Damaged, Chapter Twenty Six

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst
Length: Chapters

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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Later that night after the nurses had ordered everybody from his room, Yunho sat up in bed watching television, unable to sleep. He watched all the major networks and was surprised to see that his recovery was big news. He felt a warm tingling in his heart every time they talked about him…they made him sound so strong, brave, and resilient.

“It’s not good to believe your own press,” Jae told him as he walked into the room, looking refreshed as he shut the door behind him.

“But it’s all true. I am a good example for anybody who has ever lost hope. Plus I am handsome, smart, and…”

“Conceited,” Jae added, tossing his bag on the chair beside the bed.

“As if you could ever criticize anybody for having that particular trait,” Yunho told him, feigning annoyance.

“Oh, I know you didn’t throw out the vain card after I spent over a week at your bedside looking like death,” Jae told him as he walked over and took Yunho’s hand.

“Believe me, nobody was more shocked than me,” Yunho told him, grinning up at him.

“I guess there are some things…or somebody I value more than my looks,” Jae said, pulling his hand away from Yunho’s to reach out and touch the side of Yunho’s face. “I think you owe me something.”

Yunho shook his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jae placed both of his hands gently on both sides of Yunho’s head and bent down to kiss the man. Jae was more than pleasantly surprised to find Yunho’s mouth was not clamped shut but open and more than willing to return the kiss. One of Jae’s hands slid down to Yunho’s neck as he pressed more deeply into the kiss, finding his intensity matched by Yunho.

Jae’s mind went blank and he found himself lowering the side rail on Yunho’s bed without ever breaking from the kiss. Jae was hungry for Yunho’s kiss, for Yunho’s taste, and for the touch of Yunho. Jae felt one of Yunho’s hands reach up and encircle his wrists motioning for him to stop, but Jae couldn’t stop…it had been too long. Yunho’s hand might be willing him to stop but Yunho’s mouth and tongue were more than welcoming.

Jae cursed mentally as he pulled away quickly when he heard a loud trilling sound. Jae tried to regain is mentalities as he eyed Yunho lustfully…Yunho had called for the nurse with his spare hand. Soon the nurse’s voice was over the intercom asking, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, can you warm me up some of my leftover soup?” Yunho asked, catching his breath.

“No problem,” the nurse told him over the intercom.

“Don’t you even think about getting pissy and blaming this on me! You were more than cooperative,” Jae told him, frustrated as he sat down in the chair and tried to control his desire.

“I was checking your teeth.”

Jae blinked in disbelief. “What?”

“I couldn’t find the broken off tooth and I couldn’t feel any difference…they fixed it good,” Yunho explained to Jae, somehow maintaining a straight face.

Jae frowned. “They put a temporary cap on it for now. So what…” Jae stopped, flustered. Was Yunho being serious?

“Think of it as a scientific experiment.”

“A scientific experiment?” Jae literally spit out the words.

“Also, you were moody before you left and I thought it might help out your mood,” Yunho told him, smiling. He was enjoying Jae’s discomfort more than he should.

“You know what would help out my mood?” Jae said, standing up and grabbing his crotch crudely.

“I am in my hospital bed, with a huge incision to my stomach, and a much hated catheter stuck inside me. I don’t know what yoouu think this friend of yoouurs can do for yoouu!” Yunho screeched back at him, his speech suddenly going haywire.

“You have a mouth and two hands don’t you?” Jae shot back at him.

Yunho’s mouth dropped open completely scandalized. Yunho slowly tried to fight down the embarrassment and recover his ability to speak when the nurse walked in with the soup.

“Here you go,” the nurse told him as she pushed the bedside table up to the bed so Yunho could eat off it.

“Thank yoouu, very much,” Yunho replied, recovered in time to thank the nurse before she left the room.

Yunho just glared at Jae from his bed as the other man shut the door behind the nurse. “Don’t yoouu even think aboouut toouuching me again.”

Jae gave Yunho a long suffering look as he picked up the spoon from the table in front of Yunho. “Would you stop acting so pure and virginal? Excuse me, but this is me you are talking to? We started having sex when we were only sixteen years old and we had lots of it over the years.”

“And we haven’t had sex in foouur years so things change,” Yunho informed him as Jae took a spoonful of soup and tasted it.

“This is good soup.” Jae said, taking another spoonful. “It hasn’t actually been four years yet…close but not actually four years yet.”

“Just take the soouup. I’m still full, I just needed an excuse for them to come in here and save me from yoouu. Did yoouu not eat today?” Yunho questioned as he watched Jae slurp down the soup faster than he normally would have.

“A little but I was busy getting my teeth fixed and then my mouth was numb. Then I had my face checked, making sure your precious Changmin didn’t break anything other than my tooth. Also, I had lots of explaining to do to lots of people,” Jae said, taking the bowl of soup and sitting down in the chair.

“Are Junsu and Yoochun not happy with you?” Yunho couldn’t help but ask, his speech clear again.

“No,” Jae told him, not looking up from his soup. “They are afraid that I will leave them if you ask me to.”

“I asked you once before not to go, and you did anyways. Why do they think you would listen to me now?” Yunho asked, his eyes drilling holes into Jae.

Jae looked up and met Yunho’s eyes. “Because before I was full of anger and I hadn’t learned my lesson.”

“Your lesson about all or nothing?”

“Yes, if you are going ask me then just do it,” Jae told him, sighing.

“I’m not going to,” Yunho informed him. “You chose your path and I chose mine.”

“What if I asked you? What if I asked you to leave SM and come with me?” Jae said, setting his empty soup bowl on the floor beside the chair.

“I can never work with Junsu and Yoochun again…you know this,” Yunho told him, closing his eyes.

“And I can never work with SM again,” Jae told him, biting his bottom lip.

“Then we can never work together because I have no intention of leaving,” Yunho told him, causing Jae to squirm in his chair.

“I don’t think I can work for them, but I can’t be separa—”

“Stop!” Yunho ordered. “It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. We can be good friends, the best of friends.”

“But we can’t be together. I hate not being with you,” Jae told him, honestly. “If we can’t be lovers then at least we could be together.”

“We don’t need to be together all the time,” Yunho told Jae, causing the other man to frown. “I think my recovery made us needier for each other than what we normally would have been. You can’t continue putting your life on hold for me, and I have to learn to lean on other people,” Yunho told him, acutely aware of his talk with Changmin from earlier.

“I don’t want you leaning on other people. I want you to lean on me, and only me.”

“That isn’t realistic. Even if we were lovers, which we are not…that isn’t healthy.”

“We were never healthy before,” Jae said, getting up and sitting on the side of Yunho’s bed.

“And look what that did to us? It destroyed us. It destroyed the five of us. I lost Junsu and Yoochun, you lost Changmin, Changmin lost all of you, and we lost each other for years? We have to learn how to be healthy with each other,” Yunho pleaded as he took Jae’s hand and squeezed it.

“I know what you say is the truth. I did promise my company that I would be more involved now, but it’s so hard.”

“It’s hard for me too, but I think we should try.”

“What about Yoochun and Junsu…could you try to repair your relationship with them?”

“Jae, don’t ask me to do that.”

“If you could just forgive them than maybe you could leave SM…if you could forgive them,” Jae pleaded, pulling Yunho’s hand up to his heart.

“I’m not leaving SM. I hate that I can’t forgive them, but right now I have too much on my plate. I don’t want to deal with that and the hurt it entails,” Yunho told Jae, sincerely.

“They still love you. It’s a team effort just to keep Junsu away from you right now. He needs to see you so badly. Yoochun is so closed off, I know if you two could just…”

“Please stop,” Yunho said, pulling his hand away. “Please just let me heal enough to walk again before you do this to me. I can’t handle it. I can’t talk about them right now.”

“Okay,” Jae said, rubbing his face with his hands.

“I get to move to a regular room tomorrow. It’s going to be a lot bigger and have a real bathroom,” Yunho said, trying to change the subject.

“That’s good,” Jae said, pulling his hands away from his face. “Room for a cot I hope?”

“I think there is a couch in the room, but Jae we are in Seoul now. Don’t you have an apartment here?”

“I haven’t lived there in over a year. I just keep it because my stuff is in it. You know Clear Creek was my home,” Jae said, his eyes narrowing not liking the direction this discussion was taking.

“I am sure it is much more comfortable than a couch.”

“We are not having this discussion, either. I can go home to an empty apartment and not sleep at all for thinking about you or I can sleep just fine in a chair, on the couch, or the floor here with you,” Jae said, getting up and glaring at Yunho.

“You win, we won’t have this discussion either,” Yunho said, holding up his hands in defeat.

“I thought you said you want me with you, but you seem intent on pushing me away,” Jae said, the hurt obvious in his voice.

“I do want you with me. I was just thinking about appearances and what was for the best. I won’t think about that anymore okay?” Yunho said softly, reaching out and touching Jae’s hand.

“You mean not while you are in the hospital or when you return to Clear Creek…but when you go home.” Jae pulled away from Yunho’s touch and sat in the chair. “I know everything will change then.”

“Let’s not think about that either,” Yunho offered, watching the emotions play out across Jae’s face.

“Okay, another thing we will put off thinking about. Did you get a new phone? Since you wouldn’t let me buy you one,” Jae asked, trying to push the unpleasant thoughts far away.

“I did,” Yunho said, opening up the bedside table and pulling out his new phone.

Jae got up, walked back to Yunho and took the phone from him. “I have to put all my numbers in this one too.”

“I wonder if anybody ever found my old phone,” Yunho wondered aloud, as he watched Jae put his numbers into the phone.

“I hope not,” Jae told him as he sat Yunho’s phone back on the table. “That joke about Soo Jin finding it was not funny.”

“I thought it was funny,” Yunho told him, smiling.

“Someday, I will meet that woman again. And believe me, when I am done with her she won’t claim to be my fan any longer.”


Jae was not amused when he stormed into Yunho’s private hospital room. He had been up since 4am doing the most horrendous photo shoot of his life. The make-up they had caked on him to hide his fading bruises had made him feel like he was wearing a cement mask. For the last forty-five minutes he had been trying to call Yunho without any luck.

Jae stopped suddenly once he entered the room and stared at it in awe. “Who did this?”

Changmin, who was laying down on the couch looking at a laptop, looked up at the decorated room. “Yunho’s mom, Ji-Hye, Go Ara and I helped a little when height was required.”

“Go Ara?” Jae said, his nasal passages flaring open in instant dislike.

“You know she is a really great person,” Changmin sighed and told Jae as he looked back down at the computer in front of him.

“I don’t care if she is Mother Teresa! I hate anybody who has had sex with Yunho whose name is not Kim Jaejoong,” Jae said, walking over to the Christmas tree in the corner of the room to look at it.

“You do know Mother Teresa is dead?” Changmin asked him, not looking up from the computer.

“So? Like I care? Where is he?” Jae demanded, getting more irritated by the second. He didn’t have much time to spare. He fought to keep from kicking the couch where the very nonchalant Changmin laid sprawled out.

“Some little, skinny, red headed American took him for a walk like an hour ago. His name was…”

“Bill!” Jae brightened instantly. This was a good sign if Bill was back in the picture. Jae had already come to the bitter realization that Yunho would be stuck in the hospital for the holidays, but maybe he would be back at Clear Creak at the beginning of the New Year. Jae was sick of having to share Yunho with all his visitors, and the man never ran out of visitors. It had only gotten worse in the last week since he had been placed in this room.

“Yeah, that was his name.” Changmin answered, sounding bored still not looking up from the computer.

Jae felt his frustration building again. “So I see you like Yunho’s computer.”

“I have to admit you did good picking this out,” Changmin admitted, still not looking up at Jae.

“Well, I am filthy rich…not a poor sap like you working for the man,” Jae aimed his words perfectly, hoping to get some kind of a response from Changmin.

Changmin sat up and gave Jae a fierce glare. “Is there some reason you are trying to piss me off for?”

Jae sat down on the couch beside him with a small half smile. “Not really, I just want your attention. Let’s talk.”

“Jae, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t like you.”

“That’s not true. You don’t like what I did. There is a difference between hating me and hating how I acted. We are going to get along for Yunho’s sake.”

“I haven’t hit you again.”

“True, and I’m very grateful that you have suppressed your violent urges.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I just want you to be prepared for when Yunho comes home from Clear Creek,” Jae warned.

“Clear Creek?” Changmin said, raising a quizzical eyebrow at Jae. “I am prepared for Yunho to come home. I am very happy and can’t wait for Yunho to come home.”

“Yunho and I are going to be friends…close friends. I am going to be one of those annoying friends that drop in all the time, and since he has made it more than clear that he will be living with you, I want you to be ready just in case I stay with you guys…a lot.”

“He has also made it very clear that you are not living with us,” Changmin said, smiling wickedly at Jae. “I have no intention of changing his mind.”

Jae leaned back against the chair and folded his arms, fighting down the urge to smack Changmin. “Families work at different places and still live together. It’s not a big deal that I don’t work for SM.”

“You are not family anymore…you’re just a friend. Yunho has tons of friends and they don’t live with him…just like you are not going to be living with him either,” Changmin said, smiling at Jae.

Jae seethed through clenched teeth. “I could still press charges against you!”

Changmin’s eyes brightened. “I just dare you.”

Jae picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at Changmin. “You drive me crazy. Why do you have to be…”

“Such violence!” Bill exclaimed as he wheeled Yunho back into the room.

“Believe me, a pillow isn’t anything. It’s a stark improvement actually,” Yunho said from the wheelchair, frowning at Jae and Changmin.

“Yunho, I thought he took you for a walk? Why are you in a wheel chair? I thought you would have taken the walker?” Jae said, instantly up off the couch and at Yunho’s side.

“We did start off with the walker but I made a grave error,” Bill said, shaking his head.

“What? Did he fall? You better not have let him fall,” Jae said, his eyes glaring holes into Bill.

“Hello, Jae! Good to see you haven’t changed any,” Bill told Jae, totally amused at the man’s consistent behavior when it came to Yunho.

“I didn’t fall. I got to see lots of babies though!” Yunho said, smiling happily.

“Did he ever? I think every new mother in this hospital had him take a picture with their baby. After he was done posing with all the babies and most of their parents and even some grandparents he was a little worn out. So I decided to taxi him back to the room,” Bill explained, amused, thinking of the unreal situation he had led them into when he had accidentally walked Yunho onto the floor with the nursery.

“You are not supposed to lift anything more than five pounds! Your surgeon said!” Jae said, scolding Yunho for holding the babies.

“They were so tiny,” Yunho told him, unable to wipe the grin of his face. Jae’s mood automatically softened seeing Yunho so happy.

“And don’t forget about little Yunho,” Bill said, reminding Yunho of his great honor.

Jae’s head nearly twisted off his neck as he turned quickly to look at Bill in shock. “What about Little Yunho?” Jae jumped as Yunho kicked him in warning. “Ouch.”

“There was a baby named after me,” Yunho told them, proudly. Acting like he hadn’t just kicked Jae.

“Hyung, that’s great news! Hopefully he will be better looking than you and smarter too,” Changmin joked from the couch.

“Brat!” Yunho told him but clearly not taking him seriously.

“Somebody should have warned you Bill to never take him around babies, kids, or animals. He is like a magnet for them,” Jae told Bill as he ran a hand through Yunho’s hair.

“And psychotic ex’s, too,” Changmin chirped in.

Jae turned to frown at Changmin and said swiftly, “That reminds me, Changmin told me Go Ara dropped by to decorate your room. She just loves decorating for you doesn’t she? Maybe she should give up acting and become an interior decorator?”

“Mom, Sis, and Changmin did the decorating. Go Ara didn’t arrive till later,” Yunho said, correcting Jae.

“Oops, I must have gotten confused,” Changmin said, grinning at Jae.

“It’s a very nice tree,” Bill told Yunho as he admired the tree in the corner of the room. He was doing his best to ignore the strangeness in the air.

“Isn’t it? Changmin did it. Changmin is so good a decorating Christmas trees. It always makes me feel guilty though because one year he had to decorate one all by his…”

“Yunho! I swear if you tell that story one more time I am so going to tell about that time at Music Bank when you...” Changmin threatened.

“Nevermind,” Yunho blurted out, turning red.

Bill laughed. “I’ve got to be going. I will see you after Christmas. You never cease to amaze me. I can’t believe you are doing so great. You will be walking these halls in no time.”

“I can’t wait. Merry Christmas! Tell Bong Cha, Maggie, and Hana Merry Christmas and everybody else too,” Yunho told Bill as the other man started to leave the room.

“Hana that bitch,” Jae mumbled under his breath as Bill left the room.

“Jae, don’t,” Yunho said, giving Jae a disapproving look.

“No, don’t you. I am moody and you didn’t answer your phone,” Jae said as he walked behind Yunho’s wheelchair and pushed him toward the bed.

“I was with Bill. You know I can’t take my phone with me when I am with Bill,” Yunho explained as he locked the breaks on the wheel chair when they arrived to the bed.

“I didn’t know you were with Bill though. Also Bill is just a visitor, he can’t control your phone usage now,” Jae said as he bent down and moved the foot rest of the wheelchair out of the way.

“Actually, he is going to be in charge of my physical therapy here too. They are really determined to get me back into the shape I was in before the fall. He was testing me today to see how far I had fallen behind,” Yunho said as he braced his arms on Jae’s and stood up and sat down on the bed.

“Yunho, you have a huge incision on your stomach…you need to take it slowly. You are going to stress me out,” Jae warned him as he reached down and helped Yunho pull his feet up on the bed.

“They are not going to let me hurt myself,” Yunho assured Jae but when he saw the disapproving look on Jae’s face he added quickly, “I am not going to do anything to hurt myself either.”

“I have to fly to Japan tonight. I don’t know when I will be back,” Jae told Yunho as he grabbed his hand and held it tightly.

“A week? A month? A year?” Changmin said from the couch with a hopeful smile on his face as he thought of the possibilities.

“Changmin, go get me some ice. Please,” Yunho ordered before Changmin and Jae could get into one of their bickering sessions.

“Yes, master,” Changmin replied, his voice full of sarcasm as he grabbed the water pitcher and left the room.

“Surely you knew you had to go to Japan. You had to know about the end of year shows better than anyone. It’s a big deal,” Yunho said, giving Jae’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

“I actually thought I could get out of it, but they are not falling for any of my old tricks,” Jae said, reaching up with his spare hand to run his hand through Yunho’s long locks that he loved so much.

“You shouldn’t get out of it. It is good that you are getting your schedule back on track. Believe me, once I get upright again I am going to be busy.”

“It isn’t good…I hate spending Christmas alone,” Jae said, still running his hand through Yunho’s hair.

“You won’t be alone. You will be with Junsu, Yoochun and your staff.”

“I won’t be with you…that’s all I can think of right now. You know how many holidays I have spent alone since our break-up? Yoochun and Junsu go and do their thing and I am the one left behind…”

“Moping?” Yunho suggested with a grin.

“Missing you. I know I am horrible company and nobody…not even my family wants to be around me, but this year I could spend it with you…a conscious you,” Jae said, dropping his hand from Yunho’s hair to caress his face.

Yunho smiled at him. “I will never put my phone down. You can call me at anytime. I will call you, too.”

“What do you want for Christmas?” Jae said, smiling as Yunho reached up with his spare hand to encompass the hand that was caressing his face.

“I don’t need anything else from you…the way you love me…that is much more than I deserve.”

Jae sucked in a deep breath. “I could even love you more if when you get out of here…if we could live...”

“Not possible. We have to work on the separation thing okay.”

“So not okay with me.” Jae told him, frowning.

“Your fans miss you. They want to see you. I don’t blame them.”

Jae groaned. “I have to go. I should already be at the airport. Yunho, it’s just that I love…”

“I love you too. Go, you have a flight to catch. Call me when you land,” Yunho said as he put both of Jae’s hands together and squeezed them.

Jae was about to protest when the nurse walked in. “Mr. Jung, I am going to have to hook you back up to your IV for about an hour and let your antibiotic run in.”


“Super Junior just hasn’t been the same since half the members went into the military,” Changmin said as he watched a Christmas special on the television in Yunho’s room.

“You should be grateful they got to go on leave for the Awards or somebody might be in jail right now,” Mrs. Shim told her son.

Changmin turned and smiled at his mother. “I was extremely grateful. Extremely.”

“It was very nice of Jaejoong not to press charges,” Mrs. Jung agreed as she packed up the leftover food. It was late Christmas Eve and all day long people had been in and out of Yunho’s room bringing him more food than even Changmin could eat.

“Nice? More like he is whipped. Yunho wouldn’t answer his eight billion phone calls a day if he put me in jail,” Changmin said as he laid down and spread out on the couch.

Yunho, who had been frowning as he studied his computer while resting in bed, looked up. “So true. I would only answer four billion of his phone calls if he put you in jail.”

“I knew you loved me best,” Changmin said, laughing.

“I love you both,” Yunho said, refusing to get dragged into that one particular conversation.

Mrs. Shim put on her coat and turned to Yunho. “I am so glad we got you back.”

Yunho, who was back to frowning at the computer screen, looked up at her. “It’s good to be back.”

Mrs. Jung walked over and placed a hand on Mrs. Shim’s back. “I will never be able to thank you enough for talking me into letting Jae see him that most awful day.”

“Huh?” Yunho mumbled, looking extremely confused.

“It was my mother that coerced your grieving mother into allowing Jae to see you. If it wasn’t for her your organs would be spread all over South Korea now.”

“Changmin! Must you always be so callous?” Mrs. Shin reprimanded. “It’s Christmas, be nice.”

“I am so nice!” Changmin said, reaching into the sack Mrs. Jung had put on the table in front of him, grabbing a handful of cookies.

“Mrs. Shim, I am so grateful…I didn’t know,” Yunho told her. Yunho’s eyes were full of gratitude, causing Mrs. Shim to walk over and give him a kiss on the top of his head.

“You are like my second son; I am the one who is forever grateful to you. You just focus on getting better and getting out of here.”

“He is getting closer, it won’t be long till he is home,” Mrs. Jung said, walking over and embracing her son. “Get some sleep. I will see you in the morning.”

“Merry Christmas,” Yunho told them as both the mothers left the room. Yunho turned back to the computer and frowned when his phone rang. “Changmin, answer this and tell him I am sleeping.”

Changmin, who had spread out on the couch just scoffed, “Yeah, because not taking his calls always works out so good for you.”

“Changmin! It isn’t like I am going to get up and go for a walk in the snow,” Yunho said as he picked up the phone giving it an annoyed look.

“Who knows what you might do. Just answer the phone,” Changmin told him, sitting up. “Why don’t you want to talk to him?”

Yunho mumbled something incoherent and answered the phone. “Yes…No. Yes…No…Maybe…Are you having fun…Are you drinking with friends…Then what are you doing?”

Changmin, who had gotten up, was now leaning over Yunho looking at the computer screen, and saw paparazzi pictures of Jae with several of his Japanese male friends. “Oh, look it is like collection of all his old fuck buddies.”

“Yes, that was Changmin…Changmin is staying with me tonight…I don’t know what he said…I wasn’t listening to him…I have to sleep…I am not mad at you…It is none of my business what you do…I am going to bed now…Turning off my phone…Merry Christmas,” Yunho said, turning off his phone quickly.

“You are so cranky,” Changmin smirked as he browsed through the page. “You know if he had sex he might not be so desperately clingy with you. That would be a good thing.”

“Shut up!” Yunho said, glaring at the younger man.

“Like I said you are so cranky. I do believe somebody is up past their bedtime. Now either you have pissed Jae off so much he is on his way back to fight it out with you or he is delighting in…things that make me want to hurl or…” Changmin was interrupted when his phone went off. “Or he’s going to try to get to you through me.”

“I am asleep!” Yunho informed Changmin, folding his arms and glaring at the younger man.

Changmin rolled his eyes at Yunho and answered the phone, “Yes, Jae…no he is pretending to be asleep…See you have been gone for five days so he hasn’t been properly worshipped and like all deities that makes him cranky…he even told me to shut up…he is just feeling feisty today because the catheter is long gone and he had lots of old, easy, girlfriends visiting today but he didn’t get to have any private fun with them because his family never left his side…It’s sad really because they were more than willing to…”

“Are you insane?” Yunho hissed, grabbing the phone from Changmin, then proceeded to beat him with a pillow.

“He is still listening,” Changmin smirked as he stepped away from the pillow abuse.

Yunho put the phone up to his ear reluctantly, “Jae…” Yunho frowned and Changmin laughed as he could only imagine the ranting going on. “I am not giving you a list of who visited today…Changmin has had too much sugar today…you cannot fly back…I am not bossing you…Of course I want to spend Christmas Day with you…I just know you said you have lots of catching up to do…Yes, I do know that…I did not hang up on you…I said I was going to bed…I am not jealous…Yes, I know you are…I was just disappointed…What was that…Are you at the airport…I know you are not at the airport!”

“God, help me,” Changmin moaned, as he sprawled back down on the couch and covered his head with a pillow

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Let's not look too far away when things could be happening here, right now at this very moment- treasure NOW.

I'm just giddy from how that old feelings are slowly creeping their way back to their lives and so natural for old habits to fall into place once again. Loving the convos so so much ♥ ;)

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Yes, Jae was definitely antagonizing Changmin...something I bet he had lots of practice doing in real life too.

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