Damaged, Chapter Thirty

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Always so much thanks to Amy and Kinmotsu for everything. I love all comments so I really love the readers who reward me with them...small or large.

Previous Chapters

When Yunho awoke the next morning, he found that he was snuggled up under multiple blankets…more blankets than he had been able to carry. He groaned as his eyes opened, prepared to find Jae sleeping on the pallet beside him and he was ready to kick him. Yunho had gone to sleep feeling hurt and he woke up mad. He sat up ready to kick the daylights out of Jae but found the only one sleeping with him was Jiji, who was curled up in a ball beside him.

Yunho’s annoyance grew as he noticed the coffee table was filled with everything Yunho could possibly need. Yunho puffed his cheeks out, trying to keep from cursing, when he noticed a urinal also on the table. Where the hell Jae had gotten a urinal from he didn’t want to know.

Yunho looked around and noticed that the door leading to the main bedroom was open. Yunho reached in his pocket to find that his phone was still there thankfully. He would not have put it past Jae to steal it. Yunho checked it to see that it was still on and it was. Yunho placed his phone on silent as a plan formed in his mind. He was going to go close that bedroom door because if Jae was asleep then he wanted him to stay sleeping.

Yunho grabbed his cane and stood up. He smiled to himself because it truly was getting easier every day. “Jiji, we are going to make sure sleeping divas stay sleeping. Cheesy heroine my ass,” Yunho grumbled under his breath to the cat.

Yunho crept towards the master bedroom quietly as he could not making a sound and looked inside to find Jae sleeping cross ways in bed. Yunho shut the door quietly and smiled. Yunho hoped Jae was in one of his zombie sleep modes. Yunho moved to the kitchen, eager to start his day with breakfast. A nice peaceful breakfast that would be completely drama free and he couldn’t wait for it. He took his time moving slowly, making sure not to make any noise as he placed the cereal, his meds and a bowl on the table. Then he opened the refrigerator and was surprised to find it full of food. “Why all the egg sandwiches yesterday?” Yunho asked himself quietly as he stared at all the food. “He is such an ass!”

Jiji meowed in agreement, as Yunho grabbed the milk and went to the table and ate in peace as he looked out at the lovely scenery. Yunho knew he needed to do two things for certain…exercise and bathe. Two things he didn’t feel completely safe doing alone. He knew a shower was out of the question because the risk of slipping was too great. He needed a shower chair to shower and the only one he knew of was the one in the master bath right next to where Jae was sleeping. Yunho had to admit, that Jae had thought of almost everything that Yunho might possibly need.

Yunho made it to the exercise room, worked out for about an hour, taking it slow and being extremely careful. When he was done, he felt very confident and knew he was up to taking a bath. He wouldn’t risk a shower but a bath should be safe enough. He grabbed a change of clothes from the bag of his clothing that Jae left in the living room for him. Yunho made it to the extra bathroom he had found last night.

Yunho wasn’t happy that all he could find was scented strawberry soap. He was still sensitive about the woman comments from the night before. Yunho let Jiji in the bathroom to keep him from meowing outside the door and waking Jae up. The cat was like his shadow and Yunho loved it.

He carefully got into the water and let out a sigh of relief…it felt so good. It wasn’t safe though, so he reached over the tub and picked up his phone that he had carefully laid on his dirty clothes pile. He hit Changmin’s number and very soon a very groggy Changmin answered. “What’s up sunshine…believe me I am not in a good mood…well I am stuck with a crazy person for one thing…you have no idea…I won’t even tell you what he called me…I am still debating on that…if he stays asleep forever then I don’t mind staying…he is sleeping…I am taking a bath…no, it’s not safe that’s why I am calling you …well I might have a seizure and drown in the tub…he would probably let me drown right now…I am not being melodramatic…I am calling you so if I suddenly don’t say something you can call an ambulance for me…no, I would rather drown than deal with him….I know I almost drowned before and I would still rather drown then deal with him…horny mean bastard…I love his cat though….I am totally stealing it…it loves me and totally hates him…You will love this cat…I know…I am not saying what he said…it was bad…I know he is…he frustrates me to no end…let me get dressed and I will call you back…you have to give me time to get out of the tub…ten minutes…okay five minutes,” Yunho said, hanging up the phone. He quickly cleaned himself and crawled out of the tub knowing better than to stand up in the slick tub.

Before he had finished drying off, his phone was lighting up letting him know he was getting a call. “Yes…fine…trying to dry off…I think I will go outside when I am done getting dressed and sit on the front porch...I need to think whether I want to stay or not…unhealthy, I know…I will make a decision…I will call you then.”

Yunho got dressed and opened the door and stopped quickly when he noticed that Jae was sitting on the floor leaning up against the wall with his legs stretched out. Jae looked like he hadn’t slept at all, his eyes were bloodshot and damp. Jae wiped tears away as he looked up at Yunho with big, beautiful, sad eyes. Yunho frowned. It was more than obvious that Jae had spent most of the night crying. “Oh, I am the girl? I don’t think I stayed up crying over you,” Yunho said, walking away still pissed. “I will have you know I slept like a rock. If I had woke up then I would have called somebody to come and get me.”

“Yunho…” Jae said, trying to clear his throat as he scrambled to his feet. “I will call and get all the bedroom furniture back.”

Yunho, who was slipping on his coat, shot a look at Jae full of daggers. “No need. I am probably not staying, but if I do I like sleeping by the fireplace. It’s peaceful and full of good memories. Memories of that time I went skiing with Go Ara and we shared a cabin. We slept next to the fireplace and I made love to her all night long.”

“Yunho, stop,” Jae said, growing pale.

“Why? It isn’t like you have ever made any secret of your conquests? Least I had genuine feelings for her,” Yunho said, putting on his gloves, but instantly regretted his words. He fought down the urge to apologize.

“Don’t be cruel…it isn’t like you.”

“You are right, it’s not like me. You are the cruel one…not me and I shouldn’t stoop to your level. It was you making fun of me that started it. I mean it isn’t like you have had a traumatic brain injury that has left you fucking handicapped for life. It isn’t like I am attacking your masculinity. It isn’t like you have to take a fucking bath because you can’t stand to shower. It isn’t like you have to be thankful every time you manage to walk somewhere without falling on your face. You can drive, drink, and you don’t have to live in fear of the moment when your body is going to betray you again!” Yunho told him full of hurt that was only compounded by his own frustration at his own limitations.

“Yunho, I did not mean it like that. I wasn’t saying that to you because of your injury. I was just…”

“Just what?”

“I just wanted to get you so mad that you would just cut through the bullshit and…”

“And take you? Have my way with you?”

“Yes!” Jae admitted loudly, taking a step closer to Yunho and stopping suddenly when Yunho held up his hand.

“Stay away from me. You can say and do the most hurtful things but you never have to take responsibility for any of it…you always have some excuse. Poor pitiful Jae! You just cry till I end up feeling guilty…for the shit that you do! Well not this time!” Yunho told him as he turned and walked out the door.


The minute Yunho shut the door, Jae fell belly down on the pallet in front of the fireplace and started pounding his fists into it. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jae rolled over and continued to curse. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He fought the urge to take the blankets that made up the pallet and burn them in the fireplace as Yunho’s words about his sweet Go Ara memories repeated over and over in his mind.

Jae had slept very little the night before. It didn’t take long for Jae to realize that he had gone too far with Yunho…pushed too hard. In the olden days of their golden love Yunho would have pushed right back at him, but this Yunho was different. This Yunho had emotional baggage that the younger model could never have dreamed of carrying.

Also, this older version had wisdom recently acquired that the younger version lacked…that the freshly awakened Clear Creek version lacked too. Jae could not remember a time when his tears didn’t have any effect on Yunho…no doubt the combination of Changmin and Heechul’s words of warning were having an effect on Yunho. Jae frowned because in a way he had to admit they were right. Jae didn’t cry because he felt sorry for what he had said…he cried because he felt sorry for himself. He was sleeping alone once again after once again not having sex with the man he loved. He cried because if his brutal words hadn’t done their job and snapped Yunho out of his sexless funk what would? Jae was afraid he would really have to settle for friendship. “Dammit!” Jae said as he sat up and picked up Yunho’s pillow and threw it across the room.

Jae bit his bottom lip and tried to control his mood. Throwing a fit wasn’t going to help him. He had to get out there on that porch and convince Yunho he wasn’t a crazy, sex obsessed fiend but somebody who loved him…loved him enough to settle for friendship. “Argh!” Jae cursed Yunho’s medication, because if he could get Yunho drunk then maybe…Jae shook his head trying to rid his head of such thoughts.

Jae fell back on the pallet and reminded himself that being with Yunho was what was important. Having Yunho in his life was the most important thing. If he didn’t get his act together, Yunho would be gone soon and far away from his reach and his sexual frustrations. Was Yunho really impotent? Jae wondered for the billionth time because that would explain his prudish behavior. Yunho said the thought of sex with Jae made him sick, but Jae suspected it was more than that. He shook his head again trying his best to banish sex from his mind.

Yunho was extremely unhappy with him right now…for the wrong reason, but still he was upset. He hadn’t been attacking him because of his injuries, he was attacking his behavior. But of course a highly sensitive Yunho had taken it badly. Jae cursed himself for letting Yunho know he was awake, but after listening to the phone conversation between Changmin and Yunho he couldn’t help but make himself known.

Jae had been awake when Yunho had shut his door. He had spent the morning listening to Yunho and evading him. Jae had almost had a stroke when he realized Yunho was going to take a bath…a bath! He was five seconds away from opening the bathroom door and letting Yunho know what he thought of his reckless behavior when Yunho had called Changmin. So Jae had stayed by the door listening. If he could hear Yunho then he knew the man wasn’t drowning. Jae frowned thinking that Yunho would rather drown than wake him that Yunho actually said that he would probably let him drown? Yunho knew better and so did Changmin.

“JiJi!!!” Jae yelled at his cat that was meowing and clawing at the front door so he could get out to Yunho. Jae couldn’t help but agree, of course Jiji had the right idea. Staying in here plotting and whining about his sexless life was getting him nowhere. Jae stood up and decided he would be honest with Yunho.

“I am coming,” he told his cat as he finished putting on his shoes and slid on his coat.


Yunho was sitting on an old fashioned porch swing gently rocking it back and forth when Jae opened the front door. Jiji flew out of the house and onto the porch and immediately jumped up into Yunho’s lap. “Hey Jiji,” Yunho whispered. He petted the cat as Jae sat down on the swing beside him.

“It’s time for honesty,” Jae said, turning to look at the man beside him. “Nothing but honesty…no lies. I won’t lie to protect you, and I don’t want you lying to protect me.”


“I am in love with you. I always have been in love with you and I am pretty sure I always will be. This…this…what we have isn’t enough for me.”

Yunho closed his eyes. “And I am in love with you…like I have always been, and I’m afraid I always will be…but what we have is all I have to give.”

“Are you impotent?” Jae just blurted out the question that had consumed him for months.

Yunho turned to find Jae’s eyes digging into him. “I was for most of the time that we were at Clear Creek, but not all of the time. Dr. Gwak put me on new medications…”

“Are you now?”

“No, I’m not.”

Jae stood up instantly, unable to be still and demanded, “Then why are you making this so fucking hard! This is me! We were together for years…this shouldn’t be so hard…actually it should be hard!”

“You want honesty, Jae? Well here is honesty for you…I can’t even think about making love to you without seeing you and Junsu together, and I promise you there isn’t a greater turn off.”

Jae swallowed and implored the man sitting in front of him. “You have to let that go. I was mad. That was years ago and it was done to hurt you.”

Yunho frowned. “Well that makes it okay then. That you destroyed my relationship with Yoochun and Junsu because you were mad…well that’s okay…as long as you were mad.”

Jae sat back down on the swing. “You dumped me first. I was so hurt…”

“I let you go because we were playing with fire…that could burn everybody in our path. I let you go because my father had threatened to disown me and never allow me to see my mother and sister again. I told you all this…never did I say that I didn’t love you or want the best for you,” Yunho explained for the millionth time.

“Yunho, at the time all I could see was that you were leaving me…forgive me for not being rational. We were more married than married people! We lived and breathed the same air for years. How was I supposed to handle you suddenly sleeping in another room and not being able to touch you? In the end you gave me up for Dong Bang Shin Ki…which you lost anyway and for a mother and sister that abandoned you in your time of need.”

“I did not lose Dong Bang Shin Ki…you, Yoochun, and Junsu took it from me. My mother and sister did not abandon me. They were with me for months and then they moved on. It isn’t like they threw me out in the pasture to fend for myself.”

“They left you with me.”

“I know they did.”

“Because unlike them I could never move on if it meant leaving you.”

“That isn’t true…if you are mad enough you sure as hell can. If you are mad enough then you are capable of anything.”

“That isn’t fair. You know I am not rational when it comes to you. I was mad and jealous when I thought up that plan you were rumored to be with that bitch…so that is why I....”

Yunho gritted his teeth knowing he could never win this argument. “Okay then…you are perfect and without fault. Every bad thing you ever did was my fault. It’s my fault. All my fault.”

“That isn’t what I meant!”

“What do you mean then?”

“I…I just want…you to see the truth. It wasn’t my fault entirely…it’s more complicated than that. You and I…..”

“You and I are very different…when I hurt you I feel guilty and it’s very rarely intentional. Usually it’s in the moment and I almost always apologize….when you hurt me it’s usually a part of one of your stupid plans to make me suffer.”

Jae frowned and reached over and grabbed Yunho’s hand. “Last night wasn’t part of some plan…”

“So the furniture elves snuck all the furniture out while you weren’t looking,” Yunho told him sarcastically.

“Okay clearing out the bedrooms was my plan, but that wasn’t to hurt you. I just thought if we were forced to be together nature would take its course.”

“I needed you too much in the hospital, and I totally destroyed our boundaries. You have no respect for my wishes you, keep thinking if you push just enough you can change how I feel.”

“What about my feelings? I want you and you say you love me and cling to me…how is that fair to me? Talk about mixed signals, Yunho…you are the king of them.”

Yunho took his free hand and rubbed between his eyes and pulled his other hand away from Jae. “I know this. I know I should push you away and put distance between us…for your own sake. Let you find somebody who can love you back the way you want to be loved. I just…”

“Stop it! I don’t want to hear this.” Jae said, putting his hands up to his ears.

Yunho reached out and pulled one of Jae’s hands away from his ear. “You were not made to be celibate. I cannot give you what you want…you need to find somebody who can.”

Jae looked at Yunho as if his head had just doubled in size. “Are you telling me to go have sex with somebody…so I will be easier for you to handle?”

“I am telling you…that we don’t work as lovers anymore. If we did I would be all for it, but we don’t. I don’t expect you to wait for me…for something that might never work between us again. You have my blessing…”

“Stop…the only person I am ever going to have sex with again is sitting on this porch with me. I have fucked around a lot, and I have no desire to go back to that. It didn’t solve anything and it didn’t satisfy this need for you that I have carried with me for four fucking years! I have had three tests done to make sure I didn’t pick up anything that I could give you.”

Yunho scrunched up his face. “That’s…thoughtful of you, but you are not listening to me. I am not attracted to you. We don’t work right now and I wouldn’t blame you if you started seeing somebody new.”

Jae snorted and folded his arms. “Is this some ploy by you, so you can date somebody else? Well I will never give you my blessing! Never!”

Yunho rolled his eyes. “So what you said before….”

Jae had the decency to look a little ashamed. “Well I might be able to if…I like had therapy. Speaking of therapy, perhaps we should get couple’s therapy? You know, to get past that barrier you keep talking about.”

Yunho started at Jae dumbstruck. “The shrink would go running from the room or lock us both up in straitjackets.”

“Or they could help us?” Jae said, smiling hopefully at Yunho.

“I am not going to a shrink to find out why I can’t get it up for you!” Yunho said, swatting Jae’s thigh. “I don’t know what world you are living in, but I happen to be living in South Korea home of the homophobic!”

Jae couldn’t help but laugh at Yunho’s dramatics. “Afraid, are you?”

Yunho sat up straighter in the swing. “Me? You are the one who ran back to Seoul to make up a cover story the minute Yunjae fans released pictures of us…and you want to go to couple’s therapy. You are so full of shit.”

Jae laughed harder seeing the outrage on Yunho’ face and told him, “Okay, so I am not ready to admit my gayness to the world, but a psychiatrist would have to keep it confidential.”

Yunho frowned at him and reached for his phone. “I think you should see one, but I am going to have to pass.”

“No, no, no…don’t call Changmin. I promise to behave. I let you workout by yourself…I let you take a bath by yourself even though it almost gave me a stroke,” Jae admitted, reaching for Yunho’s phone.

Yunho swung his arm out of Jae’s reach. “So you were awake!”

“Of course I was awake! I was scared you were going to leave, but didn’t I do good letting you have your space?”

Yunho nodded his head in agreement but he puckered up his mouth and griped. “You called me a heroine from a cheesy romance novel. You said I had breasts.”

Jae reached over and patted Yunho’s upper chest much to the other man’s annoyance. “You kinda do sometimes, but I adore them.”

“So not funny.”

“Don’t leave…I was stupid last night.”

“You were mean!”

“I was mean…the wrong head was controlling me.”

Yunho’s eyes narrowed. “And when it controls you again? Tonight or tomorrow night?”

“At this point it can control me at any part of the day…but my fear of you leaving is stronger,” Jae said, grinning at Yunho.

“This is so wrong.”

“Soon you will be back under SM’s control, and I will be lucky if I get to see you once a month…stay and I promise to behave myself.”

“Swear on my life that you will behave yourself and I will stay,” Yunho told him.

“I am so not swearing on your life. Are you crazy? I will swear on other people’s lives though? What about my mother, is that good for you?”

Yunho studied Jae suspiciously and asked, “Which mother are we talking about?”

Jae turned away unable to look Yunho in the eye and stretched out his arms, “Look at this beautiful scenery, isn’t it nice? They say it is going to snow! How nice it will look all covered in snow.”

Yunho couldn’t help but laugh at Jae’s attempt at distraction. “You are hopeless!”

“I know, but I promise to be on my best behavior. Look at that tree,” Jae said, extremely curious as he got up from the swing and pointed to a large tree in the front yard.

“What about it?” Yunho said as he put Jiji down, stood up and walked over to stand beside Jae. “It just looks like an old tree.”

“But look at the top of it, how the bark is split…it looks like it’s been hit by lightening…that a big part of it broke off.” Jae said, staring up at the tree intently.

“Yeah, maybe a really long time go. Why are you so fascinated by it?” Yunho asked curiously as he watched Jae’s expression.

“Not fascinated…just reminded that maybe I shouldn’t be so selfish,” Jae whispered, looking at the tree fearfully now.

“Really…that tree made you realize that?”

“Yeah…if you ever want me then I will be here standing by your side, but if you don’t ever want me then I will still be here standing by your side. I won’t push you anymore.”


Three days later, Yunho awoke on his pallet to the sound of rain hitting the roof. He stretched his arms out and smiled. Jae had kept his word and the last three days had been so peaceful and Yunho felt better than he had in a long time. He had walked all over the yards surrounding the house. He had done his own physical therapy under Jae’s watchful eye, but instead of being overbearing Jae had been helpful.

Yunho sat up and looked to the couch and sure enough Jae was there sound asleep. Jae had given up sleeping in the master bedroom and Yunho didn’t mind as long as he kept his hands to himself. Yunho climbed to his feet and walked to the big window in the kitchen, leaving his cane behind. He felt so much stronger as if his arms and legs were finally at his command.

He stared out the window and watched the rain come pouring down. The rain would turn to snow tomorrow, and Yunho fought down the memory of his last encounter with the snow.

“Don’t make me super glue the cane to your hand,” Jae threatened, causing Yunho to jump as the other man slid up beside him putting a hand on Yunho’s hip to steady him.

“I am in no danger of falling I promise you,” Yunho said, staring out at the pouring rain.

“Hmmm…” Jae mumbled, trying to wake up as he wiped his eyes. “Don’t forget I have that meeting today…no getting up without it while I am gone.”

“I won’t. I will probably sleep all day with all this rain. The rain always puts me to sleep.”

“Stupid meeting! They are so demanding of me lately, or I could sleep all day too,” Jae said, moving closer to Yunho resting his chin on Yunho’s shoulder.

“Bring me back some good food. I can’t live on sandwiches and junk food,” Yunho said, not bothered by the friendly contact.

Jae reached a hand around and pinched Yunho’s side. “I don’t know…you seem to be doing just fine on it.”

“Stop it, my wound!”

Jae just laughed. “I was nowhere near your wound and you work out just fine.”

Yunho smiled because he was caught. “True, it doesn’t bother me any…well except it itches.”

Jae slid both arms around Yunho and clasped them together. “I think I am going to fall back asleep standing up.”

“You are getting clingy,” Yunho warned, not wanting to endanger the progress they had made.

“Just sleepy. I have no amorous intent,” Jae reassured, him not removing his arms from around the other man.

“You should sleep in the bed not the couch,” Yunho told him, as Jae started singing in his ear.

It’s close to morning
And I can’t see your face
How’d we end up this way
You were my sun in every day

“What song is this?” Yunho asked innocently, still staring out at the rain.

Jae frowned and stopped singing. “You seriously don’t know?”

“I’m not even up to date on Korean music much less English music,” Yunho explained, as Jae removed his arms from around him.

“You are just too much. Way too much,” Jae muttered, as he stepped away from Yunho as he headed back toward the living room and grabbed Yunho’s cane and brought it back to him and set it down beside him.



Yunho turned and stared at Jae as he walked back to the couch. “Oh, that nothing means something.”

Jae collapsed back down on the couch. “I wrote the song, and it isn’t a new song either. It was on our first English album.”

“Oh, it wasn’t about…”

“Of course it was about you!” Jae snapped. “With an occasional she thrown in to hide the fact it was about you. I don’t know why I even bothered though. If I had known then of Changmin’s stupid rules I would have just kept it to myself,” Jae said, throwing a pillow over his face.

“You want to sing it for me now?” Yunho offered, feeling a little awkward.

“No, I don’t want to sing it for you now!” Jae said with is face still covered.

Yunho fought down a chuckle and went to the cabinets to get him some breakfast. “I thought somebody had a meeting they had to go to?”

“Don’t remind me,” Jae said, with his face still covered. “I also have to go see my demanding hag sister.”

“Oh, my favorite of your sisters…oh wait she totally isn’t. If I never see her again it will be too soon.” Yunho frowned just at the thought of the woman.

“Most of my sisters love you,” Jae told him, uncovering his face. “So you know what she did?”


“You know this but you don’t know I have a cat or that I wrote love songs for you?” Jae asked, sitting up pouting.

Yunho snorted. “If you write songs then you are going to write love songs, and they can be directed at anybody or no one. What your sister did that was only directed at me and Changmin.”

Jae chewed on the side of his cheek nervously and watched Yunho as he sat up his breakfast on the table. “She is freaking out because now she knows that we are close again, and she wants to know how that affects her.”

“She is still your sister it’s as simple as that,” Yunho said, popping pills into his mouth.

“I love you more than her it’s as simple as that,” Jae told him, rolling his eyes. “Most of my other sisters were smart enough to not take sides. Money really is the root of all evil.”

“No, the love of money is the root of all evil,” Yunho said, as he stopped eating his cereal to turn back and look at Jae.

Jae stood up from the couch. “I won’t disagree with that, but it’s hard when you have a family as big as mine, and they always want something. You never had to deal with that…nor Changmin.”

“True,” Yunho agreed, taking another spoonful of cereal.

“It’s much easier for me being filthy rich now,” Jae said, walking up to the table and grabbing Yunho’s glass of milk and taking a drink.

“I am sure it is. I know it wasn’t always easy for you and Yoochun with your families and all their wants.”

Jae sat the glass back down on the table and ran a hand through Yunho’s hair. “No, but we all had it hard in different ways.”

“True. I wonder what happened to my coin collection,” Yunho asked suddenly as he remembered back on his own hard times with money.

Jae laughed. “Was it not at your Dad’s?”

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Changmin probably spent it.”

“Not funny.”

“I am sure Changmin has it. I doubt very likely he would have let anybody else have it.”

Yunho slouched in his chair. “I still can’t believe he moved out of the dorms.”

“I couldn’t have stayed there if I were him,” Jae said, as he grabbed Yunho’s spoon and took a bite of cereal.

“I know, but now we are getting another place. I just wanted to go back home,” Yunho said with a small pout.

“Another new place?” Jae asked surprised. “They are moving you to another place?”

“Yeah, Changmin told me yesterday. Apparently it’s Yunho friendly. He told me it has safety bars set up in my bathroom and it’s nice and spacey. It’s apparently in a brand new building they just finished building down town…the Blue Towers or something it was called. He sounded really excited after touring it,” Yunho explained, as he watched Jae take another spoonful of his cereal.

“So they paid for all your hospital bills, for Clear Creek and now a brand new apartment…you are going to be their indentured servant till you are a hundred years old,” Jae said, frowning.

“And what’s new? I like being their servant,” Yunho said, laughing as he pulled his spoon away from Jae. “Get your own bowl.”

“I can’t, I have too much to do. I have to go to my apartment and change. I didn’t bring any suits with me. The meeting is a formal one,” Jae said, walking away from the table.

“Important meeting.”

“Yes,” Jae agreed, turning back to Yunho. “I should bring back a suit for you to wear. You look good in suits.”

“I am not wearing a suit unless they have elastic waist bands,” Yunho told him with a smirk. “Sweats are all I am wearing these days.”

“You are crazy,” Jae told him as he walked into the master bedroom.

Yunho finished his breakfast while Jae hurried and got dressed. It wasn’t long before Jae was done and standing in front of him again. “Okay, I won’t make you stay on the couch while I am gone.”

“That’s so kind of you.”

“Because you wouldn’t stay on the couch anyway.”


“But no baths, no nature walks, and please keep your cane with you,” Jae pleaded.

“Can I climb up on the roof?” Yunho asked sarcastically.

“No, you can’t. Don’t stress me out!” Jae said, frowning as he grabbed his keys.

“I promise to be a good boy.”

Jae smiled as he headed toward the door leading to the garage. “That’s all I want to hear.” Then Jae paused. “I might be gone for awhile. Are you sure you are okay?”

“I am good,” Yunho assured him.

“I will call all the time and if you don’t answer I will send an ambulance, the police, the fire department and I will break every speed law in the country to get here.”

“I’ve been warned. Have fun. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” Yunho told him, smiling. “Jiji and I will be absolutely fine.”

Jae frowned and said, “You don’t have to look so happy.”

“I will miss you desperately…is that better?” Yunho said, smirking. He really was looking forward to some alone time.

“Much better,” Jae said, walking out the door.

Yunho stood and stretched and reluctantly grabbed his cane and made it to the exercise room where he did very light leg exercises, not wanting to get into a sweat since he promised not to bathe while Jae was gone. He then sat down on the couch and watched a movie while he pampered Jiji and answered Jae’s frequent phone calls checking up on him.

After the movie was done, Yunho got up and put on his coat and gloves and told the cat, “Jiji, let’s go sit on the porch swing and watch it rain.” Yunho walked to the door with the cat close behind him. Yunho opened the door all smiles enjoying his new found independence but the smile on his face fell away instantly as he stared into Junsu’s face.

“Hello, Hyung.”

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