Damaged, Chapter Thirty Six

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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Yunho sat in a leather recliner in the living room of his and Changmin’s new apartment, admiring it. He had to admit it was very nice. It looked like a bachelor pad straight out of every guy’s dreams, or more specifically his dreams. He liked that it had real furniture and not weird chairs that looked like something out of the space age.

“You haven’t fallen back asleep have you?” Changmin asked as he walked back into the living room.

Yunho sucked on his bottom lip and glared at the younger man. “I didn’t fall asleep!”

“Dude, there was drool coming out of your mouth,” Changmin told him, as he sat down on the couch.


“It’s okay. You’ve had a long day. The party did last a little longer than we had planned. It’s your own fault for being so friendly and loved by everybody.”

“Friendliness isn’t a fault. Although, you wouldn’t know that would you, brat?”

“And just this morning I was an angel you didn’t deserve,” Changmin told him fondly. “Seriously Yunho, you need to sleep.”

“I probably can’t. I have weird sleeping habits now. I couldn’t even sleep at dad’s house.”

“I know, you told me frequently enough. If you miss the hospital I can call and see if they have an empty room you can borrow for the night.”

Yunho folded his arms. “You are not a nice person.”

“I am so nice to you. You want me to sing you a lullaby?” Changmin asked in a sweet tone, reaching over to pat Yunho’s arm.

Yunho smiled. “Yes, I do.”

“Sorry, it isn’t happening.”

“Tease,” Yunho told him as he reached into his pocket for his phone.

Changmin laughed. “I wouldn’t want to spoil you.”

“I doubt there is any need to worry. You are not the spoiling kind,” Yunho grumbled, as he put the phone up to his ear waiting for somebody to pick up.

“Jae has you spoiled. I have to rid you of all the bad habits that he has instilled in your head. Babying you isn’t the answer. You are going to have to carry your own weight.”

Yunho frowned at his phone and put it back down. “I carry my own weight. I literally drag my right side with me all the damn time.”

Changmin blinked. “I am teasing you. Don’t get testy with me. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I’m not testy.”

“You are. I am sorry if my bite was a little too much. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Yunho sighed. “It isn’t. I’m just tired. Plus Jae won’t answer his phone.”

Changmin whistled. “So this is why you are suddenly so testy. He is probably out getting wasted celebrating his victory over you.”


“It was a long fought battle.”


“He put up a good fight and won in the end against your stubbornness, but he had to sacrifice his carefree lifestyle. Two solid weeks of no smoking or drinking - he deserves to enjoy himself. I am surprised he didn’t go into withdrawal and die from the lack of alcohol.”

“I will have you know he has stayed with me much longer than two weeks before and he never went into withdrawal,” Yunho snapped at Changmin and then added confidently, “I am the only thing he’s truly addicted to.”

“Don’t make me barf,” Changmin said, getting up and walking into the kitchen.

“Well it’s true. Bring me some water,” Yunho yelled at Changmin.

“I am in the kitchen, not Brazil,” Changmin told Yunho in response to the other man’s yelling as he grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and brought it to Yunho.

“I have to take my pills,” Yunho explained, reaching for his bag. “Then I think I really will go to bed and try to sleep. I would hate to subject you to anymore drooling.”

“I thank you,” Changmin told Yunho, as he stood beside the man watching him. “You need to sleep before you start slurring on me. Slurring and drooling, I honestly don’t know if I can handle both in one day. Kidding aside, I don’t want you to be tired,” Changmin said, reaching down a hand to place it on Yunho’s shoulder. “Seriously, if it gets even close to that I am putting a stop to whatever we may be doing.”

Yunho looked up at Changmin and smiled as he swallowed his pills. “I thought you weren’t going to baby me?”

“It’s not babying you…it’s called taking care of you, because you suck at taking care of yourself.”

“So while you are being all mushy and loving are you going to tell me why you don’t drink anymore? Don’t think I didn’t notice you never touched a drop of alcohol at that party,” Yunho asked, peering up at the taller man wanting to unlock his secrets.

“I am being a good friend. If you can’t drink then…” A knock at the door stopped Changmin from finishing. “Hmm who could that be? Could it be the Birthday Boy?”

Yunho shrugged his shoulders, but his eyes had a new sparkle in them. “We agreed to a couple days apart.”

Changmin walked to the door and looked at the screen on the keypad that clearly showed Jae waiting outside the door. Changmin opened the door. “I am so surprised to see you. I mean has it been twelve hours since you two last parted?”

“Thirteen,” Jae answered, walking past Changmin without a backwards glance.

“I tried to call you,” Yunho told Jae, unable to keep the smile off his face at the sight of his lover.

“I know, but I was busy convincing the guard downstairs that I had special privileges to visit whenever I want,” Jae said, as he sat down on the recliner’s arm and ran a hand through Yunho’s long locks as he gave the other man a good looking over.

“You most certainly do,” Yunho told him smiling up at him, his eyes automatically closing as Jae’s touch put him at ease.

“You are too tired,” Jae told him, looking around the apartment. “This is a nice place though. I am going to need the password to that door.”

“Why not? Just help yourself,” Changmin told him sarcastically from the kitchen as he peered into the refrigerator, looking for something to eat.

“Oh, I will,” Jae promised.

“Well, good. You sing him a lullaby and put him to bed then,” Changmin told him as he closed the refrigerator and started going though the cabinets searching for food.

“Lullaby?” Jae said, laughing in disbelief.

Yunho laughed along with Jae. “Can you believe he wouldn’t sing for me? Such an ingrate.”

“Such an ingrate,” Jae agreed.

Changmin walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of water and a bag of chips. “This ingrate is going to his room. You two do whatever you want…just do it quietly.”

“Quiet? You better invest in some nice headphones is all I can say,” Jae snapped back at the younger man.

“Jae!” Yunho told him, slapping his thigh.

“His memory must be faulty if he thinks we are capable of being quiet,” Jae said, baiting Changmin who just rolled his eyes at him refusing to engage him.

“Stop traumatizing him!” Yunho snapped at Jae.

“Just know that your new chauffeur will be here to get us at 9am to take us to the studio. I know Jae is well aware of Dr. Gawk’s warnings about you getting enough sleep,” Changmin reminded them, as he walked toward his bedroom.

“Yes, I am,” Jae reluctantly admitted as he watched Changmin disappear down the hallway. “New chauffeur?” Jae asked, looking down at Yunho.

“The limo and driver from this morning. They are apparently all mine now,” Yunho explained. It was just one of many generous gifts he had received today.

Jae frowned. “Isn’t that a little ostentatious?”

“Have you seen your car?”

“You love my car.”

“I do.”

“I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”

Yunho yawned. “I think I agree. Did you have fun at your birthday bash?”

“No. Have I ever had fun at one of those fan parties? My real birthday bash is going on right now without me,” Jae explained, standing up and dragging Yunho up out of the chair with him.

Yunho wrapped and arm around Jae. “Jae, you should be there. I thought we agreed…”

“Don’t!” Jae told him, interrupting him. “It’s my birthday and if I want to end it how I began it than that’s my decision.”

“I hate to disappoint you but I am really not up to that. I’m really exhausted, so if you want to go to your party…”

“Yunho…” Jae interrupted again. “I know you are tired and we are going to sleep. I am tired too. We are going to be together and that’s all that’s important.”

Yunho smiled at him. “As long as you are sure.”

“I am more than sure. Plus I intend to have my way with you in the morning. Where is your bedroom at?”

Yunho reached out a hand and pointed to the opposite direction that Changmin had gone. “I haven’t actually been in there yet.”

Jae started walking toward the room with his arm firmly wrapped around Yunho. “Clear Creek, the hospital, your dad’s, Maggie’s house, and now this place. You have done so much moving around in the last couple of months.”

“I know. Honestly I’m really glad you’re here. You are the constant in my life.”

Jae smiled brightly. “I like that.


“Oh dear….God,” Mrs. Jung declared a few days later after having lunch with her son inside her hotel room. He had just given her the papers that Lee Soo Man had given him.

“How much is it?” Yunho asked, as he watched his mother scan over the papers in disbelief.

“More than you will ever need in this life. He didn’t just leave you shares of SM. He left you shares of investments he had made in wine, real estate, electronics, and silver…apparently years ago when the price was down he invested heavily in silver…the fortune from that alone.”

“He said he never wanted me to answer to any man.”

“You will never have to, but there is so much to oversee,” Mrs. Jung told him, shaking her head still in shock at her son’s sudden riches.

“His people are still watching it for me…and he said after he died they would continue to watch it for me.”

“Who else have you told?”

“Nobody, he said for me only to tell my clever mother.”

Mrs. Jung smiled. “He is wise to have you hide this. I will have to quit my job though to help oversee this.”

“Mom, I didn’t want that. You love your new job.”

“Believe me I will love this job too,” she told him with an honest smile. “I know you will pay me well.”

Yunho threw his hands up. “Whatever you want. I am so grateful for your help. I am so blessed to have a smart lawyer as my mother. My fortune is your fortune.”

“No, it isn’t. This is your fortune. You earned it,” Mrs. Jung scolded her son as she continued to flip through the papers.

“I got shot in the head. I don’t know if I would call that earning it.”

“Jung Yunho, do not make me angry. You earned this through your loyalty…you earned this long before a bullet crashed into you. You suffered for many years…you lost so much. If you had left SM everything would have been so much easier for you.”

“It actually wouldn’t have been. He told me he would have outed me and Jae to the world. I have no doubts that he would have. If I had died he was still going to do it…all in order to destroy them,” Yunho admitted. “Should I even accept this gift?”

“Yes, he might be a vindictive bastard at times, but you aren’t. You will do so much good with this.”

“He says he made sure I couldn’t give it all away to charity.”

“Yes, and I agree with him there. You can donate more than enough without giving it all away.” Mrs. Jung explained to him. She looked up at her only son. “I can only imagine the wealth the man really has. This is only a portion of it. I wonder who will get the other shares and the rest of his money if he doesn’t trust his family.”

“He didn’t say.”

“He is wealthier than anybody realizes. He has hid his assets well. That Jae, Junsu, and Yoochun ever survived his wrath is amazing.”

“He let up after I was shot though.”

“Yes, but that they lasted that long is amazing. He must have been afraid of what their families would release about you and Jae’s relationship if he ever did them true harm.”

Yunho frowned. “You think they blackmailed him?”

“I don’t know but the secret you share with Jae could destroy both sides and only a fool wouldn’t realize that,” she told him as she sat the papers down.

“I hate that so much! You have no idea how much I hate that,” Yunho told her, rubbing his forehead.

“And yet you walked right back into it.”

“Yes,” Yunho admitted.

“Oh, Yunho, why must you make your life so hard?” she asked him sadly.

Yunho took a deep breath and looked into his mother’s disappointed eyes. “You must have known it was going to happen.”

“You can know something is inevitable and still feel the sadness and disbelief when it actually happens,” she told him, reaching across the table and grabbing his hand.

“Believe me I know that better than anyone.”

Mrs. Jung smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “I won’t ask if you are happy, it’s obvious. I just wish you could love openly and proudly.”

“I wish that too…more than anything.”

“So he has no idea about this?” Mrs. Jung said referring to the papers in front of her.

Yunho shook his head. “No, neither does Changmin. I won’t tell one and not the other.”

“You won’t be able to keep it from them for long.”

“I will tell them when the time is right. Changmin is all excited for the new album…more excited than I have seen him in years. I won’t disappoint him,” Yunho told her.


“I just think it would take some of the urgency out of our comeback if he finds out I’m a major shareholder. I don’t want to feel separate from anybody…I don’t want to be treated any more differently than I already am,” Yunho admitted, still holding his mother’s hand.

“Changmin is just protective of you. He would never treat you differently because you are suddenly rich.”

“He won’t but the other people in the company will. I am just going to follow Lee Soo Man’s advice for now and only tell you.”

“I will have to tell your sister. She will have to know why I am not going back to the states,” Mrs. Jung explained to her son, as the daughter in question walked into the hotel room.

“Oppa! I didn’t know you were coming today!” Ji-Hye declared happily, as she sat a couple shopping bags down on the couch and walked to the table where her mother and brother were sitting.

“I missed my favorite girls,” Yunho told her, as she came up and wrapped both of her arms around her older brother’s neck.

“We missed you too,” she told him, hugging him tightly from behind.

“Don’t strangle your brother.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Ji-Hye said smiling, as she took a seat at the table. “Not till I drill him about Jae.”

Yunho smiled and shook his head at his sister’s eager face. “I haven’t even seen him in days. He is going from country to country making up for his neglect.”

“Neglect?” Mrs. Jung asked, as she started to flip through the papers again.

“Mom, Jae totally neglected JYJ and his fans while he was busy caring for Yunho,” Ji-Hye explained, exasperated at her mother.

Mrs. Jung looked up from the papers and studied Yunho carefully. “And you were okay with this?”

“Do I approve of him sacrificing everything to be at my side? The selfish part of me loved it, but the part of me that is run by my conscious was always against it,” Yunho explained to his mother.

“Sacrificing everything? You mean while you were sick. The last time I talked to Jae I got the impression that he isn’t ready to sacrifice everything,” Mrs. Jung told her son and didn’t miss her son flinching.

“Why should he? You guys are magnificent, why should you give up anything? What do you want him to do? Go groveling back to SM so he can be with you all the time?” Ji-Hye asked, clearly irritated.

“No, I don’t want that,” Yunho insisted.

“Good, because you can join JYJ as easily as he can join SM. It isn’t fair if Jae has to sacrifice everything. Let’s be honest here, he’s the giver in this relationship…and you are the taker.”

“Ji-Hye!” both Yunho and his mother snapped at the same time.

“It’s true, Mom. How long did Yunho force friendship on him? Can you even imagine how hard that must have been on him? Did he give up? Nope, he kept coming back no matter how many times he got hit in the face for it,” Ji-Hye said, defending Jae.

Yunho glared at his younger sister. “I will have you know I really thought friendship was all I had to offer. I didn’t tell him that to torment him…I honestly believed it. Until I resolved my issues with Junsu I wasn’t even attracted to Jae. You are probably too young to know that you can love somebody with all your heart and not be attracted to them.”

Ji-Hye’s mouth dropped open. “Too young!”

“And let’s not forget that your brother’s issues with Jae are not something easily brushed under the rug. You discredit and disrespect your brother when you make light of all he had to forgive,” Mrs. Jung explained to her daughter, annoyed.

“I don’t disrespect him. I never have! I am just saying there were things for both of them to forgive…and Jae is the one that did the reaching out. If it wasn’t for his attempts to reach Yunho…Yunho would be dead right now,” Ji-Hye pointed out.

“If he had never left SM and contributed to the division of the fans then Yunho would never have been shot…by one of his psychotic fans,” Mrs. Jung aimed right back at her daughter.

“You cannot hold Jae responsible for what his crazy fans do. Also if Yunho had never listened to Dad and broken up with him he would never have left SM,” Ji-Hye shot right back at her mother.

Yunho eyes widened as he watched them go back and forth at each other.

“If he had acted like 90% of the rest of the world after they have a break-up and had not gone on a mad rampage, none of this would have happened. People get their hearts broken everyday and they do not plot to destroy their ex-partner,” Mrs. Jung retorted back at her daughter.

“Ninety percent of the rest of the world are not capable of loving anybody as much as Jae loves Yunho,” Ji-Hye said in support of Jae.

“That’s a lame and sorry excuse. You can’t judge other people and their capacity to love. I loved your father for years and our divorce was civil compared to the mess that was Yunho and Jae’s break-up. Just because love is mad doesn’t mean it is stronger. Someday when you grow up and are in a real relationship of your own you will realize this.”

“Mom!” Ji-Hye screeched, hurt.

“I am serious. Love shouldn’t be about insanity. It should be about forgiveness, compassion, honesty, and most importantly it should be healthy. It shouldn’t break you…it should make you stronger,” Mrs. Jung insisted.

“Ummm…this is all mute. Jae and I are perfectly fine right now. I am not asking him to sacrifice anything. We are together now and I don’t see that ever changing again. He is going to focus more on his career and I have mine to focus on plus other things that require my attention. I am sure we will have many more fights in the future, and I know my life with him will never be boring but it’s the life I chose,” Yunho said, interrupting their ongoing debate.

“Boring can be good, Yunho,” Mrs. Jung told her son.

“I am sure it can be, but I am never bored when I am with him. It just isn’t possible.”

“You two just light up around each other…it’s so romantic!” Ji-Jye said, smiling as she clasped her hands together.

Mrs. Jung gave her daughter a long suffering look. “God, help me. I fear the day you fall in love.”

“Mom!” Ji-Hye whined at her mother.

“I have to get back to the studio, so we should fill her in,” Yunho told them.

“What about?” Ji-Hye asked, suddenly interested.

“I can never leave SM now because Lee Soo Man gave me twelve percent of it,” Yunho told his sister, not beating around the bush.

Ji-Hye’s mouth dropped open. “That’s like a lot…right?”

“A whole lot,” her mother agreed.

“You two are the only two people who know,” Yunho explained to her.

“Changmin and Jae don’t know? Why not?” Ji-Hye asked.

“Because I haven’t told them and it really doesn’t affect them. I don’t want to be known as the shareholder of SM. I just want to be U-know Yunho right now. I will tell them when the time is right,” Yunho insisted.

Ji-Hye frowned at Yunho’s reasons. “You are going to hide it?”

“As much as I can…I don’t know. Who knows I might end up telling them tonight,” Yunho admitted.

“Lee Soo Man asked him to only tell me. I do think Yunho needs to start going to the share holder meetings immediately though. You have much to learn and sitting in on those meetings will be a big help,” his mother advised.

“What reason could I give for just showing up?” Yunho asked, scrunching up his face at the thought of attending those meetings.

“It is widely known you own stock. Just say you are an interested stock holder. Changmin could even go with you,” Mrs. Jung explained for him.

“Changmin is so going to figure this out.” Ji-Hye told them.

“No doubt.” Yunho agreed.

“Hey, does this mean we are filthy rich now?” Ji-Hye asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

“No, it means your brother is filthy rich.”

“Well I am his only sibling, so I guess I can quit school and become a professional shopper,” Ji-Hye said, winking at her brother as her mother’s face turned red.

“You will do no such thing! You will finish your college education…what of your dreams to be a lawyer? To follow in your father and mine’s footsteps?” Mrs. Jung asked, appalled at her daughter’s last statement.

“Come to think of it I guess I better continue with my law degree. My brother is going to be a major share holder of SM…and God knows SM always needs lawyers.”

“Not funny!!!” Yunho told Ji-Hye, reaching across the table to grab her but she was already up and away avoiding his grasp.


“Who comes up with these shit questions?” Yoochun mumbled under his breath in Korean after being asked to draw the animal he would like to be if he was reincarnated. Yoochun was with Junsu and Jae as they sat in the middle of a Japanese newsroom behind desks while being interviewed. Jae, who sat in the middle, was smiling happily while showing off his drawing. Yoochun frowned; Jae always was the best artist among them…jerk.

“Now I would like you three to draw the body part you love best about your lover,” the Japanese interviewer instructed them.

Jae smiled wickedly and grabbed his marker and was eager to start drawing when Junsu snatched his notebook away quickly. Yoochun reached over grabbed Jae and pulled him toward him and whispered in his ear, “Second favorite for you!”

Jae smirked at him as he pulled away and grabbed his notebook back from Junsu. Then Jae looked at the interviewer all innocently and sadly asked, “But what if I don’t have a lover? What if all I have are my fans?”

Yoochun tried not to barf and Junsu just smiled big and added, “Can we draw what we think we would like best? We are all single.”

“Yes, yes of course. Draw what you would like best,” the interview amended, smiling at them.

Minutes later they were finished and they all showed their artwork off. Junsu had drawn a smile, Yoochun had drawn a pair of eyes, and Jae had drawn a pair of hands. Yoochun looked at the drawing and couldn’t help but laugh. The hands were definitely Yunho’s with the long, slender fingers and prominent knuckles.

“Jae, I thought you had given up your love of hands?” the interviewer asked, reminded of an earlier interview.

Jae laughed. “I tried to give them up but I’m just a sucker for a lovely pair of hands.”

Another anchor from the news team walked over and Yoochun groaned silently, this man was known for asking questions they had not agreed to. The three of them were instantly on guard. The anchor smiled and welcomed them to the show. They smiled back and politely thanked him.

“Jae, I must ask the hard hitting questions so I am just going to come out with it,” the anchor informed them. The three of them paled as the man asked, “Who is your plastic surgeon? The man does amazing work. My wife begged me to get his name for her.”

Junsu started chuckling and Yoochun choked down his laughter while Jae glared at the man. The nice lady who had been interviewing them from before cringed and looked apologetic.

Jae’s glare turned deadly. “I haven’t had plastic surgery in…I haven’t had plastic surgery. Thank you very much!”

“Well it’s a natural question considering how long you were missing in action and the vast improvement in your looks,” the anchor pointed out.

“Excuse me? Vast improvement? Excuse me?” Jae hissed through clenched teeth.

“Well…” The anchor stopped suddenly sensing that Jae was about to jump over the desk and attack him.

The nice interviewer from before spoke up nervously. “You have always been extremely handsome but sometimes…sometimes you looked so tired. It’s good to see you looking so fresh and beautiful again.”

“And you have been missing a lot,” the other anchor said, speaking up again. “We aren’t judging. We just want to benefit of the man’s amazing talent too.”

“We? I thought your wife wanted it?” Jae snapped, causing the man to take a step back. “I will have you know I was missing in action so often because I was spending time with a very sick friend. He is better now thank God.”

“Awe, Yunho,” the female interviewer said, nodding her head in instant understanding.

“How is Yunho?” the male anchor immediately asked. Yunho was a popular topic in all Asian countries.

Jae smiled, forgetting the insults for a moment. “Perfect. He’s perfect.”

“Jae took our separation for Changmin and Yunho very hard. That’s why he used to look so haggard. He drank way too much to forget his sorrows. He drank all the time,” Junsu said, speaking up trying to help.

“Thanks!” Jae said, turning to face Junsu with all his teeth showing.

“Yeah, now that he is sleeping again he does look lots better,” Yoochun agreed. “He just worried so much. He feels so deeply.”

“That’s so moving,” the female interviewer said, reaching up and placing a hand over her heart. “We always knew it had to hurt you all so much being so distant from them, but you boys were always so strong.”

Jae’s eyes widened and he realized the interview was salvageable now. “Yes, it’s very hard to lose your other half…”

“Lose your other two/fifths. It’s very hard. We missed them so much,” Junsu corrected quickly.

“Especially for Jae, because friendship means everything to him,” Yoochun added, also realizing quickly the turn the interview had taken and taking advantage of it.


“Some old, wrinkled asshole accused me of having plastic surgery on live television…he did…as if there is enough plastic surgeons on this planet to help him…I hope my fans find him and castrate him,” Jae bitched to Yunho while on the phone as they walked through the building on their way out.

Yoochun and Junsu shared a knowing smile as they followed behind him, listening in on the conversation.

“Then my good friend Junsu just explained to everybody that I was haggard because I was drunk all the time!” Jae said into the phone while he turned around to glare at Junsu.

“Well it’s the truth,” Junsu insisted as he fell a step back and got behind Yoochun.

“It isn’t funny…I wasn’t haggard…I was tired at times…it wasn’t because I had blonde hair either…I look better now because I am so happy…I will be even happier when I get back to Korea tonight…yeah, a week…too long…around midnight…what…why are you going there…who is all going to be there…Donghae too…why the fuck is Donghae going to be there…I know he is a member of Super Junior…I am not being retarded…I just asked…”

“Jae, I have been trying to contact you forever!” a Japanese man said, rushing up to Jae as he exited the building. “It’s so hard to get a hold of you these days,” the man told him as he grabbed Jae by the shirt sleeve. “I have missed you so much. I need to talk to…”

“Do you mind? Do you see me on the phone?” Jae snapped and jerked his arm away and stormed toward the black SUV, not giving the man a second thought. “I don’t know why you have to go…I know it’s for your birthday…I am not being unreasonable…it’s not fair that they get to see you when I haven’t gotten to see you in a week,” Jae continued on the phone with Yunho as the guards opened up the door to the vehicle and Jae jumped in the back.

The Japanese man watched as Jae disappeared into the vehicle with sad eyes. “I just needed to talk to him.”

Junsu ignored the Japanese man getting into the back of the SUV with Jae. Yoochun stopped and patted the Japanese man on the shoulder. “Fukutaro, don’t take it too hard. Jae’s life is his own personal drama and there is only one love interest in it, and you’re not it.”

“But I just wanted to talk about my clothing line,” Fukutaro insisted.

Yoochun gave him a small, pitiful, half smile. “Well good luck with that. You won’t be getting Jae’s help anytime soon. He only cares about getting clothes off a certain somebody.”

Junsu sat in the back of SVU listening to Jae talk to Yunho and tried his best not to show his discomfort. He wished now that he had gotten in the front seat and Yoochun could sit in the back with Jae. He liked hearing Jae talk to Yunho…usually it made the other man seem so much closer.

“But I miss you…you should stay at your apartment and wait for me…I want you naked and hungry when I get there, not overfed and sleepy…I know…please stay at home and rest…I have plans for tonight and sleeping isn’t a part of those plans so you should sleep while you can…I am not…Yunho, you know how much I miss you…you and your nine inch…”

“Gawd!” Junsu said, his face scrunched up in disgust as he flung his hands to his ears covering them.

Jae turned to glare at Junsu. “Just a minute,” Jae said into the phone and then clicked mute. “Junsu, I know you are not sitting there acting all pure like some fucking angel your fans make you out to be. I have not forgotten that once you offered your ass up to me.”

“Jae!  We promised to never talk about that again! Ever!” Junsu bellowed in shock that Jae would mention that night.

“Well you have no problem talking about it with Yunho, do you?”

Junsu paled. “I just thought he should know how horrible it was.”

“I swear if you ever bring up your sore ass to him again I am going to shove my foot up your ass and you are going to think sore,” Jae promised as he hit mute again. “Yunho…Yunho…Yunho…I know you did not hang up on me!”

Junsu smiled meanly at Jae. “I bet he has to get ready for his big night with Super Junior. I can only imagine all the fun he is going to have…without you.”

Jae who was biting on his lower lip gave Junsu a vicious look then informed the driver. “You need to take me to the airport now. I am taking an earlier flight.”
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