Damaged, Chapter Thirty Eight

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Special thanks to Amy and Motty for offering they support and honest opinions…even if I am cruel and refuse to give away the ending.   Much thanks always to those wonderful souls that reward all the time I spend writing this with their wonderful comments

Previous Chapters

Changmin tried his best not to stare at Yunho and Lee Soo Man as they discussed the fiscal period in great detail and then trailed off into another discussion about the increase in financial gain. They were in the middle of a SM board meeting and Yunho was talking as if he was a board member not an idol. The CEO just sat at the front of the table looking lost as the major shareholder and the biggest star of SM continued in their conversation.

Changmin tried his best to appear interested, especially since Yunho seemed to be taking to the meetings like a fish to water. Changmin didn’t understand it at all. Why was Yunho so eager to participate in all their meetings? And not only that, why was Lee Soo Man so eager to encourage him? They were fifteen minutes late for an interview with KBS and Yunho acted as if the interview had totally slipped his mind.

They were in the middle of their comeback and they had broken more records than Changmin thought was even possible. It seemed as if most, if not all, the fans that had left had all returned along with everybody else in Korea to support them. Yunho could probably run for president and win by a landslide. His popularity was monstrous, but other than his new weird devotion to the business side of SM he remained unchanged mentally by it.

Their comeback was massively successful, even if it had been rushed and although it was only the beginning of April it felt like much more time had passed. He knew Yunho was not happy with his performance. Yunho was not meant to stand still and sing while dancers danced around him. Yunho’s frustrations with his limitations were a nuisance he couldn’t escape.

Changmin was grateful that Jae was around to offer his support. Changmin frowned, unable to believe that he would ever be grateful to Jae again, but he was. Yunho and Jae were solid and that made for a very happy world to live in. The two of them were separated almost constantly but they seemed to handle it better than Changmin would have imagined. Yunho would get moody at times but then he would go drown himself in stock reports and other crap that SM gave him to read till Jae reappeared on the scene.

A tap on the shoulder jerked Changmin back to the real world. “We have an interview we are late for. Let’s go,” Yunho told him.

“I know that. I’ve been waiting on you,” Changmin complained as he got up from the conference table and headed out the door with Yunho.

“Changmin, if you do not enjoy these meetings then you don’t have to go to them. I have told you this before,” Yunho reminded him as he headed toward the elevator.

“Why do you enjoy them?”

Yunho hit the elevator button with the bottom of his cane, “I think it’s important for a person to weigh all their options.”

“What does that mean? Do you plan on running SM some day?” Changmin asked sarcastically.

“I might,” Yunho told him, smiling as he stepped onto the elevator.


“Be careful!” Changmin cried out, grabbing Yunho’s arm as the other man got out of the limo almost tripping when he lost his balance.

Yunho gave him a long suffering look and then reluctantly admitted, “It might be best if I use you instead of my cane today.”

“Damn, Yunho! You need to sleep more. Why are you staying up reading over stupid stock reports instead of getting your sleep?” Changmin questioned as a bodyguard grabbed Yunho’s cane as Changmin started leading Yunho toward the entrance to KBS studios.

“I am an idiot,” Yunho offered.

“No, you’re not. I mean most of the time I think of you as a big, dumb goofball but you really aren’t. You get all that business shit a million times better than I do.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Yunho said, hugging his arm tighter as they walked into the building.

“Whatever,” Changmin hissed. “The damn fans are taking pictures of us…you clinging to me. How many filthy stories will this inspire?”

Yunho chuckled as they were led through the crowd. “I know how disgusting. How dare people think I’m gay?”

“Shut up.”

“Well especially with my little maknae…that’s just incestuous,” Yunho said tauntingly as he clung tighter to Changmin’s arm to piss him off more.

“I should just drop you on your ass! That’s what I should do,” Changmin told him sneering. The bodyguards that surrounded them fought to keep from smiling at the two bickering idols.

“So rude! Such a….” Yunho stopped suddenly as a huge smile broke out on his face.

“Such a what?” Changmin asked as he followed Yunho’s gaze till it landed on Jae who was standing across the room. “They are here! This is why we were supposed to be here an hour ago! An hour ago! Did you two plan this?” Changmin demanded instantly. Jae’s eyes latched on to Yunho and he hurried toward him.

“No, we barely know our own schedules…plus like I want your first meeting with Junsu and Yoochun to be in a room full of witnesses,” Yunho told Changmin as he lovingly watched Jae walk through the startled bodyguards as if they weren’t even there.

“Hey!” Jae told Yunho as he came to a sudden stop in front of him.

“Hey!” Yunho repeated back to him, all smiles.

Jae leaned into Yunho and asked, “Why do you have a death grip on Changmin?”

Yunho smiled mischievously and whispered, “Because I have decided that I like taller and younger men now. My days of shorter, older men are over.”

Jae rolled his eyes at Yunho, not taking the bait and turned to Changmin. “Why does he have a death grip on you?”

“Because he almost fell on his ass getting out of the limo,” Changmin tattled to Jae happily.

“Traitor!” Yunho told Changmin in mock anger.

Jae was instantly at Yunho’s side taking his other arm. “He doesn’t look tired…he seems more ornery than anything else.”

“Well he is just hiding it. He is very pleased with himself and you know how he gets,” Changmin told Jae as he pulled his arm free of Yunho’s grasp.

“Why are you pleased with yourself?” Jae asked Yunho, unable to stop smiling at his glowing lover.

“Well I am dating this really…really hot…” Yunho stopped as Changmin swatted him on the arm. “I really like going to the SM board meetings I must admit. I made several good points today and didn’t feel like just a spectator. I actually took part and got several good points across.”

Jae frowned. “I like your first reason better.”

“I know,” Yunho told him, but diverted his eyes to Junsu and Yoochun who were slowly approaching like scared deer. “This might be awkward.”

“Well as long as Changmin doesn’t hit anybody it should be okay,” Jae told Yunho, still holding on to the man.

“I am making no promises,” Changmin said as he watched the other two slowly approach.

“Changmin, remember we are being watched by many people,” Yunho reminded him through clenched teeth.

“You remember that while you cling to Jae…looking extremely gay,” Changmin told him in a soft voice.

“I was clinging to you both, and you abandoned me,” Yunho reminded him.

Changmin blinked, realizing his mistake and took Yunho’s arm again. “Oh, sorry.”
“You two…” Jae said as Yoochun and Junsu slowly approached. The JYJ and SM bodyguards were both looking at each other none too friendly.

“Why do I feel like we are from two rival gangs?” Yoochun asked, trying to break the tension.

“Is it because you are associated with the mafia?” Changmin suggested brutally, not bothering to smile at his old members or greet them.

“Changmin!” Yunho and Jae both snapped at the same time like disapproving parents.

“Yunho Hyung, you look really good,” Junsu said, trying to change the topic fast.

“Thank you…it’s good to see you again. I would hug you but I’m not very surefooted today.” Yunho explained, giving Junsu a warm smile.

“You would?” Jae responded shocked.

“I would,” Yunho answered, making Junsu smile. Yunho looked around them and noticed how everybody else in the building had gone quiet watching their encounter closely, and trying to listen in.

Yoochun put his hands up nervously. “It’s a real shame that there isn’t somebody who knows Junsu and me and also has a connection to you two that could maybe arrange for all of us to get together and talk in private.”

“Yes, we should do that. Jae should arrange that,” Junsu said, nodding his head in agreement.

Changmin shook his head. “Yeah, well we’ve been really busy and Jae is lucky if he gets to see us much less arrange gatherings.”

Jae’s eyes widened in shock, was Changmin actually defending him? “Yes, but it’s going to happen. I promise.”

Yunho smiled and squeezed Jae’s arm tighter and smiled at Yoochun. “It’s good to see you, Yoochun.”

Yoochun nodded his head. “It’s good to see you too.”

“Excuse me but you two are already an hour late for an interview,” the manager pointed out as he stepped up giving Yunho and Changmin a concerned look. “Is this the reputation we want to cultivate?”

“No, it isn’t,” Yunho answered the manager. “We were just leaving.”

“I am walking with you,” Jae insisted.

“That really isn’t necessary. I got him.” Changmin told Jae as he started walking away, not giving Junsu and Yoochun another look.

“I am still going with you,” Jae told Changmin, refusing to relinquish his hold on Yunho.

“Jaejoong, we also have places to be,” a JYJ manager informed him, as he suddenly appeared beside Yoochun and Junsu.

“Well too damn bad,” Jae told him without batting an eye.

“We will take care of it,” Yoochun promised Jae.

“Bye, guys.” Yunho told Yoochun and Junsu.

Junsu and Yoochun each told Yunho bye as they started walking away with the JYJ staff.

“Well that wasn’t awkward or anything was it,” Changmin replied sarcastically as they headed down the hallway.

“It really was,” Yunho admitted, hating the tension that was still there.

Jae leaned in closer to Yunho. “It will get better.”

“Why don’t you just come back to SM?” Changmin just blurted out the question that had been weighing on his mind.

“Changmin, don’t!” Yunho warned.

“Well it’s stupid if you ask me. Nothing good is going to come from him…”

“It’s so touching that you miss me that much, but I am happy where I am,” Jae said, interrupting the younger man as the manager led them into a waiting room.

Changmin gave Jae a look of disdain as they walked Yunho to a chair and let him sit down. “You should get out while you can. There might have been peace while Yunho was out of the picture, but you have to know that SM is behind the new investigation into your company.”

“Oh, so I should join up with the devil because he’s ruthlessly misusing his power again?” Jae shot back at Changmin.

“God! You know how Lee Soo Man is…you know he will never forgive you three for leaving. He will never stop till your company is destroyed,” Changmin snapped right back at Jae.

“Well he’s just going to have to suck it up…because we are not in the habit of bowing down to him. You can make all the mafia cracks you want, but that man is just as bad if not a hundred times worse.”

“So it’s okay to break the law….”

“Yes! It’s okay to break the law when the law is unjust and supports monsters like him. I will never be controlled by him or by people like him again,” Jae vowed.

“That sounds all noble…till your ass ends up in jail! Then you will have a new boyfriend,” Changmin smarted back to the man causing Yunho to cringe at the thought.

“Shut up! Do you think I’m an idiot? I have never done anything that could be tied back to me. I know what had to be done…but I never did anything illegal myself,” Jae snapped back at Changmin.

“Others have…”

“Well nobody is talking so the police can investigate all they want,” Jae said with a smile.

“Can you two just stop?” Yunho asked, sighing. It was not the first time he had heard this argument and it wouldn’t be the last. He looked around the room and suddenly turned red as a heated memory returned to him. Was this the same room? Holy shit, it was.

“No, we cannot stop. Why you don’t push him to return I will never know. He needs to get as far away from that company as possible,” Changmin insisted.

“Do you have a fever?” Jae suddenly asked, ignoring Changmin as he put his hand up to Yunho’s forehead.

“Maybe,” Yunho mumbled as he was suddenly hit with vivid memories.

“You don’t feel warm,” Jae informed him, concerned as he touched his cheeks. “Are you blushing?”

“Holy shit! This is the room where you did the deed!” Changmin said gleefully clapping his hands. The argument with Jae was suddenly forgotten as he took in Yunho’s blushing face, and he remembered the reason behind it. “It totally is.”

“What deed?” Jae immediately asked, curious.

“We were hosting Music Bank…it was a week before Yunho got shot. Well at least he had one good se…”

“Stop it! I mean it!” Yunho ordered, and something in his eyes had Changmin clamping his mouth shut like a well behaved child.

“Now, I have to know,” Jae demanded, looking back and forth between the two men.

Changmin swallowed. “It’s a company secret.”

“Bullshit! I demand to know. You can’t…” Jae stopped as the staff from KBS walked in ready for the interview. “I am waiting for you and I am going to drive you home!” Jae snapped at Yunho as he left the room so they could begin their interview.


“Oh My God,” Changmin exclaimed in stunned disbelief as he stared at Jae’s white Lamborghini as it pulled up behind their limo blaring ‘Keep Your Head Down.’

Yunho, who Changmin was about to help in the limo before Jae pulled up, jerked his arm away from Changmin and smacked him with it. “This is your fault!”

“My fault!”

“Yes, your fault! You just had to go mention…he’s like a dog with a bone.” Yunho told Changmin as he turned to look at the fans that had collected outside the KBS building to see them off. They had stopped whatever they were doing to stare in awe, except for some who had the clarity of mind to record the weird happening of a JYJ member playing that particular song.

“Then just tell him,” Changmin said, as he dragged Yunho off the curve toward Jae’s waiting car. “His mind is only going to make it hundred times worse if you don’t tell him.”

“It was my lowest moment!”

Changmin choked on his own laughter. “Whatever! You couldn’t even wipe the grin off your face for two days.”

“Why do I even associate with you? I don’t even like you!” Yunho grumbled as he opened the door to Jae’s car.

Changmin stepped back, acting hurt. “Like? You totally love me!”

“Sometimes less than others!” Yunho shot back at him as he sat down in the car. Changmin just laughed and shut the car door for him. Yunho then turned to face Jae as he grabbed for his seatbelt to fasten it, “Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes, but not lately,” Jae answered as he whipped the car away from the curve and took off quickly. “You like my song choice?”

Yunho braced himself by holding onto the dashboard as he watched in horror as fans leapt out of the way of Jae’s speeding car. “What did these poor fans ever do to you? Slow down!”

“Quit being such an old granny. They will move. Plus we have to get away from them.”

Yunho turned and glared at Jae. “What did you call me?”

Jae smiled innocently at Yunho. “I think I called you an old granny, but I said it with love.”

“Just because I don’t want to splatter fans all over the road doesn’t make me an old granny!”

“Kinda does….but you can’t help it. Since your accident you just can’t help embracing your feminine side.” Jae smirked as he sped down the road and made a quick turn that would have caused a lesser vehicle to flip over.

Yunho chewed on his bottom lip and then turned to stare at Jae. “How is this for my feminine side, somebody isn’t getting any.”

Jae turned to face him shocked. “What the hell!”

“Watch out!” Yunho screamed as Jae almost ran over a man on a bicycle. “Will you please keep your eyes on the road?”

“How am I supposed to concentrate on driving when you tell me that?” Jae said, forcing his eyes back on the road. “It has been six fucking days. I didn’t blow off all my JYJ activities tonight to be your chauffer!”

“I didn’t ask you to blow off your activities. You decided to do that on your own. This whole scene was your doing and your doing alone. I only have one thing planned for tonight and it’s sleeping,” Yunho informed his lover.

“What scene? Aren’t I allowed to pick you up? Aren’t I allowed to listen to a much loved song? You know how I love to keep my head down for you.”

“Now that’s a fucking lie.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Ever since we got back together you hate to give head….admit it!”

“I give you fucking head all the time!”

“All the time?” Yunho said laughing. “Hmm let me think here,” Yunho said, holding up one finger then a second, a third, a fourth and stopped after the fifth finger. “You have given me head exactly five times since we got back together.”

Jae turned his eyes back to the road and considered Yunho’s words. “Only five times…really?”

“Yeah, do you even care to guess how many times I have blown you?” Yunho said confidently, knowing he would win this round.

Jae looked shamefaced. “Okay so you win! It’s not that I don’t like giving it…”

“Jae, why can’t you just admit it? You don’t like giving it.” Yunho told him, as he loosened his grip on the dashboard in front of him as Jae started to drive more like a sane person.

“Because it isn’t true! It’s just that well…it’s only fair. You don’t let me fuck you and I resist my urge to blow you,” Jae said, grasping at straws refusing to admit anything.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Yunho asked, completely surprised.

“No,” Jae admitted honestly. “I want you to fuck me. I would much rather….much rather have you pounding my prostate. Since we got back together I just want your cock inside my ass! There I admitted it!”

Yunho smiled in victory. “So I was right.”

“I never admitted that I didn’t like sucking your cock. I just said I would rather be fucked...I have nothing against sucking cock. I have sucked a lot of cocks I will have you know.”

Yunho scowled. “I am sure you have.”

“What does that mean?”

“I just agreed with you.”

“I sucked those cocks because I sure as hell wasn’t going to let them fuck me. It wasn’t because I found them irresistible. I had a sexual God reputation I needed to maintain.”

Yunho cleared his throat. “When did this Sexual God reputation start? I am assuming it started after your little incident with Jun…”

“Shut up! Don’t even bring that up,” Jae yelled, veering off to the wrong side of the road.

“Not a word.” Yunho told him quickly, as Jae righted them in the road.

“I love your cock!” Jae declared as he reached over with one hand and started to unbutton Yunho’s pants. “It’s the nicest one I have ever met. It’s nice, long and thick.”

“I believe you,” Yunho said as he watched Jae’s hand reach in to release him from his pants. “You don’t have to prove anything.”

“Well I am I prepared to prove a point. Do you have a problem with that?” Jae asked as he started to slowly stroke Yunho as he continued to drive down the road.

“I’m a man no matter how much you like to suggest otherwise, so I am not going to complain, but please don’t get pulled over or crash and kill us,” Yunho implored, leaning his head back against the seat.

“I will try my best,” Jae told him as he looked through the mirror and saw his lover relax and close his eyes. “So what were you and Changmin talking about earlier? The deed?”

Yunho’s eyes opened suddenly and frowned. He should have known Jae was lulling him into a false sense of security so he could get the information he was really after. Yunho sighed and just admitted it. “I took advantage of a woman in that waiting room once.”

Jae jerked his hand back. “What do you mean took advantage…”

“I had sex with her without even knowing her…I didn’t even know her name till afterwards.”

“Yunho! I am shocked. I thought you were only with women you cared about,” Jae said, mocking Yunho.

“If it weren’t for her I could honestly say that…she just made me crazy,” Yunho embarrassingly admitted.

“Who is she so I can kill her?” Jae demanded, suddenly speeding the car up.

“I don’t even know her last name. I only saw her that one week. She was a back-up dancer for some group…I think. You know my memory for that week is sketchy at best.”

“How did she make you crazy?”

“She looked just like a female version of you. I thought she had to be your sister at first but she wasn’t. She was always watching me…that whole week,” Yunho confessed as he thought back on the encounter. “Her eyes were always on me. She cornered me in that waiting room…she knew the affect her looks were having on me.”

Jae turned to Yunho looking at him intensely. “She wasn’t the only scum that tried to use their so called resemblance to me to get near you, was she?”

“No, but she is the only one where it worked,” Yunho admitted with a grimace.

Jae laughed, suddenly very pleased. “So you cheated on the Go Hag with a female look alike of mine?”

“Well not really because we weren’t really together then, but I probably would have even if we hadn’t been on a break. It’s like my brain and moral compass completely left me,” Yunho confessed to Jae, not hiding anything from him.

“So let me get this clear…you liked her because she looked like me, not for any other reason,” Jae asked, unexpectedly calm.

Yunho nodded his head. “Yes, she was even eager like you…with just the right touch of crazy. She came in that room, shut the door and locked it. I don’t even think I got two words out of my mouth before she was stripping off her clothes.”

“I was watching Music Bank when you and Changmin hosted it. I am trying to remember any woman with my insane good looks and I am coming up blank.”

“Really? I am so shocked that nobody measures up to you in your eyes,” Yunho snorted, bemused at the man’s never ending vanity.

“I am serious!”

“I know you are, but you are right she was nothing compared to you. A pale substitute for the real thing. I have no idea what became of her. I have my original back and that’s all that matters,” Yunho told Jae, trying to sweet talk him into finishing what he had started earlier.

“So you used her for sex and never gave her a second thought?”

“I had no emotional attachment to her if that’s what you are asking. It wasn’t feelings of any kind…it was just lust. I used that poor woman and then I got shot. I honestly did not even remember her till Changmin mentioned it weeks ago.”

“My very bad, boy,” Jae told him, licking his lips as he turned down a side road.

“Not my most shining moment,” Yunho agreed and then moaned as Jae wrapped his hand around his cock again.

“So was it good?”

“Only because I was thinking of you, and wishing it was you. I won’t lie it was the best sex I ever had with a woman.”

“How many times did you come?”


“Wow…and you two never met up again?”

“I never saw her again.”
Jae pulled the car off to the side of the road and turned off the ignition. “You were thinking of me, right?”

“Absolutely,” Yunho agreed quickly, as Jae crawled out of his seat and climbed over to him. Jae leered down at him as he hit the seat controls lowering Yunho’s head all the way back. “Are we about to move up to six times?” Yunho asked hopefully.

Jae shook his head no, reached a hand behind him and pulled a bottle of lube out of the glove box and handed it to Yunho. Then Jae unbuttoned his pants and skillfully slid them off. “You can’t get me all hot and bothered like that and deny me what I need.”

Yunho grabbed the lube from Jae and poured it out on his hand. “I thought I said you weren’t getting any.”

Jae smiled down as he straddled Yunho’s knees. “Do you want me to beg? You know I’ll beg. You like it when I beg,” Jae whispered seductively and then kissed Yunho and pulled back. “You know what I need.”

“I know what you want, but I shouldn’t reward bad behavior,” Yunho told him with a smirk as he rubbed his lubed fingers together.

Jae reached down, touched one finger against the tip of Yunho’s hard cock, scooped up the leaking pre cum and brought it to his mouth licking his finger like he would a sucker causing Yunho to moan and readjust himself in his seat. Jae smiled invitingly and told Yunho, “The cops could show up anytime, what if a fan was able to follow us, or just a man who admires cars walks up. The windows are tinted but if they looked really close…they could see us. Tell me that doesn’t get you hot. Imagining them looking through the window and seeing me riding you as you fuck me.”

“You talk too much,” Yunho huskily told Jae as he pressed a lubed finger into Jae quickly causing the other man to arch back and bang his head against the roof of the car.

“God!” Jae yelled as he reached back and grabbed the back of his head. “I am brain damaged now too,” Jae said, laughing through the pain as he fell into Yunho’s embrace.


Changmin opened the door to the apartment and smiled as he smelled food cooking and noticed how much cleaner the apartment was. He walked into the kitchen and found a very annoyed Jae cleaning while he cooked.

An irritated Jae looked up at Changmin and demanded, “Is there a reason you live in squalor?”

“I believe you know him…intimately.”

“I was here a week ago and it didn’t look like this. He wasn’t this messy in the past,” Jae snapped as he crammed more dishes into the dishwasher.

“Well he was too afraid of you to make a mess…like we all were. The moment you left his true nature came out. He got a little better before the shooting after I vowed to move out, but now…now he just says his head hurts and goes to bed.”

“It probably does hurt, you jackass,” Jae snapped as he started throwing rotten food from the refrigerator into the trash.

“Excuse me, we are complaining about Yunho’s piggish behavior not attacking poor innocent me,” Changmin whined as he walked over to the stove to peer into a pot to find dumplings cooking.

“What happened to the cleaning lady?”

“She tripped and sprained her ankle. She won’t be back for two weeks,” Changmin explained, grabbing a spoon so he could steal a dumpling.

“Get your paws out of there, now,” Jae ordered as he snatched the spoon away. “Why can’t you have another cleaning lady till she recovers?”

“Because my gay roommate has a celebrity boyfriend that drops over whenever he wants and the company would rather limit itself to future blackmailers as little as possible,” Changmin grumbled as he walked away from the stove.

“Blame me,” Jae seethed. “I knew you couldn’t handle him.”

“What?” Changmin asked shocked, stalling in his tracks.

“Don’t think I didn’t recognize how tired he was today. He has been sleeping since we got here and that was hours ago. Are you waiting till he starts slurring during an interview or falls on stage, before you do something?”

Changmin turned red. “Listen here, asshole. Your beloved isn’t being overworked. They are allowing us at least twelve hours of downtime every freaking day….he doesn’t sleep,” Changmin angrily told Jae as he walked into the living room and picked up a bunch of papers. “Because he stays up looking at this shit.”

Jae’s eyes zeroed in on the papers. “Why?”

“I don’t understand it myself. It’s like he’s obsessed with the business side of SM now….and Lee Soo Man is just encouraging him. He gave him his own office…right up there with his,” Changmin said as he dropped into the chair.

Jae walked slowly into the living room and stared down at Changmin. “Is he afraid? Is this a back-up plan because he can’t dance anymore?”

“I thought that because I can tell how much his limitations bother him, but the comeback is more than successful. He has the support of the nation. He can do whatever he wants and be successful right now, but I am afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“That he doesn’t want to be an entertainer anymore…that he’s more interested in the business side of things,” Changmin confessed as he looked at the papers in his hands.

“That isn’t Yunho…Yunho loves to entertain,” Jae said, frowning.

“Maybe Yunho has changed in more ways than one. It’s like he doesn’t want to be dependent on his body anymore. It’s probably smart of him to show such an interest in the business side of things,” Changmin had to admit as he stared at the papers.

“He’s still Yunho…and we have to support this whim of his, but dammit he has to sleep too,” Jae said, leaning up against the wall.

“I don’t think it’s a whim.”

“We still support it…even if it only binds him tighter to that evil…”

“Don’t start. Neither one of us like to hear that,” Changmin said, interrupting Jae fast.

“After all the shit you say about the people running CJes I can say whatever I want about that evil bastards who run SM.”

Changmin took a deep breath. “Then let us agree not to talk about either company then. Yunho doesn’t like to hear it, and I apparently misjudged how much you love Yunho.”

Jae blinked. “Really? How nice of you to admit that. You aren’t the first person to misjudge how much I love him.”

Changmin glared at Jae. “No, I thought you loved him more.”

“Whaaat? How can you say that? I love…love him more than anything!” Jae sputtered, his mouth dropping open in shock at the man’s words.

“I truly believed that too….before he took you back. During all that time in the hospital you really had me convinced. I thought you’d give up anything to be with him, but I was wrong,” Changmin said smugly as he watched Jae walk up to him, a perfect combination of indignation and shock.

“Ppphhhuuu…” Jae stammered incoherently, spitting out his words.

“Disgusting,” Changmin complained as he wiped Jae’s unintentional spit from his face.

“How can you even suggest…what exactly are you suggesting?” Jae demanded, finding his words.

“I am not suggesting anything, I am telling you that before Yunho gave into you I thought you would give JYJ up if it meant being with Yunho…but like a slippery fox everything changed once you got what you wanted,” Changmin told Jae, his voice full of arrogance.

Jae looked like he wanted to vomit. “I don’t know what fucking game you are playing with me now, but I am not falling for it. I love Yunho more than anything or anyone, and my decision to stay with JYJ has nothing to do with that.”

“Hmmm...like I said, I misjudged you,” Changmin told Jae confidently, watching the man struggle to remain calm.

“You didn’t fucking misjudge anything,” Jae said, clenching his fists.

“Whatever, I just couldn’t imagine the Jae who was at the hospital with Yunho…who wouldn’t even leave him to go get his teeth fixed would willingly be away from him for six weeks,” Changmin said, while fighting to keep the manipulative grin off his face.

“Six weeks? What are you talking about? The most I have been away from him is a little over a week.”

“You will soon be separated for at least six weeks.”

“Six weeks? Why?” Jae replied weakly as Changmin’s words hit him like a ton of bricks.

“For the SM Town World tour….it isn’t like you can come along,” Changmin told Jae, smiling wickedly. “You are not exactly a SM Town family member, are you?”

Jae paled as the thought of six weeks of separation from Yunho stabbed his heart. “I hate you so much!”

“Me? I didn’t plan the tour. Also I am sure JYJ will have many more tours…you knew this would happen, didn’t you? You two are in different companies, what did you expect?” Changmin asked, smiling innocently at Jae.

“I am…I have to check on dinner that you are not getting any of!” Jae fumed at Changmin, and stormed off to the kitchen as the harsh reality of their situation became crystal clear to him.

Changmin sat in the chair smiling happily. Jae was such an easy mark. He had watched Jae digest what he had told him and he had seen the look of panic on Jae’s face. He might have finally spurred the man into action.

“You are looking very pleased with yourself,” Yunho said, walking into the room wearing pajamas and running his hand through his wild hair.

“I am,” Changmin told the older man.

“Should I be afraid?” Yunho asked as he plopped down on the couch.

“Of course not, everything is done for your benefit.”

Yunho furrowed his eyebrows, studying Changmin. “Are you going to tell me what you are up to?”

“Soon enough all will be revealed,” Changmin promised as he grabbed the remote control for the television and turned it on.

Yunho gave Changmin a dubious look. “I will have to trust you…what’s Jae cooking?”

“Dumplings, but we might not get any.”


“Yeah, I have let….” Changmin stopped when Jae walked into the room.

“Yunho, you are finally awake,” Jae proclaimed as he laid down on the couch, resting his head in Yunho’s lap looking up at him. Jae expression let Yunho know he wasn’t happy.

“Yes, I just woke up. Is something wrong?” Yunho asked immediately.

Jae reached out and grabbed Yunho’s hand and started doing the exercises he used to do at Clear Creek. “It seems you failed to mention to me that you would be going on a world tour.”

Yunho turned and glared at the younger man sitting in the chair; who just smiled back at him. “All the stops have not been finalized, but yes there is going to be a tour. I just found out myself earlier this week.”

“So you have kept this from me for a week?” Jae accused Yunho, glowering up at him.

“I am not sure how long it’s going to be…and neither does Changmin. I wanted to know more before I told you,” Yunho explained.

“I don’t want you to be gone for six weeks,” Jae said, never letting go of Yunho’s hand as he continued to exercise it.

“I don’t want to be away from you for six weeks either, but the thought of going on tour is exciting. I mean this time we will be stopping in Europe, North America, Australia, and maybe South America too,” Yunho told him, unable to hide his excitement.

Jae glared up at him. “You don’t sound like you are going to miss me.”

“Of course I will, but you know how I love new places,” Yunho said as he ran a hand through Jae’s hair trying to comfort the other man.

“Don’t worry, Jae. I will keep an eye on him and you know how everybody loves him. Just think Heechul, Ara and Donghae will all be there watching out for him,” Changmin said, picking at the already festering wound.

Jae sat up and glared at Changmin. “You are not going to be able to keep an eye on anybody because I am going to kill you!”

“Now…now…none of that,” Yunho said soothingly at Jae as he pushed him back down on his lap. “You only give him what he wants when you let him push your buttons.”

Jae looked up at Yunho, trying to control his anxiety. “Please let me kill him. It will make me feel better.”

“Nope, Changmin has a long life ahead of him with many grandchildren in his future,” Yunho explained to Jae as he affectionately ran his hand through the other man’s hair.

Changmin laughed from his seat. “And how do you know this?”

“Jae told me so,” Yunho told Changmin knowingly.

“I told you?” Jae said, looking up at Yunho as if he had suddenly gone mad.

Yunho looked down at Jae and smiled. “Yes, you did. It was when we were in heaven.”

Jae snorted. “I am pretty damn sure when we are in heaven together we aren’t thinking about Changmin much less talking about him.”

“Good!” Changmin blabbered out, suddenly looking ill.

“Not that heaven,” Yunho told him shaking his head. “When I was dying in that creek I was in heaven and you two were with me.”

“Oh,” Jae said staring up at Yunho, understanding him.

“Are you sure it wasn’t just hypothermia?” Changmin asked skeptically.

“No, it wasn’t hypothermia. It was heaven. I woke up there and I could dance perfectly.”

“Oh, Yunho,” Jae whispered sadly as he reached up and cupped Yunho’s cheek.

“I am surprised we got you back,” Changmin said swallowing deeply, suddenly uncomfortable with the route the conversation was taking.

Yunho nodded his head. “I had no intention of ever leaving at first. It was crazy and strange…but wonderful. Do you remember that crazy Banjun Drama we did called Danger….”

“Dangerous Love?” Jae said, finishing for Yunho with a big smile on his face.

“Yes, the scene with the phone booth... that’s what heaven looked like. We were exactly like we were back then,” Yunho explained.

“You mean I wasn’t blonde in your heaven?” Jae joked, removing his hand form Yunho’s face to hold his hand again.

“No,” Yunho told him, grinning down at him.

“So we all went back in time in your heaven?” Changmin asked curiously.

Yunho looked away from Jae to face Changmin and grinned. “Some more than others…you were probably five.”

Jae cracked up laughing. “Our beautiful baby.”

“I’m not your kid! I am two years younger than you two! Not to mention I am a thousand times more mature! I am in no way your child!” a very irked Changmin complained to them.

“I bet he looked adorable,” Jae managed to get out, still shaking with laughter.

“He was and I wanted to keep him, but you wouldn’t let me,” Yunho said, loving it as he watched Changmin’s face grow red.

“I wouldn’t? I am even selfish in heaven? Not willing to share to you even with a five year old? Maybe this is why I was born a man after all.” Jae told Yunho, looking up at his lover with so much love that Yunho bent down and kissed his forehead.

“How did you ever get in heaven is what I want to know?” Changmin snapped at Jae.

“Nothing can keep me from him,” Jae pledged, taking Yunho’s hand and kissing it.

“Nothing,” Yunho agreed.

“I am going to vomit. Aren’t you cooking something? Shouldn’t it be done?” Changmin demanded.

“I don’t know why you are worried about dinner because you aren’t getting any,” Jae informed the younger man. “Back to heaven…how did we get you back?”

“Well if I stayed…you two would have had to stay with me, and I couldn’t allow that.”

“You gave up a heaven, where you could dance, for us?” Jae said with suddenly misty eyes, as he looked up at Yunho.

“It was probably a concussion induced dream,” Changmin tried to explain it away, not liking the thought of Yunho in heaven.

Jae sat up suddenly giving Changmin a very disapproving look. “You are the most cynical person! How can you doubt…”

“Jae, I’m starving,” Yunho said, wrapping both arms around Jae. “Feed me.” Yunho said in a cute voice.

Jae turned around and smiled at him, then jumped up from the couch quickly as the thought of feeding Yunho brushed away any homicidal thoughts he had toward Changmin. “It should be done.”

Changmin watched as Jae hurried into the kitchen and then turned to Yunho. “You have to make him give me some…it smells delicious.”

Yunho grinned at Changmin. “Only if you agree to call me daddy.
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