Damaged, Chapter Thirty Nine

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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“Mr. Jung, you will have my utmost discretion. I can never thank your mother enough for the jam she got me out of all those years ago, so in return you shall forever have my loyalty,” a very small, older man in his fifties assured Yunho as they walked toward Yunho’s office on the top floor of the SM Entertainment building.

Yunho smiled down at the shorter, older man. “Mr. Mok, I know my mother thinks very highly of your skills and intelligence. I am sure this working arrangement will be beneficial to the both of us. I must insist you call me Yunho though. When you say Mr. Jung I can’t help but think of my father.”

“Of course, Sir.”

“My mother informed me that you had already found a way to increase idols’ personal profits without raising the ire of the shareholders?” Yunho asked as they continued to walk down the hall. Yunho had been to the SM gym earlier working out and he felt especially strong today. His leg was on its best behavior.

“That’s correct, Mr. Jung,” Mr. Mok said, eagerly agreeing with Yunho. “It actually was a very simple adjustment.”

Yunho shook his head and smiled down at the other man, not bothering to correct him again. “I can’t wait to see how you came to your…” Yunho stalled his speaking and stared at Jae as the other man came around the corner.

Jae’s eyes widened in surprise, as he came face to face with his lover. “Yunho, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Yunho asked, walking up to Jae.

“Well…where is your cane?” Jae demanded as he noticed that Yunho wasn’t using his cane.

Yunho pointed behind him to his most trusted bodyguard, who was walking closely behind him with the cane in his hand. “I am good today. I don’t even need it.”

Jae hissed as he reached behind Yunho and took the cane and handed it to Yunho. “Till you fall.”

“I am not going to fall…what are you doing here?”

“Where are you manners? Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Jae asked skilfully, avoiding Yunho’s question as he looked at Mr. Mok.

“My manners…” Yunho said at a lost as he turned to Mr. Mok. “Mr. Mok, this is Jaejoong my…he’s very important to me.”

Mr. Mok reached out his hand to Jae. “I have done research and of course I am well aware of your relationship with Mr. Kim.”

Yunho shook his head quickly at Jae letting him know that Mr. Mok most certainly did not know everything about their relationship. Jae just grinned at Yunho as he shook Mr. Mok’s hand. “Please call me, Jae.”

“Of course, Mr. Kim,” Mr. Mok told him.

Yunho smiled at Mr. Mok and turned back to Jae. “So are you going to tell me why on the Earth you are here?

“To see you of course. Why else would I be here?”

“How did you know I was here?”

“I have my sources. I want to see this office of yours that Changmin was talking about,” Jae explained smoothly.

Yunho blinked, confused and still not completely believing Jae’s reason for being there. Yunho then turned his attention to Mr. Mok. “Mr. Mok, I will call for you later and we can go over your estimates.”

“Of course, Mr. Jung,” Mr. Mok said, bowing as he hurried away.

Yunho watched the other man leave and turned to face Jae. “You seriously came here to see my office?”

Jae nodded his head and motioned out his arm for Yunho to lead the way to his office. “Having your own office isn’t that exciting, Mr. Jung?”

Yunho led Jae down the hallway smiling. “Don’t start with me. It’s like he is physically incapable of calling somebody by their first name.”

Jae walked a step behind Yunho, his eyes going up and down Yunho’s body and not liking what he saw. “Will you please explain to me again why you insist on wearing your pajamas all the fucking time?”

The bodyguard smiled from behind. Yunho looked down, taking in his green sweat shirt and his green checkered pants. “They are not pajamas…they are just comfortable. I just came from the gym.”

“They have their own pajama drawer…they are pajamas. I knew I should have burned them all the last time I was at your apartment,” Jae informed him as they walked up to Yunho’s office.

“Don’t you dare! I love these pants!”

“They are horrid,” Jae informed him as they reached his office.

“Hello, Mrs. Pyeon,” Yunho said, greeting his older, female secretary who sat at a desk outside his office.

“Greetings, Mr. Jung,” she said smiling back at him, as Yunho opened the door to his office.

Jae gave the secretary a warm smile and then continued to complain about Yunho’s clothing as he walked into Yunho’s office. “It’s a crime for somebody as fine as you to wear something that loose fitting.”

“Blah…blah…you are the fashion queen not me,” Yunho said as he turned around and gave the bodyguard standing outside the door a long suffering look, as he closed the door.

“Says the model,” Jae told him as he walked up behind Yunho’s desk and took a seat.

Yunho frowned. “I wasn’t a model.”

“You so were.”

“I just did what I was told,” Yunho explained as he took a seat across from the desk.

Jae looked around the impressive office as he sat in Yunho’s chair. “Why did you get an office so nice?”

“I’m loved.”

“By me.”

“And by many others. I’m the most popular person in all of South Korea. Haven’t you heard?” Yunho couldn’t help but rub in to his popularity obsessed lover.

“What did I tell you about reading your own press?”




“Why should I be jealous? They can love you all they want, but you belong to me…and you always will,” Jae forewarned him.

“That’s totally not what I meant,” Yunho said, shaking his head as he watched Jae play with the pens on his desk. “So are you going to tell me the real reason you are here?”

Jae licked his licks seductively. “I thought we could christen your office.”


“Yes, you know you want to throw me over this desk and have your way with me,” Jae said huskily.

“Of course I do but it doesn’t mean I am going to! You freaking crazy nut! There are people everywhere. Did you see my secretary? We would give her a heart attack! She’s old.” Yunho said, rearranging himself in his seat. Yunho’s other head was more than eager to take Jae up on his offer.

Jae rolled his eyes and threw his head back and complained, “Please? Don’t make me beg you. We’ve never done it in an office before. You are so boring lately.”

“I’m responsible! Yoouu…yoouu shit!” Yunho cussed as his speech impairment showed itself.

Jae raised his head up immediately concerned and was out of his chair instantly at Yunho’s side. “It’s okay. I was just teasing. No sex in the office. No endangering the lives of old women.”

Yunho, who had clamped his mouth shut, nodded his head in agreement.

“It’s okay. It wasn’t why I came. I wanted to see about the Japanese Benefit…you know both our groups are going,” Jae explained, distracting Yunho as he slid behind him and started to massage his shoulders.

“Yes,” Yunho said, calming himself and trying not to panic. It had been weeks since his speech impairment had shown itself.

“Well I was thinking that we could all sit together,” Jae explained as he continued to massage Yunho’s shoulders.

“We are escorting Girls Generation.”

“The girls won’t mind if you sit with us instead.”

“No, probably not. Jae, I haven’t slurred in so long.

“I know, but I was messing with you. The devil on your shoulder was making you hard, while the angel was thinking of the potential disaster. If you had never been shot you might have slurred…it’s my fault,” Jae said in a calming tone, letting go of the other man’s shoulders and moved to face him and knelt down between his legs. “It’s perfectly understandable.”

“Plus you aren’t supposed to be here,” Yunho got the words out without incidence and instantly smiled.

“Exactly, neither of our companies will like it,” Jae confirmed for Yunho, taking his hand and kissing it.

Yunho smiled down at him relieved. “I love your idea though. I think the fans will too.”

“I should go,” Jae told him, looking up at him.

Yunho bent over and kissed the other man causing Jae to moan as he pulled away. “You should.”

Jae sighed and stood up reluctantly. “You should come to my place tonight. Jiji misses you.”

Yunho got up to walk Jae to the door. “I can’t there’s too much to do. What about after the benefit? Changmin and I are staying the night in Japan.”

Jae stopped at the door and turned to face Yunho before opening the door. “We are leaving that night. This is really starting to frustrate me.”

“It will be okay,” Yunho promised as he wrapped his arms around his lover, hugging him tightly.


“How much trouble are we going to get in?” Tiffany asked as they waited outside in the hallway for the announcer to call their names. The members of Girl’s Generation and Changmin and Yunho were at a Benefit for Japanese Quake Survivors being held in Tokyo. They were decked out in their finest dresses and tuxedos.

“Nobody is going to get in trouble,” Yunho promised, he was flanked on each side by Tiffany and Jessica.

“I think differently and we should just ignore his stupid plan,” Changmin hissed to Yunho, he was flanked by SooYoung and SeoHyun.

SooYoung rolled her eyes at Changmin. “Think of your fans and how happy they will be to see you with Jae, Junsu, and Yoochun again…even if it’s only at the same table.”

“Think of my uncle and the stroke he is going to have,” Sunny told them as she sneaked a peek through the door to the celebrities sitting at the highly priced tables in their finest clothes.

“Plus…I can’t swear that I won’t deck one of them,” Changmin pointed out.

TaeYeon smiled brightly and vowed. “I am going to personally walk you to their table then…just aim for Junsu. The fucking dickchaser.”

“Shhh, you can’t be saying stuff like that!” HyoYeon whispered disapprovingly at her leader.

“He’s lucky I don’t sing it from the highest mountain,” TaeYeon told HyoYeon, her mood automatically darkening at any mention of her ex.

“Deal,” Changmin said happily to TaeYeon, as they high fived each other.

“You two stop it!” Yunho ordered as he noticed the Japanese staff paying them close attention. “This is a benefit for the victims of the earthquake, not for you two to get your payback.”

“Sorry,” TaeYeon told Yunho while not looking the least bit sorry.

“Then we should sit where we are supposed to! It shouldn’t be about some fake Tohoshinki reunion,” Changmin informed Yunho snottily.

“Big East would love to see us together,” Yunho told Changmin.

“They would,” Yuri agreed.

“He didn’t suggest us sitting together for Big East. He suggested it because……..” Changmin stopped as Yunho shot him a severe look of warning.

“Oh, would you quit bitching already. It won’t be the end of the world if you sit with them,” SooYoung told Changmin. She wasn’t impressed with his attitude.

Yunho smiled at the irritated look Changmin was giving SooYoung and informed them, “you two should so get married and have tall babies.”

“They should!” Jessica happily agreed from Yunho’s side.

SeoHyun from Changmin’s other side laughed. “The babies would come out speaking Japanese.”

“They just called for you all, move along,” The Girl’s Generation manager instructed as the eleven exquisitely dressed idols moved into the Benefit Hall. The loud sound of Girl’s Generation hit remake ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ played over the speakers. Yunho groaned. The song was going to follow him for the rest of his life. He had starred in both the Korean and Japanese videos, and it had become his theme song.

Yunho walked into the massive room escorted by both Tiffany and Jessica. He could feel every eye on him, but one pair of eyes immediately drew his attention. The smile on his face froze as he found Jae at the JYJ table surrounded by Japanese male celebrities…hundreds of stories of Jae with these men flooded back to him.

“Here we go,” Tiffany said as she started to walk in the direction of the JYJ table.

Yunho stopped walking, causing the girls to stop. “Forget it. What kind of dates would we be if we abandoned you girls? Just take us to your table as originally planned.”

“Are you sure?” HyoYeon asked from behind him.

Yunho turned around to face her. “Absolutely sure.”

Changmin snickered. “I can’t imagine what changed your mind.”

“I agree. It’s for the best,” TaeYeon whispered as they reached their table.

“Poor fans though,” Yuri said as she sat down at the table.

“Well if Changmin ended up decking one of them it wouldn’t have been good. We all remember how crazy it was last time he hit one of them,” YoonA reminded everybody as she sat down.

SeoHyun frowned as she took a seat. “Those security guards enjoyed that way too much.”

“At least I got a cute guard to play with,” Jessica said with a smile, as she took a seat beside Yunho.

Yunho wasn’t listening to any of them. He was too busy staring at his plate in front of him trying his best not to glare at Jae. Jae wanted him to sit with them, but then he surrounds himself with all his ex lovers? Did he actually think Yunho was going to greet those people? Jae was not the only person in the world capable of being jealous…not one of his finer qualities but Jae was mad if he thought he was going to sit at that table, while Jae’s admirers surrounded him. He could only imagine what Jae had told them.

A familiar touch to the arm snapped Yunho from his dark thoughts. “Is there some reason you guys are not sitting with us?” Jae asked from behind Yunho, laying a hand on his shoulder.

The girls automatically became quiet, eager to listen to the two of them. “I just changed my mind at the last minute. You know I am famous for doing that,” Yunho snapped at Jae harshly, not turning around to look at his lover.

“We both are,” Changmin agreed with a smirk.

“Yunho…” Jae questioned, feeling hurt at the coldness in their voices.

Yunho winced, hearing the hurt in Jae’s voice. “It’s more professional to stick to the game plan the organizers set up,” Yunho explained as he reached up and quickly patted Jae’s hand.

Jae’s eyes darkened as he squeezed in between Yunho and Tiffany’s chairs and kneeled down to look up at the man sitting in the chair. “Bullshit. It’s not too late. You should be with me…us.”

“Jae, it isn’t happening. Now go back to your little flock of admirers and leave us be,” Changmin told him from the other side of the table.

“Seriously, Yunho…that’s so…” Jae bit back his response as everything suddenly became clear to him. “I can’t believe you,” Jae said, standing up quickly. “It’s simply ridiculous…you know better,” Jae hissed, and then he turned around and hurried back to his table before he said something they both would regret.

“Ouch!” Yoochun said wincing, as Jae walked back to their table looking anything but pleased. “That’s the very fake smile you wear to hide the fact that you want to inflict harm on somebody.”

Jae looked at all his Japanese friends who were either sitting at the table or surrounding it. “I think the benefit is about to start, so you all should probably return to your tables. Now.”

The friends looked at him confused, but something in Jae’s voice made them say their goodbyes and hurry back to their own tables.

“They are not coming,” Junsu asked, his voice full of disappointment.

“No,” Jae said, trying to control his anger.

Yoochun turned to look back at the table where Yunho and Changmin sat with the nine girls. “Yunho not a fan of your popularity?”

“Shut up,” Jae seethed, hating that Yoochun instantly knew what the problem was.

Yoochun tried to control his laughter. “I must admit it was even awkward for me. I was hoping Changmin would at least show up so we could bond over being the only ones at the table to never have the pleasure of knowing you intimately.”

“Pleasure?” Junsu snorted at the thought. It had been anything but pleasurable as far as he was concerned.

Jae ignored Junsu. “What if we go sit with them? Make the girls move to this table? I mean what can they do if we insist? They won’t make a scene.”

Junsu fidgeted in his seat nervously. “I am not going anywhere near TaeYeon.”

“Smart move because she’ll totally kick your ass,” Yoochun agreed.

“Only because I wouldn’t fight back…because she’s a girl,” Junsu said defensively, folding his arms.

“Also because somebody,” Yoochun said coughing in obviously fake manner, “has not arranged for a non-public meeting between the five of us yet…it would be way too risky. Changmin might start swinging and Yunho doesn’t look happy. Imagine how out of hand it could get if Yunho didn’t bother to control Changmin?”

“Agreed then! We are not moving to that table,” Junsu said, wishing to avoid any confrontation with his ex.

“You can deal with a jealous Yunho later,” Yoochun advised him.

“It’s bullshit! He knows better than to be jealous of anybody. The thought of him being jealous of anybody is just ludicrous,” Jae declared, turning around to glare and Yunho.

“It never stops you,” Yoochun pointed out.

“So true,” Junsu couldn’t help but agree.

Jae glared at the both of them. “He is supposed to be the reasonable one!”

Yoochun shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe you’re contagious.”


“Jae must be really mad if he hasn’t called to cuss you out,” Changmin said as he opened the door to their luxury hotel suite.

Yunho frowned. “He is probably already in the air. They had a late flight back to Seoul.”

“I have to admit we are treated really nicely lately,” Changmin said as he walked back into their suite. He had been amazed earlier in the day when they had arrived. SM had never dished out this kind of money before for their rooms.

“Hmmm….” Yunho said as he sat down at the desk and flipped his computer open. “You enjoy the room. I need to go over the agenda for the meeting with AVEX tomorrow.”

“God, I don’t think I want to go tomorrow,” Changmin admitted as he watched Yunho log onto the computer.

“You don’t have to…take the day off, and enjoy yourself. Like I said, just because I go to the meetings doesn’t mean you have to,” Yunho told him sincerely, as he studied the screen in front of him

“But the one with AVEX… are you sure you can keep your cool?”

“Of course I can keep my cool. I always keep my cool,” Yunho told him as he loosened his tie.

“You didn’t do a very good job of it tonight.”

Yunho turned to look at the other man. “I saw what could be a potentially explosive situation and I avoided it.”

“Resulting in Jae glaring at us all night…probably doesn’t look too good,” Changmin admitted. “The old fuck buddies high tailed it away quickly though…so maybe we should have gone and sat at that table after all.”

Yunho scowled at Changmin. “Now you say this, after you bitched the whole way to Japan because you thought we were going to sit with them.”

Changmin frowned as he walked to the bar and poured him a glass of ginger ale. “I didn’t bitch the whole way.”

“You did.”

“Well I didn’t know you two were going to fight like this. I mean he went back to Seoul without confronting you…that isn’t like him.”

“I know,” Yunho said, sighing as he picked up his phone and tried to call his angry lover. “I am sure I am just wasting my time and he’s already on the plane.”

“Well at least you get brownie points for trying,” Changmin said, flipping on the television and sitting down.

Yunho, who had gone back to reviewing the agenda on the computer after Jae didn’t answer, frowned. “I don’t need brownie points. He should know better than to rub such things in my face.”

“The main difference between you and Jae is that you are passive aggressive and he is just aggressive. If Jae had walked in on you sitting at a table with five women you had slept with during your break up he would have sat himself down in the middle of them. He would have given them all looks of such loathing they would all have gone running for their lives.” Changmin explained to Yunho, and he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of it.

Yunho got up from the desk. “I know you are right, and although you may admire his upfront behavior it’s not always appropriate.”

“Oh, I know that. I personally prefer your sane way of handing the situation. I was just pointing out the difference between the two of you,” Changmin said as he flipped through the channels on the television.

“Well I am going to go get out of this tux,” Yunho said, walking into the bedroom.

Yunho had just shut the door to the bedroom when there was a knock on the hotel door. Changmin got up and opened the door to find a very pissed looking Jae standing outside the door still dressed in his tuxedo. “I knew you would not leave without giving him a piece of your mind.”

“Here,” Jae ordered, handing Changmin keys to another suite. “Make yourself scarce.”

Changmin shook his head and chuckled as he grabbed the keys. “Try not to kill him…I’m kinda fond of him.”

“I won’t leave any visible scars,” Jae said, walking into the hotel room as Changmin walked out.

Changmin stalled to tell Jae, “He’s in the bedroom on the left changing.”

“Later,” Jae said as he closed the hotel door locking it. Jae turned toward the bedroom ready to have it out with Yunho. He opened the door to find a fully dressed Yunho sitting on the bed talking on the phone deep in conversation. Jae watched unseen as Yunho talked on the phone.

“I thought so…the figures seem okay to me but I’m not an accountant…he seemed very efficient…I agree he’s going to be an asset…he hasn’t been told officially but he isn’t an idiot…I am not ready yet…I don’t know when…Changmin is so close to figuring it all out…I know…” Yunho looked up at that time to see a very confused Jae studying him. He reached out his hand for Jae and the other man walked slowly toward him not sure how to interpret the phone call.

Yunho watched as Jae took his hand and sat beside him on the bed. “I told him not to come to the meetings tomorrow…the meeting with AVEX is just routine…he will probably go he’s too afraid I might lose it on Matsuura…but the private one with SM Japan I either have to tell him the truth or talk him out of going...if I tell him I have to tell Jae…really…how fast the internet works…Ji-Hye saw pictures of Jae glaring at me…oh, she did…so she says Jae is pissed at me?” Yunho turned to look at the man sitting beside him and Jae nodded his head in agreement with Ji-Hye’s assessment. “She is right, but I am not exactly pleased with him either…it’s nothing that love won’t resolve…Mom, I can never thank you enough…I love you, too…bye.”

Yunho put his phone down and stared at Jae as the other man stood up, letting go of his hand. Jae asked in a fearful voice, “Yunho, what exactly is going on?”

“I thought you were leaving for Seoul tonight?” Yunho asked as he rubbed his face with both his hands, avoiding the question.

“I didn’t leave with them. I am leaving with you tomorrow. If you don’t like it too damn bad it’s not a private plane. I can fly home when I want,” Jae said defiantly, but at the same time he nervously rubbed his right arm with his left hand.

“It’s fine with me,” Yunho told him, watching the other man try to control his building anxiety.

“Won’t your company throw a fit?”

“Not to me it won’t,” Yunho told him, closing his eyes.

“Why won’t it…to you specifically? Why are you suddenly so special? It isn’t just because of your martyrdom is it? Why?” Jae asked, pressing his lips together waiting for the answer.

“Because I own twelve percent of it,” Yunho told him, letting the truth easily slip from his lips.

Jae’s mouth dropped open. “I was…wasn’t…wow…how?”

Yunho stood up and gently took a hold of Jae’s shoulders looking the other man directly in the eye. “I am telling you this as my lover and my partner…not as the great enemy of SM. Lee Soo Man is dying and he gave me twelve percent of his shares. Nobody else can know…not Yoochun and not Junsu. Nobody.”

Jae stared at Yunho, speechless for a moment before finding his tongue. “So all you had to do to get paid properly was to get shot in the head?”

Yunho let go of Jae and walked away, annoyed as he loosened his tie. “Don’t even start.”

“What? I am not going to act sad that he’s dying. I hate him.”


“I mean I’m not going to tell anybody…Changmin doesn’t even know?”

“Nope, but I need to tell him,” Yunho said, removing his tie. “I couldn’t tell one of you without telling the other. I probably should go find him.”

“Well he’s not here. I got a suite and I sent him to it,” Jae confessed. “I had imagined a great battle was going to rage on between us. I didn’t expect this.”

Yunho turned back to Jae. “So we are not going to fight?”

“That depends on if you apologize.”

“If you expecting me to apologize for not wanting to sit with you and all your friends then get ready to fight,” Yunho informed him as he removed his jacket.

Jae wiped his hand with his mouth trying to control his anger. “They weren’t sitting with us. They were just visiting the table.”

“Hmmf…they were sitting till you returned to the table and scared them off,” Yunho said correcting him, as he carefully folded his jacket and laid it on the chair.

“You are so stupid to be jealous!”

“Well you are jealous all the time so you will just have to deal with it,” Yunho told Jae angrily as he walked back up to the man.

“Well you are a liar. You lied to me for months…forgetting to mention that you owned a piece of the evil empire.”

Yunho growled under his breath. “You are not mad about that. You probably don’t even care about that. You are upset because I ruined your little plans for tonight. Did you plan on showing me off? I am sure they all know everything about us.”

“Yunho, just because you heard me talking about our relationship on the phone with one friend doesn’t mean I have confided in all of them,” Jae told him, gritting his teeth.

“You shouldn’t have told anybody! You are the one that wants to propagate this lie, and yet it’s you who goes telling our business to strangers.”

“They are not strangers to me!”

“They are not my friends and I would rather them not know intimate details about my life,” Yunho said as he unfastened his cuffs.

Jae undid his tie and snapped at Yunho. “Let’s go back a step. What the hell did you mean about me wanting to propagate this lie?”

Yunho turned away from Jae quickly as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Nothing.”

“Oh, are you lying again? You know Yunho I can’t read your mind when it is changing every five seconds. You need to start being honest with me,” Jae demanded as he threw his tie on the floor.

“I need to start being honest?” Yunho repeated back to him as he turned around angrily. Yunho’s shirt was still on him but it was unbuttoned hanging open. “Let’s start with you first. You didn’t show up at my office that day to see me…now did you?”

Jae’s eyes widened. “What do you know?”

“I know you went to the CEO and offered to come back to SM.”

“Did that bastard tell you he denied me? Denied me?”

“It wasn’t as simple as that.”

“Bullshit. He said all three of us or none of us. Yoochun and Junsu would rather die than return to SM,” Jae said, slinging his jacket to the floor.

“You were never going to return either if you remember correctly. Things change all the time and…”

“I want to come back because of you. I want to be with you all the time. I didn’t do it because I suddenly saw the error of my ways. I hate them as much as I ever did, but that hate does not come close to the love I have for your jealous, stupid ass,” Jae said, unbuttoning his shirt.

Yunho watched as Jae unbuttoned his shirt. “If it were up to me, the jealous, stupid ass, they would have accepted your offer, but it isn’t up to me. Lee Soo Man still runs everything and I am just a quiet shareholder.”

Jae slid his shirt off watching Yunho closely and smirking as he watched Yunho’s sudden discomfort as the shirt fell to the floor. “Well maybe when the old bastard dies then you can get them to accept me back. Yunho, you are looking green? Is something bothering you?”

Yunho frowned as Jae walked closer to him. “You are such a jerk.”

“I don’t know what you mean? Clearly the sight of your lover without his shirt on wouldn’t upset you? I mean how weird and dysfunctional would that be?” Jae said, taunting Yunho as he stepped up into Yunho’s personal space.

Yunho took a deep breath and exhaled. “If Changmin isn’t using his bed perhaps you should. We can finish this discussion in the morning.”

“I don’t think so,” Jae informed Yunho, clearly in a mood to be confrontational as he slipped off his pants.

“Jae, I am getting really pissed at you, and your strutting around naked isn’t going to help it. It’s time to dial it back a notch. I am not in the mood for your mind games.”

Jae smiled wickedly, completely naked. “Yunho is pouting. Yunho is mad at me. Yunho is going to make me sleep all alone.” Jae watched as Yunho struggled to control his temper, then he turned around showing his back to the other man purposely.

Yunho’s mouth dropped open in awe as his hand reached out and touched Jae’s unmarked skin on his lower back. “You had them removed.”

“I did,” Jae said, pushing back against Yunho’s hands that were touching his bare back.

“You are just full of secrets aren’t you?” Yunho pointed out, as Jae pressed up against him.

“It’s called a surprise,” Jae said with a confident grin as he leaned his head back against Yunho’s chest as he rubbed his ass up against Yunho’s crotch.

“It’s a nice surprise I have to admit,” Yunho said, sliding his arms around Jae’s waist and pulling him closer. “I wouldn’t have asked you to do it.”

Jae smiled and leaned more into Yunho’s embrace. “That’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to ask.”

“So I guess this means I have to forgive you now,” Yunho whispered into Jae’s ears and inhaled the scent of the other man.

Jae’s eyes that had been closed flew open. “Excuse me? You have to forgive me. You don’t have anything to forgive. I am the one who has to forgive.”

“How many of those men at the table tonight had you fucked? Not counting Junsu?” Yunho asked bitterly as he pushed Jae away, and walked toward the bed. “I am just supposed to be okay with that?”

“You cannot possible hold something over my head that happened years ago when we weren’t even together!”

“Oh, I can if you rub it in my face,” Yunho told him as he pulled the covers back on the bed.

“I didn’t rub your face in anything! I couldn’t very well tell them to scram,” Jae screeched furiously at Yunho from the foot of the bed.

“Yes, you could have. You could have told them about the plan and politely told them to leave instead of having them congregating around you like you were the belle of the ball. Then our tattered fandom would be overjoyed tonight instead of thinking we are at war again.”

“If our tattered fandom is miserable tonight it’s only your fault,” Jae informed the other man torn, as his pride and hormones battled it out. He didn’t want to give in but he also wanted to have sex and the second option seemed to be slipping farther away by the second. It had been over a week since the last time they had been together.

Yunho rolled his eyes. “Oh, here we go again. It’s all my fault…bullshit! It’s your ego’s fault. You surround yourself by that trash because they feed your enormous ego. You love having those men sniffing around you telling you how wonderful you are…touching you.”

“Touching me!” Jae spit out flabbergasted. “You who had girls arms draped all over you are getting angry because of innocent, friendly touches.”

Yunho’s eyes narrowed as he walked to the foot of the bed to face Jae. “Excuse me, I have never had sex with any of those girls. You on the other hand cannot say the same about the men who were all over you.”

Jae’s anger rose and the control that had been attempting to govern his tongue vanished. “You are such a jealous bastard! Yes, I did fuck them all with the exception of Yoochun. I even enjoyed myself with a couple of them. So what now? Are you going to throw a little bitch fit and deny me sex?”

Yunho raised an eyebrow and leered down at Jae. Then to Jae’s complete surprise, Yunho raised both of his hands up to Jae’s chest and pushed the other man backwards onto the bed. “Not tonight, roll over.” Yunho told him with barely restrained anger as he started to unbutton his pants.
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