…I am not…I have to go Ryeowook is bringing me soouup to eat…ummm…yes, I did go…yoouu are vicioouus…it was just a small mess…bye…I am hanging up now…see yoouu later…me too…I have company…as a friend I love yoouu bye!” Yunho handed the phone to Changmin quickly.

“Does your Boo want to buy you a phone?” Ji-Hye teased loving the frustrated look on her brother’s face.

“I never called him that. Ever!” Yunho denied vehemently. “Yoouu have to go buy me a phone.”

“Awe, but I am sure Jae will get you a nice pretty one.” Ji-Hye insisted as she stepped away from Yunho’s chair.

“I don’t want a pretty one. I want my own.” Yunho told her glaring.

“Did Jae say when he was coming back?” Changmin asked trying to end the sibling squabbling.

“Later tonight.” Yunho answered.

“No doubt he is soaking in a spa somewhere. You know it is true love when he allowed his fabulous hair to get in such a state and not to mention…”

“Stop it.” Yunho said interrupting Ji-Hye. “It isn’t okay to tease aboouut this. After my talk with Changmin I have decided to be more serious and most definitely more careful.”

“Our talk? I wouldn’t really call it a talk I would call it you avoiding me by calling for a reunion with all of your old school friends.” Changmin said sitting down on the side of Yunho’s bed.

“I was listening though. I have to regain my focus and get back on my feet. The goal is to walk and nothing can get in the way of that.” He told them firmly his speech clear again.

“So what are you going to do about Jae?” Ji-Hye asked.

“Jae has been helping me get better for a long time…as a friend. That’s how things are going to stay. I don’t need people putting romantic connotations on it when it only makes everything more complicated.” Yunho told them in a resolute manner. “I am going to walk again. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing.”

Ji-Hye clapped her hands together, “This is the brother I know.”

Changmin couldn’t help but smile, “This is definitely more like you.”

Yunho smiled back at them and prayed he would be able to follow his own instructions.
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