Damaged, Chapter Twenty Eight

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

A million thanks to Amy...if you ever need a kidney.  Thanks to Kinmotsu for just being herself.  Also thanks to every wonderful soul who takes the time to comment~!

Previous Chapters

Much later that evening, Yunho was sitting at the dining room table beside his sister with twenty relatives crammed into the house at his welcome home party. The party was attended by his father’s side of the family, and when they weren’t fawning over him they were glaring at his mother.

Yunho fought off a yawn as his aunt showed him a photo album attempting to catch him up on all family gatherings he had missed. He was exhausted. He had not slept properly since he had come home. He hated to admit it, but he wasn’t used to being away from the hospital. When he had finally fallen asleep in the early morning hours it had not been long before he had been awakened by Jae’s phone call…a clearly distraught Jae.

What bothered him the most was that Jae would not answer his phone. He wasn’t sure where Jae was, but he had the distinct feeling that Jae was not in America. Yunho didn’t know who to call and ask. All the fan sites said Jae was still in America recording with Junsu and Yoochun. Jae would not communicate his whereabouts to his family, and Yunho did not have Yoochun or Junsu’s numbers. Yunho was about to swallow what little pride he had left and call Eunhyuk for Junsu’s number so he could at least find out if Jae was okay. The thought of talking to Junsu again made him extremely nervous but the worrying about Jae was worse. He decided as soon as his relatives left he would call Eunhyuk.

“Jaejoong!” The sound of his mother’s shocked voice disturbed Yunho from his inner turmoil as he looked up to see Jae enter the dining room. Jae came to the table and gave Yunho a very intense look before he turned away from him and walked down the hallway toward Yunho’s old bedroom.

“I think someone is in trouble,” Ji-Hye told Yunho, bumping his arm with her elbow.

“I agree. Do you care to be my cane?” Yunho asked her as he pulled himself out of the chair.

“I would love to be your cane,” Ji-Hye said, standing up and taking a hold of her brother’s arm.

“This is not acceptable,” Mr. Jung told the house full of people.

“Dad, I will handle this,” Yunho told his father as his sister and he walked into the hallway.

“The good thing is that dad won’t get into a fight with Jae. He would rather die than let any of the family know about your past history with Jae,” Ji-Hye told Yunho as they approached his room.

“No, the good thing is seeing Jae alive when I have been worried about him all day long,” Yunho told her, as they reached the door to his bedroom.

“Oh, did I worry you? So sorry. It’s nice knowing where somebody that you lo…that you care for is…isn’t it?” Jae said looking up to glare at Yunho as he went through Yunho’s drawers and threw clothing into a bag he had carried in.

Yunho bit down the apology that almost sprang from his lips. “What are you doing exactly?”

“This is a kidnapping,” Jae explained, as he found Yunho’s medicine bottles and added them to the bag.

“Oh cool!” Ji-Hye said as she left Yunho at the doorway and sprinted off.

“Are those all your medicines?” Jae asked.

“Yes, Jae you can’t….”

“I can and I am,” Jae said, walking up to be face to face with Yunho. “Your stupid act of insecurity robbed me of time with you,” Jae hissed, in a soft voice so he could not be overheard by nosy family members.

“So you are going to kidnap me?” Yunho asked dumbfounded. “You look exhausted and apparently you are not thinking straight. I am not here because I want to be away from you. I am here so my family can help me get used to life away from the hospital.”

Jae moved closer to Yunho’s face. “I’m more than capable of helping you. I have been helping you for more than a year. When are you returning to Changmin and fucking SM?”

“In two weeks,” Yunho answered, finally seeing what the other man intended.

“Then I get those two weeks.”

“Okay,” Yunho agreed. “But I can’t…”

“Don’t tell me about what you can’t do because you can,” Jae said, as he took Yunho’s arm and started leading him down the hallway. Yunho watched as his family stepped out of the way to allow them to make their way toward the door. Nobody said a thing till they reached the door where his sister stood waiting for them with his coat, gloves, and cane.

“I fully support this friend napping,” she told them, as she helped Yunho slide on his coat and gloves.

“Thank you,” Jae told her, as he took Yunho’s cane and opened the door and helped Yunho through it.

“No problem,” she told them, as she walked out onto the porch with them.

Yunho’s mother also walked out onto the porch looking concerned, “Jae, you look like you haven’t slept in a week. Please be careful driving because Yunho can’t drive.”

“I know he can’t. I will be careful,” Jae told her, as he helped Yunho off the porch.

Yunho’s mouth dropped open and was speechless as he stared at Jae’s shiny, white Lamborghini that was parked in the driveway. “I am thinking you should be the sugar daddy.”

“Quit gawking at my car and start moving or we are never going to get to it,” Jae said, as he pushed Yunho forward.

“Is it like yours, yours?” Yunho said still amazed by the car that looked like it came from the future.

“It’s mine, mine,” Jae answered, as they reached the car and he opened the passenger’s door for Yunho. “Can you get in?”

“Yeah, but I am afraid to,” Yunho said as he got in the car. “What if I have a seizure and bite my tongue and bleed on it.”

“You just better not have a seizure then,” Jae said, shutting the door after he fastened Yunho’s seatbelt.

“I will try my best,” Yunho said, taking in the inside of the car. “How fast does it go?”

“Over 200mph,” Jae said, starting the vehicle and pulling out of the Jung driveway. “And no we are not going that fast today. Your mother is right, I am tired and you are precious cargo.”

“Oh, I am back to being precious cargo?” Yunho told him, still looking at the inside of the car in awe.

“You have always been precious cargo…I was just pissed at you,” Jae grumbled, as he sped past fans that were waiting outside the gates that led to the Jung house.

“You are supposed to be in America? I didn’t want you dwelling on the fact that I was at dad’s and after seeing how you freaked I was right.”

“I freaked because I went to Clear Creek and you weren’t there.”

“Well if you had told me you were coming back I would have told you.”

“Weren’t you suspicious when I didn’t call you for hours? The flight is horrendous.”

“I thought you were working.”

“Has that ever stopped me from calling you? Really Yunho almost a day without hearing from me…you should have known.”

“I tried to call you and when you didn’t answer I assumed you were busy. You know I haven’t exactly been having a good time of it myself. It’s strange not being at the hospital or Clear Creek. Watching my parents act like they don’t hate each other is unsettling to say the least.”

Jae sighed and reached over and took Yunho’s hand, “you look tired. You know how important sleep is.”

“I just couldn’t and it isn’t like I can take anything unless Dr. Gwak personally approves it.” Yunho said squeezing Jae’s hand back.

“I know, but you will sleep tonight and so will I,” Jae said confidently.

“Where will I be sleeping exactly? I cannot go to your apartment. Yunjae fans all over the world are really happy right now and we don’t need to feed them,” Yunho said, feeling worried about the fans that had always been eerily perceptive when it came to them.

“I know that. I have no intention of feeding them we are going somewhere where nobody can find us.”

“Your car is a little flashy to hide, Jae.”

“It will be dark before we get there and after that it’s staying in the garage,” Jae explained. “Don’t worry I have taken care of everything.”

Yunho’s eyes widened. “You know bad things always happen when people say that.”

“Bad things have already happened to us. It’s time for the good things now,” Jae told him, as he sped along the highway.


“Wake up, Yunho. We are here.” Yunho awoke to hear Jae tell him. He opened his eyes and saw the car had already been parked. They were inside of a garage, and Jae had his passenger door open ready to help Yunho out of the car.

“Where are we?” Yunho asked as he grabbed Jae’s hand after the other man unfastened his seatbelt.

“We on a mountainside outside of Seoul, let’s get you in the house so you can take your medicine,” Jae said, as he helped pull a very sleepy Yunho from the car.

“How long did I sleep?” Yunho said as he balanced himself against Jae.

“Not long enough,” Jae told him, as he led Yunho to the door in the garage that led to the inside of the house.

“Whose house is this?” Yunho asked as they walked through the kitchen to a huge living area that was filled with antique wood furniture and a huge fireplace.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Jae told him, as Yunho took a seat in a chair.

“If it’s a love nest between you and some powerful corporate CEO I don’t want to know,” Yunho said, as he took in the room. “Lie to me.”

“You think so little of me,” Jae sighed as he walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and brought it back to Yunho.

Yunho laughed. “After what you have willingly confessed to me, this would be mild in comparison.”

“I didn’t want there to be lies between us, but I also didn’t want you to think less of me,” Jae told him, holding out the glass of water.

“I don’t think less of you. I just think we live in totally different worlds. We are long gone from those innocent boys that we used to be,” Yunho told him, as he took the glass of water.

“I would never take you to a love nest that I shared with another man, and there isn’t even such a thing because how many times do I have to tell you I have never loved anybody but you,” Jae said, as he went though his bag and pulled out Yunho’s pill bottles and read the labels on them.

“You are so technical with the wording, but no matter how you try to deny it sex and making love are two words that can be easily interchanged with each other,” Yunho told him, as he watched Jae pour his pills out in his hand.

“They are just words, and words can be lies. I know I have only ever loved you and you know that too,” Jae said, as he watched Yunho swallow his pills. “This is Maggie’s house.”

Yunho coughed on a pill and took a bigger drink of water and looked at Jae in disbelief. “So you have decided to go with the lie?”

Jae knelt down beside Yunho and looked at him. “I was at Clear Creek early this morning and I found you gone, and then I encountered Hana...”

“Jae, you didn’t do something that you shouldn’t have…did you?” Yunho asked, suddenly fearful of what Jae might have done to the young nurse. Jae had made no secret of who he blamed Yunho’s accident on.

“No, I wanted to knock the shit out of her lying face but I didn’t.”


“She enlightened me on a few things.”

“What things?” Yunho asked in dread thinking back over what he had shared with the young nurse who had become his ally.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you overheard me and Yoochun that day…that she overheard us?” Jae asked, reaching up to hold Yunho’s knee.

Yunho looked away from Jae. “Because it was so ugly. I just wanted to forget about it.”

“I can’t remember everything that was said that day, but I think Yoochun might have been harsh…you have to understand.”

“That none of us were innocent and you are wasting your life away,” Yunho told him, covering Jae’s hand with his own. “I actually agreed with him.”

“You are not a waste. You are everything to me, but you should have told me that Hana knew. She turned on me that day and I would never have trusted her if I had known she had such a low opinion of me…this could have all been avoided.”

“I think Hana was witness to all kinds of ugliness don’t you? We aren’t nearly as pretty if our fans can really see us.”

“You are still beautiful to her. I’m the monster who destroyed everything,” Jae told him looking up at him. “I didn’t tell her you broke my heart and set me on a path of destruction.”

Yunho pulled his hand away. “Don’t. I’m not having this fight with you or taking the blame for your actions. You are a grown man. I might have set you on that path but you walked down it willingly. You took a sledge hammer to the love that all five of us used to share and you did it because you wanted to.”

Jae let go of Yunho’s knee as if it suddenly burned and fell backwards on his butt. “I thought you forgave…”

“I have forgiven you, but it doesn’t mean I am going to take the blame for everything that happened. I broke your heart and that was terrible but that’s all I did.”

“All?” Jae said, holding his heart as if he had suddenly been pierced by Yunho’s words.

“Why are we having his talk? How many times must we go over this? I love you, you love me, I forgive you, and you forgive me. Why must we always open up old wounds?” Yunho said, squeezing the sides of his chair frustrated.

“I am sorry. I am just tired, and when you weren’t there this morning all those old fears just came racing back,” Jae said, sitting back up.

“I am tired too, so maybe we should forgo any more communication till both of us have slept.”

“Sounds like a good idea, but this really is Maggie’s house. She was the maid to the woman who owned it and when the woman died she left it to Maggie. Maggie sent me here knowing I would bring you along.”

“Oh,” Yunho said, taking in the news. “She has always known about us. I am certain of it.”

“She does know,” Jae said, standing up and reaching out his hand for Yunho. “She shared her life story with me. If you ever feel the need to be really depressed tell me and I will share it with you.”

“That bad?” Yunho asked as he took Jae’s hand.

“Yeah, that bad,” Jae said, as he led Yunho into a large bedroom with a huge king sized bed in the center of the room covered by a huge white comforter.

“Tomorrow when I am well rested I am going to use my cane and not be led around like a good puppy,” Yunho said, collapsing on the bed not bothering to take off his coat.

“I have no problem with that, but if I catch you up without the cane we are going to fight,” Jae said, pulling off Yunho’s shoes and then went around to lie down on the opposite side of the bed.

“My mother would not approve,” Yunho said, as he turned and looked at Jae.

“Your mom isn’t here, and I promise to stay on my side.”

“Okay,” Yunho said, reaching out and taking Jae’s hand. “I am so tired, and I missed you.”

“I missed you too. Do you want me to help you change out of your clothes?” Jae asked as he held Yunho’s hand tightly.

“No, I just want to sleep,” Yunho mumbled, as he closed his eyes.

“Sleep, My Love,” Jae whispered, as he watched Yunho drift off to the land of slumber and soon he joined him.


Yunho awoke drenched in sweat the next day to find Jae plastered to his side. “I will stay on my side…my ass,” Yunho said, as he sat up and disentangled himself from Jae. Yunho was still fully clothed and still wearing his coat. Jae on the other hand had stripped down to his briefs and a white tank top.

“What time is it?” Yunho asked himself as he took off his coat and stretched.

“Sleep…more,” Jae mumbled, as he reached out an arm and wrapped it around Yunho’s waist.

“No, it’s too hot,” Yunho told him, as he pushed Jae’s hand away.

Jae smiled in his sleep, “You always make me hot.”

“Not that kind of hot. The heater must be set on ninety,” Yunho told him, resisting the urge to thump his head and completely wake Jae up.

Okay Yunho thought he needed to get to the bathroom and his cane was nowhere in sight. Jae was in one of his zombie sleep modes and would be no help to him. The bathroom wasn’t that far away and there was plenty of furniture for him to hold on to. He did the arm and leg exercises for his right side and was happy to see them moving so freely.

He could do this, he told himself as he stood up. Every time he stood up without the assistance of anything he smiled like a fool. It wouldn’t be long before he didn’t even need a cane, he told himself. He braced himself ready to move toward the bathroom when arms surrounded him and pulled him back to the bed.

“Do you want to die?” Jae asked him as he pulled Yunho back on the bed with him.

“No, I was actually offered heaven recently and I ran from the bright, shiny lights,” Yunho told him, rolling out of his grasp.

“Don’t sass me! I will so go buy a bed alarm for this bed,” Jae told him, standing up.

“I wasn’t going to fall.”

“Famous last words!” Jae growled as he walked over to a dresser in the room and grabbed Yunho’s cane that was leaning up against it.

“Next time I will just wake your ass up then,” Yunho told him, as he took the cane from him.

“Please do,” Jae said, collapsing back on the bed.

“I will.”

“What’s so important that you have to do it right now?” Jae said as he sank his head into a pillow.

“I have to pee if that’s okay with you. Plus I am probably late on my medicine. I have responsibilities that I cannot afford to slack off on,” Yunho told him, his voice full of indignation.

“Oh shit!” Jae said sitting back up in bed. “What time is it?”

“I don’t know,” Yunho admitted, as he pulled out his phone from his pants pocket. “You turned my phone off!”

“You needed to sleep,” Jae told him, as he climbed out of bed.

“You are such a…” Yunho stopped as the phone came to life and showed it was a little past nine am. “Well I am not late with my medicine that’s good. I will let you call Changmin back…since he only called me ten times.”

“Oh, I have missed calls too,” Jae admitted, as he walked over to face Yunho. “Are you going to get up or not? You need help with your pants?”

Yunho rolled his eyes at Jae. “No, they stretch. Nice try, though.”

“I wasn’t trying anything. I was being considerate.”

“Thanks!” Yunho told him as he stood up and headed for the bathroom, so he could empty his bladder.

“You are welcome,” Jae said, following him.

Yunho stopped at the bathroom door. “You are not going to the bathroom with me.”

“We are both guys.” Yunho’s eyes narrowed and Jae added quickly, “What if you fall?”

“Better me falling than me beating you to death with my cane,” Yunho said, slamming the door shut.

“You are so crabby in the morning! Just for that you are getting cold cereal for breakfast!”


When Yunho finally finished in the bathroom he opened the door to find Jae leaning on the wall waiting on him. “This isn’t going to work for me.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You weren’t this bad when I was at the hospital,” Yunho complained as he walked out of the bathroom and toward the kitchen.

“I totally was…I was worse. Did you know they had security guards on me to keep me out of your room? Believe me, I was worse.”

“They shouldn’t have kept you out, and I’m really glad that I was unconscious for most of that or drugged out of my mind. That was when I was in critical condition though, and I am so much better now. They kept me in the hospital longer than they would have normally to make sure my medicines were working. I can be alone,” Yunho told him, as he pulled out a chair from the table in the kitchen and sat down.

“What if you have another seizure?” Jae said as he walked over and opened up a kitchen cabinet.

“Seizures are always going to be a possibility and I can’t spend my life never being alone,” Yunho told him, as he watched Jae set bowls on the table with a box of cereal.

“You don’t like being alone. You get lonely so easily. You were not made to be alone,” Jae told him, as he walked over to the refrigerator.

“I am not going to deny that. I am glad you are here, but you’ve got to give me some rope to move around,” Yunho told him, as Jae walked back to the table with the milk.

“Okay, a little rope,” Jae said, with a smile as walked into the living room and grabbed Yunho’s medicine.

“Although I probably shouldn’t mind so much…since you are like my own personal servant,” Yunho said, as he poured cereal into his bowl.

“Haha,” Jae said, sitting down at the table across from Yunho.

“It has its perks I have to admit.”

“Glad I can oblige you. Changmin would never spoil you like this,” Jae told him, as he watched Yunho eat.

Yunho nodded his head in agreement and kept eating but was disturbed when his phone rang. Yunho reached down and grabbed his phone. “Speaking of my precious boy.”

“Precious boy?” Jae said with a small grimace as he watched Yunho answer the phone.

“Hello…Yes, alive and well…I am not sure where I am…if he told me I could escape…”

“So, not funny,” Jae said, frowning.

“Actually I am at a really nice house…it is old but very modernized…like a rich person’s log cabin in the mountains…I am eating and Jae is watching me eat…they did…that’s just great…everywhere you say…that’s putting it lightly…No…No…No…I really don’t know where I am…Oh, you are smart…Not conceited at all either…I am going to finish eating…err…I know…I will call Ji-Hye instead…I will call you later…bye…love ya…funny,” Yunho said, hanging up the phone and grabbing his glass of milk and taking a big sip.

“Since when do you…” Jae stopped nearly biting his tongue off in order to stop from finishing his question.

“Since what?” Yunho asked as he crunched on a mouthful of cereal.

“Nothing,” Jae lied frowning.


Jae just stared at him trying to control himself but was unsuccessful. “I don’t care if I sound like a crazy, jealous ass, but when did you start ending conversations with Changmin…with I love you?”

Yunho frowned. “You seriously are not jealous of us that…”

“No! That would be sick but…” Jae said not truly understanding his jealously completely.

“Life is too short to not tell the people you love that you love them,” Yunho explained, finishing his cereal.

Jae raised his eyebrows pondering Yunho’s words. “Oh, well that’s…sweet I suppose.”

“And he was giving me hell about always telling you I love you on the phone, so this is to torment his sarcastic, skinny, little ass,” Yunho said, grinning as he turned around in his chair to look out the window that was behind the table.

Jae smiled brightly and said, “You could have just said that to begin with.”

“Where is the fun in that? I do love his cynical ass; just like I love your clingy one.”

“Just as long as you love me more,” Jae said, beaming as he poured some cereal into his bowl.

Yunho laughed loudly. “No comment.”

“You have told me that you love me more than anything or anyone,” Jae reminded him, taking a spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

“You would remember that,” Yunho told him, still staring out the window. “The view here is amazing.”

“I am thinking about getting a tattoo that says, ‘Yunho loves me best.’ Where do you think I should put it?” Jae asked him feeling unreasonable happy.

Yunho, who was facing away from Jae, frowned and felt himself tense up. “You have enough tattoos on your poor body and my name wouldn’t blend with all the other markings and names.”

Jae paused eating and looked at the back of Yunho’s head, noticing a change in the man. “Your name would go with TVXQ.”

“Please do not even think of putting a tattoo having anything to do with me on you,” Yunho said not turning around. “I wouldn’t like it.”

“You don’t like tattoos?”


“You never minded the TVXQ…”

“Oh, I minded but it’s your body.”

“What!” Jae said getting out of his chair. “You never said anything.”

“It was years ago, let it go. I was younger and more understanding…less bitter,” Yunho said, as Jae stepped up in front of him blocking his view.

“I am not letting go. Tell me now.”

Yunho exhaled, “It was years ago but how would you have felt if I had gotten matching tattoos with somebody proclaiming they were my soul mate. We were actually lovers at the time but that was nothing compared to your great bond with Yoochun…which proved correct considering how everything ended.” Jae’s mouth dropped open in shock at Yunho’s unsuspected words. Jae sat down on Yunho’s lap unable to think clearly. “Would you get off me? This is ridiculous, you are a grown man, get off my lap. It was years ago. Like I said, let it go.”

Jae ignored Yunho and wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in his neck. “God, I am such an ass.”

“Yes, you are but it was a long time ago. I let it go because I knew that you weren’t in love with him.”

“Never!” Jae told him, nuzzling deeper into Yunho’s neck.

“I know, so let it go. It isn’t an issue with us. It was a long time ago,” Yunho told him, patting is back trying to reassure him so he would get up.

“If you want me to get it removed I will…what do you think of my other tattoos?” Jae asked,suddenly pulling away from Yunho’s neck to study him closely.

“I would rather never ever see you shirtless again. There, are you happy?” Yunho admitted, trying to push Jae off of him with his hands now.

Jae swallowed. “So my body is like a huge turnoff for you?”

“Jae! Get up! I have to take my medicine. I am not having this conversation with you. You are my friend. I am not turned on by you,” Yunho said, giving Jae another push and Jae finally relented as he got up off Yunho’s lap.

“I have Junsu’s fucking name tattooed on me! What the hell was I thinking?” Jae said, suddenly frantic as so much suddenly become clear to him.

Yunho gave Jae an annoyed look as he swallowed his pills. “You also have Yoochun because you were thinking that a new beginning was starting and it was for you. It’s thoughtful if you like tattoos I suppose. No big deal.”

Jae slammed his hand against the table. “I don’t want a new beginning. I want my old beginning back with you.”

Yunho took in a deep breath and exhaled. “This is all of me you get. If it isn’t enough…I don’t know what to say.”

“It is enough…I am sorry.” Jae said, trying to control his crazy. “Just because I have their names tattooed on me doesn’t mean I love them more than you.”

“I don’t need my name tattooed on you to know that you love me. I never did,” Yunho assured him. “Can we go outside? I am sick of being indoors. I promise to let you keep a short rope on me.”

Jae smiled at Yunho. “Okay, let me go get your coat and shoes.” Yunho smiled back at him as Jae turned and headed for the bedroom.
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Ok. So because you crushed me and ran me over a few times with a big semi truck full of angst in the last chapter, I refrained from commenting right away due to my emotional state. For that, I apologize...but only for taking so long to comment! Not for what I actually ended up leaving you! Bahaha! I was even asking Sara which gif she thought would work best in describing my emotional state after reading the last chapter! Hahaha! We both obviously decided that I should post them both! LOL!

Anywhos~ Since this chapter wasn't quite as soul crushing as last chapter, I'm in a better mood. :oP But I have to say, I feel like Yunho is maybe going through a little whip lash from Jae's craziness! LOL Oh I love the man, but he really is just getting so crazy! I understand why, though. :( He just feels like he's going to lose Yunho at any given moment, and it's making him frantic. :( Aigoo~ *hugs and gropes Jae* I'm glad he was able to get Yunho out of his family's house without much of a fight. And I love how he basically ignores everyone else that was there! Hahaha! I scoff at any person who says Jae doesn't have balls! >D

AND OMG You almost had me thinking Yunho was maybe getting a little boner from having Jae sitting on him and stuff!! LOL!! From the way he was trying to push Jae off of him, and telling him whatever he could so Jae would get up, I kept thinking, "omg Jae's gonna stay sitting there and he's gonna feel it and then he's gonna molest and/or rape Yunnie and no one will be there to save him! YESSS!!!" ROFL Ah, my poor little YunJae heart~ I just can't let you go~ lol It's not even because YunJae is such a phenomenon either, I just love them together because they are my #1 and #2 biases >.< It can't be helped, I tell ya!! Don't make me change, damn it!! *whines and stomps around*

LoL Ok...so I shall try my best to maybe possibly TRY to keep my emotions reigned in better so that I am able to comment properly from here on out. That's why I love my JJ bestie~ xD She helps me get my shit together! &hearts chu Sara~
I really do wonder how Jae is going to feel about his Yoosu tattoos in a few years.
O! My! I forgot to leave feedback ): I am sorry! Anyways, I thought when Jaejoong was going to kidnap Yunho he was going to be ninja about it and all... he was very obvious xD. I love Yunho's sister! :3

I know... bad comment... sorry. I totally forgot about my spot.

Anyways I hope to read another update soon and leave a proper comment.
The first thing I saw this morning is this updates! Yes!!!

LOL! It's really "honapping" time!!! I love how supportive Jihye was and how cool Yunho's mom was over the whole "honapping"! ^-^

TBH, I was so hoping that this will be a short time-out for them. Sigh, I wanna torture Yunho just a little and make Yunho frantic with worry over Jae after their last phonecall.

But you did give us hint that it's gonna be some Yunjae time (not the way Yunjae fans wanted though >//<) when Maggie said she understood how terrible it was to be robbed of time with your love one and she did give him her house key. well, it might do them good too to spend the 2 weeks away from everyone and just spent some nice time together before Yunho has to go back to his normal life.

I'm not angry at Yunho to want to torture him, NO. But I did want him to feel how terrible it's going to be if Jae is not gonna be in his life anymore. Yes, I do know Yunho knows how much Jae means to him. Haha, sorry, I'm a drama whore *get bricked*

I know Jae was the one who willingly took the path of destruction and he had to take responsibility for his own action. But I guess I feel really sorry for Jae seeing how much he is trying and giving and I could see that he's repentful and he really did learn his lesson. Without his obsession and faith, there would be no more Yunho in this world.

Okok, I should stop saying this cause it's a whole "circular action, effect and cause" thing. I guess with his last almost breakdown, I'm worried if this friendship thing is gonna work for Jae afterall (;__;) But yes, Jae needs to learn to control his craziness (>.<;)

I'm glad that Yunho finally open up to Jae on how much his tattoos, especially the Yoosu tattoo bothers him. It's another positive sign!

I would love to know what Changmin said to Yunho on the phone, hahaha. Sounds like something snarky.

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I promise it was something snarky. LOL

I want people to feel for the characters so I don't mind at all if you feel sorry for Jae. I feel sorry for him too, but I love his crazy though.

I love drama and angst so there will be lots more to come. Warning. lol

Thanks bunches for your wonderful comment!
As crazy as just he can be... nice work JAE!!! the friend napping hilarious.

I really feel bad for both of them, because Jae didn't tattooed Yoochun and Junsu's name in his best stage, but Yunho is also suffering because deep inside him he felt like Jae was leaving him on the past.

Please update as soon as you can! I can't wait to know what'll happen next.
Yeah, I wonder if he was drunk when he got those tattoos or really pissed off?

Thanks for reading and commenting! I will be updating soon.
Early update!Me like :D

Woah JJ really did 'kidnap' Yunho!!I liked the fact that Yunhos' mom & sister let Jae take Yunho.I bet they were miffed at Mr Jungs doings!!hehe~

I wonder now whats gonna happen in the 2 weeks where YJ are all by themselves..dun dun dun~!XD I hope they get to sort most things out between them and the others.

tbh, I was kinda waiting for Yunho to do something when JJ didnt answer his calls..oh well, I dont mind this way either!

Oh hun,unfortunately I wont be able to give u a long reply like last time, Im too sleepy zz_zz
but I will look fwd to the next update ♥
Another update is a coming.:)

Ji-Hye really loved Jae before the break-up, so it's real easy for her to fall back into that. Mrs. Jung trusted Jae enough to leave him in charge of Yunho, so everything is falling back in place with them.

Thanks for you reply!
so sorry TT_TT i though i had commented back
i went home after jogging and reading this
i must have looked silly running around the park at 9:30 pm with a grin reading this
*See what your writing does to me?*
i ended up showering and passing out and i probably imaged commenting back ^^
anywho OMG~ JaeJae kidnapped Yunho
yay~ for alone time for yunjae
i can't wait for the next update~~~!
are yoosu going to show up in here soon or at all
i really want them all to make up soon
but its okay if that takes a while i don't mind reading more yunjae

read this in school earlier.
thanks for the update!
yunjae alone time! yes!
love how everything's progressing.
esp. yunho's recovery.<3
The tattoo topic was finally unveiled!!! and it ended up pretty nice cause Jaejoong finally knew what those tattoo can do to Yunho.

and i really really want them to freaking get back together now~~~!!!

Changmin's phonecall is also funny cause Jae got jealous XD
You and everybody else want's them back together. :) What do I want though???? lol

Crazy Jae and his jealousy are my favorite things about the man.

Thanks bunches for commenting!
Alone at last!!!! I'm so glad that Yunho went with him willingly, I'll be even happier when he confesses his feelings, god bless him he's tried so hard to hide them!!

Thanks for the wonderful update!!!

Love Ya Lots BB!!!
Oh, Yunho would much rather be with him. Yunho is a willing hostage to crazy Jae.

Thank you for commenting!
I am glad the story is an addiction!

The truth about the tattoos had to come out finally. I put it off long enough.

DO still follow! The next update is coming!

Thanks for replying!